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It is a discontinued pattern from JCA Needleworks - a company that is no longer in business. It was cross stitch kit with the stock number of I only need the pattern, not the kit. I am willing to purchase a used pattern. Can anyone help me? Please include the word cross stitch or Deck the Stalls in the subject part of the email as I don't open emails I don't recognize. Thanks for any help!! I would love to do this for my daughter Isabella but can't seem to find the pattern. I'm not the best at the computer thing, so any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Reply to this Message -- View Replies 1 -- modified Jan 13 Terri lyczkowski from New Port Ritchey fl -- Jan 01, I need to find a home for my cross stitch stuff thanks Reply to this Message -- View Replies 8 -- modified Jan 26 linda from buffalo -- Dec 31, l ooking for dog and cat pattern - they're either looking out window or at moon. Any tips on how NOT to show any stitches on the back? Also I guess you can't knot the thread The pattern consists of 30 different numbers and symbols, most of which are stitched one at a time.

How do I finish each stitch? Do I tie them off in the back? How do I keep track of the various flosses? I'm so confused that I can't even relate my problem clearly. I would really appreciate some advice. She is a beginner and I'm unsure what essentials are needed. Thread, colored thread, magnifer, light. She makes 5x7 framed pieces. Can someone give me some ideas?

Now when I have a row of single X's going upward, if you do stitches upward, the look of the project is going to make the X's look different. How do you all handle when you have a row of like 10 stitches going upward like when making a tree branch. Reply to this Message -- View Replies 1 -- modified Dec 13 Shelley from TN -- Dec 02, I am looking for a good software that will allow me to upload patterns that I have purchased with some sort of a mark through feature so you don't loves your spot.

I have a vision problem so just blowing up the paper on the copier doesn't work. Any help greatly appreciated. I bought the Janlyn guardian angel kit and it is 9 pages.

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I tried to copy it, but pages are too large to make photo copies. I even tried the copier at my work and still to large. I have never done anything over 1 page and is a little intimidating. I have been ordering from this website for over nine years but the last order I placed in July has never arrived and they will not tell me why. They won't even email me back. Paid through PayPal so it's past the 60 days.

I lost several finished needlepoints to - shall we say - The Flood of I rarely do kits because of the quality but these two I couldn't resist. I've been able to replace one of them, but the second one has been a challenge. Not sure whose kit it was, believe I bought it in the mid- to late-'70s. I'm thinking Dimensions but it might have been Bucilla, one of the well-known brands.

It was two carousel horseheads, the one in the foreground was white and I think the one in back was smaller and brown. Anybody recall that item, maybe have a clue to put my feet pointing in the right direction toward replacing it? Thanks for any clues or help. Can anyone help give tips and tricks? I know you're supposed to purchase them all at once so you don't mix lots but I don't want to buy more than needed. Any rule of thumb? The YouTube tutorial looks very easy, but it takes quite a bit of fussing with the pins to get the canvas on straight.

Then the basting moved the canvas again and puckered the sweatshirt fabric. There must be a better way! Please Marv, try to find that iron-grid I've mentioned. I've looked everywhere with no luck. Maybe you could design it and solve our problems. Reply to this Message -- View Replies 1 -- modified Oct 25 Jackie from Shelby, Michigan -- Oct 14, Several years ago, I had seen a product in a cross-stitch magazine that I should have ordered, but didn't.

It was an iron-on grid in 14 ct. Another product was a wash-out fabric in 14 ct. After stitching, the garment is washed and the fabric washes out. Does anyone know where I can buy either of these products? It only needs to be red, white, blue, yellow, purple, and black. Any suggestions how or who can make it with fewer colors? Reply to this Message -- View Replies 2 -- modified Feb 07 Joan from Northvale, NJ -- Oct 11, Hello, The snap frame which is just like another hoop to keep the fabric tight what is the average size to get?

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Disney Cross Stitch Patterns, Counted Cross Stitch Patterns, Cross Stitch Embroidery, Rapunzel And Flynn, Flynn Rider, Needlepoint, Bugs, Needlework. TEXAS State Flag - GRAPH PATTERN - Cross Stitch - Crochet - Tunisian - Knit - Texas lone star state flag crochet afghan cross stitch pattern graph GRAPH PATTERN ONLY & WRITTEN SC ROW BY ROW COUNT This is a digital.

Are there different types or are they basically all the same just sizes are different. Not sure how old it might be. It's the Hebrew names of God in Hebrew and English. Any one have any idea where I might find it? I'm not having much luck on the internet so far. But I have a real problem with using the charts.

I know how to read them; but even when I count the stitches very carefully, the design on the chart often does not correspond to what ends up on the fabric. I'm always careful to mark the middle of the fabric and move from there; and again, I'm careful about counting stitches as I go.

But I run into this problem over and over again, even with simple designs. Can someone please help me? This problem makes it somewhat difficult to enjoy the hobby; and I really, really want to. My grandmother used to do counted cross stitch and she was great at it. For reference, I normally use count Aida cloth. Reply to this Message -- View Replies 2 -- modified Mar 24 charles from mass -- Sep 23, how do i know how much floss i will need for a pattern?

ABC Stitch brings colorful embroidery supplies to Spring clientele

What to do??. Reply to this Message -- View Replies 1 -- modified Nov 24 peggy ludwig from wylie -- Sep 14, Hey This might sound funny, but has anyone ever tried to mix a project? I am working on that windmill, but I have to tell you I think it needs something? I think I would like to put an old shed or something?

Christmas bells number I can't find mine and I have no idea where it went. Any help? It is a good luck symbol in Japan. I would be willing to buy patterns if reasonably priced. I am wanting it for the Stitchers Sampler. Thank you in advance for any help. What kind of project would I use it for. I have some and it seems to be very shiny. Vintage only? How can I tell as in online buying if not posted. Is there a way to tell by the item numbers? Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. I love cross stitching but have always tried to fram everything.

Is there special material I need to use or anything I need to do. This is a profile of the snowman and he is facing right. I love this design and I sure hope someone can help me locate it. I was frequenting stitch but got tired of it quick with all the political posts and mean spirited people that post to them. Someone suggested your site as an alternative and it is truly a blessing. You have a wonderful board that is so pleasant to read and what a cross stitch board should be. My compliments on running a beautiful message board with no drama.

I lost a bid on Ebay and there are 2 others but the shipping from the UK makes it more expensive. I know cross stitchers also do needlepoint and may have some kits in their stash. I think I have got the material and all down but the picture I saw on you tube was showing them starting at the top side. Do we have to start in the middle or where would be best. Also can I use a hoop or do I need something bigger.

Reply to this Message -- View Replies 2 -- modified Apr 06 Shannon king from Wilmington, nc -- Aug 08, I am looking for the cross stitch pattern for dimensions hummingbirds and fuschia!!!! I can't find mine anywhere!!! Could anybody help me out? Does anyone know what this means? I am looking for this pattern, chart, or kit. Please contact me if you have it or know when I can purchase it. It's a hardanger tea cloth.

Any ideas on where to find one? Have successfully found patterns and completed ethnic styled crosses for Irish, Slovakian, French and German for family members but unable to locate a Polish cross pattern. Reply to this Message Janet Fichter from United Kingdom -- Aug 05, I know this is a long shot, but I'm trying to find a pattern for an Afghan by Lois Winston called Victorian village it is old and with time and moves I've lost mine could anyone help me find the pattern I know you can buy finished items on ebay but I want to make it myself.

Also, I was able to buy another Christmas Shelf so I now have my pattern. I love this site and have made many new friends over the years!! Reply to this Message Joan from New Jersey -- Aug 02, I bought one of those magnifiers that goes around your neck. The magnifier has a smaller circle magnifier within it which is perfect to bring things closer. I need the whole magnifier to be that strong. Any suggestions? Reply to this Message -- View Replies 2 -- modified Oct 14 Cheryl McManus from Natchez -- Aug 02, I am fixing to do a croosstitch of a figure that the pattern says 18 count, can it be done on 14 count and would it looks as good.

I've been given an underwater dolphins almost completed cross stitch - but no pattern. Are there places you can post a photo and maybe someone might have a pattern? Would anyone have the kit or the pattern? I have looked every where imaginable but no luck. I hope one of you can help me out. Finished size needs to be approx. Thank you in advance. I purchased a few weeks ago, and it seems like the pattern does not match, the blades on the windmill do not line up correctly? It looks like a postcard with a snowman and couple. Also Lizzie Kate pattern, Fall Y'all. Reply to this Message Mary miller from North canton oh -- Jul 18, I am looking to buy the following: fanci that..

I was trying to find one that was bigger than the 8 x 10 inch Loran board. Colorful and really charming! Summer Quilts features a girl hanging her quilts on the line to dry with her little puppy 'helpers' peeking out of the grass. It's a warm summer's day - can you see the breezes blowing across the sky? If you look at her logo Super fun, and of course, functional!!! Offered in sizes 20, 22, 24 and 26, and a mixed set - 2 of each size. It has such attitude Just a lovely piece!

Presented as a chart, this calls for some hand-dyeds as well as several regular DMC flosses. If you are lucky enough to have a beach or house Not technically 'Blackwork' which is usually a Double Running stitch and usually worked with a black color, it is a charming set none-the-less! The front of the needlebook is 76 x 76 in stitch count, and the little fob is only Chart comes with black crystal paillette embellishments! Bees in a Box - This is a fun new shape - a box with a flat bottom and a curved, stuffed top.

The alphabet and cute little bees wrap around the sides, but the top part is stitched homeycomb. You get gold metallic paillettes with this chart Sparklers in Lavender and Blue - Sandie's crystals now come in colors, so here are her trademark square designs adorned with sparkles of color. Presented as charts with the 12 paillette embellishments, choose a linen fabric you like Although you can frame these, they really look nice finished into biscornu shapes.

With their simple center designs, they give you room for a really pretty tufting button in that center. A super-cute set of charts Each square panel measures about 4 inches in size, to together the entire scene is about 12 x All sorts of different types of trees and greenery are growing at the Farm You can see from the composite pic which designs are still to come - all three along the bottom row. Our Auto-ship can take care of catching you up and collecting the final three releases, as well.

Her farm scene to go with it is charming Measuring x , it finishes approx 12 x 8 on 32ct and uses DMC and Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses. It's quite a bustling scene, presented in chart format. The Meetinghouse and Herb Garden. Presented as individual small cards, the entire set of 8 designs follows the same color scheme.

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Pretty little designs, they've all been very classic and sophisticated. We've had the two past years in trunk shows, and they have been enchanting! Paulette said she is pretty proud of herself for getting her patriotic designs out before the 4th of July! Summer Saltboxes - This continues her set of Saltbox houses This time, she made the flag continue from one pic to the other. Summer Delivery - Just like her other 'Deliveries' this one has that cute horse The little sheep has a basket on his back, and all those blocks are the flowers coming from the basket.

Some good 'sections' in here Companioning Carrots and Cottontails, you get the main farm scene this one has the little swine in the back of the truck - just smiling away! Next, a pin cushion design that features a cow - it says Red, White and Moo! Such a fun Summery piece Our auto-ship for this set includes just the chart Cute, cute, Cute Cackle lozenges feature a frog and 'shriek well' directions. Coffin Paint comes with that awesome warranty, and Cauldron Cleaner promises an enhanced 'spell checker! This has been a fun set so far, with three more designs to follow. Each month measures 65 x 60 stitches - so about 4 x 4.

Stitch them individually and cushion them, or join them together in a vertical or horizontal shape. Each one has the name of the month in it, but not so integral to the design, so leave them out if you want. Lots of places to add beads and small embellishing buttons and charms. Metallics in October, opalescent in January, furry threads in March I love the little ducks in May This marks the 36th year! Same format, size colors and size MOST of the other Santas have been re-printed into leaflets of 4 assorted years Presented in two different charts, both have bees and crowns in them Each is worked on 32ct natural linen with DMC Bee is x 48, Queen is x Each chart comes with a bit of the cotton lace you see dividing the stitching from the finishing fabric, as well a crown or bee charm.

Just black, white, golds and browns Always fun when these are released Mill Hill kits are always complete kits of chart, perforated paper 14ct , DMC flosses, needles and of course, Mill Hill Treasures or glass beads! The smaller ones make great ornaments, small and lightweight, they really glisten on your tree if they are near a twinkle light.

The larger ones make fun doorknob and kitchen cabinet pull hangers. Frame them and put them on an easel, block them for a door stopper!

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What's up with Llamas this year? They're super festive and cute, decked out for the Holidays! There is a beautiful winter moon over a sleepy village, a pretty package, and a newspaper printer to add to your stitched Christmas Village. Finishing approx 5 x 5. These make great ornaments. Small and lightweight, they really glisten on your tree if they are near a twinkle light. Magnets are included with the complete kits April, May and June are linen-wearing season - although I wear it all year long.

Our sizes range from Small to Extra-large - everything I order comes in all the sizes. We love our FLAX because it is lightweight, soft and cool. It doesn't bind, cling, stick, creep, or twist! It lays well, it covers the parts you want covered, and it's just plain fun and classy to wear! We have a huge FLAX page that shows line drawings of each piece and color swatches, and I have some comments about each of the pieces on there. We love it, we wear it, and we can help you over the phone with any of it you want! Where Liberty Dwells from Heartstring Samplery Heartstrings Samplery has a fun little design that speaks Patriotic, but with pretty 'samplery' flowers and vines.

Measuring about 4 x 15, Beth has it finished into a 'Huswife' - a roll that features a lining of pockets to store sewing implements. It'd make a pretty basket band Coded for Weeks hand-dyed flosses. Thea's charts are always huge and her stitch diagrams are even 'huger! If you aren't into doing the cut-and-drawn thread work in here Take the sections and elongate them Lots of possibilities here, especially if you split up the design elements.

A Day at the Beach - The little beach bag in here is charming! Both sides of the bag are stitched. Remember there are 5 pages of pics to finish that little bag and its matching pieces. Lots of fun 'water-y stuff' in the design It features pages of the entire alphabet - fancy stitches and tiny seaside motifs on each of the pages.

So, of course, if you aren't into these pieces Tons of little pin cushions in a basket. Big door-stop bricks from the two sides of the bag You have great starting instructions, and luscious hand-dyed silks and metallic threads in the thread packet, as well as a little flip-flop button!

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The Queen returns in a new format, and she is still in charge of all the stitches and all of the floss. This time the verse stitched in royal purple, of course wraps around the panels of a cube. Each panel is a scene in the Queen's garden of beautiful flowers where bluebirds, bunnies, butterflies, ladybugs, bees and tiny mice come to play.

There are roses, crowns and pink pearls on the top and a turtle giving a mouse a ride on the bottom.

Traditional Cross Stitch Patterns

Included are white pearl and lavender hex beads, pink pearls, a gold crown charm for the top, 4 pink and white striped beads for "feet," cardboard for the base and complete finishing instructions. You will need to supply heavyweight fusible interfacing, stuffing and optional pearl pins for the top corners. Each side of the cube measures 3" X 3". Queen of the Needle Mouse Of course, one of the mice pleaded to play the Queen!

She is wearing a dress with flowers and butterflies from her garden, dotted with white pearl beads. Her crown is gold and so is her needle. She thinks she looks very regal, especially when sitting on top of her lovely pink garden throne. The octagonal cube is available above Included are white pearl beads, gold tail, our signature button for the base, crown bead, gold needle and 1 pink pearl to add to the crown.

Stitcher will need to provide stuffing and a straight pin for the crown. Complete finishing instructions for the mouse are included.

You like variegated embroidery floss and colorful and modern designs… You're in the right place!

These tell you who the Boss-of-the-Household is!!! Cats are one chart, dogs the other. The dog chart shows JABCO brand dog bone buttons and Cats has two red hearts for the kitty collars - they are available separately. Look to those as well. None of them specifically call for these pins The Dog set has a little brown dog with a bone as big as he is which is the secret wish of every dog! The kitty set has a gray cat, red heart and a little red bird on the third pin. Big, long, sturdy pins This little thing is done with Peyote Stitching bead work. Actually very easy to execute Pat and Peggy provide both numerical steps as well as a colored 'chart' for you to follow.

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You are beading all of this flat in your hand It has a bit of poly-fil inside, as well as a rare-earth magnet to hold your needle. The cool crystal and beaded fringe is added afterward. When we do these in classes at Market Fern Ridge's complete kit contains the red, white and blue beads and crystals, thread, charts and needle. You add those 4 hours and a little patience! We have several other patchworks on her page. Coded for DMCs of , , , , , and , the colors are simple, but they make a busy and cute little design.

Can you see the small squares? They all measure just 13 x 13 stitches. Lots of room for specialty metallics or beads in here Presented as a chart. Paula has made a birds nest The matching scissor fob measures just 40 x Coded for DMC and stitched on 28ct linen. Paula says, " You might be asking just what is a biscornest? Well, birds being our business, it's our version of the increasingly popular biscornu, a small, palm of the hand sized, embroidered pillow used as a pin pillow or simply as an ornament.

Its history isn't well known. The word biscornu is a French adjective meaning skewed, quirky or irregular, and at some point, somebody applied that adjective to someone's needlework creation, and the word biscornu because a noun - a thing. Lots of clear charting and great instructions for assembling both the nest and fob with tassles!

Offered as a chart, the design finishes 3-inches in size. Cute and quick, the Easter Hoopla was the first edition in this set Join our auto-ship if you want to collect the whole series as it releases. Easy Breezy! We brought it home from market last month, but needed to wait till a thread shortage was corrected to share it! Linda's charming flag waving from the skinny white house on the edge of the shore This joins Linda's serious set of small cushion kits I think we have 15 so far! It is LED and dims for 4 different light levels. The floor version is due in at the end of May. It has a cord What makes it really neat is the light design itself My first thought is having it on your table at a class - and both you and your friend get a light!

The design is such that the light is directed down The goose neck is covered in soft white plastic sheath, it looks so nice and smooth and clean. It is not a pinch-grip thing Right above the clamp base, you see a cylinder that is about 2 inches high I really like this light Lightweight, VERY packable, clean, white, daylight balanced light I know clothes hanging among Cross Stitch seems wierd No harsh dyes, great relaxed fit in the pieces No ironing is the rule, but sometimes I 'steam' mine in the bathroom when I'm in the shower.

Linen has a wonderful 'bouncy' manor to it Just great basic pieces, maybe you can spot it beneath jackets??? Just gorgeous to mix the fabrics in the two collections. Love it! The Urban Collection - A super-soft lightweight linen that features cotton-woven panels, trims and accents I'm wearing one of the Spring Traveler Jackets over an urban dress this very minute while I'm trying my words to you! Dusty Wedgewood blues, soft pinks and chocolate browns Everything is pictured and described on our FLAX pages.

If you need help choosing or figuring out your size or what goes together Coded for DMC floss Fun to think about Satin Stitches or beads or buttons, as well! How on earth can you choose a favorite??? Such a fun, fresh design, it measures x in stitch count - finishing about 8 x 9 on 28ct Flax Cashel Linen. Coded for regular 'ol DMC floss I just love, love, love the happy colors in both of them!!! Maybe stitch them both and finish back to back so you can flip it around when ever you want a change?

Presented as a full color leaflet, nice heavy cardboard and a huge, colored chart. Each season is presented in a full color, heavy cardboard, clear-chart format We joke in the shop that you could cut out the pics on the front cover and frame THEM, they are no pretty! Choose whatever fabric you like best for them Put them all together, or make the set of 4 individuals to hang in a grouping.

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You could stitch each on 18ct linen with 5 Pearl Cotton and make huge couch pillows that would be 13 inches of stitching - so like inch mega-pillows! So fresh, clean, contemporary and colorful - we love them! Verano and Primavera have been available; Otono and Invierno are the new ones. We love getting these this time of year We always switch out the paper for linen and make little hanging pillows out of them Fairy Garden is full of polka-dot mushrooms and little fairies floating about - a VERY different subject than most of these kits, but it's darling!

Midnight Owl is intense - great background on him. Mmmmmm, sweet, sweet, sugar The pattern can be stitched as shown, or if you want to be more subtle, without the word "sugar" at the bottom. This is the very essence of innocence. An adorable child hanging his bathing suit to dry while wearing nothing but his birthday suit! An adorable child hanging her bathing suit to dry while wearing nothing but her birthday suit!

This dude is ready to carve some waves. This is a colorful and easy pattern to stitch. The image is composed of only full stitches with no backstitching. Perfect for that surfing guy in you life. Image contains An iconic image from the great movie Gone With the Wind. Tara at sunset with Scarlett and her father taking in the view. A beautiful representation of Tennessee's state bird, flower and motto. This pattern could be worked to be framed or turned into other items such as a pillow. A beautiful representation of Texas' state bird, flower and motto.