Our House Is Round: A Kids Book About Why Protecting Our Earth Matters

Yolanda Kondonassis
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Pollution, energy use, and simply throwing things away have created a worldwide mess that kids can help clean up with an eight-step action plan. This well-meant offering introduces the idea of the Passionateabout writing, earth conservation, and music,she is a Grammy-nominated classical harpist with alove for kids and the desire to share both the powerof knowledge and the inspiration for change. She lives with her husband anddaughter in Cleveland, Ohio.

She received her BFA from the Rhode Island Schoolof Design and launched a successful career as asportswear designer shortly thereafter. An avid rower,she makes her home near the water in Providence,Rhode Island. Are they resolved in a natural and Resolved by asking readers to make interesting manner? Charactersd Did the characters seem real? Did the characters have both strengths and weaknesses? No Did the characters represent diverse cultural groups? Not applicable Are the characters portrayed as individuals instead of as representatives Not applicable of a group?

Settingd Did the characters fit into the setting? Not applicable Did I feel that I was really in that time and place? If it is a nonnarrative informational text, consider the following questionsg: Is the technical vocabulary explained? Yes Yes Is the information clear and up to date? Yes Yes Are the facts presented clearly and not oversimplified? Oversimplified e. No references presented in the text No references presented in the text II.

Illustrations Did the design of the illustrations convey a sense of unity with the text?


Both are oversimplified Yes Do the illustrations reinforce, elaborate, or embellish the text? Yes Yes Are the illustrations accurate in historical, cultural, and geographical detail? Not applicable Not applicable Are the illustrations authentic and not stereotypical? Scientific Accuracy Does the author have specific scientific expertise?

Not evident Leads a foundation but was not formally educated in the topic Are there references for teachers to review for additional reading? No No Can the information in the text be confirmed by outside sources?

Children’s Book Review: Our House is Round

Yes Yes IV. Do situations related in the Does not challenge children to make Helps children to make sense of a text challenge children to make sense of complex realities? Are learning and action depicted as Closed process Open process open or as closed processes? Who turned up the heat? Eco-Pig explains global warming. New York, NY: Skyhorse. Considering genre, content, and visual features in the selection of trade books for science instruction. The Reading Teacher, 55 6 , — Retrieved from www.

Rudman Ed. Norwood, MA: Christopher-Gordon. Making science trade book choices for elementary classrooms. The Reading Teacher, 62 6 , — Visual displays in basal readers and social studies textbooks. Willows Eds. The role of illustrations in processing and remembering illustrated text. Houghton Eds. Educational psychology Ch. Silverman, Trans. Boca Raton, FL: St.

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Our House Is Round: A Kid's Book About Why Protecting Our Earth Matters Hardcover – April 10, Author Yolanda Kondonassis encourages children to answer questions about their planet and discusses the issues of global warming, recycling, energy conservation, planting trees, and. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. YOLANDA KONDONASSIS is founder and director of Our House Is Round: A Kid's Book About Why Protecting Our Earth Matters - Kindle edition by Yolanda Kondonassis, Joan Brush. Called “the perfect children's introduction to environmental issues” by Fred Krupp, president of the.

It is key to remem- ber, for instance, that climate pertains to the global nature of the issue, whereas weather refers to our day-to- day temperature and precipitation. Additionally, it is important to assure that the texts do more than present the problems—they need to suggest solu- tions that can be understood by young readers.

The science of climate change con- Note. Cherry and G. Braasch, Nevada City, CA: Dawn. Johnson and S. Sadler, Reprinted with permission. Literature can ening possibilities.


Literature can also the perfect way for students to build mediate anxiety by providing safe describe real-life actions—planting literacyworldwide. French and Barry Gott This text pres- critically about climate change. Readers are invited to view cartoon-like illustrations to repre- sent complex issues such as pollution trees, building windmills, conserv- help students think critically about cli- and drought.


The author strives to ing resources—that young people mate change. The scientific mes- see Wilson, The complicated, Focusing on Climate sage of the book is provided through high-stakes choices presented by cli- mate change call for literary support Change Texts explanations of global warming and Looking closely at texts on climate its effect on the land and sea. The Lorax Cars, electricity, and airplanes are rep- ary ones. Seuss , a well-known pic- resented as threats. Readers may be Selecting texts with realistic didactic ture book, was published one year after urged to feel responsible for saving the value should begin with an acknowl- the first Earth Day.

This could cause anxiety always predictable and that children saving the environment by creating a about how readers live their lives, so may respond differently than adults. The Lorax follows a famil- help youngsters look at small actions teristics of texts likely to help children iar archetypal pattern in which evil is that might build momentum for posi- transition from fear- or anger-based complex while good is simple.

Readers tive change. In Vygotskian terms, we should responses alongside protagonists: to Heat? In The Lorax, the Once-ler stances. In both texts, the characters can anger, fear to higher level, sociocultur- and Thneeds neatly symbolize for change the state of their world by taking ally mediated ones e. Moving trialization, and their effects on the and using less electricity. The solution is simply about the criteria they use for selecting psychology will, under the impression to put saving the environment in the texts related to environmental prob- that real feelings are too difficult for hands of the child who must repair lems.

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Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Type and press enter to search. Forgot your password? Sally Willow Zoo Break In. What are some simple yet concrete things kids can do to protect our planet and speak up for the earth? Ad Choices. In stock online.

The consensus view was that children, present a sugarcoated version of events and heroes that are clumsily the environmental disaster created by students need information and situ- and unskillfully made up; feelings are adults. This solution is dated; children ations presented in such a way that replaced with sensitivity and emotions are not the only ones who should be they must make meaningful decisions.

They are passive recipients of the The Reading Teacher Vol. We hope that the books listed a library and began reading about stewardship. They solve enormous yet in the next section stimulate chil- how simple machines are con- seemingly simple problems through a dren to develop sophisticated affective structed. He collected parts from process of scapegoating an oversimpli- and intellectual stances toward climate junk piles, melted a plastic pipe fied villain.

This picture polemic value of such texts. However, Climate Change Books book portrays the persistence and as educators, we want students to for Children: Information dreams that brought electricity, engage with texts that develop com- and Inspiration water, and hope to a dry land.

A plex thinking about the issue of climate Books in the following list are placed page book by the same name change. Thus, we want to demonstrate alphabetically into categories sug- gives full details. Sections on global warming, she starts to plant seeds. In one urban area after details. Island] by Jacques Pasquet and Marion Arbona : One of the Informational Books first picture books to address the topic of climate refugees, this text Narrative Informational Books. The raphy tells the true story of book, available in digital formats, Kamkwamba, who was 14 years can be found in French, Spanish, old when a drought came to his and Italian.

The story is told by a small village in sub-Saharan girl from Sarichef Island who has Africa in His family had very come to view the sea as a crea- Note. Kondonassis and J. Brush, for tuition, he was compelled to forcing her community to relocate , New York, NY: Skyhorse. Copyright by Yolanda Kondonassis. Our Changing Climate: Scientists 24— Pasquet and M.

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Copyright by Jacques Pasquet. This means that millions and seek solutions. Woven through- The Nobel Peace Prize was given of people may have to move from out the book are examples of ways to Wangari Maathai in to parched homelands. Sometimes that people, young and old, have honor her work as the Mama Miti, water shortages can lead to disputes worked together to make significant or Mother of Trees. Detailed changes to protect animals, clean up Movement that she started in her explanations of both the dire situ- the environment, and reduce carbon native Kenya in has resulted ations that we may encounter and footprints.

The explanations, string, and paper. The mother a local child explains what water polar bear arrives to rescue her geared toward helping young read- means. For example, a boy in the cubs in this beautifully illustrated ers engage in productive action. This languages are taught or explored. A short glossary and a simple book is filled with links to web- It is also available in a digital list of ideas and information can sites and video clips that can format.

Books take us beyond pipe spews yellow fluid into a blue greenhouse gases, melting ice, and what we see on the pages and even river. Here are the words on that efforts to recycle resources. We wish to stim- of energy makes pollution and turn off the power strip to her com- ulate open-minded dialogues among uses up lots of natural resources. Dumanoski, D. The end of the long 1. Survey articles appearing in popular Books and other media can help orga- summer: Why we must remake our civilization to survive on a volatile earth. Literature and the child 7th ed.


Belmont, ticular viewpoint or course of action. Get to know local resources e. Moll Ed. Teachers are the cations of sociohistorical psychology pp. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge and climate challenges e. University Press. We sympathize with those who face the Hunter, B. Visual displays in basal readers and challenges presented by science-related 3. New York, NY: topics, yet we have great confidence in climate and related questions.

Include online resources e. Summary for policymakers. Stocker, D. Qin, G. Plattner, M. Tignor, S. Allen, J. Boschung, … P.