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I had a tiny room, which I tried to keep clean and tidy at all times.

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On the walls that I had repainted, I pinned up symbolic pictures, and as I had begun to experiment with colour, I painted the windowpanes too: some days red, some orange, some yellow and so on. I put a little rug on the table and then placed on it a few symbolic objects which linked me to eternal truths. But above all, despite the lack of space, I had managed to put an armchair in this room on which no one, not even I, was allowed to sit. Who was this chair for? I had no idea, and yet I knew in the depths of my heart that it was reserved for a messenger from the realms of light. You can imagine my surprise when I learned that, a few years earlier, the Master had lived in a house less than a hundred metres from our home!

I often used to walk past this house. Had I sensed his presence? Or did I intuit that I was going to meet him and so reserve this chair for him? Then, in town, rumours began to circulate Peter Deunov was now in Varna-: the clergy of the orthodox Church had been angered by him and by his ideas and had succeeded in getting the government to banish him from Sofia, where he had lived for several years.

I did not want to go immediately to see him, because I was still very weak from the illness which, for some weeks, had kept me hovering between life and death; I did not dare introduce myself to him when I was in such a poor state of health. But as soon as I was better And then, one day, when I had gone out for a walk on the main street of Varna, I saw a man coming towards me who attracted my whole attention. He was dressed quite simply and, despite his beard, he still seemed young. He passed by quickly, walking as only he knew how. My heart beat so strongly, and I felt that now the moment to meet him had arrived.

I made some enquiries and he agreed to see me. When I went to see him for the first time, at the Hotel London where he was staying, one of his secretaries opened the door and introduced me to him. Before my arrival, he had been busy composing the music for Chte se razvesselia, accompanying on his violin the sister who was singing. I did not know then that he had studied music and that he played the violin I had longed, since childhood, to play this instrument!

I watched how he drew the music from his violin; his whole face bore witness to an intense inner life. The tune developed little by little, as we began again and again. It was marvellous! Before this encounter with him, I had done many exercises to develop certain psychic faculties, in particular, clairvoyance. The visible world was not enough to satisfy my curiosity, and I wanted to know what lay behind it, yet despite my efforts I was not at all satisfied with the results I had gained.

I told him this and asked for his advice. Of course I was expecting him to reveal some great secrets to me and then give me some difficult exercises. What a surprise, and what a disappointment as well! He advised me to abandon all the methods I had been using until then as I had no idea how dangerous they were. Love leads to clairvoyance I admit that at first I did not understand: I was young, and what I saw around me made me think rather that love leads to blindness.

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However, even though I did not understand it, I took this reply seriously. And now I believe not only that love, spiritual love, leads to clairvoyance, but that it alone gives true clairvoyance. At that time I was a difficult adolescent. I did not want to listen to any advice from anyone, and often not even from my mother, whom I loved and respected greatly. But at the same time I was aware that my judgment was not perhaps the best, and I began to have doubts.

That it suits you is not enough. How can you really know? I was like a sailor lost at sea, without a compass, and with no idea what direction to take in order to come to harbour. I have never thought of myself as particularly wise and intelligent, but if the wisdom and intelligence of a person are judged by the choices he or she makes in life, in choosing Master Peter Deunov as both my model and my guide, then, yes, I was wise and intelligent.

So many people with great intellectual, moral and artistic faculties have not achieved much, because they did not know how to recognize those who could help them to develop them. It is sad to see how many gifted men and women have ruined their lives, simply because they were not guided. It is often preferable to be a little less gifted but to be well guided. As I took my leave at the end of my first visit, the Master asked me to come back and see him.

I could not then put words to everything I was feeling. It was as if a sun was rising within me: the clouds dispersed, a new light flooded me, erasing all my fears and suffering. Everything vibrated and sang in my heart like the first day of spring. So, I returned to his hotel to see him again, and I was present too when he gave his lectures.

But more convincing and more eloquent than his words was the life emanating from him, a radiance, a breath of pure air, which enlightened and purified my own life. In great spiritual beings, the perfection of their features is not what is most remarkable. Whatever their features, there is true beauty in their light, in everything that emanates from them. Even when the Master was silent, his whole being spoke, and when he spoke, his whole being underlined his speech. For me, he was a book, the best book, a living book. Besides, we all need living books; the others, once read, are put back on the shelf where they are forgotten.

Whereas living books are never forgotten; they are constant reminders for us. And this is when I began to understand the difference between intellectual knowledge and living knowledge. What is this difference? The same as that between the smell of paper and of fresh bread! In this magnificent face, the most remarkable feature was the nose.

Much later, despite consulting the works of the Swiss physiognomist, Lavater, I never saw such a nose, and I cannot explain the thoughts that it inspired in me. It was a perfect nose, and it immediately fascinated me. Yes, fascinated. Just by looking at his nose, I understood that the Master was an exceptional being. In this perfect form, I read wisdom, intelligence, strength of spirit and the laws of harmony, and in the beginning I could not stop looking at it.

Also, I was even more bothered by what had happened some time previously to my own nose. In our neighbourhood in Varna, despite warnings from my mother, I was used to climbing on the roofs of neighbouring houses, and one day I fell. Luckily this fall was not too serious, as I had not fallen from a great height, but I hit my nose, and in time a growth formed, which made it look like a beak. It was not a pretty sight, and I suffered from it. In fact, little by little my nose regained its normal shape, and there was not the least sign of injury.

What also immediately impressed me about the Master was the rhythm and harmony that he put into his gestures, his words and his bearing. Such a rhythm cannot be created artificially, it does not appear by chance; it is the result of a deep knowledge of the laws of the spiritual world. These laws must have been studied and internalized, over a long time, in order to make the body conform. The Master never changed his simple, honest attitude; he never abandoned this harmony, this marvellous rhythm which gave weight and meaning to everything he did.

I do not know if I am making myself understood, but I can give you an example. When you sing or play a musical instrument, it is not enough to pay attention to the notes, but you must also respect the tempo, the rhythm, otherwise the greatest masterpiece will lose its meaning and beauty. I, who continually lived in extremes, was always astonished to see this measure and equilibrium in the Master.

Peste Grise La

He was not indifferent to what went on around him, but whereas, in some situations, others would be worried or agitated, he always maintained the same rhythm, and you could read in his face that he was in command of the situation. My God, if I could only be like him! Did I discover it? I can still feel today the effect that this mastery, marked by harmony and benevolence, had on me.

With what attention I looked at him, I listened to him! I wanted to have the same thoughts and the same feelings as he had; I wanted to act like him. I told him this one day, and I added that I even wanted to look like him. At this hour, no one went to the park, but the Master and I would often meet each other; one would be arriving as the other was leaving. We would greet each other from afar, the Master raising his hat, a bowler hat which many people wore at that period.

At that hour we never spoke to each other, as I felt it was not the moment to approach him. But I was always glad to see him, and then I knew that I could go and see him during the day. In the room where he received me, usually in the afternoon, there was a simple table with nothing on it. But once, coming in, I saw a book on it. Then, the Master picked it up, handed it to me, and asked me to read a passage from it. The book was And the piece I had to read was where the old abbot Faria shows the young Edmund Dantes how, by putting two halves of a sheet of paper together, he could reconstruct the contents of a will which would reveal where a fabulous treasure was hidden.

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After having read the passage, I gave the book back to the Master, who said not a word, and I dared not ask any questions. Why had he made me read this passage? What did those two pieces of paper signify for me? Was there somewhere a piece of something and I had to find the other half?

Puissance de 10 et conversion

This was not the only time the Master left me with unanswered questions or, more precisely, questions to which I had to find the answers. But when? At that time, Bulgaria was at war with the Balkans and the government had instituted a curfew. One evening the Master had kept me at his house longer than usual, and when I left him it was already past curfew time. I walked thinking about the Master, and I was so happy with our conversation that I did not mind spending the night at the police station You know what happened?

Those who question the reality of the power of thought - whether it can travel through space, whether human brains are prepared to receive it - should reflect on this fact. The guards had received an order, and their souls had obeyed. One day when the Master accompanied me as far as the hotel entrance, as I walked away I believed that I could feel his eyes on me.

I turned around, and indeed, he was still there, looking at me. I had the impression that he was observing how I walked. This surprised me And then, a short while later, during a lecture, he tackled the topic of how we move, by drawing our attention to the different modalities of movement in animals, which, according to the species, walk, crawl, hop, swim or fly.

He then added that we can draw conclusions about the character of each human being from the way they walk, and even predict their future. This was new for me; I had never before thought of dwelling on such details. Then, I, too, began to observe my own way of walking, as well as all my gestures, and to compare them with those of the Master: how he got up, sat down, turned his head.

And I could study his walk especially when he allowed me to go with him and a few other brothers and sisters to see the sun rise over the heights of Varna. We met each other and waited for the Master outside his hotel. When he emerged, he paused motionless, for a moment, looked in front of him, then to the right and to the left. He never started walking without being oriented first, as if he was consciously owning his space, and then his step was both quick and supple, yet full of dignity.

I never saw him walking with a bent back or a lowered head. It could be said that he found real delight in moving because his steps were so light! Then with what joy we watched the sun with him, as it rose deep red just above the sea; it spread light of such beauty that we wanted to drink it. Afterwards, we did the breathing exercises and the gymnastic exercises. I was so taken by this wonderful new life I was discovering with him that I had forgotten that I should soon have to leave for my military service.

I had just received notice to present myself at a specific time and date at the barracks. This departure was a tragedy for me; not only was I devastated to leave the Master, his lectures, the sunrises but, as Bulgaria was then at war,- I was in danger of being sent to the front, and the idea of bloodshed horrified me. So there I was before him, overwhelmed, and expecting him to share my sorrow.

Not at all! You will be released very swiftly. I have never been able to forget that look, for he never looked at me in that way again. Although he gave me kind looks, there was never again one like that day. Now, if I tell you about my life as a soldier, you will really laugh. I turned up at the barracks and, as I was not in any great hurry to get my equipment when I arrived, the others had already helped themselves and I had to take what was left: a uniform and boots that were far too big for me, a helmet which covered half my face and a rifle without a strap.

My God, it was funny! I made sure, however, that I brought up the rear so that no one would notice me. Sometimes, when we were summoned to the drill field, I would distance myself a little to sleep in a comer. As I spent part of my nights reading, obviously, I was sleepy.

One day, a passing officer found me. He shook me and, irritated at being woken, I told him to leave me in peace. I think he was so astonished at my nerve that he did not punish me. Others, however, began to question what strange individual they were dealing with, for I was a sleepwalker. Yes, I was a sleepwalker for a long time. At night, I got up and wandered around in my nightshirt. Obviously, the soldiers on guard duty saw me and made out a report. Two officers came to look into the matter, and when they found a suitcase full of philosophy books by my bed, their faces were a picture!

They put their heads together to come up with a solution to my situation, and they decided to send me to a clinic in Sofia for an examination. Instead of going there, I went back home to Varna. I dressed as a civilian and went for a walk in the park by the sea. Someone recognized me there and also made out a report. At that time, in Bulgaria, people were beaten for the smallest offences, and it is extraordinary that I was never beaten. My audaciousness, or just my simple lack of awareness, undoubtedly made those in higher ranks think that I was a little bit cracked, due to all my reading, so perhaps it was better to leave me alone!

Then, I got jaundice. But was he really a doctor? Whatever symptoms the patient had, he used just one remedy - swabs of iodine tincture. He clearly thought that he had found the universal cure-all. I do not know the connection between iodine and jaundice, apart, of course, from the colour! Obviously, being daubed with iodine had no effect on me, and as I was really ill I was discharged and sent home.

So, just as the Master had foreseen, I had been rapidly freed. I was delivered from military service, but I still had to deal with the jaundice, which really affected me badly. I was living in a state of torpor which I could not shake off, and when I slept I woke up even more exhausted. My mother took care of me, but to no avail. One day, a neighbour suggested a remedy to her. In Bulgaria, and probably in France too, by the roadside you can find a plant whose fruit is covered with a light down; when it ripens, it explodes and throws out lots of tiny seeds.

I had to crush these fruits and then sniff the resulting juice up my nose. The juice burned my nose horrendously; it felt as though I was inhaling acid, but I persevered. A yellowish liquid began to pour from my nose and a few days later I was cured. Yes indeed, such were the remedies we used in those days Each morning, on an empty stomach, drink a cup of water.

Drink it slowly and with love, mouthful after mouthful, as if you are chewing it, and concentrate all your thoughts on it, for water has great power. Talk to it, too. Drinking water while talking to it and also talking to my liver, what strange remedies! But I did what the Master advised, and little by little I felt changes occurring in my consciousness. When I drank the water, I could feel a sort of pleasurable dizziness, as you would leaning over a spring to quench your thirst. I think that the same thing was happening to my liver, in order to rebalance it. With the help of love, I was healed by water.

Yes, water has indeed got great power. In , as everyone remembers, there was a pandemic of Spanish flu in Europe which killed millions of people. In just a fortnight, more than one thousand six hundred people died in Sofia. The Master told us, among other things, to wash our hands frequently, to drink well-boiled water, and to eat piping hot boiled potatoes.

Doctors either laughed or were furious when they heard he was prescribing these simple things, but in the Brotherhood we followed his advice, and even if some of us became sick, no one died. Often the simplest rules and methods are the most effective, on condition, of course, that the lifestyle is sensible and does not hinder the healthy functioning of the body. Nature has worked for millions of years for this to be so.

What is simpler than breathing? And yet, our whole lives depend on this simple mechanism of inhaling and exhaling air. Whatever your ideal may be, if you are not in good health, you will not understand things clearly, nor will you serve the Lord correctly. What I wanted was to surpass myself, to have access to all the great mysteries. But then I quickly realized that the conception the Master had of health concerned not just the physical body, but also the psychic and spiritual bodies, and then I was able to have many beneficial experiences.

And one day when I was going to see him, the Master gave me a meeting time very early the next morning. He said that he wanted to take me to the hills, much further away, to be present at the sunrise. I was filled with such joy that I hardly slept at all that night. Of course, I arrived promptly and we set off. I was so happy that on the way I could not stop talking. He looked at me, smiled at me, but he said nothing. After a while, a little anxious that he was not replying, I became silent, because I sensed that it was better for me to be quiet too: in the morning, when going to meet the sun, we must prepare ourselves inwardly to receive all its blessings.

But what do you expect? As he had correctly calculated - he knew the Vama area well, since he had lived there for a long time - we arrived just before sunrise. Then, we stopped, we found a spot on the hillside, and the sun began to rise. For a long time, we watched it rise in the sky. Before we lay down, he had thrown some pebbles in the air, one after another, and again I wondered why he was throwing stones. We lay down flat on our stomachs so that our backs were well exposed to the sun.

Later, he told me that the spinal column is like a battery which is recharged by the heat and the light of the sun. We were stretched out, warmed by the sun, and we left our bodies We were not asleep but were in a state which was like it. Where did we go? After a long time, we both returned at the same moment.

I was in a state of ecstasy, I felt that something quite exceptional had occurred, that I had been taken to a place of indescribable beauty, but nothing was clear in my memory. The Master looked at me and smiled. The beings who received us told me that you were not to remember what you had seen, and that is the reason I had to draw a veil over you. I felt as though the air around us was vibrating differently, that the whole of nature became alive, as if under a magic spell. That was the first time the Master took me to the causal plane.

After that, I often accompanied the Master to see the sunrise from the hills of Varna. You cannot imagine the beauty of the morning colours as the sun rises over the Black Sea. We meditated for a long time, then we left our bodies, and the Master took me to contemplate the reality of other worlds. Each time, he warned the beings of these realms so that they would be ready to receive us. Those were indescribable moments. It is impossible to walk the spiritual path of light alone, as there are so many risks of losing oneself.

For years, I had prayed, searched, delved deep, without true direction or support, and now, the guide I had so longed for was at last sent by heaven. I was like a traveller who had been walking through the desert for a long time. One day, he finally finds an oasis where there is a crystalline spring where he can quench his thirst. It was so difficult for me, every time, to leave the Master to go back home! Yet, now that I had met him, I understood that what was essential was to be always conscious of his presence.

Whether I saw him or not, whether he spoke to me or not, I felt that I had a Master, and I tried never to lose that sensation. A Master has the power to guide his disciples inwardly. In the invisible, he speaks to them, gives them advice, and the disciples must learn to be receptive. Then, these words that they hear within, without knowing where they come from, sometimes have greater effect than if the Master had really said them.

When he has something to say to a disciple, the Master is never sure if the words he uses, or even the intention behind them, will be well understood. I made great efforts to be attentive to this voice. From the moment I met the Master, it was clear to me that I must give him my thoughts, my feelings, my faith and my hope. Heaven had sent to me the one I had waited such a long time for, and I dedicated my life to him. My love was there, with him, nowhere else, and this love always protected me. CD , CD 2, song no.

I was so happy with this meeting, yet I was totally unaware of his situation. For me, his presence in Varna was a blessing from heaven, but what was it like for him? The Master was fifty-three when I met him, and as he spoke so rarely about himself, I realize now how very little I knew about his previous life. He was born in at Nikolaevka, a village near Varna, and his father was a priest in the Orthodox Church. His father, struck by the qualities and gifts he showed from a young age, thought that his son would also become a member of the orthodox clergy. But the Master, after having spent several years in a Methodist school, went to the United States- where he enrolled in a protestant theological college.

In the United States he also studied medicine. When he returned to Bulgaria, he was expected to become a priest, but he refused, saying it was not his vocation. He would be neither pastor nor orthodox priest. The truth was that he felt more and more distant from the narrow ideas the clergy wielded over the faithful. When this power is not released and received by those with pure hearts and luminous minds, it can only produce chaos, trouble and destruction. First of all, there is a thought, and this thought descends from the mind to the heart in order to be translated into action.

Even if Jesus came to bring a message of love, he knew that this message had to be founded on a solid structure of philosophy and science, otherwise how would he have been able, at just twelve years old, to teach in the Temple? The idea that he had not spent a single day without studying, in order to be ready to accomplish the mission for which he had incarnated, was foreign to them.

Some will say that this does not appear very clearly in the Gospels.

That is true, but the Gospels tell us very little about the life of Jesus! When the Master began to give lectures and gather a few disciples around him, the clergy of the Orthodox Church became fearful and immediately began to unite against him. Why are they afraid? I have neither money nor power. You have no reason to complain about me. But the Master always asserted that he was a Christian, so why did he turn away from the doctrines taught by the Church? They made him understand that he was standing in their way and that he disturbed them.

Your attitude reveals that you are not in the true religion of Christ; you are fearful and without love. But, for him, the true Church was the one to which all the saints, prophets, initiates and great spiritual Masters of all religions belonged, all those who, over the centuries, brought light to humanity. As humanity evolves, the methods, means, and forms cannot remain the same, and so each one comes to give a new form to the same eternal principles,- each one is a stone in this edifice, the head of which is the Christ, but Christ as cosmic principle.

How can we believe that the Lord is concerned with the dogmas and rituals which seem to separate people? Master Peter Deunov was a representative of this universal Church that was shaking up the official Bulgarian Church, and by adopting his teaching, I too received the teaching of Christ, that is to say the teaching of all the greater Masters of humanity. The White Brotherhood never stops sending its messengers to the world to enlighten peoples and nations.

Quite clearly it is not an allusion to the white race, but the term must be understood only in its symbolic sense. Traditionally, white is associated with purity and goodness, and white light is also the synthesis of all the colours. By founding the White Brotherhood, the Master was not founding a church. For him, everyone who works for good, harmony and peace in the world belongs to this White Brotherhood; and it is linked to all the great spirits of the past, both known and unknown, who contributed and still contribute in the invisible world to the evolution of humanity.

What was his innermost thought when he composed the song Za nebesnia car. In addition St.


Puissances de la pensée (Izvor Collection t. ) (French Edition) - Kindle edition by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. La puissance la plus formidable que Dieu pouvait accorder, c'est à l'esprit qu'Il en a fait don. Et comme chaque pensée est imprégnée de cette puissance de.

Jesus, who brought us the teaching of love, is linked in this song of the Master,- with Melchizedek. We know that Jesus was born in a stable at Bethlehem, that he was baptized in the river Jordan by John the Baptist, that he spent forty days in the desert and so on. We know, too, that the apostle Paul went to Damascus, that he was baptized then forced to flee to escape death. So why do we keep repeating it? What really matters now is that we have a better understanding of divine law. The law forbids you from physically killing someone, but know too that it also forbids you from killing any good feelings or thoughts he or she has.

He said that religion is based on universal laws in the sense that there exists an analogous link between the laws which rule the psychic and spiritual worlds and those which rule the physical world. The wolf knows it is a wolf and goes with the wolves. Human beings know they are human beings and go to be with others. All beings know themselves and where they belong And you, where are you going? If you are light, you will go towards the light. Each vibration tends towards finding another similar vibration to merge with; all beings by their vibrations, their predetermined wavelengths, relate to other beings and energies in the universe which have the same wavelength and the same vibrations.

This is the law of affinity. So, through their thoughts, their feelings and their actions, people are attuned to the realms and entities which possess the same wavelengths, and through the force of attraction they must sooner or later meet. If we work on purifying ourselves in order to nurture only spiritual desires, nothing will be able to stop us from meeting up with the luminous beings who inhabit space, with the angels and archangels, all the way to God himself.

There is a cosmic structure, and this structure is implacable. Each of us is attracted to, and drawn into, the region with which we resonate, and it is we who determine ourselves by the choice of our ideal. On high, in the subtle world, our decision is instantaneous, but obviously, in order to feel the consequences on the physical plane, we must keep on working more and more. The law of affinity, the law of cause and effect, the law of rebound, are, in the spiritual world, all analogous to the laws ruling the physical world, and it is on them that the Master based religion.

This has far reaching consequences. This law teaches us that every single one of our actions, our feelings, and even our thoughts, here and now, represents a cause which unleashes consequences. But as our life does not stop at the moment we die, these actions, thoughts and feelings, which are living, active realities, will continue to follow us not only to the other world, but when we return to incarnate again on earth.

Reincarnation was, for the Master, the logical extension of the law of cause and effect. Anyone who does not accept that who they are and what they live now is affected by what they were and what they lived in previous lives - and also that what they are doing in this life will have repercussions in their lives to come - will never understand divine Justice. At that time in Bulgaria, it was easy to find books on religion and oriental philosophy, which dealt with the subject of reincarnation, and the Church did not have the power to ban them.

The fact that the Master had accepted the reality of reincarnation was a scandal for the Church. It stubbornly continued to preach that the destiny of people is entirely dependent on the will of God - a will often without rhyme or reason - and that after their death, condemned criminals will bum eternally in hell fire, whereas the righteous will spend a short while in Purgatory in order to be purified, and then go on to Paradise. The Master, who was raised in these beliefs, could no longer accept them, because refusing the fact of reincarnation makes divine Justice impossible to understand, and neither can we understand the tme dimensions of life.

The Master did not make the mistake of revealing past lives to his disciples, nor did he encourage them to try to find out. He thought not only would such a revelation not be useful, but it might be harmful. Those who had not mastered their own inner life might be seriously led astray by seeking out those earlier lives. If necessary, at the proper time, once the work is done, disciples might have earlier lives revealed.

It is because they realize that their Master can open the future to them that their past will be revealed. I questioned him in order to check their accuracy. Believing in reincarnation must serve only to make us aware that our destiny is ruled by laws. So many Christians make the mistake of believing that, after Jesus, God did not send any more of his sons, or that before Jesus the world had been deprived of true light! God has never stopped sending his sons to earth, and it is too bad if the Church does not want to recognize them.

As it does not have the power to force God to pay attention to its points of view, he keeps on sending prophets, initiates and great Masters, who have renounced the joys of Paradise in order to come to help humanity. Why, instead of being grateful for this sign of his love, do some people keep on fighting them?

Will the Churches realize one day that, by persecuting the most remarkable members of their communities under the pretext that they were distancing themselves from religious beliefs, they have done the most to encourage unbelievers and the desertion of sacred places? They have tried to silence those who came to open their eyes and their hearts, and now here are the results: Christians are seeking their nourishment elsewhere. In reality, whether they were orthodox priests or protestant pastors, neither knew where to place the Master.

He was the son of an orthodox priest, he had studied protestant theology, he said he was Christian, and he always kept a Bible close to hand, which he read and commented on. But he challenged the rituals and precepts taught by the Church, and instead of attending services took his disciples to watch the sun rise. And what were all those practices that he made them do outdoors - the breathing exercises, gymnastics, and paneurhythmy? And also what was this temple of nature in which he advised them to learn, saying that it was created not by human hands but by God?

Did he want Bulgarians to return to paganism? And what crazy idea made him go around the country measuring and studying the heads of so many people! Yes, but a false prophet! Otherwise, it is so easy to use them to label as false prophets all those who come to bring new light to help humanity move forward. Some people reacted even more violently to the Master and said he was the antichrist.

This has been said about other people: for example, Nero, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler and sometimes even me. But that raises another question: how is it that God, in his love, has allowed the antichrist to return so frequently, whereas Christ has come just once? Since he has forbidden the Christ from returning, then the place is free for the antichrist. Yet the Master was very careful; he never touched on certain aspects of Initiatic Science; he just concentrated his explanations on the Bible, and particularly on the Gospels.

He revealed nothing about the Kabbalah, alchemy, magic, astrology, or anything we generally call esoteric science. In Bulgaria, at that time, to have commented on such topics would have meant courting serious danger. First of all, he must have felt that his disciples were not ready, and also that the clergy, who already were persecuting him, would have certainly accused him of sorcery or something similar.

Very few were able to understand and accept even his commentaries on the Gospels, so how would they have understood the sephirotic tree, the chakras, subtle bodies and centres? One day he said to me that, in their spiritual work, disciples had to go right down into their bowels, because that was where God lived. Even though he gave me no explanation of this statement, I understood later that he meant, without saying so, that a disciple must meditate and work on the hara centre. And in one lecture, without dwelling on it further, he mentioned the existence of Agartha, that inner land which I have shown you is related to the hara centre.

So I know that his knowledge and spiritual practice went far beyond what he revealed. The first time was in Varna, at the time when I still went to visit him at the Hotel London. When I arrived, he told me to come into the room, even though he already had a visitor. I saw a very ordinary looking man, armed with a Bible, who was accusing him of having strayed from the path of Christ. I have forgotten what the topic of the discussion was, but he was behaving violently, almost rudely, whereas the Master replied calmly with arguments which bore witness both to his wisdom and to his great knowledge of the Gospels.

But this individual, who was not even listening to him, continued to lecture him angrily. And I looked on, astonished, at one, then the other When he finally left, I was expecting the Master to say something to me about this rude person Then, as if he had completely forgotten him - what a lesson for the adolescent I was!

As I had arrived at that particular moment, he had undoubtedly thought that it would be valuable for me to witness the conversation, but he had no wish to dwell on it. Later I learned that the visitor was a protestant clergyman. Why did they not go instead to preach the Gospel and morality to wicked and debauched people, who are the cause of all the misery in the world?

The Master, on the other hand, was a public danger! Some of them scoured his books for phrases they then presented out of context, and evidently this was enough to condemn him. It is such a dishonest practice! Some years later I myself had a memorable conversation with a protestant clergyman. It was at Rila. I was coming down from Moussala, when I found myself confronted by a stranger, who immediately pulled a book out of his pocket.

It was the Bible, and he started to read verses dealing with divine anger and punishment, all the time hurling furious glances at me. In the midst of this he told me that he was a protestant clergyman, but there was no need for him to have told me as I had immediately suspected it. To begin with I listened to him patiently I have, of course, forgotten the sermon he gave me, except that it was about faith, sin and eternal damnation, but it was a very cold day. You want to persuade me that there is nothing better than the Bible, and in the name of your faith you would be ready to sacrifice the whole of humanity.

Let me tell you, however, that if I had to choose between you and the Bible, I would hurl this book over the cliff, whereas you, who are a living Bible, I would do everything I could to keep you safe and sound. Clearly my words shocked him, but he was also clearly pleased by them, because his whole manner softened. I am sure that he did not really understand what I was saying, but no matter! And then, as I saw he was still trembling with cold and perhaps from something else too , I poured some hot water from my thermos into a cup and offered it to him.

He drank I drank some water, too, and everything was fine. There you are: that is the story of my meeting with a clergyman on Moussala. When I got back, I told the Master about it, as, despite the many reasons he had for being exasperated by the attacks from the clergy, he was sometimes amused by the comical aspects of it. I remember him telling us one day that when he was visiting an orthodox priest, a beggar came to the front door of the house. Not only did the orthodox priest not want to give him anything, but he drove him away very harshly.

It was the Christ who came to you disguised as this beggar! He had chased after this wretched creature because he truly believed that the Christ had taken on this disguise just for him, and he felt embarrassed that he had failed to recognize him. How the Master laughed and laughed as he told us this story It was the Christ?

You should have told me before he left! The orthodox clergy was indeed very powerful, but not powerful enough to banish the Master from Sofia. To do that required the assent of King Ferdinand,— and he gave it. Why was this so? In , Europe had been tom apart by the First World War, and King Ferdinand, who was originally German, hesitated when faced with the difficult decision of whether to side with Germany and Austria, who sought his support? At that time the Master was sufficiently well known in Bulgaria that the king had heard of him, of his wisdom and his clairvoyance.

So, he invited him to the palace to ask his advice; the Master told him that Bulgaria should remain neutral, because the Germans would lose the war. It seems that this reply deeply irritated Ferdinand, who got up, turned his back on him, and left the room without a backward glance. The Master went home, and a short while later he was ordered to go to Vama. Certain events had taken place that had forced them to leave town, and King Ferdinand himself had had to abdicate. He was very learned and gifted in many fields.

Different from his father, he was a king who was much loved by his people, to whom he always remained close; he was even known to repair the cars of people who had broken down on the road. I used all my knowledge to make very detailed forecasts, year after year. The king had many favourable aspects in his chart, but I saw too a period when all the planets were in opposition or had unfavourable aspects.

How could I tell him that he would have to face great dangers or perhaps even death? I thought for a long time about this, and I just wrote that in such-andsuch a year he should be extremely careful, because severe threats would weigh heavily on him. Someone took all the pages that I had written to him, and it seems that he spent most of the night reading them.

In , the events shown in his astrological chart came to pass; he died two weeks after a visit he had been forced to make to Hitler, and to this day the circumstances of his death have remained mysterious. He had a weak heart, and some people thought that the pilot of the plane taking him back to Bulgaria had received the order to put the plane through all sorts of aerial acrobatics in order to weaken his resistance. But, with Soviet Russia having declared war on Bulgaria, Cyril, who was considered an ally of Germany, was arrested by the communists and shot, together with several members of his government and other important people, including some who were also disciples of the Master.

Many, many years later, I met Simeon in Spain, where he lived with his family. We reminisced about all these events and spoke about many other things I shall not talk about now. The Master had been authorized to come back to Sofia,— but that did not mean that he was left in peace. One day, after further steps by the clergy, he was summoned by the Criminal Investigation Department.

He went there with one of his disciples. He fully suspected what was being plotted against him, and when he was called into the office he saw many important people waiting for him. Without being invited to do so, he sat down and looked sternly at them. You claim to indict and judge me, but you are mistaken; understand me well, you do not have such power. Do you think that by acting in this way you are contributing to the wellbeing of Bulgaria?

Do you think that the world will run more smoothly because you persecute me? Until now, I have been patient, but now I am going to send a report to the Powers on high, and you must expect to suffer the consequences of your actions. No one is stopping you from carrying on your activities. When I arrived in France, in ,1 met some people who had done research on the Cathars and the Albigensians and who, when they heard me speaking of the Master, wanted to see him as the heir of the Bogomils.

They thought that with him they would be on familiar territory since, we know, the Cathars and the Albigensians were deeply influenced by the Bogomils. A beautiful story is told of the priest Nicetas, coming from Constantinople, who with a single look set the soul of Esclarmond of Foix on fire and converted him to the new faith. Who were these Bogomils? At this time in Bulgaria, the clergy, like the kings, were strongly influenced by the brilliant Byzantine culture, and the Bogomils reproached them not only for instituting matters of dogma and rituals that did not have the original purity of the Gospels, but also for living in opulence and debauchery, whilst holding the people in ignorance and poverty.

The Bogomils are known especially through the writings of a priest called Kosmas. Yet a few years ago, a sister brought them to me, translated and published in French. I read them and was stunned to read of the libellous accusations and insults hurled with such hatred at the Bogomils. When these wretched people, clad in rags, exhausted and starving after months of travelling on foot, reached France and were asked who they were, they replied, Bulgares. It seems that many people in the Auvergne are descendants from these Bulgarians. Perhaps I ought to go and do some research there one day But is there actually a connection between Master Peter Deunov and the Bogomils?

Yes, in the sense that he, like them, thought that the Church was burdened by erroneous dogma and unnecessary rituals, and also that the clergy did not always practise Christian virtues. He differed radically from them on one point. In the first years when I knew him, some people in my circle tried to persuade me not to follow this dangerous individual who was watched by the authorities and excommunicated by the Church.

I was so convinced of having found my Master that all the doubts my intellect could have presented me with were silenced; my experiences, the tmths being revealed to me, and certainly also memories of a distant past when we had met before, counted far more for me than anything anyone could say to me. He took me to realms where everything was irrefutable; he enlightened my consciousness by teaching me discernment and giving me criteria; he expanded my heart so that it could encompass all beings, even the ignorant and the wicked; finally, he strengthened my will to walk on the path of truth.

How could I not have faith in him? It is harmful to our souls to place our trust in someone who is going to lead us astray, but it is even more harmful not to give it to one who is worthy of it. Religion must encompass all human activities so that we can live fulfilled and abundant lives. That is what the Master taught. That is why, when I was with him, I felt that I was discovering true religion, and how to practise it. If the Church attacked or condemned him, what was that to me? The Church was powerful, rich and influential, and he had to live like an outlaw in poverty and obscurity, but when I was with him, I was finally able to breathe and be nourished I was alive!

How could I ever doubt that my place was there? The atmosphere around him, the words he spoke were alive, imbued with the same vibrations I felt when I read the Gospels, and he often came back to that verse from the sacerdotal prayer in the Gospel according to St. He was so immersed in it that, even without citing chapter and verse, he could give us formulas which helped us to understand it and apply it.

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The compounds are crystallized in monoclinic crystal system, sp. Peck, H. Show related SlideShares at end. But whatever happens, we always have the power to harmonize ourselves with the divine world, so that harmony dwells within us. Francis, Nicola M. Los nuevos medios son incorporados por los creadores tanto para difundir y dar a conocer sus obras, como para comunicarse con otros creadores y lectores. Searches for solar neutrinos, double beta decay, dark matter and other rare phenomena need to control and monitor radioactivity from Po and Pb through measurements and purification processes.

The heart must be pure, that is, free of selfish feelings, of all the desires and covetousness which transform it into a swamp, for the troubled waters of a swamp cannot reflect the splendour of heaven. The intellect must be luminous, that is, free of the dust it has gathered on all the twisting paths, which prevents it from seeing clearly. The soul must be immense, and it is love which expands it; when we are filled with love, we feel capable of encompassing the whole universe.

Finally, the spirit becomes powerful when it links to the Creator, for true power comes from the divine Source. The Bulgarian Church felt threatened by the Master, but in truth he had many other preoccupations than to take it seriously He thought only of the Church that had been formed by all those beings who had searched, worked and suffered in order to lead people along the path of light, for only this Church is alive, and no one can destroy it.

This is the Church the Master wanted to serve. By founding the White Brotherhood, he rejected no religion; he just wanted people to abandon their narrow-mindedness. Very much was written! Now, none of those criticisms remain. What remains is his message of love and light. As for me, I have meditated for a long time on the teaching of Jesus and that of my Master.

I have made them my own, they have become my flesh and blood, and speaking to you now, I am giving you my life, a life enriched by those of Jesus, my Master, and all the initiates I have loved. That is why in France the group is called the Universal White Brotherhood. In , in Russia, Leo Tolstoy had himself been excommunicated by the Holy Synod for similar reasons. He took the title of king or tzar of the Bulgarians in , but was forced to abdicate in His son Peter succeeded him and reigned from to Without exactly wanting to identify with him, I greatly admired Alexander the Great, who at twenty-four years old had left the small country which was then Macedonia, my homeland, and led his army as far as the Indus, marching through Syria, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Persia, learning a great deal at each stage.

But I had also read the following tale about him, and I had been a little disappointed. On his arrival in India, Alexander heard tell of a great sage whom he wished to meet. He found himself in the presence of a nearly naked man sitting on a pile of stones, eyes closed, deep in meditation, his face expressing only serenity and detachment. I have come to see you because people have spoken to me of your wisdom and powers. I want to take you with me. When I am back in Macedonia, I will set you up in my palace and give you servants and gold. I have no need of your palace, your gold or your servants.

Alexander left deep in thought.

What had he understood? From that moment, I no longer admired him. How could he imagine that his riches and the comfort of his palace would tempt a sage? It is also said that already, in Greece, Alexander had received an even more forceful reply from the philosopher Diogenes, who, to show how much he despised material goods, lived in a barrel. Now that I had at last found my Master, I felt able to give up everything in order to study and put his teaching into practice.

However, it is not enough to be filled with the noblest spiritual aspirations; I still had a great deal to learn if I was to be capable of living them. To be able to see beyond what our physical eyes can see; to see the past and the future, to see at a distance what people are doing, to read what is in their heads or hearts, and also to see the entities in the so-called invisible world - it is so tempting!

How could this invisible world not arouse my curiosity? That is why, during the first conversation I had with the Master, I had asked him to show me ways in which I could develop clairvoyance. In the invisible world, it is not only light and heavenly beings that we encounter, and what we can see there is sometimes more terrifying than what we see on earth. True clairvoyance is what allows us to reach the spiritual plane, and not to wallow in the astral and mental planes. Even though I was aware of dangers on these journeys, that never stopped me; I did not care a jot for my life, as my curiosity and my longing to explore the invisible world was without limits.

One day, I wanted to try and go back in time as far as possible. I concentrated very hard, and I began to journey back in time, thousands and millions of years. All at once I became dizzy, with the feeling that perhaps there was no beginning, and it was terrifying. I then wanted to project myself into the future. The sensation was quite different, but once again, it, too, was quite terrifying.

I never spoke to the Master about these experiments, but he must have had his suspicions; I do not know, and he never spoke to me about them. Maybe he thought that any warnings he gave me would not stop me, and that it would be better for me to find out for myself. I believe that he watched over me from afar.

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But once when I found myself already very far from my body, I was overtaken by an indescribable terror. I had arrived at a place where the currents of energy were so strong that I felt as though I was disintegrating. Fortunately, something much stronger than me stopped me from going further and forced me to return to my body immediately. What I had just experienced disturbed me so much that, this time, I spoke about it to the Master.

But as you were not yet ready to cross that threshold, those who guard it prevented you from going any further. The reality confronting me was different from the idea I had of it. You cannot imagine what it was like to find myself suddenly at the gates of the abyss. It was not enough for me to be daring and go through all the gates; I had, as we say, to know the password, meaning I had to have acquired the qualities and virtues thanks to which the guardians of these regions would allow me to enter. Later, I endeavoured to ascend to those regions where I could have the vision of the structure of the universe: how it all holds together, how life is organized from top to bottom.

Only, there too, it is not enough just to be able to leave the body. Nadijenio si je ime pukovnik Berger. Trenutno sam bogat. Krajem U svojim memoarima, Raymond Aron navodi kako je Malraux Prilikom govora u Stockholmu , Camus je izjavio: " Smatram kako je nagradu trebao dobiti Malraux. U travnju Dana 1. Na ljeto U rujnu Dana 7. Dana 4. Iste godine posjetio je i Finsku. Tokom ovog, ujedno i svog posljednjeg, posjeta Orijentu, Malraux je ponovo posjetio Indiju.

Kao i Negdje u ovom periodu, Malraux je obnovio svoju raniju, kratkotrajnu vezu s Louise de Vilmorin. Ovo je dovelo do druge konferencije u Niameyju Leonard Garment ga je smatrao "fascinantnim jer ima fascinantnu povijest". U listopadu Preminuo je u bolnici Na dvadesetu obljetnicu Malrauxove smrti, godine Mladi Malraux pojavljuje se Malraux je iscrpio revoluciju kao sredstvo nadvladavanja smrti [] te se posvetio filozofskoj analizi umjetnosti kao sredstva nadvladavanja smrti.

Djelo je bila apsolutna senzacija te je u prvom danu prodano u 40, primjeraka, a kasnije prevedeno i na 20 svjetskih jezika. U sklopu ideje o "reintegraciji bogova", Malraux je veliku ulogu dao indijskoj civilizaciji i hinduizmu. U njegovom vojnom dosjeu stoji kako je nekoliko puta ranjavan. Jedna od njegovih izjava po ovom pitanju je: " Mistifikacija je veoma kreativna ".

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