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Sir George Mackenzie | Scottish lawyer |

By Sir George Mackenzie. Reid; Reinhard Zimmerman A History of Private Law in Scotland. Oxford University Press. The Witchcraft Reader. Peter Lang. The Scottish Witch-Hunt in Context.

George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh

Manchester University Press. Calendar of Cases of Witchcraft in Scotland to Kessinger Publishing. The Scottish Enlightenment Reader.

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Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh (/–) was a Scottish lawyer, Lord Advocate, essayist and legal writer. Sir George Mackenzie: Sir George Mackenzie, Scottish lawyer who gained the religious issues and moral philosophy, but the bulk of his writing dealt with law.

Canongate Books. Anglo-Scottish Relations from to Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online ed.

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Subscription or UK public library membership required. Stillingfleet, in his Vindication of the Bishop of St. Asaph ;" and here the controversy appears to have ended. Judging, says a late elegant and judicious writer, from the writings of sir George Mackenzie , his talents appear to have been rather splendid than solid.

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He certainly possessed uncommon assiduity and activity of mind, as the number and variety of his compositions testify; and perhaps the superficial manner in which he has treated many of those subjects foreign to his profession, is the less to be wondered at, in a man whose time was so occupied in professional duties. The obscurity and confusion that are discernible in some of his juridical discussions, may have arisen in a great measure from the rude, unmethodized, and almost chaotic state of the law of Scotland , both civil and criminal, in his days.

On one account alone, although every other merit were forgotten, sir George Mackenzie is entitled to respect as a lawyer.

Ms volume of genealogies of Scottish families, drawn up by Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh

He was the first who exploded from the practice of the criminal courts of Scotland that most absurd and iniquitous doctrine, that no defence was to be admitted in exculpation from a criminal indictment which was contrary to the libel indictment ; as, if John were accused of having murdered James , by giving him a mortal wound with a sword, it was not allowable for John to prove in his defence, that the wound was not given in any vital part, and that James died of a fever caught afterwards by contagion.

As an elegant scholar, lord Woodhouselee ranks sir George among the ornaments of his country. His Latin compositions are correct and ornate in no common degree. His style is evidently formed on the writings of Cicero, and the young Pliny; and though a little tinctured with the more 'florid eloquence of Quinctilian, is entirely free from the false embellishments and barbarisms of the writers of the lower ages. It is, adds lord Woodhouselee, highly to the honour of this eminent man, that he appears to have possessed a true sense of the dignity of his profession; and that he perpetually endeavoured, as much by his example as by his precepts, to mark the contrast between the prosecution of the law, as a liberal and ingenuous occupation, and its exercise too common as a mercenary trust.

This text has been generated using commercial OCR software, and there are still many problems; it is slowly getting better over time. The text was scanned and OCRd several times, and a majority version of each line of text was chosen. Please don't reuse the content e. Words - skip - Chalmers. Mackenzie, Sir George , an ingenious and learned writer, and eminent lawyer of Scotland , was descended from an ancient and noble family, his father Simon Mackenzie being brother to the earl of Seaforth.

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