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Extremely Aggressive Rabbits: Bunnies Who Run With the Wolves

My name is Boogs Bunny and I live in Asia. In this book, I hope to share with all bunnies that you can train your human and not the other way round! This will. Free PDF Boogs Bunnys Guide On How To Train Your Humans English Edition Ebooks ebook any format,. You can read any ebooks you wanted like.

Unlike rabbits, brown hares do not dig burrows, but live in forms which are shallow depressions in the ground. When they are disturbed, either by humans or are running from predators, they can be seen bounding across the field, often in a zig zag pattern. For a more in-depth guide to the brown hare, take a look at our animal fact file. The mountain hare, like its name suggests, is adapted to live in cold polar and mountainous habitats.

It is only found in Scotland in Britain, though has been introduced to the Peak District and some Scottish islands. Mountain hares are smaller than European hares, and their coat changes in summer and winter. The tail, however, remains white all year. Mountain hares in Scotland prefer to graze on grass, vegetation and nibble on the bark of young bushes and trees. Like European hares, they shelter in forms. The best time to see mountain hares is in spring, when the snow has melted but they have not yet shed their winter coat, making them more visible on the grey and brown mountains and heathland.

The mountain hare is native to the Scottish Highlands, and was not introduced to the county. Feed her on a regular schedule so she can count on chow at a certain time of day. You can a lso try feeding small treats, like raisins or a tiny piece of a banana, with wooden spoons or tongs. That way you can hold the treat steady for her without losing a thumb. Be sure to give you rabbit plenty of HAY……. Oat hay is a favorite and takes the longest to chew; also add Timothy, Orchard grass, etc. These are the rabbits who chase you across the room and up into chairs, who sink their teeth into your tender limbs and refuse to let go, or who growl at you when you approach.

It is by no means instantaneous, and they are sore for a few days after especially females—give them a good 4 days without picking up or bothering them after spaying. If you just got a new rabbit, he may be stressed out by the move. His last owner may have frightened him somehow. He may have never had much contact with a human before. Or, if he used to be a hutch rabbit, the noises, smells, and sights of a house may be overwhelming him.

One of the best things you can do for your relationship with this kind of rabbit is to protect yourself. This will protect your flesh. It will also help you keep calm. Now start playing detective. Watch him closely to see what provokes him. It may be your touching anything in his view. It may be the movement of your legs when you walk. It may be a certain sound—like a rattling newspaper or the vacuum cleaner. It may be your reaching out to touch him or feed him.

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One rabbit was frightened by sleeves, having been carried by young boys in coat pockets. You never know what happened to your rabbit before you got him. Then turn on the charm. One of the key lessons that House Rabbit Society members have learned is that affection works wonders on psycho bunnies. Give him a big hello when you see him. Greet his every act of aggression with good humor too. You can ruffle his fur, sing a little song, say a little prayer, whatever it takes to greet his bad temper with joy, affection, and calmness.

You can try saying EEK too—but be careful with this. Some nervous rabbits are provoked by a high-pitched squeal. Rabbits think in patterns; your job is to change the pattern, so he realizes that his approach provokes affection from you, not harm. Damn those infernal rabbits! Tricky one, this.

Based largely on his movie career, you can't include Daffy Duck - arguably the greatest of all the Looney Tunes, with his scheming and his skiving and his suffering suckatash speech impediment - on this list. But you can't not include Daffy Duck on this list, and you shouldn't hold it against the character that Warner Bros.

And if anyone disagrees, we have an Acme Reader Pulveriser out back, just waiting to be fired up. Just to show how Warners have dropped the ball, Daffy's greatest full-length feature film moment comes in a Disney film. Notably the magnificent dualling pianos scene between him and Donald Duck in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which ends with the two ducks engaging in a spot of M.

Mel Blanc, the classic voice of Daffy, recorded a novelty single in the 50s called Daffy Duck's Rhapsody. We have to hear this song. Bet Kim Newman has it. And it also has, in the megalomaniacal Toad, Ian McKellen's most deliciously funny big-screen performance. A pompous, pumped-up buffoon who walks around making wild, grandiose speeches about ruling the sewers while remaining tragically unable to suppress his craving for flies , Toad is a spot-on parody of Bond villains, with more than a hint of the craven idiocy of British politicians thrown in for good measure.

Casting McKellen, who tackles Toad's stiff-upper-plumminess with relish and elevates the character into Well, someone worthy of placing 46th on this list. They didn't make him a knight just for the fun of it, you know. Generally speaking when countries are embodied in the form of people, they're big strong muscly men, or women who make up for in weaponry what they lack in coverage around the bosom region.

Aisling represents the spirit of Ireland in this medieval adventure, but instead of being powerful or a bit slutty she's a tiny sprite, an impish younger sister who irritates Brendan as much as she helps him.

Oh sure, she's also got magical abilities, but she's magical more in the way that Luna Lovegood is, rather than in the way that Gandalf is. Some might say that that fits Ireland rather well though, so maybe it's for the best. The thing about Thumper is that he's so cute he almost helps you to forget that Bambi's mum has, um, [sob] died. The scene where the rabbit and the young faun venture out on the ice during their first winter, slipping and sliding around, remains one of the happiest things you'll ever see, guaranteed to raise a smile even if you've just eaten venison before watching the movie and are feeling horrendously guilty.

A sage advisor to Bambi himself, more or less, and a more streetwise forest-wise? Why, it's his trademark habit of drumming his feet against the ground, much imitated but never bettered. Thumper doesn't appear in the original novel, which is darker and more concerned with the natural world than the cuddly baby animals.

The Nazis, book lovers that they were, banned the book as an allegory for the treatment of the Jews in Europe. OK, so this guy makes it in not so much on the basis of being layered and complex as because of the fact that he's totally, totally adorable. He's tiny even by mouse standards , he wears an oversized hat and he's searching for his family on the mean streets of old New York.

He also sings a cutesy little song about his sister being Somewhere Out There while he's lost, accidentally gets drawn into a crime ring and manages to bring about a mini-revolution and make the streets of New York safe for the humble mice. During the Cossack raid at the beginning of the film, Fievel loses his hat and reaches back for it as the terrifying cats approach, in a direct nod to exec producer Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones.

Strictly speaking, Fievel should be spelled Feivel when coming from the Yiddish. He's named after Steven Spielberg's grandfather. Here's a perfect of marriage of director, author and heroine. Hayao Miyazaki always creates complex, believable heroines. Diana Wynne Jones always writes twisty-turny, slightly trippy plots. And Sophie herself offers loads of meat to play with, a young woman who mixes a no-nonsense approach to her eccentric wizard employer, Howl, with a crippling sense of her own inadequacy which helps a witch turn Sophie into an old lady, as you do.

The resulting relationship is an odd one, with Howl indulging in moments of wild vanity and Sophie spending most of her time wearing support stockings and sounding like his granny. Still, there is a love story there, and the fact that you buy it at all is down to the fact that Sophie's one of the great heroines.

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The fact that the film's big action face-off consists of two old ladies trying to climb a long flight of stairs. OK, so there are a few magical battles and air chases too, but this is the one that lingers. Diana Wynne Jones wrote a sequel called Castle in the Air. This is not to be confused with Miyazaki's unrelated film Laputa: Castle in the Sky. Brad Bird's Pixar efforts are rather more complex of moral than your average cartoon, willing to admit that not everyone is going to end up a princess or a superhero and that some people are just more talented than others.

Remy, here, is a culinary genius, but it's not always easy for him to get ahead. After all, rats and kitchens do not match brilliantly from a hygiene point of view. Still, his obsession with his chosen profession and determination to get ahead make him compelling - even though he's not always entirely sympathetic. Seriously: would you let a rodent puppeteer sit on your head and force you to cook? Remy's magical, camera-spinning cooking scenes, making the creation of a soup and a ratatouille into a cross between dancing and singing.

Patton Oswalt landed the job of voicing Remy after Bird saw a video of his stand-up routine where he waxed lyrical about food.

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The cutest little fanboy you'll ever see rolling around inside a Perspex ball, Rhino's a TV obsessed hamster who latches on to the film's doggy hero with unshakeable enthusiasm. He steals all the film's best lines and is, pretty much without exception, responsible for all its funniest moments. Voiced by one of Disney's animators rather than a big star, he's cute, cuddly and a total nerd, starry eyed and believing in Bolt's superpowers with a ferocity remarkable for one his size.

The line, "I'll go get my ball! The crew modelled Rhino on a real hamster called Doink, who they filmed rolling around in a ball on a clear surface to get his movements right. Perhaps the strangest thing about returning to this Oscar-nominated classic after all these years is learning that Jerry Orbach provided the voice of Lumiere, the irrepressibly Gallic, lover man, er, candlestick who plays such a big part in the story.

The flamboyant Lumiere, forever sneaking off into corners for some private time with a duster, is the most amusing of the new characters introduced for the film, and it turns out that sensible Detective Briscoe has a romantic side after all. The song Be Our Guest, which sees Lumiere introduce perhaps the greatest dining experience in animation history. One question though: would you really be comfortable putting living cutlery in your mouth?

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It was legendary lyricist Howard Ashman Little Shop of Horrors, The Little Mermaid who came up with the idea of everyone in the castle turning into objects. Sadly, he died during production. Call him what you like - Lucifer, Shaitan, the Devil - but he's always scary and badass and in control. Unless, of course, you're Matt Stone and Trey Parker, in which case Satan may be physically well developed but he's rather more shy and retiring than we're used to - to the extent that his gay lover, Saddam Hussein, physically and emotionally abuses the poor fella. His attempt to regain his own sense of dignity and independence is the closest thing this foul-mouthed classic has to a story arc, and if you end up cheering for the underworld dog, well, all to the good.

Turns out that Satan has a sense of gratitude, offering Kenny one wish in return for his help in getting rid of Saddam Hussein. Well isn't that nice?

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DreamWorks, between Madagascar and Shrek, developed a habit of creating supporting characters who steal the leads thunder. While you'd be hard pressed to remember the leads in this zoo adventure, the monkeys and penguins run away with the show - particularly the leader of the Dirty Dozen-style penguins, hijacking tankers like he was born in the Navy SEALs. Skipper's equal parts unflappable and paranoid, leading his troops with unquestioned authority.

They're multi-skilled in combat, tunnel digging, lock-picking - you name it. Not bad for a species without opposable thumbs. OK, so their natural limits sometimes prevent Skipper's plans from working out perfectly, but they never stop trying. We knew penguins weren't trustworthy! Madagascar director Eric Darnell had been working on a film about a Beatles-style quartet of penguins called Rockumentary. When Madagascar came together he moved them over and turned them into commandos.

Other characters in this witty B-movie pastiche are wittier, chattier or have better hair no, not you B. But Insectosaurus is the one who really charms us, despite expressing himself chiefly in unintelligible roars provided by director Conrad Vernon and a fascination for bright, shiny lights. After all, he's just a little grub who's grown up - waaaay up - before his time, and while he will defend his friends and planet to the hilt, he seems a relatively peaceable sort at heart.

Then, of course, there's the fact that he turns into a beautiful Butterflysaurus. One the size of Mount Rushmore, but still a beautiful butterfly. There's some sort of message there. The face-off between Insectosaurus and the gigantic alien robot across the Golden Gate Bridge, with the pair bellowing at each other while the other, smaller monsters try to evacuate the civilians caught in the middle.

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As monster fans will have guessed, Insectosaurus is partly based on Mothra, Godzilla's old sparring partner. The difference is that Insectosaurus is not, as far as we know, psychic or possibly divine. The concept of setting a Looney Tunes-type character in the real world is a bonkers but brilliant one, and this effort from the newly reinvigorated Disney of the late s set them on course for a renaissance.

And a lot of that is down to Roger himself - loud, brash, hugely irritating to partner Eddie Valiant but always well-intentioned. The killer is that Roger isn't stupid; he's capable of cunning and trickery in his attempt to clear himself of murder charges and regain the love of his smokin' hot wife. And after all, a rabbit with a woman like that on his arm has got to have something serious going for him.

It's Roger's heartbroken reaction to the news that his wife, Jessica, is cheating on him. Why is he so concerned with the fact that she's playing playground games? We've never been quite sure, but we feel for him nonetheless. Charles Fleischer performed Roger's lines on set, off camera, while wearing a full costume including rabbit ears, overalls and gloves. With the hindsight switch very firmly flipped, we can now admit to ourselves, and each other, that The Simpsons Movie really wasn't very much cop.

But it's almost impossible to have a list like this and not include the Simpsons' loveable, doltish, lunkheaded patriarch, even if it's something of a legacy choice, dictated almost entirely by the existence of the TV show. But despite the dearth of classic Simpsons gags, still manages to present the Homer we all know and love, putting him very firmly centre stage as he tries to win back Marge and his family, and prove to Springfield that he's not a monstrous jackass.

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OK, it was in the trailer, but it's hard to top classic Homer slapstick, namely the moment when he gets caught - literally - between a rock a giant rock and a hard place a cafe called The Hard Place, complete with giant pointy fork. Drawn out for just the right amount of time, as Homer swings between the two, getting crushed and stabbed alternately, it's up there with the rakes gag in Cape Feare.

This could easily have been an uncomplicated horror, with a young man ensnared by a terrifying deadite obsessed with wedding bells, a Bridezilla with bits falling off. Instead, it became an unusual love story, precisely because Helena Bonham-Carter's Emily is so adorable. Rather than the lurching zombie she might have been, she's tragic, charming and strangely beautiful - yes, even with the blue flesh, skeletal extremities and loosely-attached eye. The fact that most of the audience consider the nicely wrapped up, happy ending an unhappy one is testament to just how likeable Emily is.

It's the melancholy song that Emily sings when she realises that Victor only proposed by accident and is still in love with Victoria upstairs, while her friends try to reassure her that she's pretty. There were 14 different models of Emily and Victor, all based on a stainless steel frame with faces moved by clockwork.

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They LOVE each other! The minimum recommended size for one rabbit is 6ft x 2ft x 2ft 1. Beating up the mole who tries to pick on his cousin Ash, first taking off his shoes so that his Kristofferson's mad martial arts skills don't kill him. After the companies broke up in , Time Warner Cable continued to license the Road Runner name and iconography until the service was rebranded in as Time Warner Cable Internet. I'm Tamsin, and I like rabbits, such as Scamp at the top there. Hi Julie, Thanks for posting.

It takes a very light touch to take a venerated martial arts master - the archetype that inspired Yoda, Mr. Miyagi and dozens more - and make him fresh, while satisfying all the demands traditionally associated with the character: namely, enough neatly-phrased expressions of wisdom and advice to fill a thousand fortune cookies. Shifu, the kung fu master who teaches Jack Black's Po to be all that he can be in DreamWorks' unexpectedly entertaining adventure, is fresh as can be, thanks largely to Hoffman's playfully bemused line readings, a genuine warmth beneath the wiliness, and a refreshing sparkle to the banter between him and Po.

Their delightful final exchange leaves the movie on a high note, and is the chief reason why we're looking forward to the incoming sequel. It's got to be the hilarious attempts of the kung-fu master to tutor the enthusiastic but hopelessly inept panda Po in the basics of the martial art. His increasing exasperation and the faltering of that firmly-held calm is a joy to behold. Dustin Hoffman had a clause in his contract allowing him to record additional voice sessions if he was unhappy with his original performance.

Now that's perfectionism. A lot of animated heroes are children; a lot more are teenagers young enough for kids to identify with but old enough to have some sort of romance. Monster House, however, puts its three young leads right in the middle, veering wildly from childish enthusiasms one minute to adolescent awkwardness the next. DJ is the quietest and least assuming of the bunch, between Chowder's loudmouth and Jenny's know-it-all, but he's quietly compelling.

It's a toss-up between DJ's reaction to having a girl in his room, and his later, wiser talk with the previously scary Mr Nebbercracker, counselling him as an equal rather than a child. Still you shouldn't hold that against him. When it comes to choosing one of the seven dwarves to go on this list, it really is throw a dart time. Snow herself is a bit too bland to warrant serious consideration.

Dopey aside, Grumpy - long white beard, red nose, perpetually pissed off expression - has the best arc of the dwarves, initially reacting with hostility to the gorgeous princess dumped in their midst, before coming over all conciliatory and rushing to her aid. He's a nice chap, after all. When Snow White has slipped into a coma - what the dwarves think is death - Grumpy's pissed-off facade crumbles as he pays tribute to her perfectly preserved 'corpse', insisting on leaving his garland of flowers in her sleeping arms. Maybe she finally pierced his cold exterior.

Maybe he thought he had a shot. Either way, there's not a dry eye in the house.

Extremely Aggressive Rabbits: Bunnies Who Run With the Wolves

A fight between Grumpy and Doc was animated, but cut out from the movie. It can be found as an extra on DVD. Cranky, grumpy, irascible, cantankerous. Carl Fredericksen is all of these things and more, but the genius of Up's lead the first of two characters from their arguable masterpiece to make this list is that we know right from the off why he ended up that way.