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European Journal of Communication, 33 4 , An empirical study on how webcare mitigates complainants' failure attributions and negative word-of-mouth. Computers in Human Behavior, 89 , Consumer engagement in the digital era: Its nature, drivers, and outcomes.

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Zertifikatslehrgang Leadership im Gesundheitswesen. Citizen leaders and party laggards: Social media in the German Federal Election. See 1 question about Grundlagen der Kommunikationstechnik…. Journal of Consumer Psychology , 13 4 , How balanced is CSR reporting? Ingenhoff, D. Modell des integrierten Kommunikationsmanagement A model of integrated communication management.

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When can sponsorship disclosures lead consumers to resist covert persuasion online? The impact of alcohol brand appearances on Facebook on purchase intention. Investigating the outcomes of un- desired online service recovery actions. Investigating online complainants' reactions to un desired webcare responses. Believe me, I am one of you! The role of common group affiliation in crisis communication. Public Relations Review , 43 5 , Journalists' coverage of online firestorms in German-language news media.

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Wehmeier Eds. Publizistik , 55 , Rumor has it: The moderating effect of identification on rumor impact and the effectiveness of rumor refutation. Journal of Applied Social Psychology , 38 9 , - Brand recovery communication in the face of crisis. Corporate branding and issues management - Integrating two concepts to enhance corporate reputation.

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Corporate Branding. Das Management der Unternehmensmarke Corporate branding. Management of the corporate brand. Florack, M. Primosch Eds. The impact of identification on the effectiveness of refutation as a counter-rumor strategy. Preventing damage from accusations — The case of Walmart.

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Vertrauen durch Reputation im elektronischen Handel Trust through reputation in electronic commerce. ISBN X. Bohner, G. When small means comfortable: Relations between product attributes in two-sided advertising. Journal of Consumer Psychology , 13 4 , When reputation engenders trust: An investigation in business-to-consumer electronic commerce. The significance of reputation and brand in creating trust between an online vendor and its customers.

Petrovic, M. Kittl Eds. Berlin: Springer. A model of trust and reputation in electronic commerce. Prykop, C. Applying issues management to meet the challenges of corporate brand management — An empirical investigation in Europe.

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Ingenhoff, D. Internal communication and coordination. Towards an integrated approach to corporate branding - Findings from an empirical study. Corporate Communications: An International Journal , 7 2 , Erb, H.

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Processing minority and majority communications: The role of conflict with prior attitudes. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin , 28 9 , Geissler, U. A typology of entrepreneurial communicators: Findings from an empirical study in e-business. The International Journal on Media Management , 3 3 , Tomczak, T.

Corporate Branding — Die zukunftsweisende Funktion zwischen Marketing, Unternehmenskommunikation und strategischem Management Corporate branding — the pioneering function between marketing, corporate communication and strategic management. Thexis , 4 , The significance of reputation and brand for creating trust in the different stages of a relationship between an online vendor and its customers. Trust in mobile electronic commerce — Special aspects and possible actions. The role of reputation to engender trust in electronic markets.

Review of the book Branding the Digital Age , by H. The International Journal on Media Management , 3 4 , Engendering trust in Internet businesses using elements of corporate branding. Michael Chung Ed. August , , Long Beach, CA. Branding cyberpreneurs - Challenges for communications management in the 21st Century.

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Boyle, B. Klenke Eds. Chesapeake, Virginia: Maximilian Press. Porak, V.

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Corporate media — An approach for corporate community management. Hansen, M. Bichler, H. Mahrer Eds. I can absolutely recommend Aikaterini as a strategic Social Media Manager. Rini Pegka. Karolin Wappler. Tabatha Kempf. Adventure Routine. First Name.