THE GOOD NEWS IS LOVE: Find Love, Purpose and Hope for your life

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A special shout out to The Mother of Invention, which is the life story of futurist and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard. Wow…relax everyone.


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Everything by Abraham Hicks is amazing, simple, and provides clarity that you can implement in your life immediately. Life is meant to be easy! This teaches 4 simple laws to live by that will insure a peaceful spirit. The basis is personal responsibility, and not letting anyone control you in a positive or negative way. Here is an interesting teaching moment that I experienced.

I kept walking by this book in the store and it actually repulsed me. Because I was having such a strong reaction I decided to purchase it. I got the audiobook version, listened to it, decided it was crap, and gave it to a friend.

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He called a few days raving about it. He pointed out that not only was it amazing, but all of the positive changes I had made lately could be directly attributed to it. I listened to it again, stunned at the insights…and have been a fan ever since. Everything you have ever desired is waiting for you to align with it, but you will never do so until you are vibrating at the same frequency as those things. This book teaches you how to easily get into the Vortex and stay there. The amazing thing is how simple it is, and that you are not responsible for figuring out the steps to get what you want, but rather just deciding what those things are and then acting on inspiration.

This book is life changing for every woman who has ever struggled because she is different, special, and ahead of her time. Marianne describes us as mermaids.

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We can come on land and play with men on their turf, and make things magical, but they cannot survive in our domain of the sea…so we can only have them for a little while before we have to say goodbye. We need to find partners who can meet us where we can frolic. All of her work is beyond amazing, but this particular one spoke to me. It helps you look at everyone with a more gentle, loving spirit. This is really great book on spirituality if you are asking yourself why you have been put through certain hardships, the death of a loved one, disabilities , or health issues.

This is one of the best spiritual books gives you new outlooks and perspectives which have been gleaned from 2 beings not of this Earth. Group 11 Created with Sketch. Group 7 Created with Sketch. Email Created with Sketch. Group 4 Created with Sketch. Lifelong love is the same as lifelong growth. Facebook Pinterest Twitter. Here are 10 signs you've found or are ready to find the love of your life:.

You haven't been looking. Article continues below. You haven't stopped being curious. You've done some serious emotional work. Related Class. With Esther Perel. You've found your purpose. Your relationships are blossoming.

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You've grown exponentially. Your relationship is characterized by profound subtlety. You're energized. You're excited by the future. You don't have to settle for anything. Related reads:. Daniel Dowling. I'm a journalist who got his start from a broken heart.

When my last relationship ended in suicidal thoughts, I knew I had to change. So I studied love, channeled my sexual desire into Alexandra Engler.

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Email Address Sign up. I want to share some Good News with you. The Good News is that Love is alive and well in the world.

As the song says, "Love is the Answer" to all of the hurts, sickness, anxiety and anger in the world. Love is available to all people. Love soothes our hurts, helps to heal our sickness, and eases our anxiety. Love comforts the grieving, reduces anger, and offers hope for the future. People are hard-wired to crave love, and to respond to love by loving others.

We know love is real because we have experienced it ourselves, we observe that love causes people to change their behavior, and we read about or talk to people that are in love. The Good News is that there is a higher form of Love than human love. God loves you and wants a close relationship with you. John, a follower of Jesus, said "God is Love" 1 John John also said, " Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God" 1 John