Expect the Miracle of Conversion

Expect the Miracle of Conversion
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After finding nothing in official records, local libraries, and cemeteries, she gave up and was driving away empty-handed when she became lost and somehow drove past a cemetery she did not know existed. From the car window she saw a familiar name on a tombstone, stopped, and found many markers with the information she sought. Miraculous healings through priesthood blessings and the prayer of faith are familiar to most of us. An experience related in the Friend magazine is typical. During his early childhood, Elder John M.

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  • Title: Expect the Miracle of Conversion 7 Keys to Bringin.
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Madsen was afflicted with double pneumonia. After examining the little boy, a doctor told his parents he could do nothing for him and offered no hope that he would live through the night.

This Atheist Asked Allah for a Sign...(Amazing Convert Story)

Soon the child sank into unconsciousness. When his mother felt for his pulse and could find none, she prayed fervently, and the father gave the dying child a priesthood blessing. Immediately he recovered consciousness and began to feel better. In his great talk on miracles, Elder Matthew Cowley tells of several miraculous healings, including this one that occurred while he was serving as a mission president among the Maori people of New Zealand. One Sunday a father brought a nine-month-old baby forward to Brother Cowley, requesting that he give him a name and a blessing.

Here I quote Brother Cowley:. He was born blind. After I gave that child its name, I finally got around to giving it its vision. That boy is about twelve years old now.

The last time I was back there I was afraid to inquire about him. I was sure he had gone blind again. So I asked the branch president about him. President Gordon B. She asked if we would administer to her and we did so, and she states that she was miraculously healed. Hinckley in grateful appreciation for the miracle of saving my sight.

Does God Still Work Miracles Today?

Of course, the Lord saved your sight. Thank Him and be grateful to Him. As I said earlier, the Lord works miracles in response to the faith of His children. He loves and blesses all of His children. In an airport one day I picked up a copy of the Dallas Morning News. She breathed with difficulty, and her lips turned blue. By the time she arrived at the hospital, her kidneys and lungs had shut down, her fever was degrees, and her body was bright red and covered with purple lesions.

The doctors said she was dying of toxic shock syndrome, cause unknown. As word spread to family and friends, God-fearing people from Florida to California began praying for little Heather. Miraculously, Heather suddenly came back from the brink of death and was released from the hospital in a little over a week. We do not usually speak of spiritual gifts as a miracle, but sometimes the effect of a spiritual gift is miraculous.

For example, many missionaries who must learn a new language are blessed with the gift of tongues. Most often this gift merely accelerates the normal process of learning, but sometimes its effect is so immediate that it can only be called a miracle. A young mission president experienced this in the South Pacific in John Alexander Nelson Jr.

When he arrived for an assignment in Tonga, he found that he had been scheduled to speak to a congregation of Wesleyan Methodists. He began in faith by speaking a few sentences of greeting he knew in the Tongan language, and then suddenly found himself continuing to speak in Tongan. Eric B. In another experience, heavy ocean waves were crashing onto a beach at a time when the missionaries had scheduled some baptisms. One of the greatest miracles we can imagine is for someone to be brought back to life after being dead for a time. So it was with Lazarus, whom Jesus raised see John , 39— So it has been with others in our day.

The miracle of raising someone from the dead is so exceptional and so sacred that those who have been privileged to see it should never speak of it publicly unless the Spirit specifically induces them to do so.

Expect the Miracle of Conversion: 7 Keys to Bringing Souls unto Christ

Our published literature contains two such examples I can share. I quote:. There the Relief Society sisters were preparing the body of one of our saints. Then this great old sage got down and blessed him and commanded him to rise. You should have seen the Relief Society sisters scatter.

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  • Title: Expect the Miracle of Conversion 7 Keys to Bringin.
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I could feel life coming back into me just like a blanket unrolling. Another sacred experience is related in the book Tongan Saints.

It's Okay to Expect a Miracle

Their three-year-old daughter was accidentally run over by a loaded taxi. Four of the occupants of the taxi sorrowfully carried her lifeless body to her parents. By then the curious people of the village were flocking in to see our stricken little daughter. As I was about to proceed with the administration, I felt tongue-tied. Struggling to speak, I got the distinct impression that I should not continue with the ordinance. Wait for a more private moment. Please help me by leaving so I can bless my child.

The people left without taking offense. The grieving parents carried the little girl to their home, put her body on her own bed, and covered her with a sheet. Three hours passed, and her body began to show the effects of death. The mother pleaded with the father to bless her, but he insisted that he still felt restrained. Finally, the impression came that he should now proceed. I return to his words:. The feeling of what I should do and say was so strong within me that I knew Tisina would recover completely after the blessing.

Thus, I anointed her head and blessed her in the name of Jesus Christ to be well and normal. I blessed her head and all her wounds to heal perfectly, thanking God for his goodness to me in allowing me to hold his priesthood and bring life back to my daughter. I asked him to open the doors of Paradise, so I could tell her to come back and receive her body again and live. You will be reunited then. The parents spent an anxious night beside the body of the little girl, who appeared to be lifeless. Then, suddenly, the little girl awoke, alive and well.

They were perfectly normal. All her wounds were healed; and from that day to this, she has experienced no complications from the accident. I have seen quite a few miracles during my Church service.

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I feel I can share two of them at this time. I had an experience with the gift of tongues in the newly opened country of Bulgaria. In November we sent missionaries into Bulgaria. But how do we effectively implement charity in our lives? In this how-to book on successful missionary service, Elder Hartman Rector, Jr. These principles of conversion are grounded in the scriptures--predicated on eternal law. As we implement these principles in our lives, we become more effective missionaries and more converted members.

In essence, we prepare ourselves to embark in the service of God. From his experiences as a convert, mission president and former member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, Elder Rector shares miraculous accounts of conversion and explains the secret of the success of some of the most productive missionaries who have ever lived. A companion piece to Already to Harvest, Elder Rector's latest handbook of success is a must-have for both missionaries and member who desire to serve God. Includes 7 keys to becoming a more effective leader, a more converted member, and a more productive missionary: Understanding how Christ saves Preaching with love Inviting all to come unto Christ Implement the Lord's success formula Achieving your goals Using the commitment pattern Bringing forth the blessings of heaven Get A Copy.

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Expect the Miracle of Conversion

Be the first to ask a question about Expect the Miracle of Conversion. Lists with This Book. Do you want to read a triumphant story of a man who overcame adversities and challenges that should have kept him down but who ended up being one of the greatest Giants in the Faith? Expect a Miracle by Oral Roberts is the book that will address all of that as well as take your faith to the next level.

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Expect a Miracle is an autobiography about the life and ministry of Oral Roberts. Oral Roberts attributes his success in life to his ability to hear God when He speaks and to obey. His commitment and dedication to obeying the voice of God put strains on his relationships both personal and professional. Expect a Miracle shows how friendships and relationships can be tested and tried, but the ones that are meant to survive will do just that; survive.

Oral Roberts discusses how he navigated successfully from being the groundbreaking, monumental healing evangelist, laying hands and praying for over 1. He shares how during this process he had never felt more alone as he had to face to face with the reality of his board of directors threatening to leave. You have to read the rest of the chapter to find out what exactly happens. Their work will exceed yours, and in this I am well pleased.