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Incarceration publica custodia in facilities such as the Tullianum was intended to be a temporary measure prior to trial or execution; abuses of this principle occurred but were officially censured. In 63 BC, certain co-conspirators of Catiline , including Publius Cornelius Lentulus Sura , were held briefly in the Tullianum and executed there for their alleged plot to overthrow the government. Some Gracchan sympathizers ended up in the Carcer , where the unfortunate haruspex Herennius Siculus hit his head on an architrave and died before he could be executed.

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There is no evidence that the Tullianum was used for long-term incarceration, and the lowest dungeon was unsuited for the purpose; the level above, however, in theory might have been. In some cases, it is unclear whether a source using the word carcer means "the" Carcer, or imprisonment in some other facility. High-status prisoners, whether Roman or foreign, were typically held in the custody of individual Romans, sometimes at their homes or country estates.

Mamertine Prison

The line between being a war captive and a hostage lawfully held by treaty was thin, and conditions of captivity could vary widely, from abject misery and humiliation to relative luxury. As a prisoner of war, Perseus of Macedon was placed in a foul, overcrowded dungeon at Alba Fucens ; [13] the son of Tigranes was kept at a praetor 's house in Rome, where he could be trotted out as a dinner-party guest. Captured foreign rulers or generals were paraded in a Roman conqueror's triumph , and on a few occasions the "most prominent, famous, or dastardly" were executed afterward at the Tullianum.

It is not known when the prison went out of service permanently, but the site has been used for Christian worship since medieval times, and is currently occupied by two superimposed churches: S.

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Giuseppe dei Falegnami upper and S. Pietro in Carcere lower. This was the most inner and secret part of the larger complex, and here the condemned were thrown and usually strangled.


The Mamertine Prison (Italian: Carcere Mamertino), in antiquity the Tullianum, was a prison (carcer) located in the Comitium in ancient Rome. It was situated on  ‎Name and origin · ‎Use · ‎Christian significance · ‎People imprisoned at the. DESCRIPTION. The Mamertine Prison (also referred to as the Tullianum) was a prison (carcer) located in the Forum Romanum in Ancient Rome. It was located.

Here there is a small altar , topped with a relief of St. Peter baptizing his fellow prisoners.

Archeologists find evidence of St Peter's prison

The upside- down cross on the red marble front lends the desolate place an extra-sinister air, but that's the Cross of St. Peter, who was crucified upside down. To the left of the altar is a column to which both Peter and Paul were tied and from there they converted their guards to Christianity. A round opening in the floor next to the altar provides access to a spring which has surfaces in the floor since Classical times: this is the one that Peter is said to have miraculously created for baptism and which pilgrims have long believed to have healing properties.

Below is a location map and aerial view of the Mamertine Prison.

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Exterior of the ancient Mamertime Prison, with the 16th-century church of San Giuseppe dei Falegnami above. Peter and Paul are believed to have The upside-down cross lends the desolate place an View hotels near the Mamertine Prison. Paul were incarcerated by Emperor Nero here.

Mamertine Prison in Rome, Italy. According with the legendary tradition that Saints Peter and Paul were imprisoned there. High status prisoners were kept here. Jugurtha, king of Numidia in Africa, was brought to Rome as a captive by Sulla.

History of the Mamertine Prison

He starved to death here in BC. These are just some of the eminent names recorded on one of the plaques beside the entrance to the upper cell, while the other provides a list of the Christian martyrs.

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Share your experience and tips! The altar in the lower chamber. In World News. It is below the church of St. Peter Accommodation vacant in town 09 Jul, A history-packed tour of ancient Rome, including a guided tour of the Colosseum.

It was built originally as a cistern by Ancus Martins, the fourth king of Rome, around B. An inscription on the front records that the building was restored in the 1st century A.

The lower dungeon, excavated it out of the solid rock in B. There are plaques on which names of the martyrs are listed.