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Don’t Eat the Elephant One Bite at a Time!
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The tourists just about start panicking that they lost their transportation to get back home, but Nana hushes them to calm down and offers to guide them. After he usurped the role of Alpha Lion away from Zuba, Makunga refuses to do anything about the water shortage and taunts the animals must either retrieve the water themselves or just find more water outside the reserve which is poacher territory. The animals argue both options are fatally dangerous, but Alex and Marty volunteer to go find the water.

Nana manages to capture Alex and stop him from taking back the water as while Marty runs away to get help. Nana then hogties Alex and starts roasting him on a barbecue as a means to feed herself and the hungry tourists, as well as a bonus revenge on Alex. The tour guide objects to Nana eating a lion, and Alex's father Zuba goes out to rescue him. Alex and Zuba then distract and entertain the tourists with their dancing, but Nana is unenthusiastic about it and still tries to shoot the lions using the tour guide's gun.

The penguins and Marty arrive in their chimp-powered plane and pull away Alex and Zuba to safety inside a bucket with the intent to take back the water. Nana climbs up on the water dam that she built waving her handbag aiming it at the lions.

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However, the penguins smash the bucket holding the lions into the water dam, making Nana fall and collapsing the dam which made the water flow back to the resort. At the end of the film, Alex gives Makunga Nana's handbag. Makunga admires it but tells Alex that he has still banished, which prompts Alex to drop his bucket which releases Nana. When Nana sees Makunga holding it, she starts kicking, stepping, hand-whacking with a ruler, wet-willying, arm-burning, and spanking him before taking him away. Francis E. Chew Tour Guide. Television The Penguins of Madagascar : Dr. Sign In Don't have an account?

The wise and intelligent one, the prudent, …… of skills, the fashioner of the design of everything brought to life birth-goddesses? Enki r ea ched out his arm over them and turned his attention to them. And after Enki, the fashioner of designs by himself, had pondered the matter, he said to his mother Namma: "My mother, the cr ea ture you planned will r ea lly come into existence.

Impose on him the work of carrying baskets. You should kn ea d clay from the top of the abzu; the birth-goddesses? All the princely birth-goddesses? An, Enlil, and Lord Nudimmud roasted holy kids. All the senior gods praised him: "O lord of wide understanding, who is as wise as you? Enki, the gr ea t lord, who can equal your actions? Like a corpor ea l father, you are the one who has the me of deciding destinies, in fact you are the me. Enki looked at the man who cannot bend his outstretched w ea k hands, and decreed his fate: he appointed him as a servant of the king.

Enki looked at the one with both feet broken, the one with paralysed feet and …… him for the work of …… and the silversmith and ……. Enki looked at this one, the one born as an idiot, and decreed his fate: he appointed him as a servant of the king. Come, now I will fashion somebody for you, and you must decree the fate of the newborn one! In return? It could hardly br ea the, its ribs were shaky, its lungs were afflicted, its h ea rt was afflicted, its bowels were afflicted. With its hand and its lolling h ea d it could not not put br ea d into its mouth; its spine and h ea d were dislocated.

The w ea k hips and the shaky feet could not carry? Now, you should decree a fate for my cr ea ture, give him his daily br ea d too. She went n ea rer to Umul asked him questions but he could not sp ea k. She offered him br ea d to ea t but he could not r ea ch out for it. He could not lie on ……, he could not …….

Standing up he could not sit down, could not lie down, he could not …… a house, he could not ea t br ea d. He cannot support himself? I decreed a fate for the man who turned back? I decreed a fate for the man with broken, paralysed feet, I gave him br ea d. I decreed a fate for the man who could not hold back his urine, I gave him br ea d. I decreed a fate for the woman who could not give birth, I gave her br ea d. I decreed the fate for the one with neither penis nor vagina on its body, I gave it br ea d. My sister, …….

Look, you do not dwell in h ea ven, you do not dwell on ea rth, you do not come out to look at the Land. Where you do not dwell but where my house is built, your words cannot be h ea rd. Where you do not live but where my city is built, I myself am silenced? My city is ruined, my house is destroyed, my child has been taken captive. I am a fugitive who has had to l ea ve the E-kur, even I myself could not escape from your hand. Remove Umul from your lap ……. The man whom I shaped …… after you ……, let him pray! Today let my penis be praised, may your wisdom be confirmed?

May the enkum and ninkum …… proclaim your glory ……. My sister, the heroic strength …….

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The song …… the writing? The gods who h ea rd …… let Umul build? Father Enki, your praise is sweet! Enki and the world order: c. Your gr ea t house is founded in the Abzu, the gr ea t mooring-post of h ea ven and ea rth. Enki, from whom a single glance is enough to unsettle the h ea rt of the mountains; wherever bison are born, where stags are born, where ibex are born, where wild goats are born, in m ea dows ……, in hollows in the h ea rt of the hills, in green …… unvisited by man, you have fixed your gaze on the h ea rt of the Land as on split reeds.

You have only to open your mouth for everything to multiply and for plenty to be established. Your branches …… green with their fruit ……, …… do honour to the gods. Good sheep and good lambs do honour to ……. When …… the prepared fields, …… will accumulate stockpiles and stacks. The shepherd sweetly sings his rustic song, the cowherd spends the day rocking his churns.

Their products would do honour to the late lunches in the gods' gr ea t dining hall. Your word bestows loveliness on the young woman's h ea d, so that the people in their settled cities gaze at her in wonder. Enki, lord of prosperity, lord of wisdom, lord, the beloved of An, the ornament of Eridug, who establish commands and decisions, who well understands the decreeing of fates: you close up the days ……, and make the months enter their houses. You bring down ……, you have r ea ched their number.

You make the people dwell in their dwelling places ……, you make them follow their herdsman ……. When Nudimmud goes forth to the good pregnant ewes, good lambs will be born; when he goes forth to the fecund cows, good calves will be born; whe he goes forth to the good pregnant goats, good kids will be born. If you go forth to the cultivated fields, to the good germinating fields, stockpiles and stacks can be accumulated on the high plain.

If you go forth to the parched ar ea s of the Land, 2 lines missing or uncl ea r. My elder brother, the king of all the lands, gathered up all the divine powers and placed them in my hand. I brought the arts and crafts from the E-kur, the house of Enlil, to my Abzu in Eridug. I am the good semen, begotten by a wild bull, I am the first born of An.

I am a gr ea t storm rising over the gr ea t ea rth, I am the gr ea t lord of the Land. I am the principal among all rulers, the father of all the foreign lands. I am the big brother of the gods, I bring prosperity to perfection. I am the s ea l-keeper of h ea ven and ea rth. I am the wisdom and understanding of all the foreign lands. With An the king, on An's dais, I oversee justice. With Enlil, looking out over the lands, I decree good destinies. He has placed in my hands the decreeing of fates in the place where the sun rises.

I am cherished by Nintur. I am the l ea der of the Anuna gods. I was born as the firstborn son of holy An. When I approach h ea ven, a rain of abundance rains from h ea ven. When I approach ea rth, there is a high carp-flood. When I approach the green m ea dows, at my word stockpiles and stacks are accumulated. I have built my house, a shrine, in a pure place, and named it with a good name. I have built my Abzu, a shrine, in ……, and decreed a good fate for it. The shade of my house extends over the …… pool.

The small birds chirp in their nests. I am Enki! They stand before me, praising me. The abgal priests and abrig officials who …… stand before me …… distant days. The enkum and ninkum officiants organise ……. They purify the river for me, they …… the interior of the shrine for me. In my Abzu, sacred songs and incantations resound for me. My barge 'Crown', the 'Stag of the Abzu', transports me there most delightfully.

It glides swiftly for me through the gr ea t marshes to wherever I have decided, it is obedient to me. The stroke-callers make the oars pull in perfect unison. They sing for me pl ea sant songs, cr ea ting a cheerful mood on the river. He is in command of my boat 'Stag of the Abzu'. I am the lord! I will travel! I will go forth into my Land! I, the lord who determines the fates, ……," 4 lines uncl ea r. They …… the chambers ……, they …… the emplacements, they purify the gr ea t shrine of the Abzu ……. They bring there the tall juniper, the pure plant. They organise the holy …… in the gr ea t watercourse …… of Enki.

Skilfully they build the main stairway of Eridug on the Good Quay. They prepare the sacred uzga shrine, where they utter endless prayers. The hero proudly lifts his h ea d towards the Abzu. The stroke-callers, like h ea venly gamgam birds, ……. Prosperity was made to burgeon in h ea ven and on ea rth for the gr ea t prince who travels in the Land.

Enki decreed its fate:. Like h ea ven itself, your just matrix, in which gods too can be born, is beyond r ea ch. Giving birth to kings who put on the good diadem, giving birth to lords who w ea r the crown on their h ea ds -- your lord, the honoured lord, sits with An the king on An's dais. Your king, the Gr ea t Mountain, Father Enlil, the father of all the lands, has blocked you impenetrably? The Anuna, the gr ea t gods, have taken up dwellings in your midst, and consume their food in your giguna shrines among the unique and exceptional trees.

Household Sumer, may your sheepfolds be built and your cattle multiply, may your giguna touch the skies. May your good temples r ea ch up to h ea ven. May the Anuna determine the destinies in your midst. May your perfect powers be well-directed. The Gr ea t Mountain Enlil has pronounced your name gr ea t in h ea ven and on ea rth. City whose fate Enki has decreed, sanctuary of Urim, you shall rise high to h ea ven!

Chairs made from them will grace royal palaces! May your reeds be gr ea t reeds, may they ……! Heroes shall …… them on the battlefield as w ea pons! May your bulls be gr ea t bulls, may they be bulls of the mountains! May their bellowing be the bellowing of wild bulls of the mountains! The gr ea t powers of the gods shall be made perfect for you!

May the francolins of the mountains w ea r cornelian b ea rds! May your birds all be p ea cocks! May their cries grace royal palaces! May all your silver be gold! May all your copper be tin-bronze! Land, may all you possess be plentiful! May your people ……! May your men go forth like bulls against their fellow men! He placed Ninsikila in charge of it. He gave …… for the fish spawn, ate its …… fish, bestowed palms on the cultivated land, ate its dates. The king endowed with strength by Enlil destroyed their houses, demolished? He brought their silver and lapis-lazuli, their tr ea sure, to Enlil, king of all the lands, in Nibru.

He was like a wild cow mooing for its young in the wild grass, its scorpion-infested cow-pen. The Tigris …… at his side like a rampant bull. By lifting his penis, he brought a bridal gift.

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The Tigris rejoiced in its h ea rt like a gr ea t wild bull, when it was born ……. It brought water, flowing water indeed: its wine will be sweet. It brought barley, mottled barley indeed: the people will ea t it. It filled the E-kur, the house of Enlil, with all sorts of things. Enlil was delighted with Enki, and Nibru was glad.

The lord put on the diadem as a sign of lordship, he put on the good crown as a sign of kingship, touching the ground on his left side. Plenty came forth out of the ea rth for him. Enki placed in charge of all this him from whose net no fish escapes, him from whose trap no living thing escapes, him from whose bird-net no bird escapes, 1 line uncl ea r -- ……, who loves fish. He established a shrine in the s ea , a holy shrine, whose interior is elaborately constructed. The shrine, whose interior is a tangled thr ea d, is beyond understanding. The shrine's emplacement is situated by the constellation the Field, the holy upper shrine's emplacement faces towards the Chariot constellation.

Its terrifying s ea is a rising wave, its splendour is f ea rsome. The Anuna gods dare not approach it. The Anuna stand by with prayers and supplications. They set up a gr ea t altar for Enki in the E-engura, for the lord ……. The gr ea t prince ……. He …… as floating clouds. He made …… rising at the horizon. He turned the mounds into fields ……. The gr ea t prince Enki bestowed the horned oxen that follow the …… tools, he opened up the holy furrows, and made the barley grow on the cultivated fields.

Enki placed in charge of them the lord who w ea rs the diadem, the ornament of the high plain, him of the implements, the farmer of Enlil -- Enkimdu, responsible for ditches and dykes. Enki made chickp ea s, lentils and …… grow. Enki multiplied the stockpiles and stacks, and with Enlil's help he enhanced the people's prosperity. Enki placed in charge of all this her whose h ea d and body are dappled, whose face is covered in syrup, the mistress who causes sexual intercourse, the power of the Land, the life of the black-h ea ded -- Ezina, the good br ea d of the whole world.

He penetrated the …… like precious oil. Enki placed in charge of them him whose sharp-bladed hoe is a corpse-devouring snake that ……, whose brick mould in place is a tidy stack of hulled grain for the ewes -- Kulla, who …… bricks in the Land. The gr ea t prince put down the foundations, and laid the bricks. Enki placed in charge of all this him whose foundations once laid do not sag, whose good houses once built do not collapse? He fastened a lapis-lazuli b ea rd to the high plain, and made it w ea r a lapis-lazuli h ea ddress.

He made this good place perfect with greenery in abundance. He multiplied the animals of the high plain to an appropriate degree, he multiplied the ibex and wild goats of the pastures, and made them copulate. He made the plain, cr ea ted for greenery, achieve prosperity. Enlil was delighted with Enki and Nibru was glad.

He demarcated borders and fixed boundaries. For the Anuna gods, Enki situated dwellings in cities and disposed agricultural land into fields. Enki gr ea tly perfected the task of women. For Enki, the people …… in …… garments. Enki placed in charge of them the honour of the palace, the dignity of the king -- Uttu, the conscientious woman, the silent one. Why did you tr ea t me, the woman, in an exceptional manner?

I am holy Inana -- where are my functions? She is to be the mistress of h ea ven. She is to stand beside An and sp ea k to him whenever she desires. The lapis-lazuli m ea suring tape is to hang over her arm. She is to proclaim all the gr ea t powers. She is to demarcate boundaries and mark borders. She is to be the scribe of the Land. The planning of the gods' m ea ls is to be in her hands.

She is to be responsible for accepting delectable fish and delicious birds from there to go to Nibru for her father Enlil. Goddess, how have I disparaged you? How can I enhance you? Maiden Inana, how have I disparaged you? I made you sp ea k as a woman with pl ea sant voice. I made you go forth …….

I covered …… with a garment. I made you exchange its right side and its left side. I clothed you in garments of women's power. I put women's speech in your mouth. I placed in your hands the spindle and the hairpin. I …… to you women's adornment. I settled on you the staff and the crook, with the shepherd's stick beside them. Amongst the ominous ocurrences in the hurly-burly of battle, I shall make you sp ea k vivifying words; and in its midst, although you are not an arabu bird" a bird of ill omen , I shall make you sp ea k ill-omened words also.

I made you tangle straight thr ea ds; maiden Inana, I made you straighten out tangled thr ea ds. I made you put on garments, I made you dress in linen. I made you pick out the tow from the fibres, I made you spin with the spindle. I made you colour tufted? Inana, you destroy what should not be destroyed; you cr ea te what should not be cr ea ted. You never grow w ea ry with admirers looking at you. Maiden Inana, you know nothing of tying the ropes on deep wells. In his overflowing h ea rt of mankind," 4 lines uncl ea r "…… lapis-lazuli h ea ddress …… is your prerogative, …… is your prerogative, …… is your prerogative, …… is your prerogative.

Enki's journey to Nibru: c. Its silver and lapis lazuli were the shining daylight. Into the shrine of the abzu he brought joy. He built the temple from precious metal, decorated it with lapis lazuli, and covered it abundantly with gold. In Eridug, he built the house on the bank. Its brickwork makes utterances and gives advice. Its ea ves roar like a bull; the temple of Enki bellows.

During the night the temple praises its lord and offers its best for him. He goes to the brick building and addresses it: "Temple, built from precious metal and lapis lazuli; whose foundation pegs are driven into the abzu; which has been cared for by the prince in the abzu!

Like the Tigris and the Euphrates, it is mighty and awe-inspiring? Joy has been brought into Enki's abzu. Your bolt is a f ea rsome lion. Your roof b ea ms are the bull of h ea ven, an artfully made bright h ea dg ea r. Your reed-mats are like lapis lazuli, decorating the roof-b ea ms. Your stairway is a lion coming down on a man.

Your lord has directed his steps towards you. Enki, lord of the abzu, has embellished your foundation pegs with cornelian. He has adorned you with …… and? The temple of Enki is provisioned with holy wax? E-engura, which Enki has surrounded with a holy reed fence! In your midst a lofty throne is erected, your door-jamb is the holy locking bar of h ea ven.

Abzu, life of the Land, beloved of Enki! Temple built on the edge, befitting the artful divine powers! Eridug, your shadow extends over the midst of the s ea! Rising s ea without a rival; mighty awe-inspiring river which terrifies the Land! E-engura, high citadel? Temple at the edge of the engur, a lion in the midst of the abzu; lofty temple of Enki, which bestows wisdom on the Land; your cry, like that of a mighty rising river, r ea ches?

King Enki. The …… resounded by themselves with a sweet sound. His shrine? When Enki rises, the fish rise before him like waves. He has the abzu stand as a marvel, as he brings joy into the engur. The Euphrates rises before him as it does before the fierce south wind. When Enki embarks, the y ea r will be full of abundance.

The ship departs of its own accord, with tow rope held? As he l ea ves the temple of Eridug, the river gurgles? Enki r ea ched for? He had liquor poured into big bronze containers, and had emmer-wh ea t beer pressed out? In kukuru containers which make the beer good he mixed beer-mash. By adding date-syrup to its taste? He …… its bran-mash. He s ea ted An at the h ea d of the table and s ea ted Enlil next to An. He s ea ted Nintur in the place of honour and s ea ted the Anuna gods at the adjacent places?

All of them were drinking and enjoying beer and liquor. They made the tilimda vessels shine like holy barges. After beer and liquor had been libated and enjoyed, and after …… from the house, Enlil was made happy in Nibru. My son, King Enki has built up the temple! He has built it in a pl ea sant place, in Eridug, the pure place, where no one is to enter -- a temple built with silver and decorated with lapis lazuli, a house which tunes the seven tigi drums properly, and provides incantations; where holy songs make all of the house a lovely place -- the shrine of the abzu, the good destiny of Enki, befitting the elaborate divine powers; the temple of Eridug, built with silver: for all this, Father Enki be praised!

Enlil and Ninlil: c. Nibru was the city, the one we live in. Kar-asar is its quay where boats make fast. Pu-lal is its freshwater well. Id-nunbir-tum is its branching canal, and if one m ea sures from there, its cultivated land is 50 sar ea ch way. Enlil was one of its young men, and Ninlil was one its young women. The river is holy -- don't bathe in it! Ninlil, don't walk along the bank of the Id-nunbir-tum! His eye is bright, the lord's eye is bright, he will look at you!

The Gr ea t Mountain, Father Enlil -- his eye is bright, he will look at you! The shepherd who decides all destinies -- his eye is bright, he will look at you! Straight away he will want to have intercourse, he will want to kiss! He will be happy to pour lusty semen into the womb, and then he will l ea ve you to it! The river is holy; the woman bathed in the holy river. As Ninlil walked along the bank of the Id-nunbir-tum, his eye was bright, the lord's eye was bright, he looked at her.

The Gr ea t Mountain, Father Enlil -- his eye was bright, he looked at her. The shepherd who decides all destinies -- his eye was bright, he looked at her. The king said to her," I want to have sex with you! Enlil said to her," I want to kiss you! My lips are young, they do not know kissing.

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If my mother l ea rns of it, she will slap my hand! If my father l ea rns of it, he will lay hands on me! But right now, no one will stop me from telling this to my girl friend! What do you wish? The lord, floating downstr ea m to …… -- he was actually to have intercourse with her, he was actually to kiss her! He actually had intercourse with her, he actually kissed her.

As Enlil was going about in the Ki-ur, the fifty gr ea t gods and the seven gods who decide destinies had Enlil arrested in the Ki-ur. Nunamnir, the ritually impure, left the city. Nunamnir, ritually impure, l ea ve the city! Ninlil followed. Nunamnir went, the maiden chased him. Keeper of the barrier! Keeper of the holy barrier! When your lady Ninlil comes, if she asks after me, don't tell her where I am! When did your lord Enlil go by? Enlil has not talked with me at all, O loveliest one. You can fill my womb once it is empty -- Enlil, lord of all the lands, has had sex with me!

Just as Enlil is your lord, so am I your lady! The seed of Suen, the bright seed, is in my womb. Let my seed go downwards! Let my seed go downwards, inst ea d of my master's seed! He had intercourse with her there, he kissed her there.

How we set our goals has everything to do with whether or not we achieve them.

Enlil approached the man of the Id-kura river of the underworld , the man- ea ting river. When your lady Ninlil comes, if she asks after me, don't you tell her where I am! Enlil answered as the man of the Id-kura: "My lord has not talked with me at all, O loveliest one. At this one intercourse, at this one kissing he poured into her womb the seed of Ninazu, the king who stretches m ea suring lines over the fields.

Enlil approached SI. IGI, the man of the ferryboat. IGI, my man of the ferryboat! Enlil answered as the man SI. IGI: "My lord has not talked with me at all, O loveliest one. You can fill my womb once it is empty -- Enlil, king of all the lands, has had sex with me! IGI, got her to lie down in the chamber. At this one intercourse, at this one kissing he poured into her womb the seed of Enbilulu, the inspector of canals. You are king! Enlil, you are lord! Nunamnir, you are lord! You are supreme lord, you are powerful lord!

Lord who makes flax grow, lord who makes barley grow, you are lord of h ea ven, lord plenty, lord of the ea rth! You are lord of the ea rth, lord plenty, lord of h ea ven! Enlil in h ea ven, Enlil is king! His primordial utterances will not be changed! Enlil and Sud: c. The …… of the young girl burgeoned, and she became full of flourishing b ea uty. In the …… of Nisaba, at the gate of the E-zagin, …… she stood, the object of admiration, like a tall, b ea utifully shaped cow.

As he looked around there, he found the woman of his choice. He approached her and, overflowing with joy, engaged her in conversation: "I will make you perfect in a queen's dress; after standing in the street, you will be ……. How impressed I am by your b ea uty, even if you are a shameless person!

What are your intentions? Why have you come here? Enlil …… answered Sud, …… standing closer to her: "Come, I want to sp ea k to you! I will have a talk with you about your becoming my wife. Kiss me, my lady of most b ea utiful eyes -- the matter rests in your hands.

He called for Nuska. Do not delay! Rep ea t to her what I am going to tell you: "I am a young man, I have sent this message to you because of my wish: I want to take your daughter as wife. Give me your consent. I will send you presents in my name, …… my marriage gifts. The name of your daughter shall become Ninlil, and all the foreign countries shall …… it.

I will give her the Ki-ur to be her beloved private quarters. She shall determine fates. She shall apportion the divine powers among the Anuna, the gr ea t gods. And as for you, I will place in your hands the lives of the black-h ea ded people. Do not go to her empty-handed, but take her some jewellery in your left hand. Waste no time. Return with her answer quickly. He entered E-zagin, the residence of Nanibgal a name of Nisaba and prostrated himself before Nanibgal on her dais.

What you have told me ……. Who like you could give counsel daily to the Gr ea t Mountain? How could I contest the king's message which his slave has received? If there is truth in what you have told me -- and may there be no falsehood -- who could reject one who bestows such exceedingly gr ea t favours?

Let us consider that amends have been made. By bringing the marriage gifts and the presents in his name the insult is wiped away. Tell him: "You shall become my son-in-law; do as you wish! Aruru shall become Sud's sister-in-law: let her be shown the household. Inform your lord thus in his august Ki-ur. Rep ea t this to Enlil in the privacy of his holy bedchamber. The minister opened his left hand and gave her the jewellery, …… everything …… and set it before her.

She received the gifts ……. He …… directed his steps to Nibru. He raised his h ea d ……, and animals came running. He caught …… living in the mountains, he made wild bulls, red deer, elephants, fallow deer, gazelles, b ea rs, wild sheep and rams, lynxes, foxes, wild cats, tigers, mountain sheep, water buffaloes, monkeys, and thick-horned fat cattle jostle together noisily. The dust from their march r ea ched high into the sky like rain clouds.

The rest …… on the outlying roads ……. May he embrace you, the most b ea utiful of all, and tell you: "Beloved, open wide! When you enter the house to live there, may abundance precede you, and may joy follow you. May the people line up for you wherever you go, and may all the people …… for you.

She brought her into the E-kur, the house of Enlil, and ……. In the sleeping quarters, in the flowered bed …… like a fragrant cedar forest, Enlil made? He presented her with ……, everything ……, and ……. May my b ea utiful wife, who was born by holy Nisaba, be Ezina, the growing grain, the life of Sumer. The height of the y ea r is marked with your new prime flax and your new prime grain; Enlil and Ninlil procr ea te them? The scribal art, the tablets decorated with writing, the stylus, the tablet board, reckoning and calculating, adding and subtracting, the shining m ea suring rope, the ……, the h ea d of the surveyor's peg, the m ea suring rod, the marking of the boundaries, and the …… are fittingly in your hands.

The farmer? Woman, the proudest among the Gr ea t Princes, ……, from now on, Sud …… Ninlil ……. Enter ……! And may abundance precede you ……! May the people line up for you ……; may all the people …… for you. She brought her into the shining E-kur, and poured the best perfume over her face. In the sleeping quarters, in the flowered bed fragrant like a cedar forest, Enlil made?

He sat her? The lord whose statements are powerful also determined a fate for the Lady Aruru , the woman of his favour; he gave her the name Nintur, the 'Lady who gives birth', the 'Lady who spr ea ds her knees'. He made b ea utiful En-batibira's perhaps a name of Aruru countenance, ……. He presented her with the …… of a mistress, everything pertaining to women that no man must see, and …….

May my favourite wife, who was born by holy Nisaba, be Ezina, the grain, the life of the Land. When she app ea rs in the furrows like a b ea utiful young girl, may …… be her provider, watering her with water from the ground, as she grows prime grain and prime flax …… 1 line uncl ea r …… the harvest crop …… the gr ea t festival of Enlil ……. The farmer entrusted cultivation into your hands.

Proud woman, surpassing the mountains! You who always fulfil your desires -- from now on, Sud, Enlil is the king and Ninlil is the queen. The goddess without name has a famous name now, …… 1 line uncl ea r May it be you who determine that destiny …… attends to it …….

Haji Nanna Biriyani, Dhaka City

Inana and Enki: c. She praised herself, full of delight at her genitals, she praised herself, full of delight at her genitals. She looked at ……, she looked at ……, she looked at ……. I shall utter a pl ea to Lord Enki. Like the sweet oil of the cedar, who will …… for my holy …… perfume? It shall never escape me that I have been neglected by him who has had sex. Come here! I will ……, …… do. The maiden …… the abzu and Eridug, Inana …… the abzu and Eridug ……. When the maiden Inana has entered the abzu and Eridug, when Inana has entered the abzu and Eridug, offer her butter cake to ea t.

Let her be served cool refreshing water. Pour beer for her, in front of the Lions' Gate, make her feel as if she is in her girlfriend's house, make her …… as a coll ea gue. You are to welcome holy Inana at the holy table, at the table of An. He let the maiden into the abzu and Eridug. He let Inana into the abzu and Eridug. When the maiden had entered the abzu and Eridug, when Inana had entered the abzu and Eridug, she got butter cake to ea t. They poured cool refreshing water for her, and they gave her beer to drink, in front of the Lions' Gate.

He made her feel as if she was in her girlfriend's house, and made her …… as a coll ea gue.

He welcomed holy Inana at the holy table, at the table of An. He has given me the craft of the coppersmith. He has given me the craft of the scribe. He has given me the craft of the smith. He has given me the craft of the l ea ther-worker. He has given me the craft of the fuller.

Eat Elephant

He has given me the craft of the builder. He has given me the craft of the reed-worker. What is your wish? The Boat of H ea ven had alr ea dy left the quay. As the effects of the beer cl ea red from him who had drunk beer, from him who had drunk beer, as the effects of the beer cl ea red from Father Enki who had drunk beer, the gr ea t lord Enki turned his attention to the …… building. The lord looked up at the abzu. King Enki turned his attention to Eridug.

They said: "By the bolt of the temple door, a frog spoke. Enki grasped the frog by his right paw. He showed him into his holy ……. He gave …… to the bird of h ea ven. He gave …… to the fish of the subterran ea n waters. The enkum are to take the Boat of H ea ven away from her! Your father has sent me to you. Inana, your father has sent me to you. What your father said was very serious. What Enki spoke was very serious. His important words cannot be countermanded. Why should his important words not be countermanded?

How could he have altered his promise as far as I am concerned? How could he have discredited his important words to me? Was it falsehood that my father said to me, did he sp ea k falsely to me? Has he sworn falsely by the name of his power and by the name of his abzu? Has he duplicitously sent you to me as a messenger? My fair-spoken minister!

My envoy of reliable words! Water has never touched your hand, water has never touched your feet! The fifty giants of Eridug are to take the Boat of H ea ven away from her! MA hill. All the gr ea t fish together …… are to take the Boat of H ea ven away from her! The Surungal canal …… are to take the Boat of H ea ven away from her! A seventh time …… 1 line fragmentary The gr ea t princely scion, holy ……. Holy Inana …… the Boat of H ea ven. Holy Inana at that time ……. Now there will be rejoicing in our city, now there will be rejoicing in our city.

It shall pass along the street magnificently. The people shall stand in the street full of awe. He shall recite gr ea t prayers. The king shall slaughter bulls, shall sacrifice sheep. He shall pour beer from a bowl. The foreign lands shall declare my gr ea tness. My people shall utter my praise. It r ea ched the maiden's house, and she …… its place. At the Agrun Chamber ……. Holy Inana …… the Boat of H ea ven ……. Holy Inana ……. May the citizens of your city, Inana, the citizens of Unug, live ……!

And as for you, Enki -- may …… your city, Eridug ……, and has indeed restored ……. Like a huge wild bull you triumph over lands which are hostile. Like a f ea rsome lion you pacify the insubordinate and unsubmissive with your gall. I shall take an axe to its evil-doing. I shall make Gibil, the purifier, do his work at its watercourses.

I shall spr ea d this terror through the inaccessible mountain range Aratta. She bedecked her foreh ea d with terror and f ea rsome radiance. She arranged cornelian rosettes around her holy throat. He filled the s ea t of honour of h ea ven. Lend your ea r to my words. An has made me terrifying throughout h ea ven. Owing to you my word has no rival in h ea ven or on ea rth. At the limits of h ea ven are the silig w ea pon, the antibal and mansium emblems. Because it did not act appropriately on its own initiative, because it did not put its nose to the ground, because it did not rub its lips in the dust, may I fill my hand with the soaring mountain range and make it l ea rn f ea r of me.

Let me take an axe to its evil-doing. Let me make Gibil, the purifier, do his work at its watercourses. Let me spr ea d this terror through the inaccessible mountain range Aratta. It has spr ea d f ea r among the holy dwellings of the Anuna deities. Its f ea rsomeness is terrible and weighs upon the Land. The mountain range's radiance is terrible and weighs upon all the lands. Its arrogance extends grandly to the centre of h ea ven. Its magnificent trees, a crown in the h ea vens, …… stand as a wonder to behold.

It makes wild rams and stags freely abundant. It stands wild bulls in flourishing grass. Deer couple among the cypress trees of the mountain range. The mountain range's radiance is terrible -- maiden Inana, you cannot oppose it. She brought out magnificent battle and called up a gr ea t storm. Holy Inana r ea ched for the quiver. She raised a towering flood with evil silt. She stirred up an evil raging wind with potsherds.

From its sides and crevices gr ea t serpents spat venom. She damned its forests and cursed its trees. She killed its oak trees with drought. She poured fire on its flanks and made its smoke dense. The goddess established authority over the mountain. Holy Inana did as she wished. As with a gr ea t wild bull I have brought you to the ground by your thick horns.

As with a bull I have forced your gr ea t strength to the ground and pursued you savagely. I have made t ea rs the norm in your eyes. I have placed laments in your h ea rt. Birds of sorrow are building nests on these flanks. On my right side he has placed a w ea pon. On my left side a …… is placed. My anger, a harrow with gr ea t teeth, has torn the mountain apart. To detect falsehood and justice, to inspect the Land closely, to identify the criminal against the just, she went up into the mountains.

What further did one add to the other in detail? Inana left h ea ven, left the ea rth and climbed up into the mountains.