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A dizzying collection of some 10, items - including German-language videos, imported foods, authentic German breads and countless beer steins - can captivate a shopper for hours. And that might not even allow enough time for the hundreds of vintage photos, elaborately colored wall murals, vintage gartenzwerge garden gnomes and zany cuckoo clocks that beautify seemingly every inch of the shop's shelves and walls. Jungbauer's generosity is simply another dimension of Heidelberg Haus.

When he makes too many danishes and other treats, he hands out the excess to local police officers and homeless guests. Of course, that's not terribly surprising for a man who mentions in passing that he operated his retail trade "on the honor system" for 30 years. Jungbauer speaks freely as an artisan who's most proud of his craft. He doesn't believe in cutting corners. He doesn't use margarine or prepared dough. In addition to the artisan-quality desserts, he crafts elaborate wedding cakes for local couples. Fortunately for Jungbauer and his legions of customers, son-in-law Charlie Corkwell is gradually taking the reigns ad guiding the kitchen's operations as the master slows down.

It's no wonder Heidelberg Haus draws so many locals for return visits along with out-of-town travelers. You won't find its pastries in other retail channels.


Jungbauer simply doesn't take wholesale orders. And that worked out just fine. But I ma cutting back. You can only work so hard. Jungbauer once hosted a local radio show spotlighting German music. Favorite tool. Jungbauer takes special pride in his vintage solid-wood springerle cookie molds, some of which date back to the midth century. He uses them to produce orders before the Christmas holiday, when the cookies are customarily served.

Personal motto. Sticking with his belief that a successful life can be built on a foundation of handmade pastries, cookies and cakes. Followed by recipes. But he is a hold-out. These days, he says, if you want real Christmas cookies you have to bake them at home. But since being featured on the Food Network's "Food Finds" program a couple years ago, Jungauer's anise-flavored sspringerle have provided an authentic taste of Germany to customers around the world. The cookies, which Jungbauer call 'a charm fro happiness," are made with molds that create raised designs.

A traditional Christmas and New Year's gift, the cookies are available only through the first of the year. Heidelberg Haus is located at Pendleton Pike; see www. The item menu has been the same for years and revolves around authentic German sausage of all kinds, homemade potato salad and freshly made baked goods. The cafe doubles as a variety store where you can buy food items, knickknacks and an array of German merchandise. Indianapolis Women Family Time at the Heidelberg Haus Mix your food and fun at restaurants and activities around town March By: Ladan Nekoomaran Indianapolis offers a variety of options for a memorable afternoon or evening with the kids, from an afternoon bike ride at Eagle Creek Park to sharing some laughs over dinner.

Even if you have picky eaters or overly atice toddlers, put on your swimsuit and dive in to the many choices. East Side - Introduce the kids to a new culture and top off your bratwurst with a decadent slice of German-style cake at Heidelberg Haus. City of Lawrence, Indiana Office of the Mayor December 8, Proclamation - Juergen Jungbauer Day To all whom these presents may come, Greeting: Whereas, Juergen Jungbauer "JJ" and his wife Gabi established the Heidelberg Haus in in the City of Lawrence; and, Whereas, Heidelberghaus has been featured in many local, national and international publications including a segment on the Food Network; and, Whereas, Juergen Jungbauer's vision was to start a small family business where everyone can come and feel welcome, which he has accomplished, and over the years his small business has grown and expanded to 2- employees who help make it the unique and charming establishment in the City of Lawrence that we have all come to know and love: and, Whereas, Juergen Jungbauer has touched lives over the past forty years with his warm smile and friendly conversation to the point many employees and customers consider the Heidelberg Haus to be their home away from home.

Now, Therefore, I, Paul Ricketts, Mayor of the City of Lawrence, Indiana, hereby proclaim Monday, December 8, as "Juergen Jungbauer and the Heidelberg Haus Day" in the City of Lawrence in recognition of the forty years of love, service, good food and exquisite pastries the residents of the City have enjoyed because of one man and his vision.

IN testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and cause to be affixed the seal of the City of Lawrence on this 8th day of December in the year The council praised the owner of the Heidelberg Bakery and his staff for over 40 years of community services and dedication to the betterment of Lawrence township.

Juergen Jungbauer and his wife Gabi Jungbauer accepted the beautiful trophy award and Mr. Jungbauer recalled in his speach his dedication to good food and his love for the U. Hosted by Linda Treat. Juergen, originally from Germany, opened a small cafe and pastry shop in , then expanded several times to add imported gifts and European gourmet foods. He creates such confections as layered tortes and Black Forest cake with personalized touches for weddings or birthdays. Other specialties include the springerle cookie, a favorite German Christmas sweet with an anise flavor and embossed surface.

Visitors to Heidelberg Haus can shop among an eclectic mix of German potato salad while surrounded by lovely old murals and walls line with German antiques and beer steins. Authentic gifts include suede lederhosen, nutcrackers and cuckoo clocks. You'll also find German newspapers and magazines, figurines and possibly a plush Wolperdinger, a mythical mountain creature. The Heidelberg Haus also has an antique bakery museum. This award-winning pastry shop has been featured on the Food Network show Food Finds for three consecutive years.

Leave your passport at home and head to Heidelberg Haus. Phone www. Now is the season to stop in at Heidelberg Haus Pendleton Pike, for some of baker and owner Juergen Jungbauer's special springerle cookies. Featured on the Food Network's Food Finds, these rarely made but dainty traditional German cookies are flavored with anise oil before being rolled out in antique molds to give them shapes of fruits, animals, and household objects. Larger ones are definitely pretty enough to be gifts?

If you can get them home without nibbling on them? These are best eaten fresh, but they also rank among the tastiest morning-tea accompaniment in dee verlt. Authentic springerle cookies, an anise flavored holiday treat with origins in German-speaking Europe Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland , are available locally - but only for a limited time. I don't mean to sound like a late-night TV advertisement, but the festive holiday cookies really are a seasonal sweet, and anise fans out there know to snap them up now to enjoy later.

Sister Theresine, and Evansville native who joined the religious community in , is the oldest of 12 children and remembers taking turns mixing springerle dough for her mother. The cookies, often decorated with pastoral images of flowers, animals and harvest scenes, are soft when first baked, but soon become hard and crisp -- perfect for dunking in coffee. Many springerle fans, like Florida resident Joe Armbruster, who orders the cookies each year, remove them from their air-tight container so they'll quickly crisp up. It get plenty of requests for the cookies, especially since being featured on the Food Network's "Food Finds" program a year ago.

Heidelberg Haus' cookies are available at the bakery through Christmas; those with big orders are advised to call ahead. New this year - cherry-flavored Kirschwasser springerle. Now all I need is a cup of coffee. That would be about the same as I am paying now. You have to keep some property taxes. As a native Indy Eastsider and a woman of German descent relatives on my mother's side include Remlers and Dieberts , I nursed a nagging sense of guilt that I had never once stopped by the venerable Heidelberg Haus Cafe.

A staple on Pendleton Pike, Heidelberg Haus has held court among the ever-changing demographics of this busy thoroughfare since owners Juergen and Gabi Jungbauer opened the doors in So off I went on a sunny Saturday afternoon, ready to immerse myself in the delights of German sausages, potato salad and pastries. My husband, Pete, a Heidelberg veteran, eagerly agreed to accompany me. Not just a cafe - Inside the location's brick exterior cheerfully painted with German landscapes , a triple threat awaits.

The cafe is only part of this venture; a bakery and "German general store" also are in the Haus. Cafe customers sit at a small counter in the back of the center room or at a handful of tables scattered among three interconnected areas. Pete and I chose a small table set between a display of earlyth-century antique bakery items and a window lined with plastic gnomes.

We didn't see a server, but Pete knew the drill and grabbed two hand-painted menu boards form the counter. Most of the 16 numbered offerings spotlight some sort of sausage - bratwurst, knockwurst, wuerstchen, fleischkaese, gulay and curry-wurst - although a wandering vegetarian will find a toasted cheese sandwich available. Many entrees pair with German potato salad, which also can be ordered as a side. I went straight for No. Pete kept the brat pack going by ordering No. OK, so we weren't feeling especially creative, but there's no beating a perfectly prepared brat, and these came darn close to the ideal.

Well done - Each arrived perfectly seared, with a crispy skin that snapped when we sliced into the sausages.

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Inside, the meat was hot and juicy. A bottle of brown mustard kept on the table added a decent dose of spice and had me reminiscing about the mother of all mustards, the one served with hot pretzels at the Rathskeller. The vinegar-based potato salad was served warm and in generous portions, seasoned with pepper, accented by bacon bits and topped with a slice of hard-boiled egg.

While we munched, I gazed at the numerous tchotchkes lining the walls and hanging from the ceiling: dangling ornaments, paper-doll presidents, ornate wedding cake toppers, framed articles and photos depicting notable political visitors from the past Birch Bayh, Otis Bowen, Richard Nixon. The menu indicated that, for dessert, we should order directly from the bakery. So, sausages finished, we headed for the main room's glass counters filled with picturesque pastries, cookies and cakes.

I noted that the top of the dessert did indeed sport a sprinkling of its namesake ingredient, but upon scooping up a forkful, I found the moist bottom layer of this goodie also incorporated poppy seeds, this time crushed and mixed with chocolate. Not a combination I would have thought to create, but the taste was pleasant indeed. Service was admittedly spotty, most likely due to the small staff switching between bakery, kitchen and cashier duties. But the laid back attitude has its pluses. Where else in this document-everything world can you find a place that doesn't bother messing around with a paper check?

My take: if it wasn't recorded on paper, the calories don't count. So ring up an extra slice of cheesecake to go. April 5, By: Jenny Elig Strolling for gnomes From the pages of fairytales and the depths of the Black Forest, garden gnomes are making themselves at homes. As springtime continues to tighten its breezy grip around the Circle City, you might find yourself spending more time out in the garden. Believe us, this is time well spent just chillin' with your gnomies.

Garden gnomes or dwarves hail from germany, so we stopped off at the Heidelberg Haus for a lesson in gnomistory from Juergen "J. Gnomes make plenty of appearances in fairytales; Jungbauer said they ward off bad vibes. In Germany, where garden space and housing in general is tight, the gnomes make a kitschy and colorful appearance in tiny backyards.

The Heidelberg Haus has seen tens of thousands of gnomes pass through its doors in its 39 years of existence. When Jungbauer was a kid, garden dwarves or "gartenzwerge" were made of reddish-brown clay. The s brought the introduction of plastic, upping the kitsch factor of gnome statues by adding a glossy, rubbery veneer. And, according to Jungbauer, "either you love them or you hate them. We adore them.

Gnome care and dwarf avengers - Jungbauer's gnomes don't wash themselves, you know. Anchored with steel poles, the dwarves sit in the sun and sometimes get slightly brown noses from the sun. Every year, if the gartenzwerge are looking a little ripe, Jungbauer washes them with bleach water and touches up the spray paint on the noses. The French, the Italians and the Swiss go to extreme measures to protect garden dwarves, Jungbauer said.

Room Facilities:

Others have driven by the flamingo-pink building vowing to someday yield to their curiosity and venture inside. Regulars know what to expect. It never changes. The Heidelberg is a bakery, a gift shop, a cafe, a restaurant, a video store, and a museum. And every inch of the place is a celebration of old Germany. Okay, there's a touch of Switzerland and Austria, too. The owner is Juergen Jungbauer, known as J.

Today, people come from all over to sit at the counter or at the tiny tables and have a piece of kielbasa, or some mettwurst. If you don't know what mettwurst is, you really don't know what you are missing. And don't forget the hot German potato salad. The big draw, of course, is J.

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The chef bristles at my inquiry about pies. Once you've satisfied yoru sweet tooth, visit the bakery museum, featuring tools of the trade going back over a hundred years, including a coal oven and hand impements from the turn of the twentieth century. School kids like the museum. And all videos are rated G for German, of course! Call the Heidelberg Cafe at You can go to their website, but it doesn't smell as good as the shop: www. No, not shopping, gift wrapping or trimming the tree. It's cookie baking time. What's holiday time without the fragrant smells of baking?

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A home becomes instantly festive with the scent of cookies wafting through the air. I visited Heidelberg Haus in Indianapolis recently. The charming business sells German gifts, foods, cookies, and pastries. You can also eat an authentic German lunch in the small cafe. Heidelberg Haus is famous for springerle cookies. These delicious cookies are scented with anise seed and shaped in carved wooden molds, some more than years old. Springerle look beautiful on a cookie plate, and are delicious to eat. The larger cookies can also be used as decorations. Why not make your own pfeffernusse and lebkuchen then take a drive to Heidelberg Haus for a taste of Germany.

Be sure to meet owner Juergen Jungbauer who will proudly show you his collection of antique cookie molds. The German bakery, cafe and gift shop at Pendleton Pike is in the midst of it "springerle" cookie explosion. Owner Juergen Jungbauer said the shortening-free cookies made with antique wooden cookie molds are produced from mid-November until the second week of January.

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Not everyone likes the anise-laced treat, but it's a sentimental favorite to many. The old-fashioned holiday treat is popular with locals, but Jungbauer ships a lot of cookies this time of year. After Heidelberg Haus was featured on the Food Network this past weekend, he expects to be inundated with orders.

Head over www. That's the good news. The bad news involves the book of wedding cake photos someone swiped a few weeks ago during a wedding cake consultation. Jungbauer said he's used to people sneaking off with one or two photos of the wedding cakes as brides-to-be consider different cake options, but losing the whole book makes it hard for everyone. Have a heart and return the photos, please. The Indianapolis Star Friday, November 24, Sweets plus Heidelberg Haus Evokes German Cafe By: Traci Cumbay People come to the singularly appointed Heidelberghouse for the pastries, kitsch factor and conversation, some staying several hours on a regular basis to talk with their fellow regulars.

Whatever the draw, they come, and then come back. The food - Pastry chef Jungbauer and his wife, Gabi, created Heidelberg House to resemble a cafe in Germany: "A small-town bakery," he said. In between are knackwurst, weisswurst and other wursts. Dishes are served with warm German potato salad and a couple slices of lightly flavored sourdough rye. I'd order any of it again, and often. The bratwurst was lightly grilled and mild, the kielbasa dense and smoky. The pork chop was thick-sliced, moist and salty.

Passing on sweets at Heidelberg Haus is out of the question. The center of he store holds a bakery case that shows off Jungbauer's artful creations for the day, most of them German but with some concessions to the American tongue. It's a tall, liqueur heavy chocolate cake layered with whipped cream a quart in each cake, Jungbauer told me! The service - Tables at Heidelberg Haus feel hidden among the collectibles that fill the place, and the service can underscore that tucked-away feeling. Impatient sorts do best at the counter, where attention is ample and coffee refills snappy.

The atmosphere - The allure of the place has as much to do with the atmosphere as Jungbauer's adroitly engineered sweets. Heidelberg Haus also is a market, with all manner of European candy and mostly German knick-knacks strewn around the store on shelves, atop antique stoves, even hanging from the ceiling. A mural on the building's exterior greets customers and every available space inside the restaurant also has been jazzed up by colorful countryside scenes.

Music vacillates from polka to contemporary German club tunes. Diners tend to linger, Jungbauer told me, and energetic debates are likely to break out among any of the groups of regulars who come to chew on the events of the day. Jungbauer smiles over it all, milling among friends in his "happy little cafe. Given the heft of our to-go containers, the meal was a smashing bargain. Nest time - I'll be slipping in again to try the Springerle cookies, a seasonal offering at Heidelberg Haus mid-November through mid-January , and I'll be sure to do it when I have time enough for the extensive browsing the place demands.

The selection changes daily. Location Pendleton Pike. Hours: a. Monday through Friday, a. Saturday, 22 a. No reservations. Information: , www. The annual festival provides a great excuse to raise a toast with German beer and prepare some easy German foods. The royal family invited the people of Munich for free beer and a horse race; 40, people showed up to join in the nuptial celebration. Today, the event continues to draw thousands each fall to Munich. Convert your backyard or deck to a biergarten, cook up some knackwurst and sauerkraut, and hoist a Bavarian flag.

Play some German music and lift a stein to autumn. Lederhosen and dirndl skirts are optional. The German shop also sells German CDs and imported groceries, from mustards to spaetzle noodles.

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German Beer coasters, 30 cents each, Heidelberg Haus. Intake Step up to the plate. Indianapolis most favorite restaurants March 16, Heidelberg Haus: Pendleton Pike, Juergen Jungbauer's surreal life egan in Germany, where he apprenticed to be a baker from the age of Jungbauer emigrated to California as a teen and was drafted by the U. Army where he became a decorated cake and pastry chef. His final commission was at Fort Benjamin Harrison, and when the baker decommissioned the took over a vacant bakery on Pendleton Pike and opened Heidelberg Haus.

Smoked sausages, potato salad and a roll are a hearty lunch, but it's not complete without an authentic Danish or a slice of Black Forest cake. The cafe haus is a small gift shop if you are in the market for stein or "happiness is drinking German Beer" T-shirt.

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What to try: Curry wurst. Newest addition the the menu features two sausages covered in curry ketchup and served with German rye breatd and butter. Recommended side: German potato salad. What to know: Reservations accepted. Carryout, private meeting rooms, very casual attire. When to go: a. Mondays trough Fridays, a. Saturdays and 11 a. Tin windup Roby Robot, a reproduction of Yonezawa's robot from the s. What's the buzz? Robot's are friggin' cool! This super sweet reproduction of the mechanical sparkling Robby Robot made in Japan by Yonezawa in the early s stands 9 inches tall.

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This collectable tin toy winds up, and has 'extreme" tiny sparking action. He also walks, and there can be no doubt that the design of the original toy created by Yonezawa as well as the reproduction where based on Robby from "Forbidden Planet," staring Leslie Nielsen, possibly the best science-fiction move of the s. The colorful mural on the side of the building beckons hungry souls to enter. Heidelberg has been open since , and it does good business. Besides the German bakery, Heidelberg sells German imports such as figurines, cuckoo clocks, nutcrackers, lederhosen, jewelry, pewter items, stuffed animals, placemats and other odds and ends.

The Haus even has a German grocery store with dozens of intriguing items. Waiting for our table gave us time to wander through the small aisles and gawk. Even while seated, we still have plenty to look at. The brat held great flavor inside and wasn't tough or overcooked. Home-made German potato salad came with it, along with a large slice of fresh bread.

The warm potato salad was great, and even though it didn't look like much food I was full by the end. Since Heidelberghouse is known for desserts, we had to try one. Unfortunately, it was the end of the day, so our selection was diminished. Even though the cake was mostly frozen, it as still filling and rich. We took home a couple of flaky, blueberry-filled pastries to have for breakfast and left at closing time. But besides the eclectic atmosphere, the food is well prepared, the bakery is excellent and welcoming. The staff can answer questions about the food, merchandise and anything you need to know about Germany.

Picture 1: Owner Jurgen L. Reid Duffy's Guide to Indiana's Favorite Restaurants Updated Edition Reid Duffy Those making their first visit to Heidelberg Cafe for a hearty German lunch may find themselves leaving the premises an hour or two later, having forgotten to eat, but loaded down with figurines, stuffed animals, flags, knickknacks, German pastries, candies, canned goods, and all manner of German videos.

For Heidelberg Cafe has been Indy's one-stop shopping center for all things German since it was fashioned together as the Heidelberg Haus in northeast Indy by German-born Juergen and Gabi Jungbauer in , and expanded many times over. The shelves are stocked and stuffed with a colorful array of imported German and European gift items and imported foods, candies, spices, and seasonings, and no less than twenty-four hundred German videos to rent. Juergen Jungbauer's primary fame and acclaim has been achieved as a pastry chef, know for his high-rise wedding and celebratory cakes, including one shaped like the Eiffel Tower, with his most enticing efforts showcased in display cases for immediate or home consumption: German chocolate and Black Forest cherry cakes; apple and fruit strudels and meringues; cheesecakes and tortes; a full array of pasties, Danishes, croissants, and rolls; cinnamon raison bread; rye, Vienna, and French breads.

The cafe is the most modes affair, consisting of a counter and cafe tables scattered about the premises at which to commune and nosh with a menu offering an array of German sausages and smoked pork chops, adorned with homemade potato salad and fresh rye bread, offering further justification for its legion of fans just to hang out at the Heidelberg.

A sign attached to the entrance of the store on Pendleton Pike proclaims, "On this site in , nothing happened.? If you've been in one, you've been in them all. But if you're hungry not just or food, but for a unique and esthetically pleasing experience, it's getting harder and harder to satisfy that hunger. But take heart. There are some little gems along the Pike that are worth looking for. Here are three that are easy to find. The Heidelberg Haus has been open for 38 years. Decorated with charming murals inside and outside by local artist Billy Jon Rainbow, even the drinking fountain is decorated.

Heidelberg is sort of a bakery, cafe, museum, boutique and video store. You could spend hours just wondering around looking through the nooks and crannies of the Haus. Filled with German gifts, curios, candy, candles, records, videos, and magazines, the place reflects the eclectic taste of baker-proprietor Juergen Jungbauer.

Standing in front of his brag wall with it's pictures and awards from his many notable customers, he is understandably proud of his wonderful business. Despite my wife's careful attention I managed to sneak a couple of J. No wonder it has a national reputation. The Heidelberg Cafe also features German style lunches with smoked pork chops, sausages and German potato salad.

So, pay a call on J. Picture 3: "J. Indianapolis Monthly Best Restaurants -Cheap Eats - Heidelberg Haus By Christine Speer May Against a tumultous backdrop of start-ups and fall-downs, most of the city's dinner hotspots managed to shine on - some by embracing the consistency that has long made them great, others by concocting inventive new ways to court our cravings. Dig in. German: Patron seat themselves at this gift shop, bakery and diner lined floor-to-ceiling with gewgaws. Try the kassler rippchen, a smoky-flavored pork chop, and don't forget a piece of rich Heidelberg cake.

Breakfast and lunch daily. Indianapolis Star March 28, A World of Treats Eager amateur tasters rate candies and crunchy snacks from many lands Abe Aamidor It's a question philosophers long have asked: What separates humans from the lower species? Before today, no one has come up with the obvious answer - it's candy. Name a country or region of the world, sprinkle a little sugar on it, and voila - you will find a distinctive candy there. In Germany, they go nuts over marzipan, a mixture of ground almonds and sugar that is believed to have Middle Eastern origins, and which was introduced into Europe around the 13th century and later to the New World.

Corkwell can give a guided tour of all the chocolates, candies and pastries in her dad's shop. What is it: Chocolate-covered Hazelnut cream wafer. Pro: Good balance of creamy texture and chocolate taste; some crunch to it, too. Con: Chocolate was too "light" for some tastes. Verdict: This is the chocolate bar that untied Europe, so it's worth a look.

Als der Lehrbub seine Lehre antrat haette er nie gedacht, dass das Springerlerezept seines Lehrherrn einmal das Tagesgespraech in ganz Amerika werden sollte. Der heute jaehrige Konditor, der sein deutsches Cafe und Baeckerei seit 37 Jahren in Indianaposlis Indiana betreibt, wurde naemlich auf ganz besondere Weise geehrt. Die beruehmte amerikanische Kabel- und Satelitenstation Foodnetwork hatte sich entschieden, eine Reportage ueber das bekannte Geschaeft auszustrahlen. Aus dem Material dieser neun Stunden wurde ein 10 minuetiger Report hergestellt.

Die Sendung wurde im anfang Dezember gleich viermal ausgestrahlt. In einer einstuendigen Weihnachtssendung wurden fuenf bemerkenswerte Firmen aus ganz Amerika vorgestellt. Gezeigt wurden neben dem Heidelberghaus weihnachtliche Themen vom Hexenhaeuschen bis zum Marsh Mellow und besonders das Zuckernaschwerk wurde dem Publikum vorgestellt. Juergen Jungbauers Backmuseum und seine grosse Sammlung von altdeutschen Springerle Formen wurde besonders hervorgehoben. Eines seiner wertvollsten Stuecke ist ein Springerlemodel das angeblich fuer den Fuersten Friedrich 1 von Baden in geschnitzt und benutzt wurde.

Nach Ausstrahlung der Sendung war in der Backstube der Teufel los. Die handgemachten Springerle erzeugten eine grosse Nachfrage. Besonders interessiert waren Leute die schon seit vielen Jahren keine Springerle zum Kaufen finden konnten. Tagelang war die Telefonleitung des Heidelberghauses mit Anrufen und Bestellungen aus ganze Amerika und andere Laender blockiert.

Wie sich heraustellte hat die Tradition des leckeren Anisgebaecks in Amerika einen hohen sentimentalen Wert wie sich aus Emails und Anrufen an Juergen ergab. Es scheint dass das Familienrezept fuer das Springerle mit dem Dahinscheiden der Mutter oder Oma oftmals verlorenging. Das Heidelberghaus ist eine bekannte und sehr beliebte Einkaufsquelle fuer alles was deutsch ist.

Seine Frau Gabi, alle vier seiner Toechter und etliche Verwandte wurden eingespannt um die leckere Ware mit der Post schnell zu versenden. Juergen, der sich so langsam nach dem Ruhestand sehnte, muss nun mehr denn je arbeiten. Andere Indianapolis Fernseh- und Radiostationen wollen nun auch wissen was im Heidelberg Haus vorgeht und bringen live Reportagen aus dem popularen Cafe.

Die Publizitaet nimmt der jaehrige Badener gelassen hin. Zum Glueck backt er die Springerle nur zur Weihnachtszeit. Nun kann er sich wieder seinen anderen Backwaren widmen. Die beruehmte amerikanische Kabel- und Satelitenstation Foodnetwork hatte sich entschieden eine Reportage ueber das bekannte Geschaeft auszustrahlen. Aus dem Material dieser 9 Stunden wurde ein 10 minuetiger Report hergestellt. Food Finds, auf deutsch "Essenfinden", wird nach Angaben der Foodnetwork, wird in 85 Laendern ausgestrahlt und von 75 millionen Menschen gesehen. In einer einstuendigen special Weihnachtssendung wurden 5 bemerkenswerte Firmen aus ganz Amerika vorgestellt.

Gezeigt wurden neben dem Heidelberghaus weihnachtliche Themen von Hexenhaeuschen bis zum Marsh Mellow und besonders das Zuckernaschwerk wurde dem Publikum vorgestellt. Es scheint dass das Familienrezept fuer das Springerle mit dem Dahinscheiden der Mutter oder Oma oftmals verlorenging, fuer hunderte von deutsch amerikaner. Die Publizitaet nimmt der nun brigande jaehrige Badener gelassen hin.

Zum glueck baeckt er die Springerle nur zur Weihnachtszeit. Sie lieben den Nervenkitzel des Neuen und Ungewissen, haben einfach nur Fernweh oder erhoffen sich in einem Land weit weg von der Heimat ein besseres Leben. Dass er jedoch eines Tages in Indianapolis im US-Staat Indiana sesshaft und mit seinem "Heidelberghaus" ein beruehmter Mann werden wuerde, haette er damals wohl nicht zu traeumen gewagt. Doch der ehrgeizige Sohn eines Metzgermeisters, der als kleiner Bub im elterlichen Geschsaeft in der Amalienstrasse aushalf, schlug sich durch.

Er arbeitete als Konditor in weltberuehmten Hotels in Kalifornien und Arizona, bevor ihn die Army einzog und nach Indianapolis im Staate Indiana versetzte. Jungbauer absolvierte die Grundausbildung und hatte anschliessend das Glueck, dass er den Rest der Militaerzeit in der Kueche beziehungsweise Baeckerei der Kaserne ableisten durfte. Bei zahlreichen Wettbewerben, bei denen der Soldat auch mit zivilen Kollegen seiner Branche konkurrierte, heimste er begehrte Preise ein.

Viele deutsche Migranten haetten ihm geholfen, das Gebaeude am Pendleton Pike herzurichen, und ein deutscher Baeckermeister habe ihn ebenfalls unterstuetzt. Bis zum heutigen Tag wurde Jungbauers Unternehmen, dem er den Namen "Heidelberghaus" gab, viermal erweitert. Denn schon lange verkoestigt der gebuertige Karlsruher seine Kunden nicht nur mit Torten, Gebaeck und anderen suessen Leckereien.

Die zahlreichen Kunden erhielten alles erdenkliche aus "good, old Germany"; von der Schokolade, ueber Niveacreme, deutsche Zeitschriften und CDs, bis hin zu Dirndln und allerlei Kitsch. Dass sein "Heidelberghaus" inzwischen in ganz Amerika bekannt ist, hat Juergen Jungbauer unter anderem auch der Kabel- und Satellitenstation "Foodnetwork" zu verkanden.

In einer einstuendigen Sendugn stellte sie naemlich fuenf bemerkenswerte Firmen aus den USA vor, darunter auch das "Heidelberghaus". Jungbauer wandte sich daraufhin an die BNN, um der Redaktion von dieser besonderen Ehre zu berichten. Nach der Ausstrahlung der Sendung sei in der Backstube der Teufel los gewesen; die Telefone haetten nicht still gestanden, weil Menschen aus ganz Amerika und anderen Laendern das handgemachte Anisgebaeck bestellen wollten.

Den Trubel nimmt Jungbauer, der in seiner Freizeit gerne mit seinem Boot rausfaehrt oder Tanzen geht, jedoch gelassen hin. Und an die verdiente Rente denkt der jaehrige auch noch nicht wirklich. Mindestens drei Jahre moechte er schon noch arbeiten. And while you're waiting for your food you can browse their attached shop full of authentic knick-knacks and foods! Intake September , By Kimilo L. Martinez Where to dine and shop when you're craving authentic German treats.

I'm not sure, but the Germans may well have invented the phrase: Eat, drink and be merry. If not, it's a motto that certainly seems to define the way Germans look at their meals, especially dinner. According to Juergen L. Jungbauer, owner of German cafe, boutique and bakery Heidelberg Haus, supper is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Jungbauer, known as J.

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India: Govt. Court considers interest rate for and thereafter to be an unsubstantiated surcharge on additional tax payments. Army; and Whereas, upon completing his military duty, JJ settled in Lawrence, Indiana and started his own business, a bakery, and named it Heidelberg Haus; and Whereas, JJ and his wife, Gabi, raised four daughters and continue to enjoy their family in the city, as they now have six grandchildren and JJ's gregarious personality grew his business, establishing his favorite desserts, King Ludwig Cake and Saha kuchen as Lawrence legends; and Whereas, JJ's Heidelberg Haus is a noted bakery and museum featured in coutnless newspaper and magazine articles and videos on the Food Network as well as the Discovery Channel; and Whereas, JJ has employed between people for 50 years at the Heidelberg Haus and celebrates it's 50th anniversary this year as he enjoys his 75th birthday this month; and Whereas, Juergen Jungbauer established an iconic restaurant in our great city and his daughter and son-in-law plan to continue its legacy in the future. That strategy - irresistible bakery products made from scratch surrounded by unique gifts and hard-to-find food items - has been a winning one for more than 32 years, say owners Juergen and Gabi Jungbauer. When you step in the doorway you are whisked away to another part of the world.

Traditional dinner - According to Jungbauer, who is from the Black Forest region, a German dinner on any given day might feature some sort of goulash beef stew or rahmschnitzel, which is similar to beef stroganoff, with light salad, some vegetables and a staple German noodle spaetzle. Katharina Kircher, 32, a native of northern Germany, says dinner for her is usually Abendbrot, or a "cold meal" usually featuring breads, cheese and cold cuts, with a light salad.

Junita Kehrer, owner of Cafe Europa, suggests rouladen - a rolled steak, or roasted duck in the winter months. As far as beverages go, beer or wine is the traditional choice, with sparkling mineral water or juice being served to those who don't prefer alcohol. In Germany, beer and wine are the key part of the culture, and children usually partake at the family table, which Jungbauer says allows children a way of socializing with their parents, learning to dance, sing, and generally enjoy life. A formal touch - A more formal dinner might begin with alight soup, followed by a main course featuring a meat or fish with salad, vegetables and either rice, potatoes or noodles.

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