Twenty-First Century Seapower: Cooperation and Conflict at Sea (Cass Series: Naval Policy and History)

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Edited by Geoffrey Till , Jane Chan. This edited volume analyses the naval arms race in South-East Asia, and reviews the content, purposes and consequences of the naval policies and development of the main countries of the region. The rise of naval capability in the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region is increasingly recognised as a…. By Zisis Fotakis.

By David H. This book is a comparative study of the evolution of the German navy in the second half of the nineteenth century. It examines the development of strategy, especially commerce-raiding, in comparison to what other navies were doing in this era of rapid technological change. It is not an insular…. By Harry W. This volume provides the first comprehensive history of education and training for officers of the Royal Navy in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It covers the development of educational provision, from the first Order in Council appointing schoolmasters to serve in operational….

By John Abbatiello. The Royal Naval Air Service invested heavily in aircraft of all…. By James R. Holmes , Andrew C. Winner , Toshi Yoshihara. This is the first academic study of India's emerging maritime strategy, and offers a systematic analysis of the interplay between Western military thought and Indian maritime traditions. By a quirk of historical fate, Europe embarked on its Age of Discovery just as the main Asian powers were…. By William Bruce Johnson. This is a fascinating new account of how diplomacy and politics gave way to military strategy and warfare in the Pacific.

Presenting previously unpublished photographs, interviews with veterans, newly commissioned maps and new translations of Japanese sources, this book freshly examines the key…. This is the first scholarly book examining naval coalition warfare over the past two centuries from a multi-national perspective.

Containing case studies by some of the foremost naval historians from the US, Great Britain, and Australia, it also examines the impact of international law on…. Holmes , Toshi Yoshihara.

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By Phillips Payson O'Brien. This work examines how the navies of Great Britain, the USA, Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union, France and Italy confronted the various technological changes posed during different periods in the 20th century. Edited by Geoffrey Till.

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This new volume describes in depth the…. Edited by Rolf Hobson , Tom Kristiansen. Navies in Northern Waters is a collection of articles covering the roles played by the secondary navies of northern European powers and the United States within the maritime balance of power. The contributions covering the 18th and 19th centuries focus on their relations with each other as they….

By John Brooks. With a foreword by Professor Andrew Lambert, it shows how, in , the Admiralty rejected Arthur Pollen's Argo system for the Dreyer fire control tables. First published in By Andrew Field.

But with the League of Nations seeming to offer a solution to all future conflicts, a country weary of war and without an obvious enemy there seemed no need for a…. This book, based on extensive work in Russian archives, investigates how strategy, organisational rivalry and cultural factors came to shape naval developments in the Soviet Union, up to the invasion of Focussing on the Baltic Fleet, the author shows how the perceived balance of power in…. Edited by Richard Harding. Successful adaptation to new conditions has been critical to all navies at all times.

To naval historians the…. By Ola Tunander. Following the stranding of a Soviet Whiskey-class submarine in on the Swedish archipelago, a series of massive submarine intrusions took place within Swedish waters. However, the evidence for these appears to have been manipulated or simply invented. Classified documents and interviews point to….

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By Michael Simpson. Cunningham was the best-known and most celebrated British admiral of the Second World War.

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He held one of the two major fleet commands between and , and in , he was Allied naval commander for the great amphibious operations in the Mediterranean. From to , he was the First…. Edited by Christopher Bell , Bruce Elleman. This volume brings together a set of scholarly, readable and up-to-date essays covering the most significant naval mutinies of the 20th century, including Russia , Brazil , Austria , Germany , France , Great Britain , Chile , the United States ,….

Series Editor:. Maritime Strategy and Sea Denial Theory and Practice, 1st Edition By Milan Vego This book focuses on the theory and practice of maritime strategy and operations by the weaker powers at sea. Illustrated by examples from naval and military history, the book explains and analyzes the strategies of the weaker side at sea in both peacetime and wartime; in defense versus offense;… Hardback — Routledge Cass Series: Naval Policy and History. Piracy in Southeast Asia Trends, Hot Spots and Responses, 1st Edition Edited by Carolin Liss , Ted Biggs This book combines multi-disciplinary ethnographic and theoretical approaches to examine piracy in Southeast Asia and the regional and international responses to this threat.

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