Iles sans océan (Littératures) (French Edition)

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Although there was a presence of, Vietnamese in France since the late 19th century mostly students and workers , a wave of Vietnamese migrated to the country after the Battle of Dien Bien Phu and the Geneva Accords , which granted Vietnam its independence from France in These migrants consisted of those who were loyal to the colonial government and those married to French colonists. Following the partition of Vietnam , students and professionals from South Vietnam continued to arrive in France.

Although many initially returned to the country after a few years, as the Vietnam War situation worsened, a majority decided to remain in France and brought their families over as well. This period also saw a significant wave of immigrants from Algeria. As the Algerian War started in , there were already , Algerian immigrants in France. This conflict between the two sides led to the Paris Massacre of 17 October , when the police used force against an Algerian demonstration on the streets of Paris.

After the war, after Algeria gained its independence, the free circulation between France and Algeria was once again allowed, and the number of Algerian immigrants started to increase drastically.

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From to , the Algerian immigrant population increased from , to , The "pieds-noirs" were Europeans settlers who moved to Algeria, but migrated back to France since when Algeria declared independence. Additionally, the number of Pakistani and Japanese immigrants also increased during this period.

There was also a great number of students and workers from former French colonies in Africa. With this massive influx of immigrants, France became an asylum for refugees. According to the convention in Geneva, refugee status was granted to four out of five immigrant applicants. Many of these refugees came from countries in Eastern Europe i. Hungary and Latin America, because they feared the dictatorship in their home countries.


About two-third of the immigrants worked in mining, steel, construction, and automotive industries. Minor and aged immigrants usually worked in craftsmanship and small scale trades. During the s, France simultaneously faced economic crisis and allowed immigrants mostly from the Muslim World to permanently settle in France with their families and to acquire French citizenship.

It resulted in hundreds of thousands of Muslims, especially to the larger cities, living in subsidized public housing and suffering from very high unemployment rates. Alongside this, France renounced its policy of assimilation , instead pursuing a policy of integration. Immigration to France exceeded , in recent years, as shown in table below. Recent immigrants arriving to France as per [21].

In , there were 5. In addition, 1. There were also 6.

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The table shows immigrants and 2nd generation immigrants by origin in In , In France, the three largest cities Paris, Lyon and Marseille [34] also attract the largest share of immigrants to the country. Islam is the main religion.

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Citizens of the United States of America total more than , [39] permanent residents in France, Canadians 11,, [40] followed by Latin Americans are a growing sub-group the most numerous are the Brazilians 44,, [41] followed by Venezuelans 30,, [42] Peruvians 22,, [43] Chileans esp. French of Maghrebi either Arabs or Berbers origin in France form the largest ethnic group after French of European origin.

Illegal immigration to France has developed as the country's immigration policy has become more rigid. In , The French Ministry of the Interior estimated clandestine immigrants "sans-papiers " in France numbered anywhere between , and ,, also expecting between 80, and , people to enter the country illegally each year. In , 28, illegal immigrants were expelled from France. The French government set a goal of 35, for The French government has threatened to withdraw from the Schengen accord in , [54] [55] [56] and As of , many undocumented immigrants tried to jump the fences at Calais and board a train or truck heading for Britain.

The Home Office has agents working alongside French police and immigration agents to prevent unauthorized people from entering the British border zone. Children born in France to foreign parents are automatically granted French citizenship upon reaching the age of People born abroad and living in France can acquire French citizenship if they satisfy certain conditions.

In the number of naturalised persons was ,, mainly from Maghreb According to Eurostat This corresponds to 9. Of these, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dans l’océan Indien, l'éthnocide de la tribu Jarawa, décimée par le tourisme

Proportion of immigrant population of France This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. October Sovereign states and dependencies of Europe. States with limited recognition. Faroe Islands 1 autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark. Svalbard unincorporated area subject to the Svalbard Treaty.

Littératures de La Réunion, littératures plurielles

Chinese in Paris Japanese in Paris Korean. According to Eurostat Liste des illustrations Fig. Pour agir efficacement, la C. Il est principalement connu pour ses romans Le Hobbit et Le Seigneur des anneaux. Education - Business administration - Library and information sciences. Cookies from third parties connected to advertising collect information in order to better target advertisements based on your centres of interest on Undiz sites and outside of the sites.

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