Life and Life after Death and Reincarnation

Life after Death, Reincarnation, Resurrection and Immortality of the Soul
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Several people have asked for information on books about reincarnation. There are many and varied,. Do not fear Death, life is a game in which we discover the infinite. Reincarnation is a reality. Nothing dies,.

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Reincarnation is the belief that, when a person dies, their soul momentarily separates from the body, and after some time. Reincarnation is a concept that has been present in many cultures since antiquity. There are countries, such as India, where. Reincarnation is not a dream and in every moment you are in contact with this process. The most obvious example. A new scientific study found that our DNA transmits information of experiences of fear and stress from generation to generation.

Movies about reincarnation can make us think about this attractive and complex theme that oscillates between the amusing suggestions of. We know the Ancient Egyptians believed in the release of the soul after the transition to death, but why were. Your brain might go in a dark way or in a good way or whatever. It colors it. At the end of the day, everything in there is absolutely as real as real. If you were to pick up a blade of grass, you could hear it rip. You could look at the fibers, the fur on it, everything in your dream.

You could dive in the ocean and swim to the bottom and see organisms and the vastness. How vast is the universe in your dream? How real is it in your dream versus real life? You can feel pain.

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You can suffer. You can do all these things. Having said that, the Gaia mind is very much the same way. Our minds, at times, can move into the Akashic Records, which really is the mind of Gaia.

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Pardon the F. Having said that, you have to be able to classify case by case and encompass it. This is why we look for this kind of stuff. Man, I cried for the whole day when I lost my cat. Let me explain. I was in a situation when I was younger where I got into a car accident. In the process of the car accident, my car hit—These drunk drivers totaled their car, but they blocked the whole highway.

It was hard to see what was going on, so I came down this mountain probably doing about I had a little tiny tin car. I was young and broke. I tried to miss the first car that was in the middle of the road. There was nowhere to go and I ended up hitting it. My car flipped up and over and landed on the roof. As I was going down—It had kind of just finished raining.

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It was dark out. My car slid for a hundred feet or more. Literally, like thirty seconds maybe. I was in the car. I thought about all these people that I cared about and loved and I accepted the fact that I [was] probably going to die. It was going to hit the rails, smash further. The windshield was— It was just awful.

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There was water coming into the car from the pavement, and dirt. All of these things are going on. When is the car going to hit the rails? When is this going to end? So, there was a normal level and then there was a higher level that you could hit turbo on. The point is, your brain, electrically, has a set speed. I knew it was coming. I was panicking.

There was probably adrenaline, but I processed a billion thoughts, I felt like. I was bored waiting for the damn car to crash. That still took a while, it was crazy. This starts branching off into what different ghosts are, why the repeat haunted places, why some stay dressed [and] some look like just balls and orbs. Each life is like a pearl in time and it contains information and data. You can feel and you understand but your relationship to how you look at it begins to change because you mature. When you start to gain all your consciousnesses, you start to detach from the level or the idea of death, that you live a life and this is who you are.

All these human things that we cling to start to look very different very rapidly. So, we are able to detach psychologically better while in human form, everybody would be deeply grieving. Your consciousness and your perception begin to change very dramatically. When you read a book, does it change who you are? The answer is yes and no. It changes maybe how you see things, but does it change the core of who you are?

It can slowly make you into a more loving person or more caring or more sympathetic, or it can turn you [angrier] if you will, because you see things in a different light that it gave you an insight on. This is what it represents to this level. We want loving and caring.

What about reincarnation?

We want angels to come down and protect us. Guest: I do, I do. That explains a lot, but how are you still thinking? How is there still logic? How is there still—What are you seeing? What are you feeling? Eric: Well, there is a level of intelligence that is formulating by organizing electricity. What keeps them spinning around it? Molecules are kind of holding hands, stitching everything together in a certain way that creates you organically, or the chair, or the car, or anything.

As you convert over to a finite energy and you leave this level of molecular structure, if you will, you move into a different level of structure, a structure that contains energy in an organized way. The intelligence that you have is no longer organically used, with biochemicals to affect and create it or contribute to it.

It has layers.

Journey of Souls Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Unabridged) - PART 1 - Audiobook

It needs the pumping of oxygen down below. It needs it to filter liquids. It needs it to—just so it can continue collecting data. You started off building a body that became more complex from within the womb from its inception. It helps organize so that you can begin to build a structure to leave it. The intelligence of processing is condensing how the data is built and strung from memories, ideas, thoughts, very similar to the way that it is in your brain.

It contains it. It forces that information to stay a certain way and it processes it much in the way that your brain or your consciousness would, just faster, in a different way. Why was this all set up? Do you believe that this was laid out, that everything you know and everything about the consciousness, and everything, that there was a level on top of that who put it all together? Eric: No, we can. I teach all of it. Look, to me, this is all of what I teach. This is what I do at Higher Balance. This is why we have all the books. In a nutshell, I think we live in a holographic universe.

Science is definitely going in that direction. At the end of the day, is there a creator? Can you do that right now? None of it is really you. The planet is like us. We are the microscopic life: birds, plants, trees, living anything. So is the solar system another organism, and within it are the same levels. If you look at a galaxy spiral [and] you look at a hurricane spiral [and] you look at a seashell spiral [and] you look at water cycling down a sink, there is computer programming in reality. The consciousness of the body of the universe is the expanding universe.

At the end of the expanding universe is pitch black. Everything is in a process of change. Everything is in a process of movement. It has a soul, much like you have a soul for all your cells. We know as a fact, through study, that if you get depressed, your immune system drops. That means all the microorganisms in your life are somehow affected. If you are positive and happy, your immune system rises. You are the Force. Your consciousness, your soul, your energy is like Luke Skywalker and the Force to [this microuniverse].

In essence, there is presence in its energy that affects us. The difference is we can choose to turn to it or we can choose to not turn to it and turn to a more destructive energy. In essence, is there a god? Absolutely yes. This goes down to the universe being absolute nothingness. No stones, no rocks, no nothing, no complex electricities, nothing.

There is one thing.

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In this episode, Eric discusses how reincarnation works and life after death. Explore how people develop souls and near death experiences. Reincarnation: Afterlife: Life After Death - What Happens When You Die? Rebirth or Game Over? (Wheel of Life, OBE, Nirvana, Heaven, Paradise, Buddhism.

There is a static charge of energy. I go into all of this, and I go into it later on with other lectures that I do, much more scientifically. I use various experiences and data from very acknowledged—I put it in a different perspective. I always say it looks like, jokingly, if I had to explain what it looks like, it looks like chocolate chips in mint ice cream. That was all that existed and they came from a vacuum, which has nothing in it. That creates a stress, and the result of that creation is this static energy. In that static energy, there is no time, so a hundred trillion, billion years may as well just be a second or that long.

At some point, I believe two of these attached to one another, making a T. This T started to move in a different direction because their energies started to either work against each other, but there was nowhere to go, or vice versa. Either way, it created. It starts to unfold because everything in this universe is numbers. Everything, in reality is numbers. People, constantly, are trying to [reinterpret] it. Every White Cell I meet is drawn to those numbers. Three is the first one that happened. The third was a new reaction in nothingness.

It was the first inception. This is like a snowball being rolled down a big hill. It started to attract or attach [another kind] of vibrating, shimmering kind of energy, this vacuum type from the universe. This is the first complex, so it started to move in a way that was different than the rest, and if there was a sound, it would kind of be like imitating varying beat. It could be a billion years that it was evolving.

It became more of a complex of hundreds and then thousands and then millions and trillions and quadrillions all attaching, creating different patterns. Everything is fighting for organization. In that process, somewhere along the line, it created the first life, the first level of existence of something other than static. This, now, gets into the whole idea that we have to try to [interpret] this in human terminology, just like we had to simplify the gods, or before that, animals and creatures having spiritual powers because we have to put something we can relate to, to it.

As we get more intelligent, we can get more complex on our approach. It could be like an animal. It could be like a simplified level, but an animal dreams. Most creatures dream. This is evolution. This is organization of numbers [that are] constantly compounding and compressing to become more complex throughout the universe. So, as it became more complex, it began to dream. We are that dream. We are that thing, that reality.

Think about it. You can probably touch her skin. You can talk to her, she can laugh. You can look at a house that was from some time in your life and touch the wood and the paint and you could smell it. The extent of what you can dream is actually more extensive than what you can do in real reality, for detail, for texture, for everything. Or is that just a dynamic of your own consciousness that created her?

At the end of the day, you create all of these personas and people and structures and everything that you have. You can feel the heat of the sun on you. That is the will of the universe. When the planet basically ceases to exist anymore, like us dying, it returns back to the universe, if you will. What book would you recommend I start with? Why, why, why? They read the whole thing. It only opens up even bigger, broader, more. We can give all those answers.

We can give training. I can show you how to dial in and see things. I can show you how to move your consciousness in crazy ways. White Cells are across the board, every shape, color, everything. I wanted to get the core knowledge across in a very simple way and any level of intelligence then, can look at it, and it just expands in your mind because you can connect it to all these other thoughts. You knew it, but I helped you put it together. Eric: Thank you for that. Show me something that trumps it. At the end of the day, I would jump on something better if it were there. Call me arrogant, call me whatever you want.

I will look at it. Try me on. What it comes down to is [cutting] all the rubbish out. I just want the truth. They need somebody to bring the logic. You want logic. You want sensible answers. You want stuff that you, personally, can experience. If I can show you how to do what I did, that is the breakthrough. You have to start somewhere and it starts off by reading the Handbook of the Navigator. We use the neural system of the body to stimulate the electricity to run a certain way, like holding antennas to a TV.

This is amazing! This has changed my whole life. The proof is in the pudding. Download Episode Transcript. This is the must-have course for all spiritual seekers. To fully harness and develop the abilities of the mind, you must transcend normal meditation and discover the missing link.

The tools you'll acquire in The Foundation will enable you to master these higher dimensions. It's time to discover Multi-Dimensional Meditation. When it comes to karma and reincarnation, there are the fairy tales that have become so popular in today's culture, and then there's the truth which surpasses the basic understandings of the majority.

You can automatically accept the concepts offered by the masses or instead, choose detailed answers to those questions that have always been ignored by the popular books. Eric's seventh bestseller. Your visions span from extraordinary future worlds to ancient civilizations.

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Through the backdoor of your mind's eye, you choose your destination, fixate your gaze and all that was hidden no longer remains in question. This is the method practiced by spiritual masters to "trigger" enlightenment. Ask yourself… what did the Enlightened Masters throughout history meditate to? Are you ready to enter the realm of masters?

Episode 4 — Life After Death. Enjoy this special episode on the afterlife. In this show we cover:. Life After Death [Click to see more Guest: Right, compounded, it would just be too much.

Reincarnation: Soul and Honest Life

Saadia Gaon, in Emunoth ve-Deoth Hebrew: "beliefs and opinions" concludes Section VI with a refutation of the doctrine of metempsychosis reincarnation. Get A Copy. Cadoret RJ. Causes of death by rate Expressions related to death Natural disasters People by cause of death Premature obituaries Preventable causes of death Notable deaths by year Unusual deaths TV actors who died during production. This is organization of numbers [that are] constantly compounding and compressing to become more complex throughout the universe. Medieval Jewish Rationalist philosophers discussed the issue, often in rejection. The afterlife also referred to as life after death is the belief that the essential part of an individual's identity or the stream of consciousness continues after the death of the physical body.

Do you know what I mean? Guest: Right, right. Guest: She saw it.