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Men bearing tomahawks and knives and using the butt of their rifles as clubs quickly dispatched the remaining old and sick. The target of their attack, Chief Metacom King Phillip , was not at the encampment as their scouts had promised. Despite their losses at the hands of those few defenders, the war they had attempted to avoid had just begun by their own hand. Today, an old and decaying memorial stands, where it was erected by colonists at the close of the war, shortly after Defiant of the facts, it tells of a great battle against the Narragansett, not of the massacre of unarmed innocents that really took place not far from that spot.

More than a few visitors to the monument and to the surrounding hiking trails have told of an overwhelming sadness coming over them. More still have repeated how the area forests will suddenly fall silent for no apparent reason—often followed by the. Yet others have been driven back to their cars by the sudden chill coming over them and the endless and unnerving feeling that they were being observed. Repeated investigations of the area by several serious groups have confirmed it as being a hotbed of paranormal activity. For many years, this large and stately mansion, now the home of the Cranston Historical Society, has had a reputation for being plagued by unexplained phenomena.

Many visitors have reported hearing footsteps or seeing an astral presence. The apparition is often observed or heard descending the main staircase, or is felt as a passing breath of icy air. The wine cellar also has been a site of frightening occurrences, including the appearance of inexplicable orbs in photograph after photograph.

Likely candidates for these hauntings are plentiful. Until several years ago, many believed that the ghost was that of John Gordon, convicted murderer of Amasa Sprague and the last person executed in the state of Rhode Island. Amasa Sprague, a businessman and manufacturer from a politically powerful family, left his Cranston mansion one day in December to travel to Johnston. The following morning, his bludgeoned body he had also been shot in the wrist and bitten by a dog was found beside the road, almost within sight of his mansion.

Gordon, an Irish immigrant and employee at the mansion, had been seen arguing with Sprague the day he was killed. Gordon was tried, found guilty of murder on the basis of circumstantial evidence, and hanged in Evidence later came to light that cast serious doubt on his guilt. Another addition to the possible uneasy souls connected to Sprague Mansion was revealed in He had. My land! The history of the mansion suggests that, throughout the 19th century, those associated with Sprague Mansion seemed to have more than their share of misfortunes and tortured personalities.

Perhaps enough to create a host of restless souls. Not only do the locals have endless tales of the ghostly mill, the state even acknowledges the place as a haunted locale in the State Census, page This makes it the only recognized haunted site in the whole state, if not all of New England, at that time.

In , the Potter family ran a fulling mill. William Potter expanded the mill in. The Potters ran the mill by day, and Peleg with lantern in hand would act as night watchman. At the break of dawn, he would ring the bell to summon the workers to their daily routines. All was well for several years until William and Peleg had some sort of disagreement.

During this argument it was said that Mr. Walker stated that they would one day have to remove the keys to the mill from the pocket of a dead man. This promise was fulfilled on the morning of May 19, , when the bell failed to toll. They entered the mill and found Peleg Walker hanging from the bell rope, keys to the mill dangling from his pocket. They buried him in the family plot, but he did not rest. That night the bell began ringing at the stroke of midnight. They checked out the mill but found no visible person who would have caused the sound.

For a few more nights, the bell sounded at the witching hour, again, with no hand to pull the rope. This forced the Potters to remove the bell, but Peleg had more in store. At midnight the next evening, the villagers were awoken by the clatter of the mill running full tilt. When they arrived on the scene, they stood agape as they watched the mill in full operation by itself with the great waterwheel used to run the mill moving in the opposite direction of the stream.

The villagers left the area for fear of their lives, and the mill soon closed for good. Witnesses reported seeing the specter of Peleg Walker meandering from building to building with a lantern in hand, creaking in the wind. In the s, the factory burned to the ground, but the foundations still grace the forest to this day. I did several investigations of the factory and proved it is still haunted. On one particular night, Rhode Island Paranormal saw a glowing apparition move about within the factory walls at the height the floor used to be.

Another night we stood in the dark silence as the crunching of the leaves and the sounds of a swinging lantern moved by us into the foundation of the main building then move by us again to the smaller foundation just behind us. The sounds were recorded on tape and are distinct. It seems that Peleg Walker still makes his eternal rounds in the dark of the Foster woods.

This just proves that the Ramtail Factory is still alive and full of spirit. Take Route 6 West. The entrance to the trail leading to the factory runs along Dolly Cole Brook just before the little bridge on Ramtail Road. It is also home to many land-bound oddities and eerie. Its rolling hills and draping fields have been the subject of many great photographs.

Yet deep within lies a darker color that runs black with evil and mystery in many places. Restless spirits moan for justice in the howling mountain winds. One of those places is the Long Trail hiking path in Bennington, located in the southwest corner of the state. Most recreational adventure seekers shudder at the very name, for they know that the path is cursed and the legend says that some who have chosen to ignore its evil have never returned.

People seem to vanish into thin air on the trail without ever leaving the slightest trace of being there. On November 12, , Middle Rivers, a seasoned native to the area, disappeared without a trace while on the familiar trail. In December of , Paula Weldon vanished from the trail while hiking it with. One such place is the Ice House Restaurant. The history of the structure is born of tragedy. John Winan, a Burlington shipbuilder, erected his home on the site in In , fire claimed the home and was soon rebuilt from the foundation to serve as an icehouse.

The massive three-story building supplied ice year-round to the residents of Burlington for many generations with the chunks cut from Lake Champlain. It remained in operation well into the 20th century before being converted into retail property. The massive square beams used to support the heavy ice still adorn the building as well as some entities from the past.

One day as he was in the kitchen cleaning up, he spied someone out of the corner of his eye. To his amazement, he gazed upon a semitransparent apparition of an old lady swinging a bell. As he approached the figure, it vanished as silently as it had come. The wraith has been seen numerous times by other employees as well. A cook who has been there for many years is so accustomed to the haunted place that it seems lonely to him without something happening regularly. The staff on duty has often heard the distinct sound of ice blocks being dragged across the floor.

Objects that are put down in obvious places tend to disappear, only. She, too, was never seen again. James Telford fell victim to the trail in December of and Frances Christman in December of There are many other reports of disappearances on the trail dating back to the s. Some are documented and some are not. There was one person who was found murdered on the trail—Frieda Langer was the only missing person to ever have been actually recovered from the bizarre path.

Her untimely demise, however, remains a mystery. A few locals swear that they have hiked the trail many times without incident. Most of them avoid the foreboding woods for fear of encountering the unknown that lurks within the deep thicket, awaiting the next unsuspecting hiker. Those who have hiked the woods and lived to tell about it are fortunate in that the woods were probably not hungry that day, or they had already had their fill. It is the pale, white figure of a man crouching before the door of the Laurel Glen Mausoleum with a wreath and key in one hand.

The mournful figure is watching the door, as if waiting for its inhabitants to sally forth from the burial vault. No, the personage is not a ghost but the statue of John P. Bowman who, along with his family, is buried in the great vault. The statue has graced the steps of the vault since , when the wealthy farmer had the chamber built to house his wife and two daughters. Within the crypt that was erected with the help of 25 sculptors is the life-size statue of his oldest daughter, Addie, who died when she was an infant.

Also within its walls are the busts of his other daughter, Ella, and his wife, Jenny, who tragically passed away within seven months of each other. The mausoleum would be the talk of Vermont. Ten years later, in , Mr. Bowman himself passed on and was interred in the burial vault. The reason for the statue of his likeness at the steps of the chamber remains a mystery to this day. Strange things have been reported around the mausoleum at night, but what is more horrifying is the Bowman House across the street from the cemetery, because it is extremely haunted.

Many think it is the ghosts of Bowman and his family still dwelling within the mansion. An unidentified woman has been seen on countless occasions in the house. A painting once flew off the wall at a little girl who stuck her tongue out at it. This phenomenon was witnessed by several people who were taking a tour of the great home.

The mansion stood vacant for some years before it was recently purchased and renovated for its new owner. The woman now in possession of the home has reported seeing the spirits of the Bowman. She had to convert that area into a bedroom with a bathroom and even a little kitchenette, according to reports in the local Rutland papers. It becomes vacant save for the ghosts who run its domain in the dark of the night. Q: What is your favorite haunted place? There are a handful of places that I always go back to, that I never get tired of and not just because of the history and all of the years of ghost stories behind them.

One of them is the Lemp Mansion in St. I think my fascination with the history of the family and my respect for the family just makes me feel comfortable there. Second would be a place in Illinois called the Old Slave House. But it has a really horrendous history regarding a guy who leased slaves to work salt lands. He ended up kidnapping free African-Americans and pressing them into slavery. He kept the slaves chained up in the attic of the house. The Bell Witch cave in Tennessee is also very high on my list.

One night, a friend and I were walking down the hallway there, and a guy walked across the hallway in front of us and disappeared into a room on the other side of the hall. I have no doubt that it was a ghost, considering the room was empty when we got there. I have to list that as one of my favorites. Q: Why be a ghost investigator? How does it happen? Q: What are important items to bring with you on an investigation? All of the gadgets and gear are great, but, for me, I find it hard to use electronic equipment and then offer that as any kind of proof. Only because there are so many things that can go wrong with electronics as far as trying to use them for evidence.

I was able to do that with a pen and a piece of paper. People are the key behind the story—they are the essential element to all of this. If you have a video camera, bring it along, you want to remember what the place looks like. If you want to use electronic equipment, definitely use it if you know how to use it. I always tell people, never go do this stuff by yourself. I had gotten a call from these people who were hearing footsteps in their attic every night. They were sure that their home was haunted.

And they had actually done some research into the history of the place. The real story behind it was that it had been owned by a farmer who had committed suicide when he lost his farm back during the Depression. He had gone up to the attic and hung himself. Not only do they have a good story, but they have a good story that was happening every night. So I thought this was the perfect chance to get to really experience something. So I went out to their house and it got late, and we were all sitting around in the bedroom being quiet and we started to hear footsteps walking around in the attic—I could hear them plain as day.

I climbed up into the attic with a flashlight now a little nervous myself at this point , shined the light around, and I saw not one ghost, but two walking around. They were furry, they had tails—there were two great big raccoons in the attic. And every night, they would wake up when it got dark and go out to look for food.

These things were so big that when they walked around up there, it sounded just like a person walking. I can laugh about it now. I always tell people you should never jump to conclusions. It is also know by locals as Pea Patch Island because of a local legend about the origins of the island. The legend has it that a ship carrying peas ran aground on a river shoal and the peas sprouted, which started the formation of the island. The pentagon-shaped building covers approximately six acres, the 32foot-high walls vary from 7 feet to 30 feet in thickness, and the complex is surrounded by a moat 30 feet wide.

The entrance is very imposing, with a drawbridge crossing the moat and torches on each side of the gate. When you walk through the front gate of the fort, you get chills. If you listen closely, you may hear something from the past. Living conditions were extremely harsh for the prisoners.

An estimated 3, of them died here, so it is no wonder that it is considered one of the most haunted places in the Northeast. In the dungeon, there have been reports of unexplained noises. People have heard moaning and chains banging. There have been many pictures taken at Fort Delaware that have unexplained features in them. Some have orbs, some have shadowy mists, and some have claimed to capture the ghost of a Confederate soldier standing in a doorway. There is also a cemetery on the island where most of the soldiers who died there were buried, and it is also a noted haunted area.

Fort Delaware is now a state park. In September and October, they have candlelight ghost tours that have been quite eventful for the people brave enough to take them— some have had their own brush with the supernatural whether it be a strange photograph they took or spotting something ghostly. When talking to any of the employees or the people who do the reenactments at the fort, they all seem to have a few strange stories to tell.

The spirits on the island are not harmful, but it is sad that, after all this time, they are still prisoners there. Apparently, for them, the war never ended. Some people have even seen misty and shadowy figures by the old cemetery at night. The most notable story in Old New Castle pertains to the Dutch soldiers. They are frequently seen walking up and down the old deserted remains of the docks at Battery Park, which is located on the Delaware River.

The reported sightings are usually of full and occasionally of partial apparitions walking the old dock. Sightings of the Dutchmen have been reported throughout the year, but autumn is when the ghosts are most active. There are two soldiers who are often seen in the early evening, and there is one headless soldier who has been seen marching along the shoreline. There is not a lot known about these soldiers or why there are still here.

Could they still be trying to protect their city from the Swedes? Could they still be waiting for a ship to dock? The only thing that is known for certain is that these spirits are persistent and very active. There are still cobblestone streets, old cemeteries, and churches around New Castle. When walking down the street, visitors get the feeling of being in a quaint, old colonial town. There are also many ghost stories that come from this area. In some of the houses, footsteps are heard walking up and down the stairs with no living person to account for them.

In Delaware, no smoking is allowed in public buildings, including restaurants and bars, yet some of the taverns in. At the time, slaves were commonplace, and. Workers and visitors alike believe it to be haunted. One worker witnessed an apparition of a Civil War soldier in The entity walked in one of the front doors, paused in the foyer, continued up the staircase, and then dissipated into thin air. This is where the worst spirits are. There is a feeling like the Amityville House.

The dirt floors might still hold buried dead, and who knows what horror lurks from the days when the basement was used as the slave quarters for the mansion. Intense temperature drops accompanied with feelings of being watched were both experienced in one of the archive rooms— a room that was documented as being used as the operating room when the mansion was used as a hospital. The basement, which housed the former slave quarters, held extreme feelings of negativity and anger. Unexplained footsteps were experienced in the hallways more than once during the weekend.

WMGHS also photographed an abundance of orbs, mists, and vortices during the investigation. When the Confederates marched into Maryland, General J. Stuart took possession of the mansion. During the course of the Civil War,. Patrons are of all ages and backgrounds, and at any time a table can be hard to come by.

Customers and employees have reported many strange occurrences over the years. One customer reported a man in 19th-century clothing near a downstairs window; another regular witnessed a woman in white descending the staircase from the restrooms upstairs. Employees have seen a woman with a wide-brimmed black hat in a studio upstairs and a child running along a hallway. Dark figures are seen quite often, and many have reported feeling uneasy, sensing they are being watched. The Maryland Paranormal Investigators Coalition has done a few investigations and workshops there.

During one of the workshops, a trunk on the second floor near the bathrooms shook and rattled while five people looked on. November 15, , marks the discovery of the mutilated body of 9-year-old Marie Smith. A student at Bradley School, she was on her way home that afternoon, but never made it. Eventually, year-old Frank Heidemann, a German immigrant, confessed to her murder and was convicted and sentenced to death by electrocution.

While this reads as a triumph for investigator Raymond C. Schindler, one finds many disconcerting discrepancies in the confession of Heidemann, leaving one to wonder if an innocent man was, in fact, put to death. She reported leaving her office in the basement one evening and while pushing the door closed, she felt it push back at her. On October 7, , the suburban community was stunned by the brutal murder of year-old Jeanette Lawrence. She was last seen alive that night waving goodbye to Mrs. Sandt, the woman whose 4year-old daughter she babysat. Her body was found at p.

The story of her murder, his trial,. On another occasion, he and two of the chefs went down to the basement to finish up and leave for the night. They witnessed an old woman at the end of the basement. The manager called out to her and advised her that the restaurant was closed and she needed to leave. She did not respond. A garbage collector had an encounter with the old woman ghost while making his pickup early one morning. The ghost even called him by name. Upon investigation, no one is ever found. The New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society investigation included an interview with a family whose house is located across the street from the haunted Kluxen woods on Central Avenue.

Their further investigation of the woods and surrounding streets did nothing more than to secure a few photos with orbs in them. Daytime photography of the woods shows the foundation remains of the Kluxen Winery. As legend has it, The Spy House was converted to an inn during the Revolutionary War in order to prevent it from being destroyed by British troops, who believed that the home was occupied by Colonial spies. The building was first converted into a museum in the s by Gertrude Neidlinger.

In , a woman named Jane Doherty started ghost tours at the infamous house. This was eventually stopped by the board of trustees, and the inside of the house is now closed to the public. However, the house is still said to be inhabited by a number of spirits. Peter, a young and playful spirit, is known to cause disturbances with any electronic equipment used in the house.

Abigail, probably the best known of the spirits, has been seen in the back upstairs window, staring out to sea—she has also been heard sobbing at times over her husband, a sea captain, who was lost at sea during the war. Other spirits that have been seen include that of a sea captain, the Reverend William Wilson once an owner of the house , and the spirit of Thomas Whitlock himself. During our investigations of The Spy House, many photographs of spirit orbs around the house were taken.

Today, it unfortunately has been closed down, but visitors can still roam the outside area of the infamous house. Photo by Alison Lynch. The aura and feeling of the spirits of the house can definitely be felt. This could simply be a legend created to keep children away from a busy highway and intersection; however, a strange energy does seem to surround the site. According to legend, her spirit lingers at the intersection at the end of the ramp, hoping to prevent any future deaths. Some also claim that, if you put your car in neutral, the car will roll backward up the hill.

Skeptics claim the ramp and surrounding ground and hills create an illusion that looks as if it is sloping downward when, in fact, it is not. The police keep a close watch on the area, so attempts to visit are not recommended. Patrols have been known to ticket people whose vehicles linger at the spot and also fine those who try. Holly, New Jersey, was built in and was designed by the famous architect Robert Mills the designer of the Washington Monument. It is a large, rectangular building made of stone and iron that looks more like a castle than a prison from the outside.

It was used continuously as a jail until Since then, local legends have spoken of the ghosts that inhabited the building. One in particular was the ghost of Joel Clough, a convicted murderer who killed his mistress with a leg from a table. He was held in the death row cell, which consisted of an eyehook in the floor that he was always chained to and an extremely small window.

He was eventually hanged in the s and, since then, other guards and prisoners reported hearing his moans and chains rattling from that cell. The guards and inmates also reported seeing someone in the empty cell as well as objects levitating inside. In , the county began a restoration project, transforming the rundown building into a museum and returning it to its original condition. As the work progressed, the construction workers began reporting strange events such as loud noises, disembodied voices, and screams coming from various areas of the building. Eventually, some workers were leaving early so they would not be the last ones in the building.

The county officials decided to contact our organization, South Jersey Ghost Research SJGR , to see if we could verify the claims of the workers and put their minds at ease. I was on each SJGR team that went out to the museum. I witnessed some of the supernatural events firsthand. On each investigation, I set up a motion detector in the death row cell. During each trip, the motion detector was set off by an unseen force.

On the second visit, I also obtained an EVP seconds after the motion detector went off. A stretcher that was located in the cell next to the death row cell relocated itself and it was actually the reporters who noticed it first. Other members of the SJGR observed an apparition in one part of the building and found a single barefoot print on a dust-covered floor of. The teams also obtained numerous photos, video clips, and EMF readings. Certainly, the iron is what brought colonists such as Robert Erskine here. Erskine built the original manor in By , a town had been built to support the iron-making business at Ringwood.

It was completely self-sufficient with stores, houses for the workers, a gristmill, a saw mill, farms…and a graveyard. During the Revolutionary War, Ringwood Manor served as headquarters for General Washington, a supply center for troops, and a main transportation route. Many soldiers died here—and all do not rest in peace.

When sick and wounded French soldiers died, they were buried in. Most people listen. Indeed, the advice most heard from those who know Ringwood Manor is this: Leave before nightfall. A wood-frame Victorian building that had once been used as a private residence seemed the perfect location for us. After converting the upstairs portion of this turn-of-the-century structure into a four-room shop, we were open for business, selling antiques, curios, and various occult supplies such as candles, oils, spell books, and tarot cards.

Lights would sometimes turn themselves off and on, doors would open by themselves, and objects including heavy ones would mysteriously move from their shelves. One time, a radio that was playing in the room switched from one station to another all on its own. Today there is still an indentation in the ground where they lie, and voices, speaking in French, are often heard at night.

Horse hooves have also been heard crashing toward the bridge, and sometimes the scent of horse manure floats out of the adjoining field, though no horses have been there for a century. One of the best-known spirits to haunt Ringwood Manor is Robert Erskine. In the early s, people began to see Robert sitting on top of his tomb, holding a lantern. Sometimes he held a ball of blue light, which would follow people over the bridge leading out of the cemetery. A century later, the blue light stories persisted—now following cars.

Maybe not. Although the manor was completely rebuilt in , ghosts from all times still congregate here. Psychics, paranormal investigators, and ghost hunters have all noted their presence. Cameras are not allowed on the premises. The second floor is especially active. Crying, objects falling and breaking, and thudding sounds have been frequently reported. They come from a small bedroom in which a maid was supposedly beaten to death.

Footsteps, voices, and a clammy feeling all indicate spirits are present. In any part of the house, a frigid coldness, a light floral fragrance, or even a blue aura announces the presence of Miss Eleanor Hewitt , or Miss Nellie. Miss Nellie, the last private owner of the estate, often makes her presence, and her displeasure, known.

When statues are moved, papers disappear, and books appear. At the rear of the shop was a musty little room that was used for vintage clothing. No matter how high the thermostat would be set in the winter, that room would always remain chilly. And even on the warmest of summer days, a strange coldness would linger in the air.

On numerous occasions, I strongly sensed that something unseen was there in the shop with me, watching me. I admit that it gave me a very creepy feeling, but at no time did I ever feel really terrified or threatened by it.

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However, we did have a customer in the shop one afternoon who appeared to be extremely uneasy. She browsed around for a bit and then, with a terrified look on her face, ran out the front door and down the steps as fast as she could. It was quite a strange sight to see. But one thing I do know for sure is that something, for some reason, haunted that building and wanted its presence to be known.

As you enter the gates, you are taken back in time. The fort interprets life as it would have been in Many people immediately sense the supercharged atmosphere that has seen many conflicts. Fort Ontario dates to the mids and has been held by the British, French, and United States at different times in its history. Fort Ontario has been held by the United States since Three ghosts that are prominent among the many that seem to remain here are Lt. Basil Dunbar, George Fikes, and a nameless ghost in a blue uniform. Dunbar was killed during a duel with Lt. Penier in , and George Fikes died here in Syracuse Ghost Hunters have reports of activity in all areas of the fort, but most predominantly in Officer Quarters 1.

Many have reported doors slamming, footsteps, and the laughter of children. During an investigation, our team left a nightvision video camera on the third floor and left the building. When the team returned, they heard a banging that echoed throughout the building and seemed to be coming from all directions. It is the lake and its shores that are said to be haunted by the spirit of an Indian princess. In order to save her people from the rising waters, she ties herself down with stones, rows out to the middle of the lake, and slips over the edge into the water. It was formed by an isolated piece of glacier about 20, years ago.

When the ice melted, it left a depression behind, called a kettle. The depression filled with water to create a kettlehole lake. In December , four members of a skindiving team touched the bottom, disproving the old legend that the lake was bottomless. Their love was forbidden and she was set to marry another. One night, she attempted to swim across the lake to her waiting lover, but she drowned halfway across.

The legend goes on to say. When the tape was played back, they heard the sound of footsteps during the time the building was empty. An employee of the fort dressed in clothing from the late s and was filmed walking down the stairs. During the filming, everyone could hear what sounded like a harpsichord. Reenactors that spend the night here will awaken to the sound of voices. The voices will continue and get louder until they get up to investigate. The reenactors search for the culprit but never find anyone.

The barracks were the site of a conflict between Privates Marks and Clemmins. Apparently, Marks had turned in Clemmins for misuse of rations. Clemmins was imprisoned in the guard house, where he drank poison and died shortly after. A visit here will certainly pique your supernatural interest. Maybe you will see the phantom regiment on the parade grounds or the ball of light that is reported near the guard house. Lonely and heartbroken, she has become like the Sirens of Greek myth, luring men to their deaths. Locals claim that there is at least one drowning per year at the lake, and most of the victims are male.

In addition to drownings, there are reports of odd moving lights and a misty fog that hangs over the lake. Cold fingers grab swimmers who venture out too far. The most common reported event is the sound of someone sobbing. Witnesses say that the weeping is heartbreaking and sounds as if it is everywhere. Keenan; read by Tanya Eby. On a whale watching excursion, Sierra, Chaco, and Fred are swept overboard by an undersea force more powerful than they ever imagined.

There are dark forces at work, and with Chaco no longer connected to his land, Sierra will have to think fast if they're ever going to survive. Firefly by Henry Porter; read by Matt Addis. A devastatingly timely thriller following the refugee trail from Syria to Europe, Firefly is a sophisticated, breathtaking race against time from an author who brings a whole new level of urgency to the genre. A young girl desparately seeks the mother who abandoned her and her brother as children. The Floating World by C.

In this powerful and ultimately uplifting new novel set in s Mississippi, the acclaimed author of The Last Suppers tells of three generations of women whose lives are thrown into upheaval when a dark secret is brutally exposed. In his much-anticipated follow-up to The Crown Ain't Worth Much , poet, essayist, biographer, and music critic Hanif Abdurraqib has written a book of poems about how one rebuilds oneself after a heartbreak, the kind that renders them a different version of themselves than the one they knew.

A devilishly plotted chase-and-pursuit novel by "a master of nail-biting suspense" Los Angeles Times , featuring a husband-and-wife detective team that is hired to look into the murder of a research scientist Learn More. The Fountainhead studies the conflict between artistic genius and social convention, a theme Ayn Rand later developed into the idealistic philosophy knows as Objectivism. From Mary Shelley to H. Freebird by Jon Raymond; read by Stephen R.

A page-turning new novel from the author of Livability , winner of the Oregon Book Award. An extraordinary debut novel, Freshwater explores the surreal experience of having a fractured self. The Fruit of Stone is the story of the lifelong friendship of two men and their love for the woman who eludes them.

Evelyn and Godfrey are about to count the ways. An unflinching tale of turn-of-the-century Appalachian life, Gap Creek chronicles the challenging first year in the marriage of Julie Harmon and Hank Richards. Gates of the Dead by James A. The end times have come, but it's not too late for a hero to strike back, in the grimdark fantasy sequel to The Last Sacrifice and Fallen Gods. E Cooney Audie Winner. As geek culture goes mainstream—from Game of Thrones to the Avengers—it's never been more important to look at the role women play in it, and the future they're helping to create.

Kameron Hurley's smart, funny, and profane voice guides readers through the world of fandom and the coming revolution in pop culture. Provocative and unnerving, The Girl at the Door explores the bureaucracy of a scandal, and the thin line between lust and possession. The Girl in Green by Derek B. Miller; read by Will Damron. From the author of Norwegian by Night , a novel about two men on a misbegotten quest to save the girl they failed to save decades before.

Eight stories trace a treasured painting, said to be an original Vermeer, back through its history and owners. The painting's journey demonstrates the enduring power of art in the face of natural disaster, political upheaval, and personal turmoil. An unforgettable novel about a young woman and her infant son, abandoned at a seaside motel in New England, and the secrets of the townspeople who provide them with shelter. In his newest heart-pounding novel, 1 New York Times bestselling author Terry Goodkind introduces the world to his most unforgettable and deadly character yet.

She is the missing girl. But she doesn't know she's lost. Rachel, the daughter of a Danish mother and a black G. With her strict African American grandmother as her new guardian, she must attempt to come to terms with an unfathomable past and confront her own identity as a biracial young woman in a world that wants to see her as either black or white.

In this richly imagined portrait of the young woman who inspired one of Vermeer's most celebrated paintings, Tracy Chevalier transports readers to a bygone time and place. History and fiction merge seamlessly in a luminous tale of artistic vision, sensual awakening, and daily life in the Netherlands of the 17th-century. Glass Ellen Hopkins; read by Laura Flanagan. A sequel to Crank , this harrowing and disturbing look at addiction finds protagonist Kristina Snow thinking she can use drugs yet control the consequences.

A breathtaking Georgia-mountain epic about the complex bond of mothers and daughters across a century. From the Agatha-award winning author of Quiet Neighbors comes a clever, spine-tingling standalone that reads like Agatha Christie's take on a Gothic thriller. A collection of the best short fictions from the grandmaster of postmodernism. A brave, timely, searingly beautiful novel from the acclaimed author of The Blind Man's Garden : set in contemporary Pakistan, the story of a Muslim widow and her Christian neighbors whose community is consumed by violent religious intolerance.

Good Night, Mr. The triumphant return of a great American storyteller, Good Night, Mr. Wodehouse celebrates the strength and resourcefulness of independent women, the importance of community, and the transformative power of reading. This prequel to the New York Times bestseller The Elegance of the Hedgehog tells the story of another occupant of the posh apartment building in Paris: the great food critic Pierre Arthens.

As his life draws to a close, he reflects back on its many flavors, and on a singular sublime something, once sampled and never forgotten. In Book I of the Otori trilogy, Across the Nightingale Floor , Lian Hearn created a wholly original, fully-realized fantasy world where great powers clashed and young love dawned against a dazzling and mystical landscape. A troubled yet brilliant young pianist who lands in a s mental hospital with jazz-age icon Zelda Fitzgerald fights to see the world clearly, understand what is happening around her, and above all, to remember.

With sharp humor and deep empathy, The Gulf is a memorable debut novel in which Belle Boggs plumbs the troubled waters dividing America. A tale of betrayal, survival, and enduring friendship shadowed by the Second World War. Harbor Nocturne Joseph Wambaugh; read by R. An adventure novel upended by grief and propelled by the aberrant charm of its narrator, Hard Mouth explores what it takes to both existentially and literally survive.

The surprise fourth installment and real conclusion to Lian Hearn's Tales of the Otori , the epic fantasy set in a mythical, medieval Japan. The Harsh Cry of the Heron achieves new heights of drama and action. The author of the 1 New York Times bestseller, A Reliable Wife, returns with another suspenseful fast-paced gothic story of love, lust, betrayal, and revenge.

Headstone Ken Bruen; read by John Lee. Some people help the less fortunate; others kill them. Sorcerers fight for the right to exist and fall in love, in this extraordinary alternate world fantasy thriller by award-winning Israeli author Keren Landsman.

From the critically acclaimed, prize-winning author Deon Meyer comes a thrilling epic adventure across the landscape and history of a remarkable country. Paul Boehmer and Julia Fletcher. The backstory fans of the Tales of the Otori series have been yearning for! Recounts the life of Lord Shigeru from the age of 12 the year in which the Tales' Takeo is born and events foreshadowing Across the Nightingale Floor. Transporting the listener between a richly detailed past and a frighteningly possible future, Sandra Newman's novel The Heavens is a powerful reminder of the consequences of our actions, a poignant testament to how the people we love are destined to change, and a masterful exploration of the power of dreams.

A charming fable about modern life that has touched the hearts of more than two million readers worldwide. What is the secret formula for love? Earthy and otherworldly, antic and sexy, queer and caustic, comic and deadly serious, Her Body and Other Parties swings from horrific violence to the most exquisite sentiment.

In their explosive originality, these stories enlarge the possibilities of contemporary fiction. In this radiant, highly anticipated debut, a cast of unforgettable women battle for independence while a maelstrom of change threatens their Jamaican village. A debut short story collection that explores the vulnerability, grit, and complex nature of our humanity from a new, vital queer voice. Here Kitty Kitty is an unforgettably vivid portrait of a woman finding her way at the turn of the twenty-first century.

Hey Nostradamus! Hey Nostradamus wrestles with religion and nihilism, sorrow and acceptance. It will take you to a place you didn't know existed. From a critically acclaimed fiction writer comes the moving story of a boy with extraordinary ears who—with the help of a cache of his great-grandmother's letters—brings healing to a town burdened by the sins of its past.

A bold, astonishingly intimate novel of laughter and heartbreak, Jonathan Lee's High Dive is a moving portrait of clashing loyalties, guilt and regret, and how individuals become the grist of history. Spare, erotic, and original, this novel celebrates the human capacity to find beauty and meaning in life, even after great sorrow. The Hobbit J. The original American dramatizations, as broadcast on National Public Radio.

Comes in a handsome, wood-branded gift box. This is a darkly compelling story of how one man struggles to mend the gap that his crime and incarceration have torn in his life, coming to grips with the hole gouged in his personal universe. Told with haunting lyricism, The Holy Ghost Speakeasy and Revival is the story of a preacher full of contradictions, a man for whom the way is never straight and narrow.

In a charming Maine seaside town, a single mother longs to create a memorable Christmas for her two daughters—and receives a chance to make her own wishes come true, in this heartwarming novel from bestselling author Holly Chamberlin. Lily King meets Patricia Highsmith in this slyly seductive debut set on an eerily beautiful farm teeming with secrets.

In this compelling, heartwarming novel from New York Times bestselling author Marie Bostwick, one woman finds new purpose in a new phase of life. Collected for the first time in trade editions, The Complete Tales of Jules de Grandin , presents all ninety-three published works featuring the supernatural detective. The acclaimed author of To the End of the Land now gives us a searing short novel about the life of a standup comic as revealed in the course of one evening's performance—comedy that will lean inexorably toward tragedy.

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From Edgar Award winner Stefanie Pintoff comes the start of an electrifying new thriller series featuring Eve Rossi, head of a secret division of the FBI—one made up of ex-convicts with extraordinary talents, oversized egos, and contempt for the rules. Perfect for readers of Iris Johansen and Catherine Coulter. The master of Swedish crime fiction returns with this award-winning latest entry into the Van Veeteren series.

The House of Erzulie tells the eerily intertwined stories of an ill-fated young couple in the s and the troubled historian who discovers their writings in the present day. Set on the eve of America's involvement in World War II, Kim Brooks' The Houseguest is a moving story about identity, family, and the decisions that define who we will become. Recently suspended for a so-called outburst, high school English teacher Anna Crawford is stewing over the injustice at home when she is shocked to see herself named on television as a suspect in a shooting at the school where she works.

Our leading postmodernist novelist turns his iconoclastic eye on a great American classic, evoking the language and irreverent spirit of Mark Twain. From one of Korea's literary stars, a novel about two orphans from the streets of Seoul: one becomes the head of a powerful motorcycle gang, and the other follows him at all costs Learn More. I Heart Oklahoma! Roy Scranton, controversial and critically acclaimed, brings us a formally daring road trip into the heart of present-day America.

In her first novel since winning the National Book Award, Lily Tuck delivers an elegant tour-de-force portrait of a forty-three-year marriage. Paul doesn't have much going for him. For starters, he never made it as a serious writer, his wife has left him, his girlfriend is dating another man, he could stand to back off on the booze, and then there's the impotency issues. At once heartwarming, heartbreaking, and heart-wrenchingly funny, I Thought You Were Dead proves that, with the right friend by your side, you can overcome any obstacle. Icarus Deon Meyer; read by Simon Vance.

South Africas preeminent crime fiction writer, Deon Meyer is internationally acclaimed for his razors-edge thrillers, unforgettable characters, and nuanced portrayals of contemporary life in his native country. The fifth pulse-pounder starring Captain Benny Griessel, a lead detective in South Africas priority crimes unit, delves into the countrys burgeoning tech and wine industries. The dark secrets of a small community are revealed as a woman returns to her hometown after the death of her parents and the suicide of a childhood friend.

An Oprah's Book Club selection Set in Appalachia during the late s, this acclaimed first novel chronicles a young girl's heartbreaking battle with Tourette's syndrome. A funny, sad, and transcendent story, Icy Sparks introduces a fresh new Southern voice. Identical Ellen Hopkins; read by Laura Flanagan. In this hard-hitting novel by the New York Times bestselling author, year-old identical twin girls must come to terms with their abusive father.

Implanted by Lauren C. Teffeau; read by Lauren Ezzo. The data stored in her blood can save a city on the brink. This full-cast reading coaxes every nuance of pretension, self-importance, and double entendre from Wilde's lines. A classic not to be missed. Three teens who have attempted suicide meet in a psychiatric hospital, battle their demons, and begin to heal. A young Swedish immigrant finds himself penniless and alone in California. This Chilean literary thriller tells the story of three lives intertwined with that of an enigmatic author, whose character is inspired by the groundbreaking Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector.

Tania Bayard introduces scribe sleuth Christine de Pizan in the first of an intriguing new historical mystery series set in fourteenth-century France. Available December. Scribe sleuth Christine de Pizan must discover who wants to kill the king in the second of this richly imagined historical mystery series set in fourteenth-century France. An enthrallingly expansive family saga set against the backdrop of the collapse of East German communism, from a major new international voice. Political exiles are desperate to escape from the impossible city that imprisons them, in this bloody and brilliant epic fantasy.

Two suspenseful 1 international bestsellers about murder, past and present-day. One is based on a true story; the other is a tale of bigotry, loyalty, and ambition. In Inside a Silver Box, two people brought together by a horrific act are united in a common cause by the powers of the Silver Box.

The two join to protect humanity from destruction by an alien race, the Laz, hell-bent on regaining control over the Silver Box, the most destructive and powerful tool in the universe. The Silver Box will stop at nothing to prevent its former master from returning to being, even if it means finishing the earth itself. The Insides Jeremy P. Bushnell; read by R. The Insides is the highly anticipated follow up to Jeremy P.

Bushnell's "wonderfully weird and entertaining" Esquire debut, The Weirdness. Within the spiraling voices and narrative layers of Insurrecto are stories of women—artists, lovers, revolutionaries, daughters—finding their way to their own truths and histories. Using interlocking voices and a kaleidoscopic structure, the novel is startlingly innovative, meditative, and playful.

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize. The Irishman's Daughter by V. From the acclaimed author of The Magdalen Girls comes a powerful, unforgettable novel of strength and resilience, set against the backdrop of the Irish famine. From one of the most inimitable writers of our generation, Jack of Spades is an exquisite, psychologically complex thriller about the opposing forces within the mind of one ambitious writer, and the line between genius and madness.

Jagannath by Karin Tidbeck; read by Kirsten Potter. From the author of The Jewel of Medina , a moving and insightful novel based on the life of legendary performer and activist Josephine Baker, perfect for fans of The Paris Wife and Hidden Figures. A shockingly dark, funny, and heartbreaking portrait of a young teenager's clash with mental illness and her battle toward understanding and recovery.

The sudden death of an alcoholic, lying, and manipulative mother sets off a chain of events that forces two worlds to eventually collide, releasing secrets and pain that could change the lives of everyone involved. From Giller-nominated author Anthony De Sa a novel of rare evocative power that captures with clarity and poignancy the space between innocence and knowing for a city, for a community, and most especially for a trio of unforgettable boys. From the master observer of upper-crust New York life comes a sly, pacey international thriller ranging from the suites of an elite Manhattan law firm to the tidy elegance of Sag Harbor and the rough and tumble western plains of Brazil.

From "one of the most consistently entertaining, insightful crime writers working today" Gillian Flynn , The Killing Habit again brings together favorite wild-card detective Tom Thorne and straight-laced DI Nicola Tanner on a pair of lethally high-stakes cases. From the author of The Calligrapher's Daughter comes the riveting story of two sisters, one raised in the United States, the other in South Korea, and the family that bound them together even as the Korean War kept them apart. Matt Haig has created an improbably poignant narrator in Prince, offering a truly unique perspective on the foibles of family relationships.

From the acclaimed author of Three Strong Women , a harrowing and subtly crafted novel of a woman captive to a secret shame. In this exciting historical mystery debut set in Victorian England, a wealthy young widow encounters the pleasures—and scandalous pitfalls—of a London social season. Coming soon. An examination of family, love, and revolution, The Lake on Fire is a profound tale that resonates eerily with today's current events and tumultuous social landscape. Grammy Award winner. Garrison Keillor describes the making of a writer who comes of age in classic Wobegon style.

The second book in the spellbinding mystery series featuring Detective Esa Khattak and his partner, Detective Rachel Getty. Follow up to The Unquiet Dead. This epic tale sweeps across continents and time, hovers over a key area in American History, and deftly realizes the humanity of a whole cast of characters. Bijan's vivid, layered story, at once tender and elegant, funny and sad, weaves together the complexities of history, domesticity, and loyalty and, best of all, transports readers to another culture, another time, and another emotional landscape.

A tragedy brings four middle-aged Southern women back together to repeat a trip down the Mississippi River during which they take account of the ebb and flow of their lives. On a small, unnamed coral atoll in the South Pacific, a group of troubled dreamers must face the possibility that the hopes they? The Last Nude Ellis Avery. The passionate story of an artist and her most famous muse, set in Paris between the World Wars. A tour-de-force of historical imagination, inspired by real events.

Set in Southeast England, friendship and love among a group of men whose lives have been intertwined since World War II. When one dies, the survivors are brought together and are forced to take stock of the paths their lives have taken, by choice and by accident, since the war.

Sara Taylor brings the American landscape to vivid life in an unforgettable road novel that strikes at the heart of a mother-child bond. Poignant portrayals of life on the edge in northern Minnesota border country, from the bestselling author of These Granite Islands and Vacationland. A national best-selling mystery series with an herbal theme, centered around the exploits of ex-lawyer and herbalist China Bayles. In this installment, China must put her upcoming nuptials on the back burner when a murder investigation entangles her friends and neighbors.

Lawn Boy is an important, entertaining, and completely winning novel about social class distinctions, about overcoming cultural discrimination, and about standing up for oneself.

"A Night to Remember" Launch Cinematic - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Harold Bloom, regarded by some as the greatest Shakespeare scholar of our time, presents an intimate, wise, deeply compelling portrait of King Lear—the third in his series of five short books about the great playwright's most significant personalities, hailed as Bloom's "last love letter to the shaping spirit of his imagination" on the front page of the New York Times Book Review. An emotionally harrowing debut novel that explores assimilation and loss, immigration and homeland, independence and connection. A "big, rollicking, tender novel with a truly original comic voice at its center" George Saunders , Let Me Explain You is about a Greek American family and its patriarch—part Zorba, part King Lear—and announces the arrival of a significant new voice in contemporary literature.

In Let the Children Play , Pasi Sahlberg, Finnish educator and scholar, and Fulbright Scholar William Doyle make the case for helping schools and children thrive by unleashing the power of play and giving more physical and intellectual play to all schoolchildren. Cultural and familial fireworks flare when the headstrong teenage daughter of a wealthy New Yorker falls passionately in love with a young man from New Orleans, and from a very different background indeed. Liberty Garrison Keillor; read by the author.

Clint Bunsen is one of the old reliables in Lake Wobegon. For six years he has run the Fourth of July parade, turning what was once a bunch of pickup trucks and girls pushing baby carriages with cats in them into an event of dazzling spectacle. Neil Gaiman meets Joe Hill in this astonishingly original, terrifying, and darkly funny contemporary fantasy. Akhil Sharma's masterful stories focus on Indian protagonists at home and abroad and plunge the reader into the unpredictable workings of the human heart. Life On Mars by Tracy K. Smith Winner of the Pulitzer Prize. With allusions to David Bowie and interplanetary travel, Life on Mars imagines a soundtrack for the universe to accompany the discoveries, failures, and oddities of human existence.

The stand-alone yet connected worlds of The Life to Come offer meditations on intimacy, loneliness, and our flawed perception of reality. Enormously moving, gorgeously observant of physical detail, and often very funny, this new novel reveals how the shadows cast by both the past and the future can transform and distort the present.

It is teeming with life and earned wisdom—exhilaratingly contemporary, with the feel of a classic. For fans of Meg Wolitzer and Maggie Shipstead: a sweeping debut novel following an American artist who returns to Germany—where she fell in love and had a child decades earlier—to confront her past at her former mother-in-law's funeral.

In his first new work of fiction since Field Notes , Barry Lopez embraces fable, historical fiction, and contemporary social realism in these spellbinding stories, all informed by his deep spiritual connection to the natural world. This novel from the Booker Prize-winning author of Last Orders is a luminous and gripping tale of love, murder, and redemption. The Lightest Object in the Universe is a story about resilience and adaptation, a testament to the power of community, where our best traits, born of necessity, begin to emerge.

A young woman finds the most powerful love of her life when she gives birth at an institution for unwed mothers in Philadelphia. She is told she must give up her daughter to avoid a life of poverty and shame. But she chooses to keep her. Lionboy Zizou Corder; read by Simon Jones. In this first book of the trilogy, Charlie Ashanti is the son of two scientists who are kidnapped as the result of a dramatic discovery they have made. Ten-year-old Charlie decides to go in search of them, and uses his ability to speak Cat to gain helpful information. The thrilling conclusion to the Lionboy trilogy.

Harvard librarian Hester Thursby knows that even in the digital age, people still need help finding things. Using her research skills, Hester runs a side business tracking down the lost. Usually, she's hired to find long-ago prom dates or to reunite adopted children and birth parents. Her new case is finding the handsome and charismatic Sam Blaine. A dazzling new novel from the author of the "weird, thrilling, and inimitable" Woke Up Lonely Marie Claire. Drawn to the music of indie singer-songwriters like Will Johnson, who helped shape the lyrics in this book, Don Lee has written a novel that unforgettably captures America's yearnings.

Inspired by fascinating, true, yet little-known events during World War II, The Long Flight Home is a testament to the power of courage in our darkest hours—a moving, masterfully written story of love and sacrifice. Award-winning novelist Francesca Kay's new novel tells the story of a man who falls for the wrong woman. The Long Ships by Frans G. Bengtsson; read by Michael Page. Frans Gunnar Bengtsson's The Long Ships resurrects the fantastic world of the tenth century AD when the Vikings roamed and rampaged from the northern fastnesses of Scandinavia down to the Mediterranean.

As destiny weaves its tapestry in Lian Hearn's Tale of Shikanoko series, an emotionally rich and compelling drama plays out against a background of wild forests, elegant castles, hidden temples, and savage battlefields in Lord of the Darkwood. The original American dramatization as broadcast on National Public Radio, packaged in attractive wooden gift box. From a forgotten moment in history comes an inspiring novel about finding strength and courage in the most unimaginable places.

This electrifying, addictive, and hypnotically beautiful debut spins suspense and literary fantasy into a stunning epic—the first volume in the Night Song Trilogy—ablaze with fear, mystery, and possibility. Internationally bestselling author Mark Billingham's riveting new novel Love Like Blood marks the return of series character Tom Thorne, "the next superstar detective" Lee Child , as he pairs up with perfectionist detective inspector Nicola Tanner of Die of Shame on an investigation that ventures into politically sensitive territory.

In Loving Che , Menendez delivers an astonishing, intimate portrait of revolutionary Cuba as witnessed by an elderly woman recalling her secret love affair with the world's most dashing, charismatic rebel, Ernesto "Che" Guevara. Loving Day Mat Johnson; read by J. Warren Duffy has returned to America for all the worst reasons: his marriage to a beautiful Welsh woman has come apart; his comic shop in Cardiff has failed; and his Irish-American father has died, bequeathing to Warren his last possession, a roofless, half-renovated mansion in the heart of black Philadelphia.

A decade after the publication of Haussmann, or the Distinction , his acclaimed novel about nineteenth-century Paris, Paul La Farge turns his imagination to America at the dawn of the twenty-first century. From the greatest Shakespeare scholar of our time comes a portrait of Macbeth, one of William Shakespeare's most complex and compelling anti-heroes—the final volume in a series of five short books about the great playwright's most significant personalities: Falstaff, Cleopatra, Lear, Iago, Macbeth. Whiting Award winner Samrat Upadhyay's new short story collection is one of formal inventiveness, heartbreak, and hope, focusing on the lives of those in and from Nepal.

The bestselling Turkish classic of love and longing in a changing world. Madonna in a Fur Coat is an unforgettable novel about new beginnings and the unfathomable nature of the human soul. A young female assassin must confront the man who slaughtered her family, risk her heart, and come to terms with her identity as a warrior and as a woman in this thrilling fantasy from the author of Markswoman.

Acacia Santos excels at her job as concierge at the prestigious Hotel Victoire in Paris. From the acclaimed author of the National Jewish Book Award—winning debut novel The Lion Seeker , The Mandela Plot is at once a riveting literary thriller, a moving coming of age tale, and an unforgettable journey through a world that entertains and terrifies in equal measure, and holds profound resonance for the present moment. An order of magical-knife wielding female assassins brings both peace and chaos to their post-apocalyptic world in this bewitching blend of science fiction and epic fantasy—the first entry in a debut duology that displays the inventiveness of the works of Sarah Beth Durst, Marie Lu, and S.

Marriage of a Thousand Lies offers a moving exploration of friendship, family, and love, shot through with humor and loss. Mary Modern is a remarkable debut novel that weaves science, love, and longing into a joyous, heartbreaking, and utterly unexpected tale. A brilliant, biting, and wickedly funny send-up of American politics.

This is satire at its best, delivered as only Keillor can. How I came to be me, not you, how I'm shaping me for you, the way my posse and other native informants do for me, how I'm shape-shifting. I'm telling you that I'm telling you; my self is my field. Mexico mexico Library Journal Best Books Josh Barkan's astonishing collection indelibly captures the beauty, strangeness and brutality of life in modern Mexico. A retired couple, Gerry and Stella, travel to Amsterdam for a holiday to refresh the senses, do some sightseeing, and generally take stock of their lives.

Their relationship seems easy, familiar—but over its course we discover the deep uncertainties between them. A searing and controversial story of drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation, told with the charismatic energy of Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and the revelatory power of Burroughs' Junky. A car accident has left young Anabelle Vincent in a coma-like state, unable to move or speak. Her mother spends her days and nights taking care of her frozen child, but Anabelle's father has left: unable to cope, broken under the responsibility of having been the car's driver.

Then, one day, a visiting friend experiences what seems like a miracle. She thinks it's because of Anabelle. Word spreads. There are more visitors. More miracles. But is there a connection? And does it matter? Will Anabelle ever wake up, and if she does, will the miracles cease? Tom Greene has created a novel that is at once a gripping story of love and loss, a beautifully written study of the relationships that change the lives of two haunted and very different men, and finally, an exquisite love story.

Mislaid Nell Zink; read by Cassandra Campbell. A sharply observed, mordantly funny, and startlingly original debut from an exciting, unconventional new voice, about the making and unmaking of the American family that lays bare all of our assumptions about race and racism, sexuality and desire. Edwin Hill, author of the acclaimed Little Comfort , returns with his next book featuring Harvard librarian Hester Thursby—an intimate, intricate mystery as smart and complex as it is riveting. An American, hiding out in Cape Town, South Africa, after being blackmailed into a bank heist back home, is building a new life for his family when an incident of random violence sets him on a collision course with street gangs and a rogue cop who loves killing almost as much as he loves Jesus Christ.

More truth than not, Momma: Gone is a classic American story of overcoming life's misfortunes to find the bloom on the other side. Maureen Leurck's Monarch Manor is an unforgettable and moving novel of sacrifice and hope, and the way love between a parent and child can transform them both. A thrilling and richly drawn family drama about a daughter's quest to understand her mother's mysterious death.

This audio recording grips the listener with the fascinating, fateful story of Arthur's ascension to the throne as a boy, his marriage to Guenevere, the formation of the Round Table Knights, the quest for the Holy Grail, the ill-fated passion between Lancelot and Guenevere, the treachery of Arthur's illegitimate son Mordred, and the ultimate destruction of Arthur's realm. From the National Book Award finalist and author of Once Upon a River comes a dazzling story collection featuring ferocious mothers and scrappy daughters.

Step inside the frontlines of the hit TV show MR. Full of bittersweet humor and World War II nostalgia, this is a sweetly comic love story of a couple making their wildest dreams come true. His latest masterpiece, The Mulberry Bush , burns with the fury of the wronged, as personal vendetta and political idealism collide.

A composite novel: Tinged with traces of horror and humor, erotica and satire, the world of Mulgara plays host to an ensemble of dark characters. The Muralist B. From the author of the New York Times bestseller The Art Forger comes a thrilling new novel of art, history, love, and politics that traces the life and mysterious disappearance of a brilliant young artist on the eve of World War II.

With danger lurking at every turn, the potent combination of Wrexford's analytical mind and Sloane's exacting intuition begins to unravel the twisted motivations behind the inventor's death. But they are up against a cunning and deadly foe—a killer ready to strike again before they can recover the inventor's priceless designs. Stella Kendrick is an all-American heiress who can't be tamed. But when the lively aspiring equine trainer tangles with British aristocracy, she meets her match—and a murderer. Murder in the Oval Library by C. Gleason; read by Barry Press.

April 13, Rebel troops are across the Potomac River, only feet from the White House and President Lincoln—but a murderer is even closer. It's just another day at the office for book editor Samantha Clair. Checking jacket copy for howlers, wondering how to break it to her star novelist that her latest effort is utterly unpublishable, lunch scheduled with gossipy author Kit Lowell, whose new book will deliciously dish the dirt on the fashion industry. But little does she know how much trouble Kit's book is about to cause. Before it even goes to print. The messenger sent to deliver the package was murdered, and then Kit goes missing.

Suddenly, Sam's nine-to-five life is turned upside down and she is propelled into a criminal investigation. Someone doesn't want Kit's scandalous manuscript published and unless Sam can put the pieces together in time, they'll do anything to stop it. In Regency London, an unconventional scientist and a fearless female artist form an unlikely alliance to expose unspeakable evil. This is a rare chance to see Kieran performing live and solo. Don't miss it! The encores were genuine, but only because the man is too. A gathering for cultural exchange between communities.

Workshops, music, performance the citizens wallpaper exhibition, talks and friendship. Citizens Wallpaper project: Introduction and discussion. Martin Nangle photojournalist explains how citizens can join the project to create their own Wallpaper around their view on their world. Please contact the Playhouse if you are interested in attending.

Art house Film: "1 Giant Leap What about Me. A wonderfully creative musical journey with a host of stars, thinkers and the public. The film visits fifty locations around the world collecting wisdom and musical jewels.

  1. John Flynn's Banshee: a horror short story from Bram Stoker Award winner?
  2. Hearts Under Construction (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)?
  3. Gib mir alles (German Edition)?
  4. Graham Masterton.

Not to be missed. Harpist Tracey McRory and guest musicians will play for you. Join the craic, talks and discussions with people of different walks from across our society. For the first time the Walled City Sessions is going live with a night of fantastic music from the best local talent the City of Culture has to offer! Originally a podcast series interviewing local artists and showcasing their musical skills, Sherlock Studios is pleased to announce the first ever live recording acoustic session!

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We want you to come along, enjoy the music, get the craic going and be part of the recording! Featuring Conor McAteer Sounds Like Summer Winner , the sublime Betty Harrigan and the fantastic Andrew Orr, plus a few special guests - this is a chance to hear and support local artists and be part of a podcast that will be made available world-wide after the event on iTunes! The festival that is big enough to showcase the best and small enough to meet the people you need to meet The Celtic Media Festival's aim is to promote the languages and cultures of the Celtic countries on screen and in broadcasting.

The Celtic Media Festival is supported by broadcast, film, cultural and economic development organisations throughout the Celtic countries. The Festival is an annual three-day celebration of broadcasting, film talent and excellence from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man. Celtic Media Festival is coming to Derry in , look out for local events from 18thth April, including free screenings and workshops. A special two hander of Jack Scoltock plays by resident theatre company at The Playhouse, and leading Northern Irish theatre Company for adults with learning difficulties Lilliput.

Derry for a very, very special cause. The Foyle Hospice has been caring for our relatives and friends for the past 21 years. They work tirelessly to ease the physical and emotional pain of serious illness every day, allowing patients and their families to spend quality time together when they know that each day they have is becoming more precious. The Hospice movement has perfected the art of caring.

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John Flynn's Banshee is a single short story excerpted from Bram Stoker Award- winner Steve Burt's story collection, Wicked Strange, which was named Best. John Flynn's Banshee: a horror short story from Bram Stoker Award winner It's about a family in Nashua, New Hampshire who spot a hearse from hell cruising.

Locally the Foyle Hospice needs to find over 2 million pounds every year in order to continue to provide the quality of care for which they are reknowned. Our "Art of Caring" exhibition will show-case the talent of artists from Derry and Donegal and beyond. Many of these artists are already world-renowned and their paintings are not only beautiful but are an investment for the future.

Investing in a piece of art will give you years of pleasure as well as being an increasingly valuable asset. Many up and coming artists are also showing their work, so there will something to suit all pockets! Our exhibition gives you the opportunity to support the work of the Foyle Hospice whilst enriching your lives with a beautiful piece of art. We would also like to thank local art expert Mr Ken McGilloway for all his support and advice.

Remember folks this is the opening night of the Jazz Festival in town, so pop in and view our exhibition before you go on to your chosen venue. The City of Derry Jazz and Big Band Festival is set to return for its 11th installment in and this year brings with it another exceptional year in terms of international jazz and blues and showcasing local and up and coming talent. The event officially marks the start of the summer making it the perfect location for music lovers everywhere to visit for an activity filled May Bank Holiday weekend. This year's festival will attract some of the biggest names in the jazz industry including international performer Van Morrison, and festival favourite, the soulful Ruby Turner, who is one of many jazz legends swinging into town to be part of the weekend of musical celebration.

Other events taking place as part of the festival include the Guinness Jazz Trail, an open air market, outdoor gigs and performances and a range of fringe events for all the familThe festival is a firm favorite on the local music scene and is successfully making a name for itself across Northern Ireland and beyond as it grows in stature and attracts audiences from across the country to experience up and coming jazz talent, international artists and local performers.

Since its inception the festival has steadily broadened its scope to include jive, swing, boogie, dance, rhythm and blues in addition to traditional and more mainstream type jazz. The festival is a true reflection of the cutting edge of musical talent in the city and offers the perfect opportunity for visitors to experience at first hand the city's reputation as a young, vibrant city on the cusp of new opportunities and celebration. The festival is synonymous with getting everyone involved and creating a real buzz and energy across the city.

It has a broad appeal, attracting audiences from all ages and musical tastes with a strong family friendly focus and the ability to get the city to its feet with a scorching blend of musical sounds. Don't take our advice however, why not come and see for yourself? Click here to Download the Programme. Or for that matter George Washington, the Queen and global Armageddon? Find out as Laurence Clark embarks on his one-man mission to sell the benefits of free healthcare to America.

Inspired by the furore over health reforms both sides of the Atlantic, Laurence heads off with camera in-hand to find out exactly how he Americans view our NHS. Punctuated with bizarre incidents and amazing characters, this is comedy at its best. Laurence Clark is a comedian, presenter, writer and actor. He is the subject of a groundbreaking BBC1 documentary, was awarded Shortlist magazine's Funniest New Comedian and recently won a commission to develop a comedy show for the Olympics The city's exceptional physical and community story will be used to explore the resilience and adaptability of place through themes of heritage and culture, community and social capital, economic regeneration and urban design.

The Congress will draw an international audience and will engage directly with the host community in purposeful inquiry through interactive workshops that will share learning and leave a lasting legacy. With lots of joyous celebration thrown in it promises to be our most distinctive and memorable Congress yet.

For updated programme details click here or visit www. Threads of Resilience is a Playhouse ICAN production facilitated and directed by Ailbhe Hines in collaboration with local women from Omagh and surrounding areas, all of whom have never acted on stage before. Participants have come from diverse cultural backgrounds to create a performance which documents their personal and community experiences, sharing stories of the Troubles and their experiences growing up in Omagh. ICAN is an innovative project with a programme consisting of international residencies, local projects and conferences. The story of well known local character Barney 'Bagpipes' Hasson by his grandson returns to the stage at The Playhouse.

Everybody comes to terms with the biggest change- loss- in their own way. So says playwright Brian Hasson, whose debut play 'Changes' opened to a paked house and standing ovations at The Playhouse last year. Barney Hasson, known locally as 'Barney Bagpipes', was well known in the city for his work with beloved Colmcille Pipe Band, who will also be performing on the night. The Playhouse is pleased to present the triumphant return of Stan McGowan's highly acclaimed sell out show, which tells the moving story of the death of the young and beautiful Prehen House estate heiress, Miss Mary Ann Knox, who died by the hand of her much older lover, Mr John McNaghten.

The story has engrained itself, down through the centuries, into the consciousness of the North West, was brought to the stage for the first time at The Playhouse to great acclaim. To book contact The millennium Forum Box Office on or book online at www. Michael's Died. Who's going to do the readings? Will there be a lock-in at Packie's? Why did he only get twenty Mass Cards? The family and friends of Michael gather for the sit up on the sit up of his funeral, so don't open the Jameson until tomorrow. The company will produce an array of satirical theatre, high quality film and television and commissioned work for corporate clients.

About this book

Where's the beach? It is a great read. Jelly decides to keep it. As they struggle to cope with their loss, they confront bewildering challenges. Paul Boehmer. Fear for the safety of their dad quickly becomes a fight for their own survival in the hot and brutal conditions. How about we forward it to every one "working" at the Capitol?

Channeling the spirit of the jester, and taking inspiration from the great satirists of the past and present, King's Fool's mission statement is to hold a mirror up to the world, in a mischievous but potent manner. The Cathedral Youth are photographing and collecting images of citizens for an exhibition about people and places in the Fountain community. Chris Kavanagh not only bears a remarkable resemblance to Luke, his natural singing voice is extremely similar to the iconic voice of The Dubliners. Accompanied by excellent musicians, uillean pipes, banjo, whistles and guitars form the back drop to this high quality production.

This performance by one of the greatest ballad voices of today, Chris Kavanagh, is not to be missed by fans of Luke Kelly, The Dubliners and Irish Ballads in general. Early booking is highly recommended. Not every woman gets to spend a night with George Clooney, but Bridie Murphy does! Let's face it, Bridie's life hasn't been all parties and premieres like George's, but it's a life full of drama nonetheless. Over the course of one evening, she takes George on the journey of her life. From the terrible lows to the hilarious highs, and charts the course to her unlikely future.

With the all-important razor sharp black Belfast humour, this hilarious night of theatre is sure to leave everyone wishing that they too could spend 'A Night With George'! O'Connor's performance is lively and brimming with endearing working-class attitude' Northern Period Productionsis a living history company specializing in staging historical presentations. They have staged historical presentations with various councils, private companies and corporate bodies including Duchas, the National Trust at Castleward, Castlecoole and Springhill.

It should be a fun day playing with Historic Props and Costumes and it is free for all actors. Places are limited. To celebrate the release of her stunning self-titled second album, singer and actress Bronagh Gallagher and her brilliant eight piece band have announced a week of shows in Ireland. With this golden group of musicians and carefully chosen analogue recording equipment the music pays homage to the sound and essence of the great producers of the 60s and early 70s - the music that Bronagh adores.

The fantastic ponydance hoof their way through words and dance, bringing you their interpretation of Saturday night television at its worst, ad breaks and all except for the news because that's depressing. They say you can't please everybody all of the time Catch this brilliant dance theatre company before they go global. Hailing from Viriginia, Furnace Mountain is the very best of authentic old-time American roots music.

It is at times lively and raucous, with spirited fiddle melodies weaving in and around the powerful rhythms of the bass and bouzouki. It is at other times poignant and poetic, with sublime vocal harmonies beautifully interpreting some of the oldest songs ever written. In America, they count the Coen Brothers amongst their biggest admirers. Ethan Coen is such a committed fan that he has asked the band's Aimee Curl to audition for a part in their next big movie. Ronan Kearney and his inspiring 8 piece band headline the return of the popular Jammhouse in The Playhouse.


Ronan will bring violins, ukulele, guitars, beautifully executed harmonies and perfectly arranged percussion to the latest in the booming bi-monthly music nights at The Playhouse. After a sell out crowd for the fabulous 'Little Hooks' in May, the monthly live gig opens its door to a fresh array of local talent on Saturday June 9. The musicians who have been playing at the music video project The Sofa Sessions launched on YouTube now take to the stage to entertain and amaze the live audience.

All these videos can be seen on facebook. Ronan Kearney is hugely popular online with more plays on Soundcloud. His followers' comments on his tracks are a testament to the beauty he finds in music. Ronan currently has over 32, listeners online and his song "Always" has nearly 7, plays alone. Joining Ronan is another group of musicians that show the calibre of local talent, proving that expensive tickets do not have to bought to receive a monthly musical treat at The Jammhouse. Are you ready to be a Champion?

We need you to help us sort out who's not playing fair in The Game Show. Students from post primary schools in the diocese have submitted entries for the Sr Aloysius Memorial Prize and winners will be announced at 2. Feel the terror while depth chargers explode and torpedoes come racing towards you. Ursula started the war operating in home waters. On 9 September , she fired the first British submarine torpedoes of the war when attacking the German submarine U Through regular meetings in the last few years, performance artist James King and painter David Hegarty have decided to pool their talents to produce Furrowed Lives.

The book features David Hegarty's paintings-a collection of images of real people he has known in the community and some from his imagination. James King has made a written response to the drawings in the form of poems, seamed with his own perspective on life. Furrowed Lives will be available on Amazon from June 28 when it is launched at the Playhouse. The Artists, mostly first time paintershave created a collection of twenty eight paintings. The subject topic of which is mainly of Land and Seascape, using Oils, brush and palette knife. The group were tutored and guided by local artist David Fahey.

The Rosses is a high quality sheltered housing facility located in a quiet private location just off the Limavady Road. The scheme is managed on behalf of the Oaklee Homes Group by Niamh the Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health andincludes 34 self-contained single and double apartments along with a number of separate bungalows. If you, or a family member would be interested in visiting The Rosses or learning more about the accommodation and support services available, please contact Phyllis Kealey, Project Manager on or e-mail bss.

Starting at The Playhouse from March will be The Jammhouse, a musical showcase of talented local musicians. This will be a live music event provides a great platform for the promotion of local bands and solo artists. The acts playing on the night have been chosen from The Jammhouse Sofa sessions- music video sessions held during February and broadcast via the The Jammhouse's Youtube channel. This event, headlined by John Deery and the Heads, will mark the first of the bi-monthly Saturday night showcases.

Link Fest is a new festival taking place in the bars and venues of waterloo street and beyond. Set up to showcase the talent within the city of Derry and to have a great weekend of top class local music, the festival will take place on the 13th and 14th of July. Northern Ireland's longest running Children's Arts Festival will celebrate its 20th year with a vibrant selection of art themes to suit children from 4- 12 years of age. Also launched this year will be the A.

A team of fully qualified facilitators will teach a wide and colourful variety of classes, including Visual Art, Drama, Music and Dance. The Festival runs Monday-Friday between July 16 to July 27 and is divided into 3 main workshops-. Tots : year olds, 10am Children: year olds, 10am- 3. To book and for further information please contact The Playhouse on 0 28 Another in a series of hotly tipped bi-monthly Jammhouse Saturday night showcases at The Playhouse. Rising star Soak was the first artist to sit on the jammhouse sofa and has gone from strength to strength since.

Now releasing her 2nd EP Sea Creatures after selling out her 1st at gigs throughout the north west. Soak will be joined by two support acts from the sofa sessions on the night. The sofa sessions are open to all artists who get in touch at facebook. With St Columb's Cathedral, the City Walls Heritage Project is adding a bit of colour to the streets with a 10 minute reenactment of the firing of a cannon at the Cathedral Gates on the hour!

The Cathedral will also be open for visitors on Sunday afternoon. Two officers on horseback will periodically parade through the main gates in between. All are welcome to come along to view the performances and visit the Cathedral this Sunday afternoon. Details of other events planned can be found at www.

Following a sell out performance and standing ovations in the Derry Playhouse in August , this comedy is back again by popular demand as part of a tour across Northern Ireland for this years Pride Festivals. Galatea takes a fresh look at the Pygmalion legend from a gay perspective; it is a play about life, love, loyalty, class and art. Or Click here to read about the show on Lawrence Aronovitch's website. A festival of digital culture and technologies promising an eclectic mix of film screenings, digital arts installations, live music performances, public workshops and a major games tournament.

This Saturday September 1 The Jammhouse reaches new heights by co-organising the best Irish line-up of talent its seen this year. These bands have already proved their worth headlining around Ireland, but now they all play on one night. The Jammhouse is providing two stages for non-stop music from all these great musicians. The night will follow a "Ping Pong" effect from stage to stage keeping the atmosphere fully alive at all times. CultureTech have kindly come on board with The Jammhouse as part of the CultureTech Festival running all this week in the town.

Details of all gigs including a free Duke Special gig can be found on the CultureTech website. They create live music videos to the top standard for all the acts on the night. All acts on the night will have a music video created and edited to help promote themselves on "The Best Kept Secret's website with an average traffic 20, hits.

Tickets for The Jammhouse live music event Saturday September 1 at 9. Contact The Playhouse box office on for more information. This innovative production combines projected images with sounds gathered from the city and archives to form a hour frame into which are placed stories, monologues, duologues and caught moments. Numerous artists from throughout the North West are creating a performance that reflects the lives, history, losses and hopes for the future of the people of Derry. Derry Story is phase one of the ongoing Derry 24 project, which will continue to develop and change throughout the coming year - come along and add your story!

Colin has played sell out shows throughout Ireland, and at the biggest and best comedy festivals around the world including Edinburgh, Melbourne, Montreal, and of course The Big Tickle at The Playhouse. An almost permanent fixture on Irish television for the last decade, Colin's highlights include the critically acclaimed Blizzard of Odd and the hugely successful The Panel for RTE. As part of European Heritage day, The Playhouse will open its famous red doors for a fun packed day of tours and children's art workshops.

The City Walls Heritage Project will be organizing lots of exciting heritage activities over the weekend at The Playhouse and other heritage venues connected to the City Walls. She will be using model magic and waste materials to reconstruct the city wall! Call The Playhouse at to book your kids a place now!! This event is free and is primarily aimed at year olds.

Living history performers will demonstrate the firing of a cannon every hour from 1pm until 5pm. Tours are free but tickets must be obtained in advance from The Playhouse Theatre Booking Office telephone Numbers will be limited so early booking is recommended. A free guide souvenir to Derry's Walls will be available to all participants. Shappi Khorsandi is back with a brand new show for When she was little, Shappi dreamed impossibly romantic dreams.

She still does. But a love affair with a Rockstar left her thinking what on earth she was doing, thinking and in heaven's name, wearing? Shappi Khorsandi is one of the hottest comedy prospects in the country. She's feisty, flirty and effortlessly funny she handles every subject with a razor sharp wit, softened only by her deliciously dizzy delivery and endless charm. Charming and charismatic, a natural born observational storyteller, Seann is one of the most frighteningly precocious talents to emerge from the UK comedy circuit in years.

Step back in time in a sumptuous jazz club setting and listen to a programme of Timeless Classics that will take you on an enchanting musical journey - back to the romantic era of musical theatre, stage and silver screen. Click here for more information about Culture Night Come take part in the massive success of culture night As part of Culture Night celebrations on Friday September 21, a brand new theatre jazz club will be showcased at 7pm at The Playhouse.

This free event will take the audience on an enchanting musical journey - back to the romantic era of musical theatre, stage and silver screen. The first attendees will receive a complimentary drink to warm up the night, and the mic is open to all. The open mic will start in the plaza of The Playhouse at 9pm til late. Several cultural tours, showcase workshops, including Mary Hill School of Ballet, and a drop in art workshop with local artist Joe Connolly, will also be going on throughout the bustling Playhouse building on the night.

Outside the building, as a precept to the George Farquhar festival which will explode onto the scene in our City of Culture , The Playhouse are also serving up one of the playwright's best works with a little Culture Night twist. At 6pm and 8pm The Recruiting Officer will be performed on the City Walls at Artillery Street Bastion opposite the Playhouse, where a special Ampi - theatre of sorts will be created to house a one night only performance.

Four actors will take you on a 90 minute rollercoaster ride of farce in just 15 minutes! Voices Interned is an exhibition of photographs focusing on families of ex-political prisoners in Northern Ireland, devised and delivered by Geraldine Gallagher. Geraldine is currently producing a methodology to help release internalized memory, in particular memories that have been deliberately suppressed. The photographs will relate the experiences of these families through a process of reenacting their stories. The exhibition will be followed by a short conversation chaired by Eamonn Baker from The Junction.

For further information contact Elaine Forde on T. Hardeep will order a takeaway live on stage for delivery to the theatre from audience suggestions submitted via HardeepLive. He will then race to cook his own sumptuous feast before the takeaway arrives. He'll be sharing recipe tips, anecdotes and stories of his shared Scottish and Indian heritage, with some lucky audience members coming on stage to sample both meals.

His concoction on the night? Haggis and butternut squash vindaloo. Even funnier, it was delicious. We're inviting everyone to come along and enjoy some Tea, Coffee and Buns in The Playhouse bar, as well as some beautiful music with accomplished pianist Kristine Donnan. Its the perfect chance to get together with friends, colleagues and family, have a chat and donate what you can to help people affected by cancer.

More About Kristine Belfast born Kristine Donnan has been studying and working in Derry in the music scene for the past four years. After graduating at the University of Ulster, specialising in piano performance and composition, Kristine continues to accompany current students for performances, teaches piano to a range of ages, has received several composition commissions and plays regularly across the North West at various occasions and events. Kristine is currently on the quest to expand her chamber orchestra to young enthusiastic players.

A hilarious comedy in two acts by Michael Cooney, son of the legendary farce master Ray Cooney. Meet Eric Swan who has been defrauding the DSS for two years by claiming benefit for an army of fictitious lodgers, all of whom suffer from a variety of ailments for which they can claim, and who have extended families with similar ailments!

When an unexpected visit from Miss Jenkins, a DSS inspector causes Eric concern, he is forced to involve his unwilling lodger Norman Bassett in his scheme. But will his concerned wife, who is convinced his strange behaviour is a result of secret cross-dressing, find out? Join Pettigo based Borderline Players for an unforgettable comedy that slowly turns increasingly more ridiculous and bizarre! Behan's autobiographical novel Borstal Boy vividly portrayed his time as a teenager in Borstal in Suffolk. Adapted for the stage, the play Borstal Boy brings to life Behan's formidable wit and the magic of his writing.

Arrested in on the day he landed in Liverpool with a load of explosives and an unauthorized plan to blow up Liverpool docks, sixteen year old IRA member Brendan Behan spent three years in an English Borstal. Following another spell in prison this time Mountjoy for further Republican activities, Behan wrote; and his plays, novels and poems established Behan as one of the leading Irish writers of his generation.

The other production by Joe Dowling was staged in the Gaiety Theatre. Meet Private First Class Marine Joe Jones and his best buddy Corporal John Smith, and hear the exceptional story of Base One Europe- this extraordinary period of history will be brought to life for you and your family through their stories, songs and music. Get your hands dirty in our Autumn Environmental Art Workshops, and your body fit with our Bugle Call Workout, whilst working up a hearty Marine appetite for our American Family Barbeque to conclude the day's festivities.

Following a three night run at The Playhouse in February and a prestigious performance at the National Theatre in June, the group will return for a special one off performance of the play. The play by a Dublin playwright Nancy Harris was commissioned by National Theatre Connections, a national festival of new writing and young theatre making.

The stellar local cast bring to life this tale about friendship, a journey and the risks that teenagers take when plunged into an adult world. You're the jury and have to decide whether Caruso's a notorious womanizer, or has been framed by a corrupt police force. With four saxes, three brass and a pumping rhythm section playing original music composed by Ensemble leader, Jeremy Lyons, this evening promises fantastic sounds The play demonstrates parallels with issues of conflict resolution in Ireland.

At the core of the story, the play asks of its audience: 'What motivates people to say no to violence and choose the road to peace? Bassam is a one man show based on the true story of Bassam Aramin, a Palestinian peace activist whose daughter, Abir, was killed by a border soldier on 16 January From the age of fifteen, Bassam spent seven years in an Israeli prison for attacking Israeli soldiers during the first Palestinian uprising in CFP is a group of ex-Israeli soldiers and former Palestinian prisoners who have joined together to end the Israeli-Palestine conflict through dialogue and community action.

Two years after founding CFP, Bassam Aramin's daughter Abir died as a result of a shot to the head from a rubber bullet. In spite of his personal tragedy Bassam continued his peace work. The play Bassam was written in by Idan Meir, a former Israeli soldier. Idan spent five years in the military and saw a dozen members of his unit, including his best friend, killed in fighting in southern Lebanon in the late s. The pain was one of the things that moved me to search for different ways of dealing with 'the enemy'. Each performance of the play which is approximately 50 minutes long is followed by a post show discussion workshop facilitated by Idan Meir.

Click here to read more about actor Fadl Mustapha and writer Idan Meir. After a hugely successful tour last year this dynamic play returns especially to stage performances for parents. The story explores the issue of underage drinking through the eyes of Jenni, a thirteen year old, who wants to be like everyone else. Her mother notices a change in Jenni's behaviour and feels powerless to do anything about it. This project is supported by The Drinkaware Trust. There will be a reception in The Plaza at 7. The script and performance struck home in a way that was entertaining, educational and above all believable.

Schools need more work of this quality! Based on the psychological thriller novel by Stephen King, this stunning adaptation by Simon Moore was nominated for World fantasy Award and later made into a Hollywood movie of the same name. Successful romantic novelist, Paul Sheldon, who just had his life saved by his No.

When Ann Wilkes discovers that her favorite character, Misery Chastain, has been killed off in his latest novel she'll do anything to make sure he brings her back to life. In this spectacular two-man play, two fans recreate the epic campaign that saw Jock Stein's young team sweep aside the best that Europe had to offer.

The glory of the famous victory is set against the drab reality of their Glasgow existence The lecture will be preceded by a short theatrical vignette featuring local characters from the 18th Century, including the Earl Bishop's Secretary and the Dean of Derry. Refreshments and music will be provided afterwards in the former Bishop's Palace on Bishop Street Within. How can we release ourselves from the prison of the past? Release, the third original Playhouse, Theatre of Witness production presented in co-operation with Holywell Trust, is performed by men from a variety of backgrounds who are working to coming to terms with the legacies of their past.

They share their extraordinary interrelated stories about their lives during the Troubles and beyond. Theatre of Witness is a unique form of performance created by its founder and artistic director, Teya Sepinuck, in which the stories of those whose voice hasn't been heard in society are performed by the people who have directly experienced the issues being explored. Theatre of Witness puts a face and a heart to societal issues of suffering and transformation. The Playhouse presents a tale of evil and terror in this new and spine chilling Halloween ghost story.

Dunowen is the most haunted house in the land but what is the horror that lurks in the locked room. And how is it connected with the woman dressed in black who wanders the district and once seen means death? David Rudd thinks he can defy the dark forces that inevitably draw him to Dunowen Hall. Yet there is an ancient Arabic tale that says Death chooses his own moment as Rudd discovers when he recounts his tale to a mysterious psychic.

The outcome is blood curdling! Bring your family dressed up in their finery to hear Derry's scariest ever tale and enjoy a monstrously delicious light spooky supper. Click here to book. The music themed Jammhouse Halloween ball will be holdig a full Irish Wake with all the usual suspects, best costume competitions, drinks promotions, games and a collection of musical Halloween treats not tricks! The hotly tipped bi-monthly Jammhouse Saturday night showcases at The Playhouse have gone from strength to strength since they started in march Are you ready for Halloween fun and excitement?

Enjoy a spooktacular Halloween treat with this fun magic and juggling show. Jackula is Dracula's bumbling younger brother. Join him on his quest to become the world's most magical vampire. Laugh as Jackula makes his pet ghost dance, balances five glasses of water on his face and has children help him step out of his older brother's shadow. The true story of a group of Yorkshire women who produced a nude calendar charity calendar to raise money for Leukaemia Research, sparking a global phenomenon!

As interest snowballs, the Calendar Girls find themselves revealing more than they'd ever planned Known for their high standard of delivery of comedy productions, Strabane's PuddleAlley effortlessly capture the essential pathos of this much loved quirky and poignant West End play. Watch them bring to life a story that proves little people are prepared to do selfless things for friendship and a greater good. This fast paced drama traces the life of one of the world's best loved performers - Bruce Springsteen - from his humble beginnings living with his grandmother, through his struggling teenage years to his breakthrough into mainstream rock music and superstardom.

Energetic, funny and sometimes sad, this one man performance stunningly captures the spirit of The Boss