Le Coeur américain : Eloge du don (Documents) (French Edition)

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https://prabramaforge.gq/i-rode-with-stonewall-civil.php The Philosophical: the idea that every room in a French house has a specific purpose, and that the activity in one room should never bleed into the others. Sophisticated, charming, and aspirational, Home Sweet Maison is a unique look at how the French view their most intimate spaces, family life, and themselves. With touches of history and how-to, Postel-Vinay explains the life-changing benefits of introducing French traditions and practices into your home. You may personalize the entrance to your apartment, make your dining room the soul of your home, or create a kitchen space that moves with the efficiency of a four-star restaurant, but more important, Home Sweet Maison shows that anyone, with any kind of living space, can create a sanctuary; a home filled with warmth and self-expression, better suited to living a rich, full, connected life.

Through addresses, carefully selected for their singularity—unusual museums, timeless brasseries, cool bistros, local markets, soul-filled shops, irresistible pastries, and romantic gardens—urban explorers will find a thousand reasons to walk the streets of Paris again and again, always discovering something new. Sac au dos, livre en main. David Giotto has problems — serious ones. He has problems with his extraordinary enemies — and friends. Publisher : Wombat.

Alors nous veillons sur nos vocables, nous ne les abandonnons pas sur les palissades, nous ne les jetons pas aux oiseaux de proie, nous ne les dissipons pas dans les salons ou les lupanars. Ici le Parlement. Un classique. Londres, Enfin, Emmy va pouvoir entrer dans le vif du sujet, partir sur le front, se faire un nom au fil de la plume! Francis Scott Fitzgerald fut un nouvelliste hors pair.

The biggest and most beloved names in English literature have all been here, and you can still see or visit their stomping grounds and favorite places. Moving through time and genre, from Spencer and Shakespeare to Amis and Barnes, from tragedy and romance to chick-lit and science fiction, Literary London is a snappy and informative guide, showing just why—as another famous local writer put it—he who is tired of London is tired of life. Pourquoi aller au lit? Parce que tout le monde le fait.

Here is the selection for the week of June 28th :. The indispensable guide to recognize and taste the best of French cheese. Le perfect guide and souvenir for foreign tourists in France. In English or French. Here is the selection for the week of June 21st :.

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Discover the history of the Resistance or that of the Arabic world.. Africa, cinema, Egypt, history, impressionism, Middle Ages, music, ancient and contemporary art : all passions are to be satiated in the small and big museums of Paris! The best practical illustrated guide dedicated to all visitors eager to discover the treasures of the French Capital.

Packed with amusing anecdotes and true stories about the characters and places of the region. A must for anybody even thinking about crossing the Channel for the good life in rural France! Every summer thousands of Brits and other Europeans head to the south west of France for bliss, beauty and freedom. His project was doomed apparently — he was constantly told by industry sages that nothing goes on there out of season. But he soon discovered that the strange characters, ambitious local politicians, vain sportsmen and yes, badly-behaving foreigners provided more than enough material to keep newsrooms happy.

There are the politicians preaching the benefits of Brexit while living a grand life in France. There is also one village in the Pyrenees where many flock believing when the inevitable end of the world comes, it will be the sole place that will survive. More stories include treasure-seekers convinced of a Catholic Church cover-up, the downright dishonest practices in the truffle markets and other inhabitants of the region who have included ex-terrorists and murderers on the run.

Here is the selection for the week of June 14th :. Mais Peggy Guggenheim est aussi une femme malheureuse qui se trouve laide et rate ses deux mariages. By : Usborne Order Drapeaux on Amazon. In fact the whole book is one long road trip. His collection of anecdotes, sometimes nearly burlesque, centered around driving in France but touching on all aspects is a fun and informative read. You feel solidarity with Joe as he adapts and deals with the administration.

The differences in car culture here and there, administration, navigation, insurance, signage with all their related anecdotes. He had plenty of bad luck and a little too much hubris. This story is his inner journey his personal adaptation to France and is a worthwhile read for those arriving in France or those here for many years already. Order French License on Amazon. Here is the selection for the week of June 7th :. Here is the selection for the week of May 29th :. Order Autour de Paris on Amazon. Here is the selection for the week of May 17th :.

Joe Start is an American in the Paris area for more than 15 years. The Chairfather get the humor? Joe is on a first name basis with them, informal, probing and a tad insolent. He meets the eternals head on as an eternal American. Lunch with the late litterati. Gnosh with the gone glitterati.

Candid photos. Spicy interviews. Fascinating facts, scandalous stories and gossip. Posterity has never been so present. The passed have never been more alive! Order The Chairfather on Amazon. When a little mouse hunts all over Paris for an elusive childhood smell, he discovers what he has been searching for, and something more as well!

In English and Polish. A collection of humorous, touching, unputdownable stories set in Paris, The Jazz-Girl, the Piano, and the Dedicated Tuner transports you into a feel-good world of jazz, pianos and the little-known art of piano tuning. She lives on a small farm in Maine. Louise was the lead singer and songwriter of the Israeli electronic act Terry Poison for a decade. The band had several hits on national radio and toured the world. When the band stopped performing, Louise created a web development business that is creating websites and content for hotels, shops and other businesses around the world.

Missing the stage-life, Louise is currently working on a new music project with a New York-based producer and hope to be releasing music and video in the next months. Video-artist, documentary filmmaker, creative director. Fascinated by the mutually reinforcing elements of music, visuals , spatial design and storytelling, Maaike has co- created many audiovisual - experiences, docs, video-installations and stage —designs with a broad range of commissioners, varying from TV —stations , fashion-brands, theatre companies , museums and autonomous artists.

Maria is the co-founder of Big Couch and FilmChain. Maria has a BA in Sociology and an MA in Filmmaking and her two companies are tech driven solutions that focus on the automation of processes, increasing transparency, and empowering the filmmakers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Marius Veltman is a user experience designer and creative technologist from the Netherlands with over fifteen years of expertise in digital product and service design.

Marius holds a profound knowledge of what is moving today's digital users. Marjorie covers innovation at degrees. She dives in the impact of digital on our daily lives and near future, sits with the innovators who are disrupting the industry and make a change on societal issues. He moved across a range of disciplines from UX, to systemic design to define innovation visions and strategies. Right now, he is on the mission to map, build and inspire a future we want to live in. I want to make the world more beautiful, more connected and where ever I can try to support people and projects that do so as well.

My background is in branding, marketing, advertising followed by the creation of Wisher. Born in Canada, lives in Israel. Writes children's books. Invents things. Plays music and sings. Can't whistle or draw. Co-founder of www. I have a keen interest in spirituality and personal growth, spending a lot of my free time searching for what makes an authentic life, and how that relates to my role as an entrepreneur.

Michael Beneville is a storyteller. He works across all scales and is agnostic to medium. Michael and his Beneville Studios team specialize in realizing the visions and telling the stories of their clients, whether individuals, families or corporations. Michael Beneville is the Chief Creative Officer and visionary leader behind AREA15, a ,square-foot reinvention of immersive art, entertainment, retail opening in Las Vegas in early Over her career she has held executive positions in the Ecommerce, Technology, Media and Entertainment, and Wine sectors.

She has also been an entrepreneur and worked in hospitality as a Sommelier. The hardest thing she has done to date is become a Master of Wine. She lives in San Francisco with her husband David. Palestinian Israeli singer songwriter, actress, TV content creator, creativity and stage performance coach, artist and artivist. Moran Cerf is a professor of neuroscience and business at the Kellogg School of Management.. Additionally, he is the Alfred P. Sloan screenwriting Professor at the American Film Institute. His hacking background has led him to later pursue non-traditional ways to investigate the brain, using methods and techniques that benefit from heavy computational skills and novel research tools.

Notably, he has been working with patients undergoing brain-surgery where he studies behavior, emotion, decision making and dreams by directly recording the activity of individual neurons using electrodes implanted in the patients' brain. He holds multiple patents and his work has been published in wide-circulation academic journals such as Nature, as well as popular science journals such as Scientific American Mind, Wired, New Scientist and more.

Professor Cerf has had short-lived careers as a furniture-designer, a pilot, a radio host, and a filmmaker, and he has served on the boards of pharmaceutical, telecom and fashion companies. Most importantly, he is right handed. Innovation team leader in a big Israeli high tech firm. Know how to ignite a bonfire with a single match. Earlier a software entrepreneur, now switched to education, opened several IT schools in Siberia, Russia to teach children IT skills. My passion is to help children find their passion and true purpose in life. Natasha Tsakos is known for pioneering ways of integrating technology with live performance.

She is passionate about the language of interactivity between the imaginary and the real, and creating extraordinary experiences on Earth and beyond. Later Nicolas worked as Executive Producer and Editor for the comedy web series Gringolandia, which was sold to Netflix and currently reaches over 5 million views worldwide. After living 10 years in New York, Nicolas moved back to Chile and co-founded Nano, a digital agency focused on producing viral content for brands.

For 3 years he directed, edited and produced more than comedy videos. Nicolas Granatino started his career in London at J. Morgan in investment banking. In he moved to LabMorgan, J. Morgan's e-finance incubator aiming to transform the financial services industry. In , he left J. Morgan to pursue cancer research at the University of Oxford.

Since August , he has worked on digital identities as he firmly believes that this regulation will foster the emergence of a new data paradigm and ecosystem for the internet. Nicole is an entrepreneur in the machine learning space and passionate about bringing digital technologies to serve companies, government and society. Nicolette Beach was born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and commenced formal art training at the San Francisco Art Institute where during the tumultuous social upheaval of the early 80s she held fast to her masterful representational painting style.

Nicolette has established herself as a resourceful creative and innovative force as she is presently the proprietor of an exclusive architectural model building enterprise regarded by many as one of the best in the country. Nusrat Durrani is a pioneering media executive, producer and award-winning creative with over 20 years of experience conceiving and executing transformative, multi-platform content and branded entertainment for both commercial and social impact.

Olivier founded several companies in Asia. Especially in e-commerce and. Communication agency. Interest in luxury fashion design architecture and travels, His last venture is in customized pet food in Japan. Digital fan on an entrepreneurial path by day, synesthetic painter and writer by night. Pablo Martins, CEO and founder of STHORM Human adVentures, is a radical entrepreneur dedicated to implementing far-reaching impact ventures by integrating technology and deep thinking with profound understanding of contemporary social-dynamics.

Specializing in global affairs, remote sensing, data analysis, data visualization, GIS. Passionate about criminal justice, urban development, smart cities, current events and humanitarian efforts. A true adventurer at heart, always seeking new ways in which technology can help to better society. His team builds the visualization data infrastructure for the city of New York. Patrycja stands for the upgrading of humanity.

She believes we stand at a paramount period in history that is ripe for rewiring and reprogramming, at a species level. After a successful academic career, Patrycja founded SelfHackathon, a boutique consultancy that uses cutting edge scientific research for business innovation. Their clients include some of the most exciting Silicon Valley startups as well as Fortune 50 enterprises.

Her latest initiative is called PsychTech, the seamless fusion of psychology and technology to enhance and accelerate performance and results. As an expert on the complexity, nonlinearity and the messiness of the human nature, Patrycja lectures globally and works with some of the most exciting and disruptive businesses in the world. In her free time she runs marathons, reads scientific articles and meditates.

In that particular order. Now living in Barcelona, prior to that in Hong Kong for 4 years with plenty of tie in Shanghai and Beijing, and before that in London. I have overseen or created events, forums and events in over 40 countries, welcoming in excess of 1 million attendees from across the technology ecosystem. Look forward to my second Kinnernet. Peter Hirshberg has served as an innovation advisor to cities and companies for over 30 years. We transform this park establishing links between sculptures and a botanique collection, but preserving nature everywhere.

Her fields of interest focus on legal challenges raised by decentralized technologies, their potential to design new governance models and participatory decision-making, and the concept of governance-by-design. Digital operator, entrepreneur, investor and advisor with a focus on marketplaces, health, education, media and mobility. Rae is passionate about facilitating community-based transformative experiences to address the social challenges of our times. She is a cross-sector leader with twenty years of experience providing strategic consulting and facilitation services to organizations of all sizes, including family and corporate foundations, leading nonprofits and a wide range of Fortune corporations.

CEO Decode Media. I am an entrepreneur, a researcher, and a science literacy advocate. I work and play at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, education, and systems thinking. I believe that one of the single most valuable things we can do to improve human decision-making is to improve mental health functioning. Towards that end, my current focus is in investigating effective approaches in the early education environment to best prepare children for their own future. Managing Partner, Clareo. Contributor, Forbes.

Working in the field of food innovation, challenging people taste buds, promoting food diversity and cultural difference. Fascinated by technology, art design. Roderick van Nispen just finished his high school in Amsterdam. Roderick wants to become an entrepreneur and is looking very much forward meeting all of you in Avalon and helping out the Kinnernet team creating this fantastic event. I make video games.

For Star Wars. For Microsoft. For Hollywood. And now, for doctors. Sara Roversi, is a serial entrepreneur and ecosystem builder; founder of the Future Food Network, operating globally in education, food sustainability, radical change and tangible impact driven innovation from farm to fork. Shaukat was an early member of the Yahoo!

Shii Ann Huang is an entrepreneur, actor, artist and a former reality TV star. She funds her artistic interests and futurist curiosity by running a successful real estate team in New York City. Her passions run the gamut from costume design and immersive theater to the ethics and law in a future with sex robots and Crispr engineered humans. Award-winning social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and filmmaker, whose charities have empowered over 35, young men and women in conflict zones through access to education and enterprise opportunity.

Currently establishing a new venture capital impact fund - Gender Equity Development Investments - to create shared value and harness the power of the private sector to accelerate the sustainable development goals. Curator, expert, mentor, author. I like to imagine and create programs, cultural trainings to build bridges between the different interlocutors of the contemporary creation, through my platform , a new media of the Art, incubator of ideas and artistic projects. Spencer Wells is a geneticist, anthropologist, author and entrepreneur.

For over a decade he was an Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society and Director of the Genographic Project, which collected and analyzed DNA samples from hundreds of thousands of people around the world in order to decipher how our ancestors populated the planet, in the process launching the consumer genomics industry.

His work has taken him to more than countries, where he has collaborated with everyone from heads of government and Fortune corporations, to tribal chieftains eking out a precarious living in places as remote as Chad, Tajikistan and Papua New Guinea. He is the founder of Storytek Creative Accelerator - bringing together deep audiovisual sector knowledge, technology and funding with a selection of hand-picked tech entrepreneurs and content creators. Based between Geneva and Paris and working around the globe, Stephane was a pro skier and is always ready for a new adventure.

The company is creating representative genomics data and insights from under-explored populations in Asia, Middle East, LatAm and Africa to supplement the existing Caucasian data to apply in therapeutics development, discovery and patient stratification. He has also served as a consultant with McKinsey and Company. At PICO, Tal leads investments across all software-enabled sectors, serves on several boards and supports portfolio companies on growth trajectory.

Tal has been active in the startup ecosystem helping venture-backed companies scale globally and identify strategic opportunities for almost a decade. Due to her strong passion for education and impacting the next generation of leaders, Tal pursued social-entrepreneurship initiatives.

Tal has a B. Tali brings things to life, literally and figuratively from founding a startup to saving the lives of a dying child. Tomas is a art and community instigator a creative and strategic thinker working to be a catalyst for a more inspiring and just world. Curious about the next curve! Focused on technology-driven economic, market and social change, Tracey helps leaders best leverage change for positive impact.

The online project of music films on indie-rock band and other famous musicians, like R.

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Le don, le volontariat, les fondations, la philanthropie sont au cœur de la société américaine: 90% des Américains participent, en donnant du temps ou de. 1 result for Livres: Littérature: Littérature anglo-saxonne: Documents. Skip to main search Le Coeur américain: Eloge du don (Documents) (French Edition).

M, Tom Jones or Arcade Fire, revolutionized the concept of music video and the way of filming music in the entire world. He has created an AI that helps prevent patients dying in hospital by detecting their deterioration early. He is also applying AI to sextech and working on a microbiome modification service. He loves science fiction , community and music.

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Wendy Tahara began classical piano lessons at age seven, eventually earning a performance degree from Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington, IN. Then, in , she discovered an unexpected, profound love for the Celtic harp while going through a sort of spiritual awakening. She discovered kundalini yoga, which placed her on an amazing intuitive spiritual path which continues to guide her to this day.

She has a deep passion for creating music which is empathetic and nurturing to the human spirit. She has composed music and performed for the Croatian healing gazer Braco, toured with the artist Ashana, and provided meditation music for The Agape International Spiritual Center for Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Tokyo based impact ecosystem builder, including www. Lives and works in Milan. Taya Media and one of the Owners of those companies. Giniger attended the Executive Program of Harvard Business School and upon his return to Israel in he gave up practicing law to establish Taya Communications, which invests in media and technology companies. United Studios produced over 10' of television and has 8 studios. Having recently returned to France, she is currently assisting large French, US and Israeli companies in their development. Her passion for high tech and user interface design, her knowledge of software and hardware environments, and her expertise in international businesses and complex projects have benefited the accelerated development of Claranova.

As a believer in organic produce and sustainability Christer is working hard every day to promote this throughout his businesses, trying to set an example in the food and service industry infusing quality, thought and love into everything he puts his hands on. Making money is simply not the point. Solvatten is a smart portable solar powered jerry cans for heating and treating water. Our projects are made to give long lasting help with clean water and improve hygiene to people in need, especially for women and children.

With Solvatten technology we can address poverty-related health issues that are connected to energy scarcity and poor water quality. An entrepreneurial management consultant with passion for innovation, sustainability and leadership. A curious soul that wants to make a positive impact on the World!

Ed Cooke is the co-founder of Memrise, a language-learning app with more than 35 million users, and a Grandmaster of Memory who can learn a digit number in an hour. Elisabeth Fullerton is an angel investor, mentor, entrepreneur and philanthropist for her family office and foundation. Harald is passionate about meaning in technology, the future of exponential technologies and its opportunities for society, brands and entrepreneurs — especially in Europe.

My biggest passion is being an activist in the areas of coexistence, reconciliation, and cultural bridge building. Visioner and initiator of Jordan Project inspired by Burning Man aimed to create a bridge between hearts, between humans from the entire Middle East region, bringing us together through conscious encounters allowing participants to identify a different path of living together in oneness and love, and go through a transformative experience. In addition, I am a Sema Zen in the Sufi Mevlevi order, leading conciseness workshops around the world. Designer, serial collaborator and house cook.

Jamie spent his early career in Japan, China and Hong Kong, practicing law and learning to see. Shifting from designing contacts to designing places, Jamie now designs houses, gardens, hospitality venues and immersive experiences. Animal aficionado, prankster and mastery of ceremonies. Joakim first explored the world through the lens of hospitality, leading Scandinavian groups to Mediteranean, French Alps, and points beyond.

Other ventures included founding a global network marketing company and specialty jewelry design business. Recent Wesleyan University Graduate.

Currently living in Brooklyn, New York working as a barista at a small local coffee shop. Interested in writing and studying fiction. Plan on going to graduate school and possibly becoming a Professor. Kelli is a global brand strategist and social impact consultant and founder of The Change Project. Kelli has over 25 years of brand, marketing and development experience with F, non-profit and NGO's. Kelli helps social entrepreneurs build brands at General Assembly and the Founder's Institute in San Francisco, and leads brand, innovation, mission, and transformation workshops all over the world.

Sailor, coach, sales guy exploring new ways of using technology for business innovation. Hi My name is Petra and I live in south of Sweden. I am a freelancersinger. I teach singer and singer songwriters in the art of performing and interpretation. I am a breathingpedagog; conscious breathing and rebirthing. I have been studying shamanism for the last 14 years. I am so looking forward to this weekend and to meet you all. I am an urban anthropologist, driven by the wish to improve the quality of urban places through understanding the human experience within the built form.

I have a background social science research, sustainability science and socio-cultural complexities. As a father of 4, I know that my future will be their past. Therefore I try to focus my present actions towards specific areas of interest such as new technologies business ethics and people relationships development through innovation, education, and cultural bridges.

Yet, what gets me going even more at this point is more within the realms of anthropology - shamanism and particularly shamanic states of consciousness, raising energetic levels beyond the ordinary. Investor, futurist, actual wizard, and former management consultant. To contact me, meditate deeply on my presence. Alexa paints on people and 3D objects in a way that makes them look like a 2D painting.

Mathematical engineer, entrepreneur and writer. Amanda Parkes is a fashion technologist and biomedia designer with over 10 years of experience in interaction design, wearable technology, and fashion innovation. She teaches in the Columbia Univ. Both Canadian and French, but not French Canadian. Lived in Japan, Brazil, India. Rode a motorcycle across Latin America. I spend my free time studying all human knowledge, three months at a time.

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Managing Partner at iVentures Consulting Inc. Management Consulting boutique specialized in transformation and innovative growth strategies in Fashion, Beauty and Retail and Board Advisor for the emerging natural makeup brand Rituel de Fille and luxury streetwear label Icosae. Record collector, photography and pilates lover. Los Angeles based. Obsessed by the need for individual and collective resilience in a word increasingly uncertain and complex. Very optimistic on the promises of digital transition to solve human problems. Neuroscientist of perception and a few other things I like to believe.

Betty Kay is a fine artist living in Manhattan, New York. Bill is an inventor and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the technology industry. They have taught over students across China, Singapore and Hong Kong and are expanding across Asia. The programme is currently sponsored by Credit Suisse and Alibaba. Billy works at Credit Suisse where he runs Hedge Fund sales and advises large money money managers on technology investments in both public and privates markets.

In this position he also works with startups and VCs from around the Asia region to connect them to Credit Suisse.


Prior to the world of finance Billy founded a couple of small startups in software development and interior design. He is very active in the startup scene in Hong Kong and South-East Asia and has invested in startups around the world. Bonin Bough is one of the foremost-awarded marketing executives in his field, the producer and host of The Cleveland Hustles, and the author of TXT Me Cameron has worked in community-led development and post-conflict and post-disaster reconstruction for the past two decades. Currently he leads social innovation at Airbnb, working on a range of projects from livelihoods for resettled refugees in Jordan, rural revitalization in Japan and developing addressing systems for nomadic populations in Mongolia.

Last year, through his design studio, he designed a dozen schools in Jordan, providing access to education for refugee children. As a researcher on social cognition and social behavior who directs a Social Complexity Center by the hills of the Mountain Andes, I am fascinated for the times we live in. The society keeps complexifying. Cross polliinization is not just a metaphor.

The amount and richness of experimental and field data together with all the information that dan be gathered from our digital print gives us a sand box to play with hitherto unexplored aspects of crucial aspects of emergent properties of our social life such as cooperation, collective intelligence and diversity. Content curator and Product Innovation at LinkedIn. Shakshuka and Stevie Wonder expert. Computer Girl since 2K. Charles Michel is a nomad philomath studying the convergence of art, science, multisensory aesthetics and human culture.

Based at Oxford University between and , he published over a dozen papers in scientific journals on crossmodal perception. He works as an experience designer in a variety of fields, and as an artist using food and the meal ritual as a medium. In recent years he has been working with in cutting-edge projects that innovate in community building, hospitality, and experiential art. Christie Nicholson is currently Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Citibank. She is also an award-winning science journalist, contributing editor at Scientific American and adjunct professor in entrepreneurship at New York University.

Driver: exploration. Claudia started her career as a journalist and press correspondent for Latin American media companies such as Notimex, Proceso, Infored Monitor. Claudia is a frequent public speaker and speaks six languages. Her main research area is the Economics of Happiness, with a special interest in the relationship between income growth, income distribution and subjective well-being. She also works on political attitudes and post-transition economies, as well as the impact of institutions on gender norms. Passionate about innovation, technology, digital, entrepreneurship and international business, Daniel provides high-end advice and assistance for structuring, financing, running international operations, assistance on securing investment or partnership opportunities Europe, USA, Israel, China , and guidance on the impact of the technologies on our societies.

Ever since a high school biology teacher informed Daphne Miller that clover produces a hormone similar to human estrogen, she has been fascinated by how our external ecosystem is linked to our internal one. Daphne is a practicing family physician and founder of Growing Health Collaborative which seeks to bridge the gaps between agriculture and medicine.

Books include: Farmacology and the Jungle Effect. I'm passionate about using technology to shift from our ME-centered culture to create the Internet of WE. By working together we can evolve by choice not chance. As an executive private chef, I spend my week creating cuisine inspired by the seasonal harvest in the San Francisco Bay Area and Napa Valley wine region of Northern California. My daily goals focus on transforming organic meats, poultry, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and grains into pleasing meals for those who consume the work of my knives and my knowledge of fire.

Being a conduit that brings people together to share a meal is another. Sourcing the freshest and most sustainable ingredients and supporting the local economy of farmers, ranchers, fisherman and other specialty purveyors is always my priority. Ed is an innovator who builds digital businesses for good. He's been on the founding team of 6 pioneering startups: from global risk and emergency management, to agrifood systems, to digital democracy. He's deeply idealistic. I love technology, challenges and new experiences. And most of all I love my job as UX designer.

For more than ten years, Emmanuelle has been active in digital media management, particularly in the luxury goods industry. Fluent in nine languages, she helms a therapy practice in New York City and serves as an organizational consultant for Fortune companies around the world. Her celebrated TED talks have garnered nearly 20 million views and her international bestseller Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence became a global phenomenon translated into 24 languages. Esther is also an executive producer and host of the popular Audible original podcast Where Should We Begin?

Currently advising a fund in the sector of digital-based security technologies. Evolutionary linguist in formation with a background in arts and literature. Mountain goat on weekends. Professor of private law at the University of Lorraine and Sciences Po. Focuses on legal issues raised by technologie Big Data and blockchain. Also works as a consultant. Over 25 years of experience in international media and services business, my core themes have always been leadership, change, creativity and digital transition, now exploring new ventures outside restrictions of corporate environments.

Born and raised in Estonia.

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Lived in between Paris, New York and tokyo between , studied graphic design in Paris, then shot and directed some short films as well fashion films and a documentary. Raising my daughter in Paris. Currently creating social media content for brands. Designerly type, well versed in the art of strategery. In he founded Mediacode, which was sold to Yahoo! Ian contributed to the launch of Apple Music including Beats1, their digital streaming channel.

Jack Saul, Ph. His family systems orientation emphasizes a narrative, dialogic, and resilience based approach. As a psychologist he has created a number of psychosocial programs for people facing adversity in New York City and abroad. He is known for his innovative work with families and communities that integrates testimony, healing, media, and the performance arts.

Jhilmil Breckenridge is a poet, writer and activist. She is the Founder of Bhor Foundation, a mental health charity. Her areas of work are mental health, domestic violence and trauma. Jhilmil is currently working on a PhD in the UK and her poetry and other writings have been widely published and anthologised. Her debut collection, Reclamation Song, was shortlisted for the prestigious RL Poetry India award in and will be released later this year. She tweets at jhilmilspirit. A results-oriented conscious business leader with more than 20 years experience in Silicon Valley, US and France.

And most of all a blessed mother. Kendall is passionate about combining comfort, function and community into all of his designs. His sense of space comes from spending much of his free time outdoors, and thinking about how to make every environment feel organic and restorative. For over 10 years he's built relationships with fabricators, artists and clients from California to Australia. Residential and commercial clients include Minted. See his work at kendallermshar. Kenneth Lacovara has unearthed some of the largest dinosaurs ever to walk our planet, including the super-massive Dreadnoughtus, which at 65 tons weighs more than seven T.

Through his work, blending exploration with the latest techniques from medicine and engineering, Lacovara portrays dinosaurs as vigorous, competent creatures—the adaptable champions of an age. Laetitia creates tailor-made empowerment programs and efficient, impactful visual tools.

Big challenges excite me. Lior Shiff is a serial entrepreneur and an active angel investor. Lior oversaw the successful sale of the company to Aristocrat at the end of My products are carefully selected. Good taste and sophistication are keywords in my productions. The care and handling with the inputs is strict, for me, every detail counts. Urban garden and Manu Buffara Manu Buffara could not resist. Cried Before hundreds of people, when asked to talk about healthy eating, at the lunch that promoted on Sunday 24 , in the Horta of Rio Bonito, in Campo de Santana, outskirts of Curitiba.

She gets emotional even when she realizes that people around her are aware of what she says, about the best way to eat and enjoy food. And there were hundreds, all from the local community, from active families in the day-to-day community garden there - and a few others who came to see what was happening and stayed there, delighted by the good food and the proposal served.

Lunch was her initiative, which dealt with everything from the meat ribs donated by organic producers - which she baked from yesterday, in her own restaurant - to the different draft of one of the many artisan producers in the surroundings of the city. He also made the pita bread, which he roasted at one of the barbecue grills installed on the spot. The mayonnaise had the beet root of the own vegetable garden, harvested at the time, as well as all the leaves that composed the salad that accompanied the meat in the bread.

Manu does an admirable job there, as admirable is practically everything that is around him. More than that: it has practically become the leader of all, to suggest prices, values, form of harvest and other points to be observed. Chef's Vegetable Garden The urban vegetable garden had been around for quite some time, since , Chef began to take over the work in , but in she started bringing other chefs, cooks to a project drafted by her and the Department of Supply.

The production was too large for the small local demand, since the consumption was practically of the relatives and friendly near the hortairs. Only with the contribution of the chefs in the purchase of the products, the association has already collected enough to guarantee more inputs for new plantations. Except that Manu Buffara could just pop in there, pick up the greens of desire, and leave.

But she could not help herself, she wanted more. I wanted to teach the local villager the best way to enjoy every vegetable or vegetable. The stem of it, the leaf of the other, to the flower and the bark of some, why not?

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She and all those present who have felt how passionate she is for what she does and what is not for free the international recognition she has been getting in recent years since her restaurant was elected by two different publications Quatro Rodas e Prazeres da Mesa as the best in Brazil, thereby opening the borders of the world.

Manu Buffara is very big, for what he is and for what he does. But one day she will certainly still have the same recognition among us. Who cooks with so much feeling and passes so much emotion thus to tell and to teach what it does, always deserves the best. Journalist: Luiz Augusto Xavier Besides being a journalist, he was part of the Chef project in and , as a volunteer. Author of 15 books and assisted 3 US presidents.

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