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  • New Arbor Day. The couple were in their home in Mati with their two grandchildren and a woman who was helping in the house. As the flames were approaching the elderly couple told the woman to take the children and escape. Since the man had health problems and could not move, he told his wife to leave too to save her life.

But the woman refused and stood by her man until the fiery end. A Mati resident spoke to Iefimerida.

‘I Watched my Mother Burn to Death’: Heartbreaking Stories from the Greek Tragedy

It is the story of a young mother who saw the flames approaching fast and grabbed her 6-month-old infant to run away to safety. The woman in panic, ran towards the sea with the baby in her arms.

Irishman on honeymoon killed in Greek wildfires

Fire has been important to mankind since the beginning of time. Haldon , pp. The notion that materials could be made to suddenly combust in the presence of water or heat must have been plausible to audiences as early as the fifth century BC. The first and, for a long time, most popular theory regarding the composition of Greek fire held that its chief ingredient was saltpeter , making it an early form of gunpowder. But on Tuesday, as the winds died down and billowing clouds replaced thick smoke, all of that seemed far off. Details if other :. On the other hand, maybe the beleaguered commander wished that Philoctetes could miraculously appear with a quiverful of Hydra arrows to turn the tide against Mithridates.

Once she reached the coast, still holding her baby tight, she got in the water to cool off. However, people around her understood that her baby was dead, most likely from the fumes.


The woman did not know that her infant was dead, but soon passed out. The Mati resident said that the woman was taken to the hospital and put in intensive care. It is unknown if she knew the tragic fate of her infant before she passed out. All Basketball Soccer. Greeks Reminisce on the 15th Anniversary of the Football Miracle video. He paused to yell over to colleagues in orange shirts to start bringing food to other sites.

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The seemingly arbitrary blowing of the winds left some houses and bougainvillea bushes relatively untouched by fire and others reduced to nothing but cinders. One family hovered on a relatively untouched balcony near the sea.

A few feet away, there was nothing left. By then, he said, it was too late to escape.

How the fires in Mati, Greece, spread – a visual guide

The street out of town was clogged with cars and engulfed in flames. Tsiongios pointed at a narrow pass, beyond a slumped cactus plant, where he said more than people had struggled to get to the rocky beach below.

Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning

He made it out, he said, and waded in the water until the fires were extinguished. Some people swam out hoping that boats would come to their rescue. Some were plucked from the sea by fishermen, while others clung to makeshift rafts before the coast guard arrived.

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Twelve coast guard vessels, aided by private boats, rescued dozens of people from the sea and helped evacuate about people trapped on the beaches of Mati and nearby Kokkino Limanaki, officials said. But the sea, too, took its toll.

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Some residents swam to safety, only to see their neighbors drown. Others treaded water for hours, their eyes burning from smoke, until fisherman pulled them aboard. Vaios Kiriakis, a year-old high school fitness instructor, said he first smelled smoke on Monday afternoon at his home in nearby Rafina, and then saw the flames from his terrace. Within hours, Mr.

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Kiriakis said, he, his wife and year-old son fled with some money and waterproof jackets to a beach near the port. Israel is at the disposal of Greece if it becomes necessary. Greek authorities thanked Israel for the offer. Greece sought international help through the European Union as the fires on either side of Athens left lines of cars torched, charred farms and forests, and sent hundreds of people racing to beaches to be evacuated by navy vessels, yachts and fishing boats.