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The return on assets programme covers new science to markedly enhance reproduction and progeny health and performance. Roger Campbell, Interim CEO of APRIL, said the supported projects would provide new insights into antibiotic resistance and how this might be avoided, the role of enzymes and ingredients on the gut microbiome and some out of the box means of enhancing performance and reducing cost.

Researchers from Hipra recommend a revision of vaccination protocols following the discovery of vaccination failures on Canadian farms. Russian leading pork producers are planning massive exports of their products abroad, due to the current oversupply in the domestic market.

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A research group from Carroll shows there are safety concerns when vaccinating during lactation. Sponsor message Give your animals freedom of movement and get stress-free loadouts with the Osborne Weight Watcher System. Learn more.

Specifically, This also has resulted in a 7. Likewise, to understand the energy savings accomplished by pig farmers during the study period, a typical household would need to eliminate the use of a refrigerator altogether.

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It also is helpful to have a benchmark to measure additional improvements. Unlike some earlier studies, the new Pork Checkoff-funded study used a comprehensive life-cycle assessment approach and the best available methodology along with a field-to-farm gate approach. This meant including material and energy flows associated with the full supply chain, beginning with extraction of raw materials through production of live, market-weight pigs, including marketed sows.

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