Paroles de la Guerre dAlgérie (Hors Collection) (French Edition)

The Algerian War and the French Army, 1954–62
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Organized by A. Le Prince art publisher, Paris dated: A French soldier kneels in rubble in front of a cloud of smoke and waves a small red and white flag. Jonas Imp. Running beside the oxen is a woman holding a spear and an olive branch. A soldier in the foreground is looking at this scene. Too large for folder — folded in half. Lapina, Paris, France Advertisement for art exhibition Admission, 1 franc. Sundays and public holidays, 50 centimes. Recital and lecture days, 3 francs. Official opening, 9 May, 5 francs. Devambez Imp. This performance was to benefit the Franco-Holland war fund.

Chachoin, Imp. It is gold for France. Red and white tablecloth, red, white, and blue striped wallpaper and a circle flowered border around the image. Woodrow Wilson Paris, France 90 x When the enemy gathers his forces to continue the war, it is important to provide all the coal plants that need to forge weapons for France… text continues black and white text only; no images Paris, France City of Paris Paris, France Republic of France x A cannon surrounded by soldiers is in the background.

Abel Truchet H. Take war bonds. Underneath it are bank notes. It's needed for our commerce. The image is surrounded by a French red- white-and-blue ribbon as a border. Gold fights for victory. On the coin is a bas-relief of a rooster which appears to be escaping the surface of the coin to attack the soldier. The top right corner with the word "or" is missing. Abel Faivre Devambez, Imp. Beside her stands a young girl, weeping. In the background are the smoking ruins of a destroyed village.

Maurice Chabas Devambez, Imp. Two nurses in background, one is painting the Red Cross symbol on a package. Jonas Lapina, Imp. Aid for the sick and wounded discharged without pension. The soldier in the foreground has his hands crossed and the soldier in the background is wearing a cap. Renouard H. Fund affiliated with the French Red Cross Fund] A seated soldier writing a letter with his head resting on one hand. Fund affiliated with the French Red Cross Fund] A seated soldier writing a letter with his head resting on one hand J.

Champenois, Imp. Paris, France French Red Cross French Red Cross. Help us to care for our wounded. Buy stamps with the heads of our Generals. A second orderly applies a bandage to the head of a French 'poilu' as he re-loads his rifle. A tattered Red Cross flag flies from a tree in the background. Jonas I.

Lapina, Imp. In the background is a silhouette of a battlefield. In her right hand she holds a Red Cross symbol above her head. She holds a U. Devambez Grav. Paris, France American Red Cross Jacques Carlu G. Bataille, Imp. Paris, France American Red Cross 78 x On the inside as well as in the armed force, no suffering is indifferent to the American Red Cross. Achetez le Timbre de la Croix-Rouge 15c. French Republic 10c. Red Cross post 15c.. Buy the 15c. Red Cross stamp. The Society's offices in the devastated villages. Above left is a small image of the village before to the war.

Jonas Devambez, Imp. They help men to fight, to live, to hope. A shield featuring an American eagle emblem and a shield featuring a French cockerel are also placed at the top of the columns. A laurel and oak leaf wreath decorated with a red, white and blue ribbon is draped over the architrave. Coquemer, Imp. Paris, France Y. Bare trees and artillery are in the snow-covered foreground. Warshawsky Coquemer, Imp. The French-American Union. Dorival Geo. Dorival, Atelier Paris, France Y.

A heavily-laden soldier makes his way towards a warmly-lit barracks on the outskirts of a demolished city. Philman] W. Bunley Y. Title in English but published in Paris Image of small boats and large ship at the Bordeaux docks; stacks of supplies on the pier; horsedrawn wagons being loaded; city building in the background; civilians and woman flower vendor watching the ships from a raised area.

Milton Bancroft "Sketched on spot by Y. Canteen Image is a canteen entrance with soldiers below an arch including one on horseback; the street is strewn with rubble. Army divisions. War Images taken with the permission of the military authority. March 11 — April 1 inclusive. Illegible Devambez, Imp. Quarter-length depictions of a British soldier smoking a pipe and an American soldier smoking a cigar. Documents - photographs - posters - paintings - drawings relating to German crimes.

Jouas H. From 1 to 30 October At Georges Petit [address]. Organized by the 'Souvenez-Vous' [Remember] League [address]. Price of admission: Sundays 50 centimes - Weekdays 1 franc - from 10 to 12 a. For the benefit of the League's propaganda work. He is leading a downcast woman by the arm along the street, along with several other adults huddled close by, most of whom carry small suitcases.

A crowd of upset onlookers in the background are guarded by further German soldiers. Jonas H. Society of Rouen Artists. Works by the painter Philippe Zacharie. Artists invited, M. Brangwyn, Prinet, Lucien Simon and Belgian artists. Open daily from 10 am to 4 pm. Every Sunday, concert by French, English, Belgian bands. Poster in both English and French A French prisoner of war leaning on a shovel and covering his eyes with his left hand.

Behind him a group of prisoners carrying sacks and work tools march into the distance guarded by German soldiers. In the background are barbed wire fences. Pierre Lucas L. Wolf, Imp. Allies' Cinema Concert. Sundays and public holidays. Two matinees: 2 and 4. Continuous admission. American Bar. There is a cancelled stamp on the top left of the poster. Were they taxed? Half-length depictions of five show-girls in a chorus line. Each girl represents an Allied nation by wearing its national flag and its soldier's cap. Dola Strl. All the children for the children.

Paris, France Union de France pour la Belgique Dulin U. Army Devambez, Grav. Ackeim Lapina, Imp. Paris, France Advertisement Buttner-Thierry, Imp. Au profit des oeuvres de guerre.

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To benefit the workers of the war. Jardin des Tuileries. Henri Dangon H. Charriere H. The "Yankee Specials. Everybody welcome. Show staged and produced by Mary Lawton, Y. Open November 3 to December 16, Henry De Groux H. Paris, France Adv. Exhibition organized by charity. Aid to the disabled. Decorative Arts Museum] Jan A Polish soldier in ceremonial uniform sits on a rearing horse while playing a trumpet. A line of Polish soldiers stand in front of him also playing trumpets. Boleslus Burko Devambez, Imp. Paris, France L'oeuvre de Propagande de la Ligue Display of prize-winners' works with the participation of the leading artists of Paris.

Poetry, songs, sketches, etc. The central soldier wears a sheep-skin and has numerous water canteens slung across his chest. LeRoy Lapina, Imp. Organized for the benefit of the exhibitors and the Artists' Fraternity. Robert de Coninck H. A charity matinee performance to benefit widows and orphans.

Sale to benefit the fund to clothe prisoners of war. Nine coats of arms of Belgian regions are placed along the bottom and two medallions are located lower left and lower right. Paris, France Advertisement for Galeries Lafayette A sale on behalf of the association for relief to wounded or ailing soldiers. Restrain your demands to speed up victory. Don't throw a gram of bread away. Cut down on your food intake by grams a day. That would be enough to increase the arrival of American reinforcements by a division a month.

By saving on your food you will save our soldiers months in the trenches. A French merchant sailor stands at the end of the pier where his small row boat is tied up. He holds out his arms as he tries to decide whether to take the corn or the soldier on his boat. In the background, the sun rises behind the Statue of Liberty.

Cut your sugar in half today so you will have some for tomorrow. While he is talking to the farming couple, his hand points to the viewer, asking the whole nation for help as he defends the borders of France. Haulor Pichot, Imp. William Malherbe Devambez, Imp. Resist the seductions of the street…] dated: At the left is a soldier embracing a woman "of the street.

Chaix, Imp. Rapeno Devambez, Imp. A group of soldiers sit facing a screen to watch a movie. Sydney Adamson Devambez, Imp. Paris, France American Red Cross. Commission for the Prevention of Tuberculosis in France She is leading a crusade against tuberculosis and infant mortality. Support her! A woman holding the symbol of the youth of France, a naked child, who is wearing a Phrygian cap. Auguste Leroux Devambez, Imp.

In background are flowering trees. It is tuberculosis that must be vanquished. In the sky above hangs a large dark cloud. Dorival G. Let us not rest on our laurels. Tuberculosis threatens us. It must be defeated. A hand is holding a thread that is tied to a knife labeled "La Tuberculose" suspended over laurel branches. The snake is dripping venom. The German eagle will be vanquished and tuberculosis must be too.

The eagle grabs the sword with its talon, as blood drips from its wound. A crown lies upside down next to the eagle's head. Capon Geo. August 15, To benefit the war charities of the Department of [Calvados]. December 25 and 26, Organized by Parliament.

Behind them is a sewing machine, and a tipped chair; a little dog is in the left-hand corner. Caption: Enfin seuls. Alone at last. Willette Devambez, Imp. Through the smoke rise images of battle-weary troops. October 31 - November 1, Organized by the Parliament. With you and by you we will vow to save France. He became premier of France for a short while in One has a rose in his mouth. Maurice Neumont Devambez, Imp. The title and accompanying text are incorporated into a decorative border of yellow, red and dark blue North African patterns, which frames the main text.

Raffle…] The title and accompanying text are incorporated into a decorative border of yellow, red and dark blue North African patterns, which frames the main text. Paquetage du soldat. The soldier's kit. January 23, In the center is a train. On the left are two soldiers at the front. One has outstretched arms reaching for the supplies that are falling from the sky. Paris, France 78 x Pour les combattants. July 14, For the soldiers. At the bottom is a sketch of a French soldier. The French flagpole has a spike on the top; the Serbian flagpole has a crown.

Both flagpoles have a ribbon of their national colours attached. The rest is text. Villain et Bar, Imp. February 4, For the exclusive benefit of the Department's war charities. Abel Truchet Devambez, Imp. An appeal to the people] black and white text only; no images not an exact match Marcel Picard, Imp.

Small children dressed in soldiers' uniforms standing at attention while wounded soldiers walk by them. Paris, France Oeuvres de Guerre Anniversary of the Battle of Kossovo. King Peter is being transported across the bridge. The Battle of Kossovo was the last battle lost by the Serbians before they were forced to migrate into the Albanian mountains for the winter. Charles Fouqueray Devambez, Imp. June 25, Organized by parliament. Paris, France June 25, ] Serbians both military and civilian personnel crossing the River Drina into Albania or what is now Yugoslavia.

Let us save them. A woman's hands rest on his shoulders. Very fragile — piece missing from bottom text. If one had done away with alcohol] A street scene in which a man in uniform looks at another man who leans on a lamp post. The man leaning on the post has a beard and a bottle protrudes from his coat pocket. Two vultures are at the bottom. Text and image is framed by palm trees. Six small thumbnails run along the bottom of the benefits of the Americans joining the war. Above him the crowned female figure of Resistance rises from the smoke, wearing a cloak and breastplate, and armed with a rifle.

The smaller image shows a German eagle tearing up a treaty. Robida The revolution in Russia in left Russia's army in chaos and put the Bolsheviks in power. The Bolsheviks made the decision to take Russia out of the war and the Romanians made the same decision. The woman from Lorraine brings the flag up to her lips to kiss it. Henri Royer Lapina, Imp. In the background is a partial map of France. The map shows the Hindenburg Line in red ink.

Their culture. Never forget German crimes] dated: black and white A mother and child kneel beside a despoiled grave. Behind them, a German soldier, carrying a pickaxe and a bag of booty, walks away. In the background are damaged trees and buildings. Bertrand, Imp. Paris, France 98 x Paris, France 65 x Nos morts pour la patrie. Those who have died for our country. This is France! They are on a hill overlooking a cemetery full of soldier' graves. Jonas J. Cussak, Imp. Paris, France 44 x A reminder that they are one and the same person after the war. In the background, dark clouds symbolising German world domination are dissipated by the sun, which is labelled "no" and symbolises a balance of power between the world powers.

The first map shows the border before ; the second shows the areas occupied by Prussia in the Franco-Prussian War of ; the third shows the areas occupied by Germany in Langlois, Imp. Five white doves, each wearing a Pickelhaube, fly above.

Guenot Soleil - Albertine - Books in French and English New-York

Nothing German! Nothing from the Germans] Marianne, the personification of France, gesturing toward the Rheims cathedral burning in the background. Lemielle Chaix-Paris, Imp. Preys C. Maurice Neumont P. Gallais et Cie, Imp. Paris, France 59 x Charles A. Michel 56 x In liberated Alsace young girls willingly make sacrifices to hasten the liberation of the part of Alsace still annexed [to Germany].

Follow their example. Twice have I resisted and triumphed over the Marne. Poison gas was first used in World War I. The phrase "they shall not pass"' is said to have originated with General Robert Nivelle at the battle of Verdun in Perched on top of the rock is the Imperial eagle and the Iron Cross. He holds a staff in his left hand.

A fallen man is slumped over at his feet and there is a crowd of people behind him, most of whom appear to be women. Langlois Paris, France 65 x On the left side is seen the German tanks and bullets. On the right side is seen a family working in the fields.

Les Pieds-noirs

The obverse shows an airship surrounded by French forces on horseback and on foot. The reverse shows a French cockerel bowing to a German eagle. Motti, Imp. A reported twelve hospital ships were sunk by the Germans either by mistake, due to unclear markings of the ships, or intentionally by German submarines. Berger-Levrault, Imp. Photographie prise par un aviateur de liaison, au-dessus du champ de bataille de la Somme, en octobre. Devambez, Imp. The furnace explodes as the uniformed Bolshevik turns away, a flaming torch in his hand.

In the background, smoke rises from a village and from a factory, both of which are on fire. Cappiello Vercasson, Imp. Some of the soldiers keep watch, while others are preparing to build a barricade. A French infantryman crouches with a rifle to the side of Marianne. In the background, men carry red flags alongside the flags of France, Canada and the United States of America. Reni-Mel J. Goosens, Imp. Paris, France x She has two laurel wreathes in her raised left hand and carries a laurel branch in her right hand.

Four more wreaths fall from the sky. Some soldiers lie dead or wounded. One wounded French soldier turns to the viewer, raises his fist and shouts. In the background, a German soldier throws a grenade. Atamain Andre Devambez Devambez, Imp. Advertisement for the daily republican newspaper La Justice, founded in by Georges Clemenceau. Pichon Joseph Charles, Imp. Clemenceau] C.

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Charles Duvent President Woodrow Wilson L'Illustration Lloyd George dated: black and white Illustration of U. General Petain Photo: H. Manuel Devambez, Gr. Marshal Joffre Photo: H. Marshal Foch Photo: H. The signature is illegible. The Swiss flag shield and the American Stars and Stripes shield are side-by-side at the top. The following is the version as originally performed by Marcel Mouloudji, with all the changes Boris Vian and Marcel Mouloudji themselves had been constantly making to get through the censorship imposed by French authorities; it was all in vain.

Un brano della lettera inviata da Boris Vian al consigliere municipale parigino Paul Faber, che l'aveva fatta censurare vedi Introduzione. Language: Italian. No, signor Faber, non cerchi l'insulto dove non esiste e, se lo trovate, sappiate che siete voi ad avercelo messo. Dico chiaramente quel che voglio dire; e mai ho voluto insultare gli ex combattenti delle due guerre, i resistenti tra i quali conto numerosi amici e i morti in guerra tra i quali ne contavo molti altri.

Quando insulto e non mi succede mai , lo faccio francamente, mi creda. Chi, come me, aveva vent'anni nel , ha ricevuto proprio un bel regalo di compleanno. Oggi ho trentaquattro anni, e le dico: se si tratta di difendere coloro che amo, combatterei immediatamente. Se si tratta di morire di napalm per una guerra ignobile, come oscura pedina in una mischia guidata da interessi politici, mi rifiuto e mi do alla macchia.

Language: English. No, Mr Faber, you should not look for an insult where it does not exist and, if you should find it, it is you who have put it there, I tell you. What I exactly mean does not allow misunderstanding: I have never wished to offend the veterans from both world wars, the Partisans I have many friends among them and the Victims of the war and, among them, I had many friends, too.

My insults are always frank and open-hearted, though very rare. I shall never insult people like myself, civilians who have been given a uniform only to be killed as things, and nothing more, and who have had their heads filled with empty words and pointless excuses. Only an idiot, not a hero, fights without knowing what is the fight for; a hero is he, who accepts death if he knows that it will be useful to the values he is defending.

The Deserter of my song does not know why; who will explain it to him? I do not know from which war you are a veteran; but, if you are a veteran from the First world war, so you must admit that you have more talent for war than for peace. Those, who, just like me, were twenty years old in , have been given a nice birthday present indeed.

I do not pretend to be counted among the brave: I have been rejected for a heart disease, I have not fought, I have not been deported, I have not collaborated; and I have remained four years a poor, half-starved idiot in the crowd, and I could not understand why one needs explanations to understand what is perfectly clear. I am thirty-four today, and I want to tell you: should I be called to defend those whom I love, I would fight straight away. But should I be ordered to die by napalm in an ignoble war, as an obscure pawn in a fight the true reasons of which are merely political interests and manoeuvres, so I will desert and take to the bush.

I will make my own war. I do grieve for them. Among them, who knows, there were great painters or great musicians and, no doubt, a lot of good people. De deux choses l'une : ancien combattant, vous battez-vous pour la paix ou pour le plaisir? Ou alors vous aimiez la guerre - et vous vous battiez pour le plaisir? Ainsi cette chanson qui combat ce contre quoi vous avez combattu, ne tentez pas, en jouant sur les mots de la faire passer pour ce qu'elle n'est pas : ce n'est pas de bonne guerre.

Et voudriez-vous m'expliquer ce que vous entendez, vous, par ancien combattant? Malheureusement, il en est d'autres. C'est bien leur tour. D'ailleurs, je pourrais vous chicaner. Je ne demande pas mieux que de le croire - encore faudrait-il que je vous connusse. Je veux bien suivre Faber, moi.

C'est plus dangereux que d'attaquer Vian. Je suis une cible commode ; vous ne risquez pas grand-chose. Et vous voyez, pourtant. Bien cordialement, Boris Vian. The first Italian version by Santo Catanuto. It is kept in the "International Proletarian Archive", in Milan. Santo Catanuto is a songwriter and the author together with Franco Schirone of an important study and survey of Italian Anarchist songs. Ho appena ricevuto la carta di chiamata per guerra dichiarata non so da chi e per chi. Illustre Presidente io non la voglio fare: non son qui per ammazzare altra gente come me.

Luigi Tenco et Dalida. Luigi Tenco and Dalida. Sanremo, La versione italiana di Luigi Tenco. It was left unperformed for a very long time, until it was performed for the first time in Sanremo on August 30, , by Enrico de Angelis kindly supported by Luigi Tenco's brother, Valentino , on an evening performance in memory of Boris Vian in the sphere of the 6th "Songwriter Show Festival" Rassegna della Canzone d'Autore organised every year by Club Tenco. The lyrics of Luigi Tenco's version had already been published in a magazine edited by the "Club Tenco" of Venice, so far as in Thanks to Enrico de Angelis.

La version italienne de Luigi Tenco. Luigi Tenco e Lucio Dalla. Luigi Tenco. La "prima ballata contro la globalizzazione"!!!! Da quando sono nato dei figli son partiti, dei padri son caduti davanti agli occhi miei. Al prigioniero poi han rubato la vita, han rubato la casa e tutto quel che ha. E se mi troverete, con me non porto armi: coraggio, su, gendarmi, sparate su di me. Versione italiana di Giorgio Calabrese []. Cantata, tra gli altri. Ivano Fossati. Ho avuto solo guai da quando sono nato e i figli che ho allevato han pianto insieme a me.

E dica pure ai suoi, se vengono a cercarmi, che possono spararmi, io armi non ne ho. Marmaja e Tupamaros - Il disertore B. Le loro storie in musica raccontano di desideri e di speranze, di emarginati e di emigrati, di sogni e di carovane in viaggio, con atmosfere sospese fra danze e umori di festa e il dolore della strada e della vita, con atmosfere sospese fra danze e umori di festa e il dolore della strada e della vita. Con altri gruppi e artisti italiani hanno partecipato alla compilation contro la guerra "Not in my name" del quotidiano "Liberazione" dove hanno interpretato una loro versione del brano-simbolo "Il disertore" di Boris Vian.

La numerosa, chiassosa. Giangilberto Monti. Boris Vian: Canzoni. Paolo Predieri , da Boris Vian, storia di un disertore. Pasini e L. Pasini et L. Pasini and L. I loro progetti vengono sviluppati alla luce del server, passo dopo passo, coordinati nel loro sito internet. Sostanzialmente, Terminale X non esiste.

Per contatti, info o per suonare con loro: bus3: bus3 artesottomarina. Terminale X. Alessio Lega. Signor Presidente, non voglio farlo non sono sulla terra per uccidere povera gente. Se si deve versare sangue vada a versare il Suo caro "buon apostolo", signor Presidente. Se mi fa perseguire avverta i suoi gendarmi che non ho armi e che possono sparare. Ho avuto solo guai da quando sono nato e i figli che ho allevato han pianto accanto a me. E dica a tutti i suoi, a tutti i suoi gendarmi, che vengano a spararmi: io armi non ne ho. Ho avuto solo guai da quando sono nato e i figli che ho allevato hanno pianto insieme a me.

Achille Millo e Milly in L'amore, la guerra. Mentr'ero prigionier, la donna m'han rubato; il cuore m'han strappato dal petto tutto inter. Nessuno ha da partire, nessun deve morire e andar la guerra a far! La traduzione italiana di Paolo Villaggio usa, per i credits, lo pseudonimo di "P. As a matter of fact, it was published two years before Peter, Paul and Mary's bilingual version spreading the song throughout the world.

The Deserter This letter, gentlemen, is to you politicians, You men in high positions - please read it when you can. When I woke up today orders were waiting for me To go and join the army, at once without delay. I shall not, gentlemen! That's why I write this letter, To say that men had better refuse to fight again. I don't want to upset you; I simply want to let you know that we're sick of war. I've seen for many years how they have killed the others, Seen brothers snatched from brothers, and children lost in tears.

Nothers with swollen eyes weep while the rich, not hearing,- Too busy profiteering! I've seen the prisoners: what did they do to merit This sapping of their spirit, this theft of what they were? Tomorrow I'll be gone; I'll slam the door behind me On all that might remind me of cruelty and wrong. When I will take my way, around the world I'll travel To speak out against evil, and everywhere I'll say: It's Good to be alive, for all mankind are brothers, In this land and all others, so help your brothers thrive. If blood is to be shed, shed yours, you politicians, You men in high positions, and be it on your head!

Unarmed, I'm safe to kill.

Languages: French , English. Peter, Paul and Mary. In inglese Peter Paul and Mary cantarono solo un brevissimo brano iniziale, passando poi al testo francese molto simile, seppure leggermente diverso, a quello della versione di Mouloudji trasmessa dalla radio Europe 1 il 4 marzo , data della prima storica trasmissione della canzone. It was just this version that, after long time of banishment and oblivion, allowed the song to be rediscovered and to gain all the celebrity it deserves. It soon became a symbol on the wings of the protest move against the war in Vietnam and, generally speaking, of the antimilitarist and pacifist world movement.

As it has already been stated in the introduction to the original French lyrics, it is the version as originally sung by Marcel Mouloudji, with all the changes Boris Vian and Marcel Mouloudji themselves had been constantly making to get through the censorship imposed by French authorities; it was all in vain. Peter, Paul and Mary used to sing in English only the first four verses, then singing the modified French lyrics.

The following lyrics are slightly different from the version performed by Marcel Mouloudji and broadcast by the station Europe 1 on March 4, , the historic date on which the song was transmitted for the first time. Signori dai grandi nomi, vi scrivo una lettera che forse leggerete se ne avete il tempo. Signori dai grandi nomi io non voglio farla, non sono sulla terra per uccidere la povera gente.

Non dovete adirarvi ma bisogna che vi dica, le guerre sono delle idiozie il mondo ne ha abbastanza. Da quando sono nato ho visto morire dei fratelli, ho visto partire dei padri e i bambini piangere Le madri hanno troppo sofferto quando altri se la spassano e vivono a proprio agio malgrado la melma di sangue. Se occorre versare il sangue andate a versare il vostro, o voi signori ipocriti, signori dai grandi nomi. E se mi cercherete avvertite i vostri gendarmi che io non porto armi e che potranno sparare, e che potranno sparare.

I have just received my military papers To go to war before Wednesday evening. Sirs, you who are called "great," I don't want to do that. I am not on earth to kill poor people. This is not meant to annoy you, but I must tell you: Wars are insane.

The world has enough of them. Since I was born, I have seen brothers die. I have seen fathers leave, and children cry. Mothers have suffered too much while others prosper And live at their ease in spite of mud and blood. There are prisoners whose souls have been stolen, Whose wives have been stolen, and all their loved ones gone. Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, I will close the door On the past.

I will go on the road. I will beg for my livelihood on land and sea, From the old to the new world, and I will say to people: Profit from life. Alleviate misery. All men are brothers. People of all countries: If it is necessary to spill blood, go spill your own. Sirs, you good apostles sirs, you who are called "great": If you pursue me, inform your police That I will be unarmed, and they can shoot, And they can shoot. Essendo contenuta anche in numerosi altri siti, finora era stata attribuita erroneamente a Jerome Swans.

Ci scusiamo per l'errore. It is not made for singing. Pas chantable. President I'm writing you a letter that perhaps you will read If you have the time. I've just received my call-up papers to leave for the front Before Wednesday night. President I do not want to go I am not on this earth to kill wretched people. It's not to make you mad I must tell you my decision is made I am going to desert. Since I was born I have seen my father die I have seen my brothers leave and my children cry. My mother has suffered so, that she is in her grave and she laughs at the bombs and she laughs at the worms.

When I was a prisoner they stole my wife they stole my soul and all my dear past. Early tomorrow morning I will shut my door on these dead years I will take to the road. I will beg my way along on the roads of France from Brittany to Provence and I will cry out to the people: Refuse to obey refuse to do it don't go to war refuse to go. If blood must be given go give your own you are a good apostle Mr.

If you go after me warn your police that I'll be unarmed and that they can shoot. English translation by James Prescott [], from This page. A very British singable adaptation in which the French president is replaced by His Majesty the King. There just came through my door, my army papers warning, We leave on Monday morning, we march away to war. Well, I don't fit your plan, I must refuse the shilling, For I'm no longer willing to kill my fellow man.

Your Majesty, I say, with due consideration, It's my determination, I will desert today. I've seen my father die, I've seen my sisters grieving, My older brothers leaving, my younger brothers cry. My mother knew such wrongs, she lies beneath her tombstone, She cares no more for tombstones, she cares no more for songs. While I was in the hole, they stole away my good wife, They stole away my good life, they stole away my soul. So now I'll slam my door, on all those years of sorrow, And starting from tomorrow, I'll sleep at home no more. I'm off to beg my way, to tramp the roads and islands, From Cornwall to the Highlands, and this is what I'll say: "Refuse to go to war, refuse to cross the borders, Refuse to obey orders, desert and fight no more.

You'd be a fine example, Your Majesty the King. If you would hunt me down, tell Tom and Dick and Harry, No weapon will I carry, and they may gun me down. Da Questa pagina Une autre version anglaise, par Davide Turcato. C'est donc la version anglaise de la version italienne. Further English version by Davide Turcato.

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As the author himself clearly states, it is based upon Ivano Fossati's Italian version , rather than on the French original. It's so an English version of the Italian version. From this page. The draft card here plainly tells me that I have to go make war this coming Monday. However, I am not here, Dear President, to kill people more or less like me.

I am not annoyed with you, by the way, but I feel I have decided and I will desert. I only had trouble since I was born and the children I brought up have cried with me. My mom and my dad are buried now and about the war they won't give a damn. When I was a prisoner someone stole my wife and my past, my best age. Tomorrow I am going to get up I am going to close the door on the dead season and set off.

I'll live on charity on the streets of Spain, of France and Britain and I'll call on everyone not to leave anymore and not to obey just to end up dead for no matter who. Therefore if you need blood at all costs, go give yours, if this amuses you. And, please, tell your men, if they come for me, that they can shoot at me, weapons I don't have. Andreas Hilmo Teig's Website.

For I've received with fright a letter from the army Informing that they need me in the trenches Wednesday night. But Mister President, my heart was never willing I wasn't made for killing, you'll never have me bent. I hope you don't feel hurt by reading my confession I've made a firm decision: I'm going to desert. I've felt the pains of war: my father followed orders And died, just like my brothers.

My kids I hardly saw. My mother's suffering ended and where she is resting No bombs and no molesting upon her may descend. When I a captive was they took away my wife That woman was my life, and all that's left is loss. Tomorrow I will rise and close my front door silently At dawn, and leave behind me the dead years of my life. I now will spend my time a pilgrim on a voyage So all can hear this message, be told about this crime: Do not accept that hate, refuse to obey their orders, Do not commit their murders, be not a soldier made. If blood must now be shed you should give some of yours For, President, your laws like apostles' words us led.

If my arrest you plot, please tell the guards that catch me That I no arms will carry, and safely can be shot. English version by John Hayday , a folk songwriter from New Zealand. John Hayday died on June 29, , in his native Auckland. John Hayday. John was busking in France with Ralph McTell in the 60s and he apparently asked someone to translate it for him to sing.


This morning through my door there fell the orders telling me Where I must go, where I must be to serve you in your war. Dear sirs who rule the earth this war of yours is not for me For the deaths of other men can't be the purpose of my birth. I bear you no ill will but you should know that men like me Think war is just stupidity and man has had his fill. The days of all our lives have just seen husbands dying And little children crying, and the misery of wives. And mothers in their tears, while others just grow fat on war And do not grieve a moment for those wasted wasting years.

And prisoners of war who prison robs of heart and mind Of youth, of joy and all that's kind and all that's gone before. Tomorrow I will go, I'll turn my back upon the past And try to find some peace at last but where I do not know. I'll beg my way around and tell all people that I find Until I've told all human kind that life is ours to live. And if you have lust for blood then let the blood be yours For yours are all the bloody wars, dear sirs who rule the earth.

If you send your police to hunt and catch me as I go Tell them I am unarmed and so they can shoot me in peace. Unarmed I'm safe to kill. President I'm writing you a letter I hope that you can read it if you spared the time 'Cause I have just received a call to active duty to leave my home and fight your war this Wednesday night at 9 Mr.

President I don't think I should go I don't think I was put on Earth to kill no poor people Don't mean to get you mad at all I'm informing all of you that my decision's final I plan to go AWOL Since I've been alive I've seen my father die brothers and sisters going too many children cry My mama has suffered so that from beyond the grave I know she's President Go get me if you will and tell the Texas ranges I'll be unarmed and dangerous and they shoud shoot to kill.

NOTICE From the following version onwards, all versions and translations of the song will be ordered alphabetically by the language. NO WAR! Language: Aleut. Maynery Versione in lingua aleutina di Elmett R. Maynery, trascritta dagli "Exercises to R. Aleut version by Elmett R. Maynery, transcribed from the "Exercises to R. Danzatori aleutini. Aleut Dancers. Language: Arabic.

Translation reproduced from this turess. Language: Basque. La versione basca euskara di Koldo Izagirre proveniente da Literatur Emailuak - Susa literatura argitaletxea , gentilmente segnalataci da Gorka Arrese del sito stesso. Kindly contributed by site owner and administator Gorka Arrese. Kantu antimilitarista oso ezaguna egin zen, lehendabizikoz Marcel Mouloudjik abestua ko maiatzean Harold Berge-ren musikarekin. Boris Vianek berak kantatua entzun dezakezu. Duela 50 urte, gaurkoa bezalako egun batez hil zen Parisen Boris Vian idazle frantsesa.

Ramon Etxezarretak ekarri zuen euskarara Egunen aparra , Elkar eta Juantxo Zigandak Ttu eginen dut zuen hilobietan , Igela nobela. Boris Vianen Desertorea kantuaren itzulpena kendu diogu Koldo Izagirreri orain. Boris Vianek berak kantatua entzun dezakezu hemen. Language: Kabyle. Mohya Mohand Ouhyaya. Ferhat Mehenni.

Language: Breton. Bretagna: Le rovine di Brest. Bretagne: Brest en ruines. Brittany: Brest in ruin. Pa oan prizoniad diganin o deus laerezhet ma gwrag ha ma ene ha ma holl vuhez ger. Language: Bulgarian. The translation is poetic and versified, but the author is not stated. Za pismoto dano otdelite moment. Language: Italian Lombardo Brianzolo. Traduce, come variante, anche la chiusa originale non pacifista. Also the "non-pacifist" original final stanza has been translated. Language: Catalan. Joan Isaac.

Si tratta in alcuni punti di una versione poetica molto libera. It is a poetic and definitely free version, particularly in some points. M'acaben d'arribar Uns documents militars, Que se'm porten a la guerra Dimarts en clarejar. Ma mare va patir tant Que ara en el lloc de les tombes Es burla de vostres bombes, I del mot altisonant. I si cal la sang donar, Aneu-hi i vesseu la vostra. Us dic, oh Gran Senyor! Language: Czech. Signori Superiori, dicono che siete grandi e questo non cambia assolutamente nulla. Language: Chinese. Language: French Ch'ti. E' opera di una persona che ha voluto restare anonima, abitante a Valenciennes.

La ringrazio per la sua gentilezza e rispetto il suo desiderio. Riccardo Venturi. Language: Korean. Language: Corsican. Language: Croatian. La version n'est pas chantable.

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A no ponner in mente a no andare a fagher gherra de lassare sa cuntierra e a non bochire zente. Our BookSleuth is specially designed for you. Ma io, signori Arconti, sulla guerra ci sputo sopra: non sono stato generato da mia madre per essere un massacratore di povera gente. En usant la semelle de ses souliers. Cinq fois plus longue que large, elle avait une forme elliptique.

Note: This version and the following Serbian version show a number of modifications of "local" nature to better fit the peculiar situation of relevant countries: f. This is no singable version. Language: Danish. Jeg har lyst til at synge det, som rager folk i dag. Nu synger jeg kun mine egne viser. Igen fik jeg et brev med ordre til at stille men da jeg ikke ville jeg disse linier skrev. Un'altra versione in lingua danese, di Kjeld Ingrisch , da questa pagina. Alternative Danish version by Kjeld Ingrisch, from This page. Originally composed in Jeg flygter nu i nat.

Language: Hebrew. Il prof. Avraham 'Oz, the author of this version first published by the magazine Ha'olam Haze -"This World" is a teacher of English language and literature at the Haifa University, Israel and one of their recognized leaders. Romanized Hebrew version by Riccardo Venturi.

A word-for-word translation of the French original lyrics into Hebrew, from yossik. Language: Esperanto. Jak Le Puil. Alvenis jen paper' kun la ordon-invito foriri al milito mekrede je l'vesper' Mi diras sen rezon' ke tion mi ne faros mi sur la ter' ne staros por murdo de la hom'. Se fluu nun la sang' la propran do vi donos, jen kion mi proponos, Sinjor' de alta rang'. Ci tiu rekrutkarto al mi rekte ordonas foriri al milito venontan lundon. Miaj patro kaj patrino nun jam estas subgrunde kaj pri la milito ili nepre ne zorgos.

La tria, alternativa versio estas traduko de Franko Luin. Ricevis mi ordonon eniri la armeon, akcepti la ideon, ke pafi estas bon'. Mi tion ne obeos! Ne estas mi sur tero por ies ajn konkero nek pafo de kunhom'! Dum miaj dudek jaroj mi vidis patrojn morti, patrinojn nigron porti, infanojn en la plor'. Suferas la patrinoj, dum kelkaj sin amuzas kaj la militon uzas por gajno kaj profit'. Ne estas vi pajaco! Vi estas frato, hom'!

Ni kriu kune: Ne! Ne estu vi pajaco! Vi estu frato, hom'! Language: Estonian. Ma eile kutse sain armeesse aastaks minna HK Language: Finnish. Antti Kauppinen. Liisa Tavi. Language: Italian Genovese. Language: Japanese. Language: Greek Modern. Language: Greek Ancient. Passi che ci piacerebbe poter riportare.

Riccardo Venturi, Friburgo, 10 gennaio Romanized lyrics. Per la trascrizione: corrisponde sempre a tedesco o francese o lombardo. Word-for-word Italian translation of the Classical Greek version. Mi avete infatti ordinato espressamente, in quanto cittadino ateniese, di partire da casa per andare a fare la guerra. Ma io, signori Arconti, sulla guerra ci sputo sopra: non sono stato generato da mia madre per essere un massacratore di povera gente.

Se infatti occorre versare il sangue, allora versate il vostro, signori: da voi certo non mi aspetterei una simile ipocrisia! Language: Indonesian. A word-for-word translation of the French original reproduced from a page of Mozaik el Maula. Namun saya yakin dalam keadaan itu hati kecil kita merasa bersalah atau minimal berasa tak nyaman. Language: Icelandic. From songvar. The version is fully singable. La version est chantable. Language: Kelartic. Si tratta della sua "lingua privata e personale", con tutta una sua storia ed una sua evoluzione, che egli usa rigorosamente con se stesso.

In kelartico non esistono dittonghi. Language: Kongo. Mu me kuzua mikanda ya munu ya ki soda Samu mu kuenda na mvita bilumbu ke kuiza. Ya kele ve samu nge fuema, Mu zona zabisa nge ti mu me zua lukanu: Mu ke tina. Banda mu butukaka Mu monaka lufua ya tata ya munu Mu monaka ku kuenda ya bampangi ya munu Na lelaki mpe bana na nga. Mama na munu mona mpasi mingi Yandi ke na dibulu na yandi Kuna, ba bombe na nge na mitshiopi ke sala yandi kima mosi ve.

Thangu mu vuandaka na buloko, ba yibaka nkento ya munu; ba yibaka muela na munu na ba souvenir na munu. Mbazi na nsuka, mu ke kanga porte ya ba mvula yonso ya mpasi me luta. Mu ke kuenda na munu. Mu ke banda sosa dimpa ya munu Na ba nzila ya Africa, ya Soudan, ya Congo. Mu ke zabisa batu: Benu ndima ve, benu kuenda na mvita ve. Si kana nge zona dukula menga, buna pesa yina ya nge. Si kana nge zona landakana munu, zabisa ba gendarme ya nge ti mu ke vuanda na munduki ve; ba lenda bula munu masasi.

Language: Latin. Per il resto, i concetti base della canzone sono mantenuti appieno. In Latini sermonis natura non est admittendus usus atque nominatio pyrobolorum vel aliorum pyricorum armorum. Quo dicto, omnes carminis significationes profundissimae retentae sunt immutatae.

MMV p. Domine, Rei Publicae dux! Tibi epistulam scribo quam leges, vel non leges si tibi tempus est. Vix mihi mandatum est, mihique est persequendum ut mererem stipendium: nunc militandum est! Domine, Rei Publicae dux, sed militare nolo! Ad homines caedendos certe natus non sum. Ne suscensueris, sed tibi hoc dicere volo, iam cepi meum consilium: militiam perfugiam.

Et post natales meos patrem mortuum vidi, et fratres, qui abiere, flentes domi pueros. Tam multa passa est mater; nunc in sepulcro irridet tela et arma, vermes nihil ei sunt. Captivus cum essem mulier mihi est abrepta, anima mihi est abacta totaque vita mea.