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Happy Trails: Our Life Story
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A group of us would always go for the show. We could ride the city buses that went to and from West Hickory that cost us 10 cents each. We would wait at the rock corner and then the bus would take us to the bus station downtown about two blocks from the theater. We would walk the last little bit to the show. We waited patiently in line at the window for a ticket which cost 9 cents.

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I would give them my dime allowance and get my penny change back. Once inside, I had enough money to get a candy bar and drink. That was my allowance for another week. This was an intriguing collection of somewhat connected short stories in that they all feature the same main character. I honestly expected it to be a little more breathtakingly awesome considering Julie Hecht is the author of Do the Windows Open? Her stories have been published in The New Yorker and Harper's.

She has won an O.

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Henry Prize and received a Guggenheim Fellowship. She lives on the east end of Long Island in winter and in Massachusetts in summer and fall. She has been writing stories since she was eight years old. Then, of course, there is who Alexie actually is — he actually was born on the res. So there are two litmus tests for sentimentality in literature. Does it cover up a lie?

And does the writer have any authority? I think it is interesting that it is this blog and you who have offered me a really good take on this essential question regarding sentimentality. Trevor, thanks for your input. Very cool.

Sentiment is the quality that makes us feel some emotion, whereas sentimentality is excessive or insincere sentiment if that makes sense. Not all of us agree on where the line is. When Alexie spoke to us, he came in looking all sombre and grave. However, in this and in his other work I think he is working just as hard to overcome the sentimental picture Native Americans have toward their past.

For the relatives of Hector, it is nice to think he was killed in a blaze of glory, as a good Indian warrior should be. But he knows this is not true and not a great way to look at their past.

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Not very noble. And yet, if this narrator can see it for what it is, maybe he can actually move on.

Do we make the big decisions—or do they make us?

This iconic couple have now nearly faded completely out of memory, while in their heyday they were public favorites and even rated hero status -- right up there with Abe Lincoln and FDR. Gotta be honest--this is not a great book. Celebrity News. Theirs was a world that seemed more decent, in a way that I remember as being very attractive. I was laughing my head off the whole time. I need to strive to not be like the main character and look at the politician and their actions individually rather than automatically group them with their registered party. Why not share!

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