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I knew people would want me to sing Tomorrow but I did not want to do that. I never thought I sang it particularly well to begin with.

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Catherine, an Oscar winner for the movie musical Chicago, remembers: "I loved it, I loved everything about Annie. After that, I knew just what I wanted to do: study acting and audition. Quvenzhane Wallis became, at nine, the youngest performer to be nominated for a best actress Oscar, for 's Beasts Of The Southern Wild. Now 11, she is starring as a modern Annie who has a hardknock life in New York with mean foster mother Miss Hannigan, played by Cameron Diaz, until opportunistic politician Will Stacks, a new version of the original benefactor Daddy Warbucks character and played by Foxx, takes her in as an attempt to boost his popularity with voters.

He believes he is her guardian angel but might just find it is the other way round. The film is a musical and that presented no fears for Foxx, 47, an Oscar winner for playing singer Ray Charles, but it was scary for Diaz, 42, who has not sung on screen since a karaoke number in My Best Friend's Wedding in Or at least it was until cyber attackers leaked the film to websites.

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The Guardian grabbed Naruto's arm while yelling at him and had left the bruise. Naruto stood up and his blond hair was wet from the sweat that was forming, it was really hot in his room and no way of cooling it down. Naruto wished he had gone somewhere else, that the story in his guardian's head had made sense, but it didn't and now Naruto was afraid of his guardian.

Usually the white-haired man came barging to his room after an hour, demanding something impossible, the truth Suddenly the peace of silence was gone when Naruto heard footsteps on the stairs.

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His door swooshed open and Mizuki barged in, he grabbed Naruto's sore arm and Naruto whined when Mizuki's fingers touched the bruise on his arm "Shut up you little ungrateful piece of shit" Mizuki Yelled, Naruto shut his mouth and looked scared at Mizuki "Now tell me, where have you been? You better tell me or I swear to god I was Naruto grabbed his burning face with his left hand while he tried not to make a sound but a moan escaped his breath and fear grew in his stomach Mizuki lost it now "I Naruto bit on his lower lip to not cry out in pain and somehow, he managed it, somehow not a sound escaped his painful lips, he could taste the blood.

Tears welled up in his eyes but he couldn't cry Suddenly Naruto heard his door closed, he looked up and Mizuki was gone he left Naruto alone in his room. Quietly he let the tears stream down his face. Anything was better than this He could handle the name calling but this He couldn't handle the abuse his guardian was giving him. Naruto knew Mizuki didn't mean it, Mizuki was troubled himself. Tomorrow everything will be better. Mizuki just needed some rest that's it, tomorrow a different Mizuki would appear, a nice one who cared about Naruto.

It’s A Hard Knock Life

With this in his mind Naruto stood up and looked at the clock The week passed and Naruto stood in front of his closet, he grabbed his school uniform. A black pants and a white shirt with short sleeves and put it on, he looked in the mirror in his room, he saw a blond-haired boy with whisker like scars on both cheeks, his blue eyes looking at his chest and arms he sighed.

The bruises from a week ago where almost gone but now they were ugly yellow and green and covered his chest and arms and probably his legs, he didn't want to check, he buttoned down his shirt and walked away from his reflection. Mizuki was very friendly this week but Naruto was still grounded.

it’s a hard knock life (vine edition)

Naruto grabbed his books and stuffed them into his old scruffy schoolbag, it desperately needed replacement, but Naruto couldn't, it was once his dad's one of the few items Naruto cherished. Naruto closed his eyes, how could he forget he thought but instead he said "Okay ill come home as soon as I'm done with school" Mizuki was much nicer the past week.

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The blond put his black and white all stars on and ran out of the door, he looked around his environment, housed lined up with little gardens at the front of the houses and bigger gardens at the back of the houses, it was a nice neighborhood. As quickly as Naruto could he walked towards the bus stop, he waited until he saw a yellow bus and he got on "Good morning Ero Sennin" Naruto greeted the bus driver "Good morning Naruto, and its Jiraiya!

Naruto stook out his tongue and took a seat near Jiraiya "How was your holiday" Jiraiya asked. Naruto kept grinning but his eyes looked away for a brief moment "Fine" he answered "He looked around, it was rather quit in the bus. Naruto's house was among the first ones on Jiraiya's route. You know" Naruto nodded "I think I do" he said and added "Ero Sennin" Jiraiya looked at Naruto "Its Jiraiya" he repeated and he turned around again to pay attention to the traffic, Naruto knew the old man enough to know Jiraiya wasn't mad.

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After a few more stops the bus was loaded with students of Konoha High "Okay everyone get out of my bus! Naruto jumped out first and looked at the school building, "I can do this" he whispered he started walking when a black Bentley continental stopped in front of him. Naruto looked at the car in awe "what are you looking at dobe? Sasuke got out of the passenger's side of the car and slammed the door shut "Nothing teme" Naruto snapped back.

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He turned around and walked towards the school, cursing the Uchiha in his head. Sasuke turned around and looked at his brother who was still in the car with the window down "I'll see you after school little bother" Itachi said, and with that he drove away leaving Sasuke behind "yeah whatever" Sasuke mumbled he hated his brother he hated that car, and he really hated Naruto. What was with the blond anyway, those strange bruises. He shrugged and walked towards the school, it was then when he noticed the fangirls waiting for him.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, here we go again he thought. Sasuke looked at her, he mumbled something and proceeded towards the school building "ahhh Sakura he answered you!

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Naruto stood up and his blond hair was wet from the sweat that was forming, it was really hot in his room and no way of cooling it down. I was there longer than most of the other kids. About Photo Books. If you like great crime fiction, psychological thriller, you'll definitely get lots of entertainment and enjoyment out of this novel. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Raj tells Howard that she should stop babying him like his mother did.

Sakura smiled but knew there wasn't much to be excited about. This would be another great day Sasuke thought when he heard Ino squealing. Naruto looked at a piece of paper, it was his schedule, first and second period was English then a short break. Meanwhile Annie only has one hope and that is for her parents to someday come back and rescue her from the foster care program. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

IMDb More. Edit Annie Jump to: Summaries 4 Synopsis 1. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Edit page. Share this page:. Rose Byrne Movies I've Seen.