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Book Review: The Christian Mind: Escaping Futility by William Edgar
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In Blamires married Nancy, his childhood sweetheart. It was a happy marriage that produced five sons, and she was an ever-willing sounding board for his literary ideas.

Books to stretch the Christian mind

Nancy died in They were married 71 years. He is survived by their sons: Gabriel, a former personnel manager; Alcuin, an emeritus professor of English literature at Goldsmiths, University of London; Cyprian, who combines charity work with writing; Fabian, who works in marketing; and Ben, a lawyer. Lewis continued to mentor Blamires as he embarked on his writing career and their correspondence can be found in the Bodleian Library. He retired to Cumbria that year to pursue writing full-time. Lewis Memorial Lecture of But this could not be further from the truth.

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He was bubbling with fun and energy, which stayed with him all his life. At my last visit to see him in old age, he was still full of vigour, mentally alert, darting out of the room to fetch me a copy of his latest book. He was the author of twenty books. Principally, through the late Dr. Blamires made this claim:.

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  • The Christian Mind.
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There is no longer a Christian mind. There is still, of course, the Christian ethic; a Christian practice, and a Christian spirituality… But as a thinking being the modern Christian has succumbed to secularization. He accepts religion — its morality, its worship, its spiritual culture; but he rejects the religious view of life, the view which relates all earthly issues within the context of the eternal, the view which relates all human problems — social, political, cultural — to the doctrinal foundations of the Christian Faith.

One supposes Blamires is thinking of the church attender, the nominal believer, the person who is not sitting under expository consecutive biblical preaching. One does not think that it is possible to maintain Christian morality, worship and spiritual culture when this is absent year after year — If the Christian mind is gone then those other facets of true religion are also absent.

The Christian Mind

They set their minds on things that are above. Their minds are set in Jesus Christ who is at the right hand of God.

Love the Lord your God with All Your Mind - RC Sproul - The Christian Mind - Part 13

Every regenerate person must have a Christian mind because each one is a new creation; old ways of thinking are passed away. All things, including the mind, have become new. As an experienced and discerning teacher, Mr.

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Blamires understands with particular clarity how barren and desolate is a mind self-restricted to mental data; how meager is the range of a pilgrim confined to time, with no concept or sight of eternity; how paltry is a vision that ends on the horizon. It is brief, biblical, and immensely helpful.

The nature and rediscovery of the Christian mind was not made clear because the nature of what a Christian is was not explained as it should have been. The Chief benefit of the lectures he gave at the Institute was getting his hearers to think, stimulating them to think Christianly. The four lectures began on 9 June, They are interesting and accessible and can be hear today on the Christian Institute website.

Yet his plea for a Christian mind was weakened by his lack if commitment to confessional historic Christianity.

The Christian mind is formed and educated by the Bible. For him, the Scriptures could not be broken. To believe in limited inspiration is to lose the Christian mind. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare.

Harry Blamires and ‘The Christian Mind’

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