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The Living Farm will soon be hosting self-guided interactive farm tours for people to experience the farming lifestyle firsthand, including petting and holding the baby animals. Take a look at their website and Facebook page for more details! Lynn uses wool from the California Varegated Mutant Sheep to make down pillows and slippers.

There are currently 15 lambs on the farm with more on the way! Next on my list of farms to visit was Fire Mountain Fiber , a family owned fiber mill outside of Hotchkiss that raises animals a little less common, such as Icelandic Sheep, Angora and Cashmere Goats, and alpacas. Owners Jim and Diane Firor raise these specific breeds because of the large amount of high quality wool they produce.

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First time moms usually have one kid, while twins are common with experienced moms. The sheep actually have to be shorn twice a year because their wool can grow 18 inches thick! Visit their website to learn more about the farm and to view photos of the Icelandic sheep before they are shorn.

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Cynthia and Ira Houseweart of Princess Beef had a pretty memorable breeding season this year. Princess was raised by Cynthia at the Allen Ranch, where she was a ranch hand for many years. Mothers and calves stay at Princess Beef until they are healthy enough to integrate with the rest of the herd on Fruitland Mesa. The Housewearts have deep roots in the valley.

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Cynthia, Ira and their two girls, live and work on their fifth generation portion of the ranch and raise cattle that are certified by Animal Welfare Approved and the American Grassfed Association. As stewards of the animals and the land, they practice holistic and sustainable methods: gently walking the animals from one grazing spot to the next every few days depending on the growing season.

Throughout my baby animal farm tour, it really struck me how each of these farmers has endless love for their farms, their animals and their lifestyles. Farming in the North Fork, with its clean air and pure water, is a passion for them. For many in the North Fork the passion that brought and keeps them here also makes them adamant advocates for its protections. TLF sells their breedstock all over the U.

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Llamas are very alert, protective animals, and are the guardians of the lambs at Fire Mountain Fiber. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Lynn and Horatio. Even the greatest of cathedrals conceived by man seem pale before the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. The mountain was enormous and felt so strong, while the wildflowers were so small and delicate.

Alpine Flash Fiction — Rebecca Johnstone

The foreground presented an interesting variety of shapes to look past to the waterfall and calm snowfield across the canyon. About Carole Cooke Like a river exposing the secrets of a canyon, Carole Cooke's determination to carve her own path in the world has been a major factor in shaping her career as a fine artist. As a young girl, she spent hours on horseback exploring the creeks and valleys near her hometown of Yorba Linda, California.

This freedom to roam the unspoiled countryside combined with memories of family camping trips in the Sierras imbued Cooke with an independent spirit and the abiding love of nature which became the wellspring from which she now draws inspiration for her evocative, plein air landscapes. Cooke began her professional career in the film industry, working first as a producer and later finding her niche in the more creative role of Art Director.

During this period, she also began to explore her potential as a fine artist.