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Hunters shall check in each day at the designated check-in location no earlier than 4 a. If the duck is tagged before reaching the empty spot, she must sit in the middle of the circle for one round of play. Either way, the new animal now walks around the circle, still using the appropriate movements and echoing the appropriate sounds - calling out his animal name until he chooses a new child for the chase by naming yet another animal online.

Although less common as pets, ducks, geese and chickens have individual personalities and character just like many other companion animals. Domestic ducks can also carry many diseases which wild populations of ducks do not have immunity to and which there is no cure for. New Castle Disease, duck virus enteritis DVE , fowl cholera, paratyphoid, avian tuberculosis, chlamydiosis, bird flu and West Nile virus are just some of the diseases that domestic ducks can transmit to wild flocks ref. So next time you're staring out the window, wishing you could throw off the shackles of humanity and take to the skies free as a bird take a moment and be glad you're not a duck, living a life where rape is so common your anatomy is evolved in a way to make you either a better violator or at least good at not getting pregnant from it , e.

Baby ducks are precocial meaning they are born with their eyes wide open, with a warm layer of down and are not fully dependant on their parents for food Canada Goose at Cattail Lane download epub download epub. Spring-powered nets, about half the size of a standard rocket or cannon net 16 x 25 feet or 4. They can be triggered manually or electronically. One manufacturer claims a closure time of less than 0. Penguin Misses Mom Hello Genius victoriouschristianlife.

The methods of catching, carrying and restraining birds is also the same no matter whether the feathers are gathered or live plucked. In the EFSA study mentioned above they admitted that during the gathering process bones may be broken or dislocated and, more uncommonly, some birds suffocate.

Thus 'despicable' became 'dethpicable. Similarly, small bits of fat will refract light to a much greater degree as it passes through, giving mayonnaise its opaque, white appearance. A black duck X Mallard male will often have the mostly dull plumage of the black duck and some green on the head.

It may or may not have the curled feathers over the tail, and the speculum can be blue like a Mallard or more purple like the black duck ref. Consumers need to be sure that all parts of the poultry are fully cooked no "pink" parts and that eggs are properly cooked no "runny" yolks ; this kills not only the virus but also other important disease-causing microbes. In areas affected by the H5N1 virus, certain customary practices such as drinking raw blood or raw embryonating eggs should be discouraged if not prohibited Hannah Duck Hannah Duck. Once the birds have habituated to the feeding site, and damage has stopped, repelling efforts can be reduced.

Waterfowl may be repelled by almost any large foreign object or mechanical noise-making device placed in a field. The length of time frightening devices are effective depends on the nature, number, and variety of devices used , e. For students, educators, travelers, business executives, or just armchair explorers. World Atlas will provide an incredible wealth of knowledge and entertainment. Oswald's a cold and hungry blue bear jumping across lie ice floes.

All energy resources on Ihe eanh are exhausted. The only hope for new energy is the orbit station Xorron and you. Search for energy, collect ii all and save the human race. Your way takes you through 21 amazing levels to find energy and another 21 levels to return to your space ship. Follow Leonardo's way through fifty different banks, museums and warehouses. Help Leonardo avoid the numerous alarm systems, guards and ghosts on bis criminal trips.

Centaur Software, Inc. NewTek's original Digi-Paint was the first program to break the color hairier, allowing. It also introduced us to some of the now- familiar headaches associated with IIAM painting; color fringing, huge demands on memory, and long waits for some op- erations. Since that time, a number of competing products have been intro- duced, each making more impressive claims than the last.

Now, those competi- tors may want to head back to the draw- ing board, because Digi-Paint 3 is hard to beat. No, there never was a Digi-Paint 2: the 3 in Digi-Paint 3 refers to the number of man-years that went into developing the program. From the look of things, it was time well spent. With the addition of new tools, modifications to the old tools.

NcwTek offers a S New features include 3-D texture mapping, improved coloriz- ing, super bitmaps, overscan and ARexx support, ami-aliased fonts, and compati- bility with Haitcx's stereo-vision gogs, X-Specs 3D. In the package are two non-copy-pro- tected disks: the program disk plus an- other containing some tutorial art and an image-processing utility called Trans- fer 24 that Digi-View NewTek users will recognize.

Transfer 24 is great for making overall changes such as contrast, brightness, and saturation adjustment , and for making color separations, chang- ing lile formats, and resizing pictures. The expanded page manual is filled with useful tutorials, lips and tech- niques, and a complete set of references and appendicies.

It is broken down to nine fully illustrated chapters that detail the use ol all tools and menus, and pro- vides useful discussions on everything from how HAM works to programming compatibility with ARexx. While the pro- gram requires just! Along with its strip of 16 basic register colors, a current color bar, and an area for de- fining color ranges along the top, this toolbox provides basic tools for most of the usual paint operations: freehand draw, straight lines, polygons, rectangles, circles, and ellipses.

There's a fill button bat works with each of these, and a full range ol brush shapes with a flexible, easy-to-use sizing option. Beneath these tools are buttons for the custom-brush grabbing tool, a magnifying option for detailed work, and the indispensable undo and repeat options. The nicest features on the toolbox are buttons that call up the other three tool- boxes: the Palette, Text Rendering, and Controls boxes. Each of these toolboxes occupies the same portion of the screen that the default box does, and each has gadgets that allow you to toggle between them quickly and easily.

This is a partic- ularly nice design feature; it keeps your work space uncluttered and provides a logical and intuitive method for dealing with the complexities of HAM painting. All of the boxes contain undo and repeat buttons and the color strip, so you need not return to the default toolbox every time you use them.

While re- taining the color register strip at the top, it expands to display a full-value range of each color directly below the register. A standard RGB slider control to the immediate right, with a numeric value readout of the currently selected color, makes precise color adjustment a breeze. To the right of that are the color-selection panels from the original Digi-Paint that change dynamically as you move around in them, allowing you to quickly choose a color for fine tuning in the RGB sliders. Finally, there is a Pick button that lets you choose a color directly from the picture screen so you do not have to waste time trying to du- plicate colors you have used.

The Text Rendering toolbox lets you add titles and captions to your graphics. Italic or Underlined styles. When you are all set, click the Text to Brush icon and watch the string or as much as will lit render at the top of the screen and then attach itself to your brush.

Then, simply place the text brush where you like it and click. Two degrees of smoothing help give your text a profes- sional look, and best of all, once the text is attached to your brush it can be en- hanced and modified with any paint mode and with the options in the con- trols toolbox. Take Control Controls is the largest of the four tool- boxes. Most of its display is devoted to two major functions, Transparency and Texture Mapping, both of which are wonderfully conceived and surprisingly easy to use.

The Transparency control is centered around a large boxed display of a ball, representing the shape that will be drawn to the screen. Above this box are four icons labeled Point, Vertical, Horizontal, and No Hotspot represent- ing the types of hotspots you can apply to a paint operation. Clicking on one of these icons causes a hotspot locator to appear on top of the red ball If you choose No Hotspot, the ball graphic is blanked out to represent an overall tint. You can move the locator around in the box to determine where the center of transparency or opacity will spread from.

To determine the degree of tranparency at the designated hotspot and at the edges of your drawn shape, you adjust the two sets of sliders on either side of Get on the ball in the Controls toolbox to determine the transparency of objects In your picture. These icons, well-designed graphics that show the ball with various degrees of transparency at either the center or the edges, give the interface an intuitive feel.

Once you have set your transparency pa- rameters, just paint to the screen. If you don't like the effect, click undo, make some adjustments, and click the repeat button to try again. This tremendous flexibility is found throughout the program. To use it, you must first grab a custom brush from the screen, copy it to the brush buffer, and select TxMap from the Modes menu. This sequence enables Warping.

The Warping control is set up similar to the Transparency control, with a boxed graphic of a grid-mapped ball, a slider on the left to set the degree of warp, and three icons on top for choosing vertical, horizontal, or point warping. Selecting an icon places a bar or point, which you can move to determine where the warp- ing will be the most pronounced, on the grid ball display. The slider lets you set the amount of warping to the brush in- crementally from none to extreme, and each of the three buttons alongside it graphically depict how much warping they will induce.

This well-designed in- terface allows for the most intuitive use of an option that could otherwise be confusing. Once you have set the Warping con- tols, you can move on to the fun part. Texture Mapping works with any custom brush, including text brushes, and with all shape tools, filled and unfilled.

Choose a shape tool— freehand, circle, rectangle, or any other— and draw on the screen at any size. In a few moments your texture-mapped figure is rendered to the screen, complete with as much or as little warping effect as you chose. For powerful perspective effects, draw a sim- ple polygon, wide at one end and nar- row at the other, and your brush will seem to fall back into the third dimen- sion.

To ensure that the final effect is polished and convincing, there are two buttons to control smoothing. I tested these controls on a couple of drastically enlarged brushes, and was amazed at the amount of detail retained and the mini- mum of jagged transitions. Random dithering, the default, produces the most natural look: Pattern gives a more ordered appear- ance, and turning the dithering off pro- duces a banded look.

Using the Random setting adds more colors to the screen by mixing two colors to simulate a third. According to NewTek, Digi-Paint 3 uses 30 bits per pixel accuracy over I billion colors to calculate dither patterns. The Controls box also has a Tile func- tion that works with TxMap mode to produce a repetitive pattern using the current custom brush. The number of tiles can be set from one to nine both vertically and horizontally.

In the Mode The Modes menu, a significant source of the program's vast power and flexibility, has been cleaned up and steamlined since Digi-Paint's first incarnation. The range of tint colors has be- come more natural, as well. False color effects. All of the Modes menu functions are capable of interacting with the full array of options in the different toolboxes. In fact, most everything in this program in- teracts with everything else for seemingly endless combinations and combinations of combinations.

Full Swing I spent many, many hours testing all the options listed in the manual as well as many that are undocumented. Never did I find the program wanting. I designed a few exacting projects to put the pro- gram through its paces, and for the most part, the results surpassed my expecta- tions. Digi-Paint 3 is very fast, and very easy to learn and understand.

The man- ual is a great help, but the tools and con- trols are so well thought out and intuitive that after a while, 1 hardlv needed it. The sheer number of settings available is a potential source of confu- sion; a few times I came up with surpris- ing ellects when I had forgotton to turn off an option or two. That is, until I dis- covered that pressing the Tab key re- stores Digi-Paint 3's default settings. This clearing mechanism is a valuable inclu- sion, because it is easy to get tangled up in a creative frenzy.

There is no default palette setting, however, which would be equally helpful, and a flood-fill tool is conspicuously absent. The one thing I look for in any paint program is down-to-earth practicality. I want something that lets me realize the ideas and images that bubble up in my head, and develop without having to re- fer to the manual continually, and with- out having to use lots of complicated procedures.

Don't limit your potential! Experience excellence! The fastest word processor for your Amiga is the only one you'll ever need! Truly a "Masterpiece" of excellence! Ciicle 95 on Reader Service card. While I cannot see using all its features Cor every job I tackle, I do see a practical application For almost about every tool offered.

Just the son of quality I look for in a trusted friend. Crane St. If you've been pay- ing attention, you might already know that Music-X has two main applications. Also, it is a self-con- figuring patch librarian that can store sounds from MIDI synthesizers. The package comes with three disks: the program disk, one with utilities, and another filled with examples.

Music-X is not copy protected, and although it re- quires just 5I2K to run, one megabyte or more is strongly recommended. Paging Dr. Music Music-X is divided into eight "pages," or screens. The first of these, the Sequencer page, appears on boot up. At the top left of this screen is the Transport, window, which contains Play, Record, Pause, Fast Forward, and Rewind buttons to emulate the functions of a tape recorder. It also has auto-locate buttons that cue instantly to the beginning, end, or to any one of four predetermined points of a sequence.

Below the Transport window is the Clock window with its two displays: a musical counter, which expresses elapsed time in terms of measures, beats, and clock pulses per quarter note , and a real-time counter, which reads out hours, minutes, seconds, and frames. Be- low this, the Tempo Display window in- dicates the current tempo and the number of MIDI events that have been recorded. Just to the right is the Time Signature window, which shows you the current meter. At the bottom of the screen is the Se- quence List, a database display that ac- commodates up to entries.

For each sequence listed, there are nine fields of data: a reference number, the amount of RAM it requires, its length in measures, the MIDI channels used, CST an indica- tion of special Music-X events within the sequence , a Time field thai shows whether the sequence was recorded in relative measures, beats, and clocks or absolute time hours, minuses, seconds, and frames , the sequence name, its out- REVIEWS Continued on p. Naturally the simplest and most intuitive way to put your ideas into the Amiga. As an artist, animator, designer or engineer, EASYL offers you a whole new drawing dimension with its' power, precision, and ease of use.

For a Cirde 82 on Reader Service can.

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Chances are you won't put it down. Get The Works! Jive your Amiga power limes live, jive it The Works! I 'latin mil Edition. Platinum Edition word processor is powerpacked with features that help the serious writer excel, in an easy-to-use environment that makes begin- ners instantly productive. Mail Merge eliminates repetitive typing. All this, the ability to print ll-T' graphics, and more! It may Ire all the word processor you'll ever need. Platinum Edition spreadsheet is lightning fast — in fact, the fastest Amiga spreadsheet.

And it supports the co-processor for even more blinding speed. The more than 40 built-in functions do sophisti- caled calculations. Picture your numbers in any of eight graph types and displayed in eight vibrant colors. Platinum Edition is a sophisticated telecommuni- cations program. It is a special part of the outstanding whole. Its multiple terminal emula- tions atid ten transfer protocols are the hallmark of flexibility. The script language offers unat- tended operation and the user defined Macro- Keys reduce complex commands to a single key- stroke.

Ask about Sadie. Platinum Edition is a flat file manager with power. The extensive mathematical functions make reports much more than a simple list of data. The Works! Experience full Clipboard compatibility, a common interface, and one user friendly manual. You owe yourself the Platinum experi- ence! Check out The Works! Platinum Edition at a dealer near you. Platinum Edition, stands your print- outs on end. Print ASCI! Dealers and Distributors Call See your local dealer for a demonstration.

We use KAO Disk! All brand and product names are trademarks oi registered trademarks ai their respective companies. Circle on Reader Servce card. Now, with this new accelerator board it's possible to get the real 32bit-power in every Amiga The Hurricane is a brand new development that comes along with all the superior features that made the A and A Hurricane Board the winners in this competitive world. Just take a short look on the unique design of the Hurricane These are the facts, but the experience is to be made by you.

So if you want to add the real performance to your Amiga : there's only one choice: Hurricane The H accelerator board for the Amiga makes your system a workstation, giving you the power you never dared to dream of. You want to do ray tracing or animation, desk top publishing or professional video applications, CAD or complex mathematical calcula- tions, but you are scared your Amiga cannot offer you the performance you need? Now, all you need is the Hurricane Board, and you won't believe that it is still your Amiga. Get the superior power neither a Vax minicomputer nor a Macll can offer you while you can still work with everything you got used to.

Run on in to your favorite dealer and get a Hurricane , or call us for more information. But whatever you do, don't be eft at the starting line while everyone else passes you by.

Amiga is a trademark ol Commodore-Amiga Inc.. You'll sample shooting galleries, houses of horror, tests of strength, space-age rides, mazes within labyrinths, even an intellectual challenge or two. As the barkers say, "You don't play, you can't win. Get a prize every time! Our AntigaWortd Players won and lost plenty during their many testing sessions. Control of the galaxy changed hands more times than the manager's office of the Yankees, and enough aliens to populate an entire solar system were destroyed, all in [he name of research. Testers rated each for quality of presentation Does the game have good graphics and sound?

Only games released since last year's top 40 ranking held in July of '88 and appearing on p. Along with the overall rankings, we picked a winner in each class see the sidebar "Before You Play" for an explanation of the categories and the "Best of Show" game of the year. While we guide you through only the top 20 games, the Amiga midway offers many more attractions. For a complete map, check out our buyer's guide to games and manufacturers p.

Beginning at the scene of the crime— one of 30 cities around the globe— you gather clues from the locals. Unraveling the clues with the aid of The World Almanac supplied with the pro- gram leads you on an educational chase. Arrest the thug within the alloted time, and you win a promotion there are five detective levels plus a tougher assignment. Stunning graphics depicting famous landmarks greet you as you land in each city.

In Carrier Command's! S-D world, you command an aircraft car- rier, its four fighter planes Mantas , and its four amphibious drones Walruses in an attempt to wrest control of an archi- pelago's 60 islands from an even faster computer-controlled carrier with tenden- cies just as aggressive. You'll need to es- tablish a resource island on which to construct mines and oil rigs, a factory is- land to transform the raw materials into weapons and fuel, stockpile islands to store the products, and, of course, a ring of defense islands to protect the more vulnerable ones.

When you run out of neutral and friendly islands to colonize, launch a few Walruses and Mantas to at- tack a hostile island. Launch your fully- armed Mantas when you receive word the is- land is under attack and head for the carrier at full speed. With luck and good timing, you will catch the carrier without its own Mantas nearby.

If you destroy an en- tire wave of nasties, a bonus cube ap- pears. You can take it for its point value, or transform it into an icon by shooting it. Grab the icon and you gain a tempo- rary advantage lasers, cannons, more speed, a force field, or repaired sheilds. You'll need the extra help when you go up against the guardian at the end of each horizontally-scrolling level.

The color graphics combined with digital speech, sound effects, and background music set the scene. The game's graphics are excellent and the physics behind the flying is realistic. Be prepared for some heavy manual reading, however, before you take off on air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. Falcon is very detailed. The game eases you into international warfare by giving you a choice of five ranks from First Lieutenant no crashes or enemy fire to Colonel you're in the Air Force now and 12 missions. Choose your weapons, then take to the air for the program's forte— dogfights.

You can even fly against another player via modem on a one-meg system. Through space dogfights and careful scavenging you must accu- mulate enough skill and equipment to rout the dreaded Egrons from the Solice System. You can destroy your foes with gas plasma lasers, projected time-warp cuboids, fire-and-flee missiles, bouncing bombs, and a neutron bomb. Need a short cut?

Just slip through the tunnel networks. While you're there, stop in at a service depot; the technicians can be a big help. The surprisingly effective plot. It highlights just a few of the features you get with ProWrite 2. Unlike other word processors, ProWrite can use multiple fonts, can place graphics next to multiple lines of text, can keep up with your typing, can check spelling as you type, can multi-task with just one meg of memory, and does have that solid Amiga feel.

And we support our product better dian anyone. See how easy and powerful Amiga word processing can be Trade in your current word processor and for only we'll send you ProWrite 2. Don't miss this exciting opportunity. Cirde 38 on Reader Sewce card- real story. When the alien mindbenders infiltrate the ranks of the telephone com- pany and start infecting the population with stupidity, however, Zak gets his chance. You control Zak and three women on their around-the-world and Mars quest to stop the aliens.

Difficult- but-solvable puzzles and an understated sense of humor run through the game's huge and interactive world. Unlike Zak, you don't need to type anything. To con- trol the game, click the action icons and the objects you wish to act on. If you're getting no place, well, there's no place like home. Check your ethics at the door, though. In Bloody Money, you can turn around, shoot the aliens in the back, and collect money for making a kill. You can buy more powerful weapons from the equip- ment shops or save your booty and buy a new ship or rocket pack when you complete the level.

Each piece moves and fights with a dis- tinctive flair. Queens saunter and throw lightning bolts, knights march and clash with swords. For more traditional players the game offers a 2-D mode, an opening library with 30, moves, an option to retrack moves, and playing hints. You can play the computer or a friend on any of ten levels, and even over a modem. After that, trail a chess book. The Nazis are mining lunarium which fuels their spaceships and bombs, plus your rocketpack from the moon; you must steal enough rocket parts to build a spaceship that you can fly to the moon for the Big Showdown.

Besides cunning, your only assests are your rock- etpack, radium pistol, wrist monitor, and secret decoder wheel. While the quest for rocket parts requires strategic plan- ning, the game is peppered with arcade sequences to keep your joystick jumping. Lay down fire along that line and get out of the way before the planes even fire. Try to get one or two each pass.

The South American base eventually becomes too tough to handle, but you'll always be able to load up on lunarium a! Ex- plore, conquer, colonize, build, and soon the galaxy will be yours in Reach for the Stars. Complicating matters are three computer- or human-controlled oppo- nents and various catastrophies novas, natural disasters, viruses, and solar de- bris. Not only must you plan your ex- ploration and attack strategies, you must manage the resource points your planets produce; should you spend them on building ships and defenses now or on increasing navigational and industrial technology to build more powerful, far- ther-ranging ships later?

Keep small forces around, plus a couple large counter- strike groups. He offensive, and try to get your opponents on their heels. Play Tetris. As various configurations of blocks fall from the top of a pit, you must rotate and po- sition them to interlock with a growing stack below. Full Features. Our long list of features is the industry standard and makes light work of some heavy word processing chores. Chores like footnoting, endnoting, indexing, outlining, and generating tables of contents. Work moves along quickly while you create custom macros, merge files, and handle blocks of text.

Accurate editing is a snap with the famous WordPerfect Speller and Thesaurus. Plus, WordPerfect takes full advantage of the unique Amiga environment, allowing up to 32 open windows, with pull-down menus, mouse command capabilities, and multitasking. Print Quality. WordPerfect has designed over printer drivers for all the popular and some not so popular printers.

Now your documents can look as good on paper as they do in your imagination. Customer Support. Perhaps our reputation for quality software is surpassed only by our reputation for expert, friendly, toll-free support. In fact, we have over WordPerfect employees answering the phones, helping our users get the most out of their WordPerfect software. Your good writing needs a good word processor. And for features, print quality, and support, there is none better than WordPerfect. So whether you're writing your novel, a proposal to the board, or a letter to mom, good reason says you need WordPerfect for the Amiga.

To make It easier for you to find the games you like and avoid those you know you'll never win Ever see anyone land a dime completely in one of those little red circles? In these games you use a joystick or mouse to shoot, catch, avoid, or deflect objects. Although many arcade games require strategic planning, their emphasis is on dexterity and speed. In the best examples, the arcade sequences are seamlessly integrated into the play of the game. In poorly-designed games, the arcade aspects seem tacked on as an afterthought.

Sports These games simulate the play of a particular sport such as hockey, basketball, or golf. Although some sports games stress arcade skills while others stress strategy, they all let you act out your athletic fantasies. Text Adventures These games put you in imaginary worlds where you must use your wits to explore and survive. The worlds are created by descriptions supplied by the game. To specify your actions, you type commands; no pointing and clicking allowed, but practice your map drawing.

Graphics Adventures Also called illustrated adventures, these games use pictures to supplement or replace text descriptions of an imaginary world. In some graphics adventures the images serve only as illustration, while in others they serve as the interactive interface. You point and click on action gadgets, then on the Image you wish to investigate or move towards.

Flight Simulators Zoom Into the air realistically with these games. You are at a flying machine's controls as ever-refreshed 3-D graphics simulate its movement through the skies. The best flight simulators sustain the illusion of flight by updating the display screen many times per second through complex computations reflecting changes you've made in speed, altitude, and direction. Role-Playing Adventures Assemble a party of adventurers, outfit them with supplies bought from the local store, and send them off on a quest to usually wipe out some monsterously evil being.

As the category name implies, the challenge is to develop characters with the necessary attributes to successfully face the final challenge. Strategy Games With strategy games, joystick prowess takes a back seat to cool, calculating thought. The category encompasses games of logic, as well as games based on real-life scenarios.

When the blocks no longer have room to fall, the game ends. Play on one often standard levels, ten ad- vanced double-time levels, or in tour- nament mode against five opponents. The evil wizard Megaboz destroyed the ruling Flathead family with a curse that now threatens the entire kingdom — only you can save it. While the story is in the Info- com tradition, it is supplemented by an on-screen map, on-line hints, a mouse interface, and some graphic diversions. As one of two brothers, you must avenge the death of your father by capturing all the country's castles and becoming Shogun.

The other clans are not about to let you rise to the top un- challenged, so be prepared lor battles, sieges, and a ninja raid. Even if you can keep the ware under control, the arcade sequences will keep you on your toes. Of course, two rival conquer el's are doing the same and are out to gel vour cities. Careful management of re- sources and positioning are the keys to success.

You're probably on an island, and you'll need ships for inva- sions. Build transports early. Always choose unconquered territory over enemy-held. Wait, build, then destroy. Before you buy a hard drive, look around. Look closely. Compare speeds, but also look at Interfaces. Here's why Breakthrough Speed. SupraDrives give you access times as low as 1 1 ms. Amiga Hum millit. State-of-the-Art Interfaces.

Supra's interfaces included with every SupraDrive give you innovative features no one else can match. The A interface passes the Amiga bus signal through to your other peripherals; without Amiga bus pass-through, your system is severely limited. The Bes t Software. After installing the drive, you'll be glad you have Supra's full array of powerful, easy-to- use software. SupraEdit lets you access low-level Amiga system information, and other included programs make using a hard disk fun and easy.

Irresistible Value, All this is available at a price you'll love.

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Look into it! Only Supra Corporation — an experienced company with a proven commitment to the Amiga and its poten- tial — gives you such an attractive alternative: The SupraDrive. Amiga is a registered trademark and Workbench is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Choose your plays from a separate screen, then con- trol your player with the joystick. In sea- son mode, the program sets up a schedule and plays pairings where both teams are computer-controlled. It even keeps track of statistics and standings as the season progresses.

With detailed graphics, bone-crunching sound effects, arcade action, strategy, and cheerleaders, TV Sports: Football offers something for all types of football fans. Actually this works a lot belter if you are playing teammates, because the computer does not expect the laterals. When running out the clock, pick the forma- tion but not the play and wail for the clock to run down to about three seconds, then pick and pi en.

With Sim City you can build a new city right in your own house. A city simulator based upon an American Ur- ban Architecture model, the game lets vou plan, develop, and manage a city's growth, taxes, budget, transportation, power sources, and more.

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Sadistic play- ers can even inflict disasters Hoods, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and monsters on their cities. Before you take any ac- tion, you can poll the residents on how you're handling things or study the maps and graphs for more information. If you don't want to build your own, you can save the eight provided cities from their eight accompanying disasters within the allotted deadlines. Hold down the shift key and type FL'XD. As the hero or heroine, you must fight your way to and through the Castle Craggamoore and defeat Zo- ras the Necromancei to avenge his mur- der of your father.

You are armed with only your sword, but will find other helpful items and magic spells along the way. Of course, you'll also find plenty of traps and Zoras' hench-creatures block- ing your path. With a hot joystick and a judicious use of magic, you might make it through unharmed. He's lug. You can control a player for on-ice participation, stay be- hind the bench to coach, or coach and play. You view the horizontally scrolling rink from above and control your player with the mouse or joystick. Whether you play the computer or a friend, you can handicap each other to play at high school, college, junior or professonal lev- els.

As coach, you not only call the plays, but also make player substitutions. Each team member is rated from zero to nine for I 1 characteristics. Make sure you have the best and freshest line on the ice for the situation, "Chances are the moron who went offsides was you. The officials will make bum calls, so don't cut it loo close. Essentially an icon-driven arcade chess game with real people.

Populous offers worlds to conquer, or use the world maker to design your own. Focus first on expanding settlements," — Peter Oiafson "Never cause a flood when your own people occupy the lore lands. You select four heroes, each with unique characteristics, and set out to recover the Fire Staff, stolen by Lord Chaos and hidden in his dungeon. As you descend through the 14 levels of serious hell, puzzles and foes get progressively tougher.

Run, Buddy, Run

Luckily, you can hear the sounds of approaching monsters. Don't get so busy fighting that you and your band forget to eat, drink, and rest. The game is played in real time with the mouse , and you'll need your health and stamina. Keep your eyes open too for weapons, armor, and scrolls of magic spells strewn around the corridors. The complex puzzles combined with a sim- ple interface make Dungeon Master accessi- ble to beginning adventurers and intriguing to even the most jaded.

The trees are even edible. Bash it out then, but don't be afraid of retreating from some of the ones that follow. Lure them from corridors into wider spaces where sou can practice the 'Dun- geonmaster Two-Step:' Float like a butterfly and sting like a purple worm. Keep your two front scouts suited in the best armor and your supplies evenly distributed. Items are hidden everywhere. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore- Amiga, Inc.

Circle on Reader Service cord. With over game designers and developers in attendance, the Conference confirmed that the Amiga is currently the fastest growing computer for game software, and in it should pull into the No. And although many publishers may still develop their games first on MS- DOS machines, the majority will be following up with Amiga versions almost immediately— with some plan- ning to develop specifically for the Amiga and its special capabilities. Look for some Amiga games to require even one megabyte of memory and two disk drives, although the majority of games will still keep to the K standard as long as the A retains that amount as its base memory.

Some developers plan to support extended memory to help buffer the How of graphics or sound data from disk, creating a faster-playing game. Now that boards are more common, all games will be compatible with it. Some pub- lishers most likely the smaller European developers may initially use these as gimmicks to attract attention to their products, but they will probably be more widely exploited given a little more time. The new Fat Agnus chip will make possible larger graphics and sound files, but most publishers won't take advantage of this until the majority of machines have one per- haps in Also, as hard-disk drives become more common, more games will work from one the way Zany Golf from Electronic Arts or BattleChess from Interplay Productions do now - On-disk copy protec- tion is becoming less popular, as publishers increase their use of code wheels, maps, and other tools that make copying difficult and annoying.

Many developers are adding a modem option to their games for multiplayer action. Modem options are usually found on a flight simulator, but developers plan also to use them in role playing and strategy games. Nii fter eating some bad fruitcake, Jason, our Hi-Res hero, fells into, a filfull slumber. Visions of his feithfull Amigeneuts slam dance in his heed. Moments later, Jeson is vijited by e fearsome apparition.

Blowing stuff up. Holographic tine travel sinulators. Neuraljoystick iMplants Blowing stuff up. Graphics is one area developers are always striving to improve. But increasing competition has ruled that out for most games, and 32 colors are becoming the standard. Some games, particularly those from Psygnosis such as Menace are using Extra— Halfbrite mode for 64 colors, and overscan for even larger screen sizes than normal.

Animation is, of course, a key strength for the Amiga, where the blitler allows for faster animation than on any other personal computer. More publish- ers are trying out larger-size characters a la Sword of Sodan from Discovery for more realistic action. Silent Software for upcoming games such as 20, Leagues Under The Sea is using ex-Disney animators to give its animation that extra level of realism. Sound is one of the Amiga's most powerful features, and more games are taking advantage of it.

In order to keep music "portable" between different machines, many Amiga scores are being written for a synthesizer and stored as MIDI data. This data is then used to drive digitized instruments through the Amiga's stereo sound channels. Increasingly, developers are optimizing their scores for the Amiga's four-channel sound, adding stereo effects for added impact. In the future, a MIDI output option may be available on some games.

You will, of course, need MIDI equip- ment to use such an option. Sound tracks and sound effects will get better as developers become more familiar with the technol- ogy. Expect continuous music sound tracks as in games such as Menace from Psygnosis to be the standard in the near future. Eventually, we will hear interactive, context-sensitive music that responds to the current game situation: When your character is in trouble, the ominous piano tones will boom, and when the villain appears, the violins will shriek.

Sierra On-Line is developing in this area now. The soul of a game lies in its design and story, and more effort is being put there. MicroProse, for in- stance, has hired a staff of experienced game design- ers from board-game and role-playing-game com- panies specifically to design not program its games. Other publishers are now bringing in writers and designers to help make their games better-written, more involving, and more exciting.

Many developers are trying to go beyond the basic shoot-'em-up or dungeon crawl. Cinemaware brought a new mix of arcade action and storytelling to the Amiga with Defender of the Grown and other titles. MicroProse is trying to blur the boundaries between action, simulation, and role-playing games. Its F coming soon for the Amiga has RPG and simulation elements in its flight simulator combat missions, while its upcoming Samurai tises RPG, ac- tion, and war-game elements.

One of the few things that future games will have in common will be simpler interfaces. More games will have rows of icons as in Dungeon Master from Software Heaven , rather than text commands, mak- ing international versions easier.


Ijcss violent themes and more cooperation will be another future trend. Fantasy, science fiction, action, and sports will con- tinue to be popular subjects for games. Licensing of popular movie and book titles will become even more common. In fact, there will be more efforts at making licensed products come close 1 to the original. With Lucasfilm's Indiana Jones and The Last Grusade, several scenes that were cut from the movie appear in the game, and both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg participated in the design process.

We will also see more cross-marketing of computer games with other media— such as paper games, comic books, and novels— to create multimedia game experiences. At present, for instance, a board-game version of the Ultima series from Origin Systems is planned, while Infocom's Battle Tech role-playing game is also avail- able in paper-game and book formats, and an arcade game is currently in testing.

Beyond the next few years, future visions include CD-ROM technology, which allows megabytes of data. The results on an Amiga would be stunning: How does TV-like graphics and animation with full orchestral sound tracks grab you? New ways of in- teracting with the computer, such as individual eye- screens, body-movement sensors, or even direct neural connection, will completely transform the game interface.

The games that are being forged now in the cauldrons of software development are the tools that will build this new industry. But you don't have to wait your turn at the Arcade to put your quarters into this new high-energy game The superb multidirectional scrolling is so smooth and fast it can make you dizzy just watching it! Play with a friend, and you'll both have a lot of fun. Play against the computer, and you're in for the wildest challenge ever!

It's literally like bringing an Arcade machine home! No computer will go unscathed, as Ultra's version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles storms into your disk drive to duke it out with Shredder — a maniac more menacing than an army of mind-altered Bruce Lees. You'll have to also think fast, switching turtle identities in order to match their karate skills with those of the enemy So grab your joystick and nunchukus, then control every leap, chop, slice and dice, until you splatter Shredder senseless or get yourself hacked into turtle soup.

Cirde 25 on Reader Service card. Hop a spaceship to the planet Drax? Maybe you'd prefer a Rambo-fest of destruction? Whatever your fantasy, our Games Buyer's Guide offers a way to live it out. With the entertainment market expanding at warp speed, we decided it deserved a product listing all its own stay tuned for our annual applications software buyer's guide next month , and del- uged games manufacturers with questionnaires.

The AmigaWorld offices were then equally flooded with responses, which we sorted and cataloged in the eight categories listed below. For an expla- nation of each, see the sidebar "Before You Play" on page To keep the listing from being a complete flight of fancy, we listed only games already on the market or with a promised release date of November Such promises — as well as prices and product names — are subject to change.

If a company had decided on a release date but not a price, we listed NA Not Available in the Price column. See M31 in style. Avoid cave crud, lava rivers, dripping gore. Naval combat. Bomb and jetpack thru catacombs, swamps. Strategy— resolve the energy crisis. Head-to-head medieval sword battle. Star battle simulation. Lead Saxon swordsmen against the Normans. Command a US destoyer. Prowl a wealthy household for diamonds. Interactive game — includes encyclopedia. Strategic space trading, combat adventure.

Simulates combat scenario in the 21st Century, Foil an alien take-over. Defend yourself from space pirates. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons module. Explore eight towers, avoid robots, mines. Space battle. Suppress giant, flesh-eating insects. Violence, intimidation, bribery. Strategy game with graphics.

Five inter-dependent, HAM mode games. Pack of MicroIUusions 1 hits. As , bring a drug-lord to justice. Command armies of samurai. Drive in jeopardy against the Lawless League. Adventure strategy. Maze action. Edit powers of an odd superhero. Maneuver a globe through astral planes. Stop a terra-forming robotic space ship. Law-enforcement simulation. You play god— worlds to rule. Underwater in a sub or in scuba gear. Intergalactic sports with aliens. Destroy evil Quadalieus infesting Astra. Aquatic adventure. Laserize otherwordly opponents. Battle Nazis and their machines.

Pilot a Starfox fighter, planetary conflict. Battle dark and mysterious forces. Combat flight simulation.

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Five inter-dependent, HAM mode games. They were wicked men. Wednesday, December 12 HoopsWorld. And then the reality strikes: your mate, in the same situation as you, puts your thoughts into words. With technology having eased the geographical hurdles of interaction between cultures, surely more and more languages will come into contact over time. It was tempting, but God had forbidden them to touch it. Ed Fearis.

Travel faster in a 3-D environment. Attack South American drug lords. Assume the role of Captain Kirk. Interplanetary battle strategy. Steal power crystals from one of eight cities. Multi-event feline sports activities. Compete at club level, in national events, or on the no-holds-barred international circuit!

Or mail Chech or money order. Send S US funds only. ASlow weeks for US delivery. Copyrights MicroProse Software Inc. Tank, naval, and space battles by modem. Solve a murder. Solve 80 levels of challenging puzzles. Locate and destroy an evil shrine. Spacecraft flight simulator. Arcade-action, strategy. Play ball in weightlessness. Careen in a crime-fighting motorcycle. Pilot an F Tom Cat. Play ball in a house full of sharp objects. Command attack copter and jet fighter. Rescue crew of alien-infested space ship. Three dog's antics as in the film. Move solid objeds on scrolling screen.

Complete your mission via complex waterways. Quasi-tropical landscape with aliens. Arcade lank game. Breakout-style arcade with 66 levels. An arcade adventure with enemies and traps. Help Charlie the Chimp and Penguin Pete. Xenon, Blasta Hall, and Sidewinder. Scrolling screen features monsters. You are Hegor the dragon-slayer. Battle chameleon-like enemy. Save earth from a deadly asteroid. Sequel to Menace. Bombs to defuse. Brontosaurus pair rescue friends from villain.

Maneuver a bubble-blowing ghost. Two-player, co-operate-or-die alien blasting. Tour past blood-thristy rogues gallery. Strategy and arcade action through 1 1 levels. Help two humbling detectives. Train at a top-secret training camp. Tank and helicopter combat. Guerilla warfare for the survival of the earth. Tennis ball conies to life. Alien-eliminating while avoiding creature. Breakout-style arcade game. Batde the Black Knight.

Futuristic shooi 'em up. Help the Denarians shake the yoke of bondage. Amiga version of a popular arcade game. Martial arts for your Amiga. He left with major problems. Sleeping is supposed to be the easiest part of going under the knife. But not for Steve.

His dreams are trying to kill him. To survive he must escape the sometimes frightening, sometimes laughable phantasms burrowing through his subconscious.