The Deepest Blues Are Black

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Sweeter the brew the feeling starts coming back. Foo Fighters lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. "The Deepest Blues Are Black" lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. The Deepest Blues Are Black Lyrics: Shame on you / Seducing everyone / Faded jewel / You diamond in the rough / You don't have to tell me / I know where.

General Comment Lyrics seem like it's a guy who got all filled up with rage and beat the hell out of his wife because he assumed that she was cheating on him. That would probably be the thing she's always done which makes him "blurry". The song is about the bruises on her body bruises are blue that he inflicts, and how the harder he hits her, the more he realizes it is he who is doing wrong seeing black, the dark side of things. Just my humble opinion. General Comment buckeye, I think u're right.

ALlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the deepest blues are bllllllllaaaaaaaaccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!! General Comment hey everyone!

Foo Fighters @ Album de la Semaine, Canal + (2005)

Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. More Foo Fighters Lyrics. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. I must be-". She lifted a crystal decanter, slid her tongue across her lower lip. Would you like some? Peeta glanced at his watch - okay, he was really late now that he was in the wrong room, and his client was probably going to be ropeable -.

Her eyes were outlined in black, her eyelashes studded with small diamonds that made her eyes sparkle. The grey irises themselves were stunning as they stared back at him in such close proximity. She shot a look over her shoulder at him that made his chest - and groin - tighten. Peeta looked at his watch again, wondered how late was considered too late, and took a step towards Katniss.

I suppose I am. A little. He blushed - he couldn't help it, he still wasn't used to receiving praise for his work, not after years of receiving nothing but negativity from his mother - and cleared his throat nervously.

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Quite unexpected, really. Peeta ran through his hair, took another step towards her. He wanted to go - he needed to go - but he couldn't. The irresistible force he'd been drawn to during her performance had increased tenfold. I shouldn't even be here. Katniss raised an eyebrow in surprise. The forbidden, is it? That's unexpected. She laughed, low and throaty. You want us to play roles. That's okay. We can do that. Peeta blinked rapidly, wondering what the hell was going on. I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I must have been sent in here by mistake.

I'm meant to be in Cashmere's room right now. My name is Peeta Mellark and I'm-".

The Deepest Blues Are Black

She reached up, tugged nervously on the end of her hair, her fingers knotting in the midnight strands. I thought you were Cassius. That look. That was the one he'd enjoyed seeing whenever she spoke to Caesar Flickerman on screen, not this vapid, temptress thing she had going on. Surely you know the difference between he and I.

She suddenly looked like the 20 year old woman she really was. I don't really watch movies or television, and Tullius just told me that Cassius was the blond man in one of the two VIP booths at the back of the room. I guess there were two blond men. Then the things the men at the table next to him filtered back into his mind, and his jaw clenched. Katniss sighed, dropped to the sofa.

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I can only imagine. He took a chance and crossed the room, gingerly lowered himself to the seat beside her. Just a painting," he confirmed. Katniss snorted. Of course she did. I'd say Cashmere is well versed in Capitol celebrities, and what they look like. She rolled her eyes. You'd be well aware that you're an attractive man, and I'd say for certain she's aware too. Cashmere is Cashmere will be hysterical by now that you didn't show, and Cassius will be here any moment. He noticed that she was careful not to make eye contact, had clenched her hands tightly together in her lap to try and stop them from trembling.

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It didn't work, and in a sharp moment of clarity, something told him that working and performing at The Birdcage maybe wasn't what she wanted. That her extended moment in the spotlight, being loved by the Capitol and its citizens both emotionally and physically, was not hers by choice. It explained the sadness and unhappiness he'd seen, the persona she'd cultivated that didn't really seem like her.

It felt like her response took an eternity, and when it came, his own heart shattered at the emptiness of it. But I have to. I have no choice. A panic rose in Peeta's chest, one he hadn't felt since he was a small child. I'll double whatever he's paying. All he knew was that he had to make sure she never got hurt. Just to To make sure he doesn't do to you what I heard him say he was going to do. Things he'd thought were utterly disrespectful and deplorable, even before he knew they were actually intended to be acted out on anyone , let alone Katniss.

There won't be anything you can do. She was already going to a place she could work through, he realised. A place she could go while she gave her body to that night's highest bidder. Like what? But I can't. I…" she trailed off, and Peeta took the chance to jump in again. I fell in love with you at first sight seemed a little too much to tell her. Especially not after what you've been through. You deserve to live your life in peace, in your home. With your family. She lowered her head, and he saw one single tear hit the back of his palm. Tullius hadn't been happy when she'd called him, when she'd told him she was ill and that she couldn't accept visitors.

He'd sighed, and humphed, and reminded her of Cassius' offer of exclusivity. She'd had to swallow back the bile at the reminder - now, knowing his preferences, she understood why Snow had thought the offer a good one - but she'd expressed her sympathy, and offered to make it up to him next Friday.

The Deepest Blues Are Black

Whether Cassius was happy with the arrangement or not, it didn't matter. Tullius had accepted her word for it - with the knowledge she'd never reneged on a night before tonight - and agreed to make the alternate offer. Which was how, an hour later, Katniss found herself curled on her window seat, glancing out to the Capitol spread out in front of her. And wondered about Peeta Mellark.

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Surprisingly, she had heard of him before, though not in the usual ways. She'd heard his name through Finnick, a fellow Victor and performer at The Birdcage, who had met Peeta a year earlier. Finnick himself had been a surprise to her after they'd met during her first year of being a Mentor - flirty and outgoing and blatantly sexual, she'd firmly put him in the box of 'people to avoid'. He made her feel awkward and uncomfortable and defensive - and it had taken six months of performances at The Birdcage and accidentally stumbling across him crying in his quarters, to discover who he really was.

A broken, 27 year old man who performed raunchy stripteases in public, and sexual acts behind closed doors, to ensure the woman he loved back home was unharmed. That was the first day she'd realised that she wasn't the only one subjected to this against their free will.

Tonight, though, Peeta had saved her. Her knight in shining armor, she thought wryly, remembering the children's stories her father used to read to Prim before bedtime, as she thought back to his gleaming blond hair and perfectly cut suit and shining black shoes. The simple sight of him in her room had sent a shiver down her spine that she'd never experienced before. She'd always associated sex with what her clients wanted, and nothing to do with what she wanted.

But in that moment, when he'd fought valiantly to stop his eyes from drifting to her legs, and when his pupils had dilated when she'd glanced back over her shoulder at him, she'd wanted him, wanted someone in that way for the first time. But everything had changed when he'd revealed that he wasn't there for her that night, and the intensity and purpose and pleading in his voice as he'd begged her to pretend to be sick had struck a different chord.

One she couldn't acknowledge. One that she wasn't allowed to acknowledge. Drawing her finger across the glass that separated her from the world, she silently thanked Peeta Mellark for an unexpected night of peace. Peeta sat, figurative hat in hand, in the middle of Tullius' over-decorated office. It was all silver statues and oddly shaped pieces of artwork and uncomfortable furniture, with posters lining the wall of women in various states of undress as they kicked their legs and raised their arms in a frozen dance. He'd left The Birdcage the night before immediately after leaving Katniss, not even bothering to go into Cashmere's room.

His decision not to go in had been an easy one, from the noises he'd heard behind the closed door, and he'd headed straight home to his apartment to develop some sort of plan, to get Katniss out of this agreement that had been put in place for her with Cassius. What he'd come up with wasn't a long term solution, wasn't the plan he really wanted.

But it would buy him time, and that's what he needed more than anything. Tullius leant back in his chair, grinned widely. I warned Cashmere not to organise external appointments when she should be seeing clients; one of her regulars appeared right on midnight. No harm, no foul. And was thinking…". Peeta took a deep breath, hoping that his suggestion would be one that the robust gentleman would accept.

The man's eyebrows lifted. Is there something wrong with my establishment? It's wonderful - I'm just sorry it's taken me so long to pay it a visit. I just thought, well, tastes in the Capitol are changing. They're looking for, well A golden age from another time. Thick red curtains dotted with stars, gold trims, low lights that make everyone attractive. He could see the consideration crossing Tullius' face, and knew what he was describing to be true, regardless. The clean lines of the last decade in the Capitol were moving back to the excess and old world feel from an age ago.

Technically, he was doing the man a favour. A little overhaul might be just what we need, especially coming into the next Games. What exactly would this entail? You may need to close for a month," Peeta said apologetically, watched as Tullius blanched. But imagine the anticipation, the excitement when you reopened.

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Peeta blinked rapidly, wondering what the hell was going on. Your sister, perhaps? She laughed, low and throaty. And I love the vocal on it, i love the drum sound on it. She watched him out of the corner of her eye while he drew, the concentration clear on his face. Este artista. I guess there were two blond men.

A full overhaul, a brand-new Birdcage. Genius Lyrics. Foo Fighters. In Your Honor. The Deepest Blues Are Black.