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First Spankings
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My sister consoled me, telling me that Mary Ann was merely a mistake, a pothole in the garden of love. I could swear some girls looked at me as if I was a geek or pervert or something. Life went on. I changed the style of my hair, bought some new clothes, and even learned a few jokes, complete with punch lines. Nothing seemed to work. Everyone said there were other fish in the sea, so I plowed on in the love department.

Lisa Marie was known around the guys in my class as an E-Z lay. Several guys openly spoke of bedding her, while others intimated they had. Somehow I got the courage to ask her out, and we had several nice movie dates. On the third date I got the nerve to kiss her, and it was fantastic. Her lips were soft, and I held her tight mashing my face against hers. But somewhere between kissing her perfect lips and attempting to go a little further, my hands and plans were derailed.

What Does “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child” Mean in the Bible?

No meant no, and I pulled back to my side of the front car seat. I begged and pleaded but no fire was kindled. Shot down by the loosest girl in my class. If you had taken a poll the following Monday, most would have assumed I had scored that night, and I said nothing to dispel the thought, but of course I knew the truth. The right girl would come along and the sexual escapades would follow. Easy for her to say, she was Ms. Still, she would support me when I was down, lifting my spirits.

But if anything, it sent me the other direction as none of the girls who interested me were at all interested in me.

Raven Merlot's Erotic Spanking Tales Volume 1 :Two Spanking Stories: : Dark Desires and Initiation

I poured myself into classes, and did carry good grades that first semester. Still, no girly action, just a self-sympathetic reaction. Debbie laughed at my predicament. My sexual activities included reading passed on Hustlers and Penthouse magazine, with an occasional Friday night blue movie at the x-rated theater in Danville, a town about 15 miles away.

Several times, from a secluded spot just yards away, I spied a young woman giving head to her beau, and once actually saw a couple having sex in the back seat of a Toyota Camry. Then came the call. Her voice was more syrupy than usual, leading me to believe she was up to something. As she continued, I quickly realized she was. Are you game? Who knows, it could be a lot of fun and a little exciting too!

Heck, I had nothing better to do. It would give me some time to study and who knows, it just might be fun. Just before 10 on Friday night I approached the back of the Ti House, and seconds later Debbie appeared. Way to go, Bro. Heck, she looked more like a guy than a girl. We scooted down a hallway, hearing some sort of mood music in the living room, and went down to the barely lit basement. There she un-hatched her diabolical plan. Each has been given an assignment, like going up to a guy and ask for his underwear, or to yell out stupid statements at town square, or to perform some juvenile prank at the mall.

The other sisters will be working with those girls, ensuring they are up to the task, while you and I will be the leaders here for three of the problematic girls. Each is sitting in a different room upstairs, and each will be given an envelope of an assignment they are to complete as their last facet of the initiation. Your job is to stay behind the boxes in the back of the room over there. Each of the girls will come down to the basement.

I will lead them down here, I will be wearing a Mardi Gras mask. Once in the basement they will put on a blindfold, so they will not be able to identify you. The one who was caught with his fingers in the intern. You just do as they ask, nothing more. If they say jump, you jump.

If they want a drink, get them one. Get the picture? She shushed me and just told me to simply do as the girls said and all would be well. She twirled and made her way back up the stairs as I move to the back of the room behind the boxes. I moved things around so that I could stay in the shadows yet still see the women come down the stairs. Then, looking to the left, I could spy the desk and chair in the center of the room.

A bright ceiling light lit that area of the basement, but all of the surrounding areas were in the shadows.

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Duration: Size: I really enjoyed this movie.

First Spankings: True spanking initiations by Peter Birch (Paperback, 2010)

The choice of Oscar and Taylor as the participants was clever casting as their interaction was excellent. They both gave convincing performances. Because there was no negativity, no punishment and no aggression they were both relaxed. In the initiation movie Oscar gave the impression that he really wanted Taylor to make it through and join him as a rugby teammate but that didn't prevent him from delivering a sound spanking. As explained by Oscar in the interview with Taylor, this was his first role spanking a fellow sportsman and model, so it was difficult for him at first to gauge the effectiveness of his spanking.

However, he soon settled into a steady rhythm and produced a spanking that had Taylor grimacing with pain. His twelve swats with the plimsoll would have done Mr. X proud. I liked the dialogue between them which was appropriate and friendly. I remember the following delightful line from Oscar's dialogue.

It was produced when Taylor questioned the need to remove his underwear. We get changed together mate. You haven't got anything to hide have you? Perhaps Dave was the one with tongue in cheek because he chose these models then developed the scenario around them.

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Very amusing! Because of the dialogue, excellent acting and friendly scenario, this is one of my favourite movies. I look forward to many more movies featuring these two charming models.