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Information about Page Insights Data. And in opening, a sacred Russian song :" save me from my sin ' '. Let's pray for France and for the church! Continue Reading. You have premeditated the death of the innocent.

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You, President, judges, ministers, doctors and prosecutors " and you know what you're doing. Yes, but I won't forget I won't get tired of it. I will bless their souls to throw them the sky That's my hope, my freedom. Tonight I'm drunk, drunk of truth. I won't go on my knees I'm, Vincent! I'll give it to life. You, gentlemen, ladies the oligarchs, I will not be complacent to your archaism named modernity, to this barbarism of the negotiators of death, to your rites sacrificial, to your propaganda misinforming the people, memory of the homeland.

You have made a mass inform and uniform Cosmopolitan uniformity which is a dictatorial, creeping and invisible dictatorship with the man in the fatum of series, numbers, labels. I pray for those you have deceived, that you will again I articulate conscientiously, slowly, violently, in a freezing cry, in a silent cry: I will not forget you and you will have my "hate"!

I Say it in front: listen well: the relentless love is "hate" will be filled with your links, of all tolerance with Satan, his's and his pumps. My prayer will be "hate" of your abjectness, of your abominations that I sabrerai, like the eye and the torn arm that speaks to us Jesus because better to live penguin and one-eyed in the kingdom than in the illusion of your constitutional maze where life does not Is neither virtue nor value but currency of exchange on the market of the gene where speculation is law: " making life a supreme value would jeopardize the law leonetti and the right to abortion.

Forgive is not deny; nor consent I declare you my hatred, to break your heart I declare the war for the love of Vincent, for the love of the little ones, for the love of this god crucified to your silence. Your silence of the dead. You will not have the skin of man They pushed me, pushed to take me down, but God comes to help me; My strength and my singing, it is the Lord, it was for me salvation. Eighth day of agony for Vincent Lambert, deprived of food and hydration. He's going to die, it's irreversible. Shame on this society that prefers to kill a disabled man instead of treating him.

Shame on all those who by their silence are complicit. To the trolls beep beep I say: ' ' I may be a "White lady" I quote but long live! And like all the white ladies, I announce in the name of Jesus the collapse of Babylon if this one does not convert to life!

Vincent, I will fight for you, and, beyond you for all these disabled people in a relational-relationship state; I will shout to him to the government "walk or die" that the blood of the innocent, the eyeless, the hungry, the thirsty, They won't wash away their hands Shame on the silencers Marc Somson: at the jt tonight, observation of a member of the family of Vincent favorable for the stop of care at the exit of the hospital: "we will not lie, he chokin, it remains unbearable for his entourage".

No how. Anny Zette: it makes us think of Terry Schiavo's case whose husband also asked for death. His brother told his horrible end: it seems to me that she has die more than 10 days I'm hallucinating The discontinuation of treatments "is an extremely stressful process", he advances. Physically, we see that there is a struggle and a departure that is preparing ". Farida I love you very much!

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Thanks to Roman, Wilson, michka, Thibaut, Youssef and all those who participated in this fight and on this show. May God have you in his guard! Rassemblement place Saint Pierre pour Vincent Lambert.

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Our lawyers have multiplied these last few days again the remedies and led of final actions to enforce the suspensive remedy in front of the united nations that benefited vincent. In vain. Vincent's death is now inevitable. She was imposed on him as to us. If we do not accept it, we can only resign ourselves in pain, misunderstanding, but also in hope.

We all wanted to thank you for your friendship, your love, your support, your prayers for all these years. There is nothing more to do if not pray and accompany our dear Vincent, in dignity and contemplation. You are with all of us by thought and prayer with Vincent. We ask the journalists present in front of the chu to have the decency to respect our family privacy in these moments so painful.

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Ils désertent (Littérature Française) (French Edition) - Kindle edition by Thierry Beinstingel. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Ils Desertent (French Edition) [Beinstingel Thierry] on Ils désertent (Littérature Française) (French Edition) and millions of other books are .

Pierre, Viviane, David and Anne. Leonetti says several things that already have serious consequences in our society. We see that the truth, the true truth, objective insist because we live in a world of lies do not interest this ambitious that wanted to make a low hand on the radical party rossinotiste it is to say the level of his masonic infection! Leonetti decrees conditions of life and death.

The conceited man goes further. If his theory is generalize, a lot of people have a problem to do. Crise alimentaire. La culture de transition. Afrique centrale. Afrique du Nord et Moyen-Orient. Afrique de l'Ouest. Grandes questions.

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Dialogue franco-arabe. Dialogue interreligieux. Esprit revue.

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