The Communicative Relationship Between Dialogue and Care

The relationship marketing process: communication, interaction, dialogue, value
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Arch Intern Med. Ann Intern Med. She is a partner with sterena. Physician self-disclosure in primary care visits: enough about you, of Communication. Her principal areas of what about me? Why health care professionals should practice participatory nization communication with a specialization medicine: Perspective of a long-time medical editor. Journal of Participa- in ethnographic research methods.

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A Reformation for our times. Doctors communication of trust, care, clinical settings, especially those that surround end of life. Additionally, and respect in breast cancer: qualitative study. She also works part-time for Sterena. Related Papers. By Neil Powe. By Ronald Epstein. Interpersonal Communication and Health Care. By Jeffrey Robinson.

By Dawn Dewitt. Download pdf.

Relationship-centered Care and Clinical Dialogue: Toward New Forms of "Care-Full" Communication

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What is Dialogue? When should dialogue be used? What does dialogue do?

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Does dialogue solve problems? What are the signals that a dialogue process is needed? How can you spot opportunities for dialoging before problems arise? What can you expect from a dialoging process? What are the basic requirements for a dialogue?

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The Communicative Relationship between Dialogue and Care

Such dialogue is possible only if we genuinely care about the other person at some level and have the capacity to show interest in their ideas, values and experiences. Equally as important are our desire, courage and ability to talk about our own views and beliefs. In short, real and meaningful communication requires each person to be both self-disclosing and empathic. You can learn the communication skills you need to have this kind of meaningful dialogue.

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It is not always easy to be congruent, i. It often takes real courage to be authentic, to be who you really are because you expose yourself to the reaction of others.

Being congruent means that you will be known as you really are and there can be fear attached to revealing yourself, fear that you will be judged, misunderstood, not taken seriously, ignored or rejected. These are very important considerations in the workplace, especially in an organization where there is a lot of fear and anxiety. You may feel really alone and it is hard to be the first to try something that feels so risky. It makes you a better leader team member, co-worker, colleague, etc.

Empathic listening —this means giving the other person our full attention, acceptance and understanding. It means suspending our own thoughts and feelings for the time being and allowing the other person to express who they really are.