Paths in the Wilderness

Title: Two Paths in the Wilderness
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Watch newsletter and website for details. View Calendar. Tweets by WildernessCentr. As much as was experienced so far, it can only be said that and this body is by no way fully realized the descend into the spiritual heart is the most profound one, one can experience on the journey.

Crafting a Wilderness Experience

The bliss coming from the Bindu at the back of the head that drips into the heart, is such a profound state that one cannot even describe it in words. Often, I also do not know what and how to write it, because there exist no words to carry it over, our beautiful Shakti actually even often cutting my vocal chords. I do not believe so far that this process ever finishes: There will always be times when Kriyas increase or decrease, there will be ever-changing tides, the Ocean within the Ocean, its waves rushing through the body and whereas some time may be spent in absolutely divine bliss and ecstasy, maybe the next are spent in absorption, stillness, the void within the void.

Maybe after that one becomes more active and externalized again, sometimes huge amounts of creativity are bestowed upon us by our Great Divine Mother, sometimes we are in need to deep quietness, alone in the wilderness, maybe sometimes it becomes all a bit much and we need to rest, sometimes there is so much energy cursing through us that we do not know what to do with it and where to put it. It seems to be that we need to walk the pathless-path, all paths are essentially one and the same and the beauty about it is that there exist so many that there exists something for everyone: No one is right and no one is wrong.

This is the beauty about it all!

Once one can accept this, once that Our Great Mother has decided to enter the Center Line, the Sushumna Nadi, she will free us from duality so that nothing can touch us anymore. Then one can realize that all is a construct, the Divine Play, the Lila, the ever-changing creation and destruction that even the mind that does not exist, cannot comprehend. Who am I? What if the I does not exist and is everywhere and nowhere at the same time? A traveller in between worlds, sometimes jumping, sometimes moving forward like a snake, sometimes hopping, sometimes one with the grand light that surrounds us and that we are a part of.

What if you just needed to surrender and let our Mother do her work? Sometimes our Divine Mother will bestow boons upon you, sometimes she may take them away, just for our own good. But the moment you realize that she has always been there, that one needs to stand firmly on the ground as well as fly high above, then this shall be the moment she opens the hrdya or the spiritual heart.

This may be painful and bring up old stories and moments, maybe past lifetimes, but as it does not matter and it is just a part of the process, it will continuously just move along. The scattered and non-existent "I" in me, realized that there was given too much importance to the spiritual development- one can get lost, see it as an escape.

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Yes, I will make a road in the desert and paths in the wilderness. New Heart English Bible Look, I will do a new thing. It springs forth now. Do you not know it?. Paths in the Wilderness [Tara Casey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When a man is reported missing in the Colorado backcountry.

But as long as one is not an hermit, one needs to function in the real world. This I had been approaching spirituality much like the lifes I had lived before this one: In an extreme sense and fully absorbed. This cannot be so as the path of the householder holds many challenges and an equilibrium needs to be found well, it is already there, we just need to look.

We can make ourselves sick, we can heal ourselves, we can be joyful or sad at the whim of our own will. It is a game to be played. We can choose to let other people rob our energy or not, for some of us there is no choice but to let others' energies pass through, but we can learn how to live with it.

Behind the Scenery

The "result" if you wish to give it a name, is, that you are being asked whether you wish to become a truly compassionate Being, what is called a Bodhisattva in Buddhism. They exist in all paths and this includes to have infinite compassion, to truly love unconditionally, to accept all and everyone for where they are at, for who they are right now.

But is also a recognizing the infinite potential in all and everyone. My current eyes yesterday, by chance, read a line from Sadhguru while I was working on some things and it went along the lines of that when our Great Mother enters the Sushumna Nadi and has decided to descend back into the heart, that when you stand in front of a blue wall, you will become blue and if you stand in front of a white wall, then you become white this is not the exact quote, just my humble interpretation here.

That is it basically. Pretty simple. Nothing has changed after that. Then the process will endlessly continue, a never-ending development until your physical death presents itself.

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And even then, you are being asked whether you wish to come back or whether you wish to end your personal cycle of being reborn in a human form. The infinite compassion that comes with this can be overbearing at the beginning, but then again, if we decide to stay humble and accept whatever is being bestowed upon us by our Divine Mother, that we are just mere instruments of her workings, then this gives the key to another layer being torn away.

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Who knew it was so simple after all and that it was there all along? With this, I tell you to stop seeking in the exterior, listen within deeply, there is a guidance within all of us, stop seeking in things and exteriorization. This does also not mean that you have to be there for everyone all the time- take time for your Self and take some time out and when you are full to the brim, as you have always been, then you are also able to give fully.