The Real Change-Makers: Why Government is Not the Problem Or the Solution

How This Woman Is Mobilizing Millions Of Global Change Makers
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follow link Ashoka Fellows. Wellbeing Enterprises. More Close X. Aroa joined Ashoka in , starting her journey at the Spanish office. After working for 4 years in Spain and the UK in Operations and Partnership Development, in November Aroa joined the Global Partnerships team, where she now works managing the global engagement with Philips Foundation, focused on increasing access to healthcare for disadvantaged communities.

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Aroa holds a degree in International Relations with a focus on sustainable development and international security. She also has a BA in Translation and Interpreting, where her research focused on intercultural mediation and interpretation in conflict zones. Florian Rutsch Systems Change. Florian leads on systems change partnerships, research, and training in the UK and he co-designed Ashoka's European Fellowship program where he co-leads the systems change, new leadership and wellbeing modules.

After managing and heading up Ashoka's Fellowship in the UK for three years, his work in recent years has increasingly focused on the ecosystem for social entrepreneurs — in particular on funding for their systems changing work. He worked as a social impact consultant on impact measurement, communication and stakeholder engagement, and co-founded the global TweetADream campaigns which reached 25k young people in 35 countries with the aim of inspiring them to discover their own power for change.

Ashoka Fellows

Australian by birth, she has spent the majority of her career in South Africa. Martin: How did your experience working at the UN inform your thought process when conceiving the Summit? Yet, in so much of the work we were doing, there was something missing. We constantly designed programs for people, and not with people.

I realized that to make real progress on the most critical issues plaguing our world, we needed to inspire change on a personal level. We are not failing in policy or commitments to make change. We are failing in implementation because there is no shared responsibility or accountability to make progress. The collaboration of everyone involved sends a strong message that creating inclusive conversations is critical to achieving change. Barmada: Imagine a conference where the stage is your computer screen and your seat in the audience is behind a laptop or mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

Why change-makers from around the world are coming to Helsinki

Attendees can ask speakers questions, network with other participants, voice opinions, find collaborators, and join conversations around the world. Nobody is barred because of the color of their passport, their social status or inability to travel.

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It is a space to which all are invited. This is our way of connecting the dots. We wanted to bridge the gap between access, opportunity and impact-- leveraging technology and innovation to facilitate engagement. Barmada: Every single one of us is part of creating a safer and more sustainable world. Papi-Thornton, Daniela. Selingo, Jeffrey J.

The Real Change-Makers

Search form Search. Buy Print Copies. Search Periodicals. Table of Contents Overview. The Rise of the Sophisticated Changemaker.

Empowering Young Potential Change-Makers

Independent, Coexisting, Collaborating? Setting Aside My Hero Complex. Social Innovation: Valuable Strengths For nearly a decade, Ashoka U has supported colleges and universities as they embed the values and culture of social innovation across their institutions. Systems thinking requires mapping the stakeholders involved, understanding how incentives are aligned, and identifying root causes in order to propose interventions for systemic transformation.

Solutions: While it is always important to understand problems—and existing approaches—before offering solutions, change efforts too often stop at the research phase. Social innovators give themselves permission to relentlessly learn, adapt, find, and implement solutions.

Innovation: While many social change models and strategies exist, new and creative approaches are sometimes needed in order to address intractable problems. Assessment of whether a new approach is more effective or more efficient than preexisting solutions is necessary in order to justify pursuing an innovation over existing alternatives. Scale: Social innovation models typically have relevance beyond one particular situation e.

Yet innovations that occur at scale can offer both breadth affecting a significant number of people and depth transforming relationships, structures, and systems in a particular place. Financial Sustainability: Social innovation aims for a triple bottom line of economic, social, and ecological value. Achieving this bottom line requires securing and aligning resources of all kinds, combining private, public, and philanthropic support with income generation to ensure ongoing sustainability.

Impact Measurement and Assessment: When trying to use resources wisely and deliver results, learning what works and what does not work is of utmost importance.

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Formative and summative assessments offer critical information to guide continuous feedback and improvement. Collective Impact: The most difficult and important problems cannot be understood, let alone solved, without involving multiple sectors nonprofit, public, and private and diverse stakeholder perspectives.

Social innovation encourages collaboration across organizations in order to use resources effectively and efficiently, and to achieve significant lasting social change. Potential Vulnerabilities While social innovation has served as an empowering framework for many educators and students, every approach to teaching social change has strengths and weaknesses. A Changemaker Toolbox The strengths and weaknesses of social innovation suggest the value of an integrated approach.

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The Real Change-Makers: Why Government Is Not the Problem or the Solution [ David Warfield Brown] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. Review. In praise of The Real Change-Makers. "David Brown's book is an The Real Change-Makers: Why Government is Not the Problem Or the Solution - Kindle edition by David Brown. Download it once and read it on.