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https://coreabaldtyhal.gq/wiederverwendung-von-antike-im-mittelalter-die.php Sleeping Beauty DOES have a dark coda; when the prince turned king goes off to war, his mother an ogress by birth decides she wants to EAT the little grandchildren and asks the cook to prepare them a day apart , but is fooled by the cook with a lamb and a goat. Then the ogress decides she wants to eat the queen and the cook serves her a deer. One day, the ogress discovers the hidden queen and her children alive and decides to kill them in a basin of snakes, vipers, toads and spiders.

Her son returns home and the ogress jumps into the basin instead. F96 and F93? Adda M. It takes place in the Southwest, crossing over into Mexico, apparently. I remember the sometimes colorful illustrations of pinatas, a bell tower, a ringtail, a kangaroo rat, a boat and market filled with flowers, maybe a beggar. In the end Gordo happens upon a cornfield, and it turns out that ears of corn were the "golden treasure" of his father.

I'm not certain this is the book that you are looking for because I haven't had time to finish reading it. However, there are fairies and elves, etc. It's about a boy who is taken to a magic land in a soap bubble. F, the book was large with a smooth illustrated board with a white background, illustrated on the back cover as well? Were the coloured cloths bits of spiders webs coloured by sky and sunlight?

No story as I recall, just pictures - if there was any text it was minimal and in the full page illustrations. Also fairies riding in a cart pulled by? I don't know anything about the books in question, but the illustration sounds like it could be from "Snow White and Rose Red.

Andrew Lang. They were fairy tales and the covers are along the lines of what's described, though I don't recall the exact one mentioned. Some of them are in print but others are not. Jenny Seed, Peter the Gardener. An 'Antelope' book. I haven't read it since I was a child, and can't remember if it contains the phrase you mention. Well, Peter the Gardener wasn't published till I found this description. Maybe it will help jog your memory or rule it out. A story format for a garden for pre-teens. I remember this story-believe it was Japanese? Can't remember the title, sorry!

There's a similar Japanese tale about a fairy princess found in a bamboo stalk. The famous Momotaro story is about a fisherman who catches a giant peach with a child in it, but here it's a boy. I do not have the book to check for you but your memory of the turquoise and orange illustrations HoJo's color scheme make me think of the Elson-Gray Readers that were used in the 's!

Good Luck- Oh! Another set of books to check out- Child Library Series , companion to the Elson-Gray set- same coloring- extends the lessons and vocab of the Basal reader. Locate Book One in this series as well. Hopefully one of these "seeds" will bear fruit! Fairy Tales , s. This is the title of the book, and I would love to have a copy if it's available. It was published by Whitman in and has a glossy hard cover with some of the characters from the stories on it, most prominently Puss in Boots and a castle in the background. While it has some of your stories- not all are present-- However at the back of the book they list some of their other offerings.

Maybe this one is worth checking out! Anderson, Hans Christian, Thumbelina , I haven't been able to locate my copy to confirm this, but my memory is that the Tenggren depictions of the little flower people at the end of the book one of whom, the king, Thumbelina ends up marrying had them sporting fairy-like wings and wearing little upside-down flowers on their heads.

I bet this is the book the requester recalls. Hi, Harriett This is F e-mailing you with a bit more info about the book I'm longing to find. I'm remembering that the little fairies were sitting by a tree with a door in it. I wonder if it might be this old favourite about a bunny named Pookie. There are certainly lots of fairies in the story and there is an illustration of a tree trunk opening into a little room. It has recently been republished after years out of print. Sorry, can't name book but F and F I think both of these might be looking for the same thing.

Notes: fairy tales, stories, and poems. Fireside Stories. I was in the archives to see if I could solve anything and ran across A which sounds a lot like the book I'm looking for. I don't remember the raft or the map but the rest sounds the same. I haven't read this book and can't find an online synopsis, but the title and date certainly match. Published by T. Nelson, pages. I hope it's the book you're looking for! Sorry, it is not Hubbell's The Friendship Tree I remember it as a fairly large book, maybe 9x12 with about 40 pages or so. Colored pictures to the edges of the pages and about 6 - 10 lines of text on each page.

I have found three authors using the title but they are all novels, not children's books. Thank you so much for trying to help. From the lack of recognition, I'm afraid this might be a lost cause even with someone else on this list looking for the same book. I have been looking for this book for several years. My sister and I used to check it out from the small library in my hometown in Michigan back in the 's. It must have been published in the 40's or 50's as the copy we used was showing its age. Is it possible that this is a book from Canada or England?

As I recall the illustrations seemed to be influenced by Milne. I hope someone can find this one. I would like to by a copy for my sister. I am the original poster and it is highly possible that this is from a Canadian publisher as my mother was Canadian and brought this book with her when the family moved to the States.

Hey, that's three whole people who remember this book! Friendship Valley by Wolo.

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A story packed with illustrations about a variety of animals, large and small, who work together to make a home after the tragedy of a forest fire. Endpapers are a pictorial map of "The Little Lake and Friendship Valley," color pictorial paper over board. Friendship Valley is definitely the book being sought! A group of small animals badger, woodchuck, racoon family, squirrel, hedgehog, and frog escape a forest fire by floating downstream on a raft.

They rescue a kitten and establish a new home at the base of a large pine tree. Dorinda the squirrel loses all of her belongings by helping the racoons save their babies. When the key to their storehouse is lost at the bottom of the lake, Meedlepoo the frog, who is too small to do much work, saves the day, leading the badger to conclude "that the smallest one among us is just as needed as the biggest one.

Norma Kassirer, Magic Elizabeth. Could this be it? Sally is sent to live with her Aunt Sarah while her parents are away. She find a diary written by another Sally who lived in the house when it was new in the Victorian era and talks about her doll, Elizabeth who she thinks is magic. The modern Sally is somehow tranported back to the Victorian Sally's time and lives the episodes out of the diary. Eventually this leads the modern Sally to find the doll , Elizabeth, in the present.

Elisabeth Lansing, Lulu's Window. I think you are looking for Lulu's Window. Young girl has to move to a new town and new house with her father who is a minister. She doesn't want to move, and is treated meanly by other girls in the town who are unhappy that she has replaced "Lulu" the little girl who previously lived in the house. She finds Lulu's diary, and eventually Lulu's secret room and makes friends with the local girls. I'm actually suggesting 2 books: Six Days Between a Second is the first, published , but the title of the sequel sounds closer to what's being sought.

The blurb for the first "Would you recognize a basilisk if you saw one? And what would you do if you discovered that a tribe of them had come to live in your district and was threatening to poison the water supply? The place is Canberra, where the Collard children are faced with the problem of saving the city from extinction. With the help of other creatures - unicorns, fabulous bees and dolphins and, best of all, Burleigh the Gryphon, they There could be something wrong with their fantasy world, which older children and adults will realise is not so far removed frou their own contemporary Australian one.

The endpapers of the second book have memorable spectrum-tinted maps. Check out the Anthology Finder to see if there are any other possibilities there. World's Best Fairy Tales.

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  5. Whats Wrong With Freud? - A Critical Study of Freudian Psychoanalysis - Originally Titled The Successful Error.
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Beginning in it also appeared as 2 volumes. While the cover doesn't really match the description of the vines and people hiding, all the stories you mentioned are in this book. I don't know what the endpapers look like. I found lots of copies for sale online, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a picture of the cover to compare to your memory. Here's a complete contents list from the edition. It should be the same as the later editions.

The description says it's 29 cm long, which is about right, and Doubleday has book clubs though I'm not sure if they're affiliated with any of the clubs that sell in the schools. Barker produced several illustrated books of fairies in costumes that rather cleverly mimicked different flowers. She was English, and I believe she is much better known in the UK. I loved this book as a kid, and can even still recite some of the poems from the facing pages opposite the illustrations.

Barker, Cicely Mary, A flower fairy alphabet , Blackie London published an issue of A flower fairy alphabet in I found a book that had 3 of your four stories, as well as several unusual titles. Are you sure The Selfish Giant was in your book? If so, this isn't the one you're looking for. Unfortunately, "Folk Tales" does not seen to be the book I am looking for. I immediately thought of this book when I read your post.

There are many unusual fairy tales found in this plus some more adult versions of some familiar ones like Sleeping Beauty. The Selfish Giant isn't listed but I'm sure this is what you are remembering. The original books had the most beautiful illustrations, woodcuts I believe. My library had about 6 or 7 in the series and I absolutely loved them. I hope this is what you are looking for.

Hitchcock ed?????? Don't have any for-sure answer on this, but I would be looking at the various "Alfred Hitchcock" story collections if I were you. There were AH's tales of mystery, AH scary stories, etc. They were bound as oversize hardcovers and aimed at juvenile audiences, but had many scary moments. I definitely remember that story oh, by the way, it WAS the cat, not the sister Wish I had more info hope this helps a bit. The jolly barnyard. The farmer starts out giving each animal something special since it is his birthday.

It is also not Gale, Leah. The animals of Farmer Jones. Golden no copyright or publication date given. Angela Carter, Heroes and Villains. I've only skimmed Heroes and Villains many years ago , but the plotline described here rings a bell. There's a synopsis here. A Very Private Life. Could it be A Very Private Life? The plot sounds pretty accurate, about a girl called Uncumber who leaves her home Vonda N. I unfortunately can't recall the title, but it had a similar plot.

It was fairly dark though He gave her pretty clothes and jewels and I think a pet bird, but when she gets sick as all the shanty town residents eventually do because of radiation she goes home again. Oxenbury, Helen, Pig Tale , Yes, I know this is older than the requester posted, and it doesn't have any character named Fletcher in it, but please look at it anyway. The similarities are such that perhaps your poster is remembering it and another book they had.

Hope it helps. Hans Wilhelm, Pirates Ahoy! This Parents Magazine Press selection is the delightful book described here. Fletcher yes, a pig , on a slow morning on the farm finds an old wagon that the animals pretend is a pirate ship. They crash it into an apple tree and spy a bus coming down the road. They commandeer it, all get ice cream but decide it isn't fast enough. SO, they find a fire engine. They come to a circus, so they climb up the firetruck's ladder and fall into the tent, where they stage their own circus. But they decide they still need a ship, so they find an airplane.

They do a few loops turning green and looking ill , then crash into a mud puddle, right back on the farm, where they get bored again. The illustrations are adorable; I love the bored animals lazing around one pig standing on his nose on the fence!! In their version the bear is a prince who has been bewitched, and can be a prince only for part of each day. After some failed attempts with her older sisters, he gets the youngest princess in a kingdom to go with him, but is separated from her.

She undertakes journeys to try to get back with him and is eventually successful, so the curse is overcome. Both stories include many element which can be found in many folk tales, fairy tales and legends from many cultures, however. I've been doing an exhaustive search for the version - I think that's the one my grandmother handed down. Can't find that version, so I can't verify for sure. Margery Bianco, The Good Friends , , copyright.

It is a chapter book but has many illustrations. The animals all have personalities and are helped by a girl named Mary. They hide from a Humane Society officer and the horses hire themselves out to earn food. Hi: I happened to be looking for the same book as F I don't think you found the right book. The book this individual is talking about was published in England I believe. I was a child living there when I read it. I read it in the early 60s. It was a smaller picture book, probaby 6 by 9 inches. It was brown.

I think the drawings were in brown ink. The publisher published a number of children's books along this same model. It's a very sweet story about a group of somewhat lame older animals that all pitch in. The horse digs the hole, the pig picks up the plant gently. They all get worn out and sore. I am sure it's out of print. Well, just thought I'd flesh it out for whoever submitted the request. Nila Mack, Let's Pretend , This sounds like Let's Pretend again! See the Solved Mysteries for more info. I don't own a copy of this out of print book, and I can't find a detailed online synopsis, but I think that this may be the one you're looking for.

Here's what I remember. Elizabeth is the youngest child in her family. She is clumsy, easily distracted, uncertain, and is still riding a tricycle because she can't balance on a bicycle.

Similar authors to follow

When a Christmas presentation to an elderly relative goes awry Elizabeth drops the gift and it shatters , she is given the Fairy Doll from the top of the tree. She makes the doll a home and the doll gives her the confidence she needs to succeed at various endeavors. It was also reprinted in with illustrations by Penny Ives. If the illustrations are important to you, you'll probably want the original version. I had this story in a collection of four stories about dolls by Rumer Godden.

I don't remember what the story was called, but two of the other stories in the book were Impunity Jane and The Story of Holly and Ivy. I think it might have been called something like The Fairy Doll. I think the doll is actually a Christmas ornament and I think she belonged to the little girl's grandmother. The little girl is the youngest in her family and feels she isn't good at anything. She is also clumsy and her siblings pick on her about this.

I was given this book in England in the late 80's. It was paperback with a red cover, possibly a Penguin book. Hope this helps. Rumer Godden, The Fairy Doll. Might be this one- a little girl is given the fairy doll off the top of the Christmas tree. She plays with it and makes a little home for it. It gives her confidence to learn how to rider her bike and become more independent. Elizabeth is the youngest of four and feels like she can't do anything like riding her bike or getting her schoolwork right , until she starts taking care of the Fairy Doll and gains some confidence.

She does make her a house in her bicycle basket. Rumer Godden, Fairy Doll. I'm pretty sure this is it. Elizabeth is the youngest in her family. She's also the clumsiest and least confident of her cruel siblings. Then she's given the Fairy Doll from the Christmas Tree. As she cares for the doll, creating a miniature world, she gains confidence and learns to ride her bike. Eleanor Frances Lattimore, Fair Bay. I used to have this book and I recall the dustjacket as being just as described here.

The storyline fits, too. I landed at this web page because I too am looking for the same poem about a feather. As I recall it went something like "If you find a little feather, a pretty white feather, a soft and tickley feather, pick it up and put it in your pocket. A feather is a letter from a bird that says think of me, remember me always or at least until the little feather is gone" And I do think it was in a childrens lit book because I was in college at Cal State Long Beach at the time and the book belonged to a friend at school.

This was in The poem is by beatrice schenk de regniers and is in zoo! Described as 'devotions for families with small children', each one-page story had an illustration and suggestions for parents and children to discuss the moral of each story. Elizabeth Gordon, Loraine and the Little People series. These books were originally published in the 's, but were re-issued by Rand McNalley in the 's. Titles include "Loraine and the Little People" illus. These beautifully illustrated books feature short stories about a young girl named Loraine and her tiny fairy friends.

Depending on which print you had, the cover illustration may have had a picture of the witch who turned into a brilliant green serpent and threatened the two children. Also, the second book you are thinking of could be another of the series The Chronicles of Narnia, such as The Last Battle Unfortunately, that solution that was offered is most certainly NOT the answer to my query.

I know the Silver Chair story well, and the book I was looking for is not a second world Fantasy story.. Futuristic City, space ships, etc, etc etc And the serpent was coming out of a long grass swamp As per my description, the books were short 30 pages maybe , not anywhere as long as even the shortest Narnia book.

Carolyn Haywood, Snowbound with Betsy. Definitely the one. It's on the Solved Mysteries page as well. Haywood, Carolyn, Snowbound with Betsy. Betsy, Star and their parents have unexpected guests just before Christmas, when a mother and her two children are stranded in town during a blizzard and Betsy's parents take them in. The story kept me so enthralled the first time I read the book that I distinctly remember lying on the living room couch with the book in front of me.

Richard Laymon , Sounds like it could be one of richard Laymon books, horror genre for adults and young adults. Quite full on but not my cuppa tea. One of my all time favorite picture books. I recognized it instantly because of the excellent John O'Brien illustrations. It contains the Three Billy Goats Gruff, a story about a man who uses a pet bear to scare trolls, and a tale of the youngest woodcutter's son who squeezes cheese to outwit a troll. The illustrations are full of tiny Bosch-like details of little creatures who inhabit the hair and clothing of the main characters.

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The illustrator also produced a coloring book of fantastic creatures that you might want to check out! Mel Ellis, Ironhead , The title is the name of an alligator that is part of the book as well as snake collecting and large rattlesnakes. Originally published by Holt, Rinehart, and Winston. Reprint in paperback in the 's. The four kids are not happy about it, and their mother isn't too thrilled with the idea either.

The motor home breaks down in the middle of nowhere and the family has to figure out what to do. Because they have to work together, they become closer. In the second title, the Skinners have decided to spend some time maybe just the summer, maybe a year? I''m not giving a great description, but I do think these are the books in question!

Richard Powell author , Pioneer, Go Home. I think this must be the book you are looking for - the details fit, and if this isn't it, then RD must have put out 2 very, very similar stories right around the same time! F Possibly the fairy tale board book series by Oscar Weigle and illustrated by T. Izawa and S. Not all include Weigle's name.

They began before and ran for years. If there are other authors of fairy tale board book series done with puppet photos and holograms, please do tell - I'd like to track them down too. Beautifully illustrated with the charming puppets of Tadasu Izawa and Shigemi Hijikata. A rare and expensive book. Elizabeth Coatsworth, Runaway Home , Check Solved Mysteries. I have a copy of that book, and while the Harding family's car does break down in the desert, they are only stranded for a few hours before help arrives.

There is no lengthy survival ordeal of several days, nothing about sucking moisture from strips of cactus, collecting dew, eating crayons, or one of the boys making the long walk to get help. The setting may have been slightly more recent - 's or 's possibly. Thank you for your help.

Reader's Digest. On the WWW, I found one mention in a blog from someone else who remembers it, but it doesn't look as if RD has put up old stuff. I too remember this story, and as other person mentioned, I also believe it was a Readers Digest "Drama in Real Life" story. I remember that they were taking about which crayon colors tasted best when they were eating them. I remember a "collecting dew on hubcabs" storyline and would've read it in the 60s Evan Wylie, Ordeal in the Desert, November Date: , approximate.

This was definitely a Readers' Digest story. My wife and I both remember it vividly. I'm pretty certain it was Death Valley, and the people used the crayons as lipstick. I'm pretty sure also that the hubcap episode may also have been about their having to drink their own urine at some point. Perhaps you could email them, or have a friend in the UK check for you? Sybil Burr, Full fathom forty. Thanks, Harriet! That's got me much further on than ever before.

I'll get tracking in the UK Happy New Year! Paul Gallico, Jenny. Isn't this "Jenny" by Paul Gallico? There's a description on the I-J solved page, see if it matches. Paul Gallico, The Abandoned. Other readers have mention's Galico's Jenny -- but the book was first published under the title The Abandoned.

William R. Burkett, Jr. Sounds like it might be by A. Van Vogt. There is something about it that puts me in mind of The Weapon Shops of Isher , which you might also like. If no one can identify your book, although I'm sure somebody will, maybe you could write to Gardner Dozois who is the editor of Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. He will almost certainly be able to tell you.

The book sounds like real Golden Age stuff, his specialty. Luck to you. This is one book that features alligators kept by a family frozen, and then thawed out. The book is a memoir by Biddle of growing up with an unconventional father, Anthony Drexel Biddle. He kept a boxing ring in the barn where he boxed with prizefighters, kept alligators as pets in pools in the conservatory of his house, organized a movement of Biddle Bible classes, etc.

At one point in the book, a maid opens the doors and windows of the conservatory to let it air out, but it is during winter and the alligator pools freeze over. The family thinks they are all dead, but when they stoke up the fires in the conservatory and heat it up, they begin to stir. Biddle and Lesley Anne Warren as Cornelia.

I think I had a partial solve on my F I thought the book I had was Disney. And since it sounds like their was a disney movie associated with an old book I think i had a short disney book based on the "Happiest Millionaire. Maybe it doesn't even qualify as a book? I've only read a short excert so I'm not certain, plus the date is later than you remember, but this book does involve three female friends who are struggling ten years after college. All three had married and then been divorced.

The letters were written in and the book claims they are real letters from real people. Responding to suggestion that this is Nan, Sarah and Clare- thanks very much for the thought, and it does sound amazingly similar, but that's not it. I'm also pretty sure it was not told as letters. The Fearless Flycyle. I can't find a description online, but I vaguely remember the story from my childhood. Could the author's name be Ormerod? Here's the description - "Getting the idea from a great inventor who has settled in his town, a young mechanical wizard invents a device that enables him to fly his bicycle on a rescue mission which makes him a great hero.

Possibly based on title and date V. Hillyer and E. This might be the book you are searching for. It describes the history of painting, from cave paintings up to "modern" painters like Hopper and Rivera. All the illustrations are in black and white. It is part of The Calvert Home School curriculum.

Written in a bright, lively style that appeals to children. However, there's no index and no table of contents, which makes searching for information on a particular artist difficult. White's Mistress Masham's Repose?

The tiny people are more Lulliputian than fairies, but the circumstances and the setting is the same. Jean Fritz , Magic to Burn, 's. I think the book you are looking for could be Magic to Burn by Jean Fritz. The trips were by plane and car, not by train, and the children were Americans on a visit to England with their parents. Macaulay, David, Motel of the Mysteries , , copyright.

David Macaulay, Motel of the Mysteries , It is the year , all of the ancient country of Usa has been buried under many feet of detritus from a catastrophe that occurred back in Imagine, then, the excitement that Howard Carson, an amateur archeologist at best, experienced when in crossing the perimeter of an abandoned excavation site he felt the ground give way beneath him and found himself at the bottom of a shaft, which, judging from the DO NOT DISTURB sign hanging from an archaic doorknob, was clearly the entrance to a still-sealed burial chamber.

Carson's incredible discoveries, including the remains of two bodies, one of then on a ceremonial bed facing an altar that appeared to be a means of communicating with the Gods and the other lying in a porcelain sarcophagus in the Inner Chamber, permitted him to piece together the whole fabric of that extraordinary civilization. A long shot, but when I search for books about children who dream of flying, this comes up.

It describes a night-time dreamworld where children fly through the air, stuffed animals talk, stars sing, clouds can be used for pillow fights, and space is a vast playground. Another one that might be worth checking out is " Tar Beach " by Faith Ringgold about a young African-American girl who dreams that the stars lift her up to go flying over all of New York, claiming everything for herself.

I think she takes her little brother along with her on one of her flights. Donaldson, Lois and Bilder, Arthur K. This could be the one. I've seen a picture with a boy and girl wearing flying jetpacks on somebody's blog. Could the dog have been named Tip instead of Tag? My first grade readers for the school year featured siblings Jack, Janet and Penny, their cat Mitten and dog Tip. This is not a solution, but should help the confusion on this title. I am -also- looking for the 1st or 2nd grade reader with a dog named "Tag" -- googling that is what got me to your page.

The dog in this reader was unquestionably named "TAG" I was born in Chicago, started school in N. Wisconsin in , and was already quite a reader I could not understand WHY these kids all said "Tag" and "bag" and "wagon," for that matter! Long story short, I tell you all of this to verify that the dog was "Tag," and it has been nigh impossible to track it down. The children in these stories? Who knows I only -really- liked the dog! BUT, the girl -may- have been "Susan" -- no guarantee on accuracy there.

Hoping this shows up somewhere. Thanks so much! There was a first-grade series featuring Dot, Jim, and their dog Tag. I had this in California in I read this many years ago when I was about What I remember is that one of the adopted children was named Jimmy John and he had some kind of disability that made walking difficult.

He became active in Boy Scouts. This was made into a movie with Cary Grant. I wonder if this is what you are looking for. The book I'm thinking of is Ready-Made Family , which was published as a Scholastic paperback with a green cover in the mids. But it's about three foster children--Hedy, Peter and Mary Rose--not four.

The copyright is I'm not sure whether you're looking for a true story or a novel, so I have one suggestion for each. There is an older girl named Hedy, a slightly rebellious boy I think his name is Pete , and a younger girl. Hedy worries about "corporal punishment" and about being sent away, especially when Pete misbehaves, but eventually they all adjust to each other. Three sibling are unwanted by their relatives, and are passed from family to family.

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  • The Samsara Chronicles - Book 2.
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Finally they are taken in by a wonderful foster couple. Mary Rose is little and lovable, Hedy is helpful, but they're afraid Peter's behavior will drive the couple away. Frances Salomon Murphy, Ready-made Family. My copy is from , but I think it was written in the fifties. Cover image in link. Helen Doss, Really real family. Take a look at my solved stumper of " Really real family " to see if that rings any more bells. Anna Perrott Rose, Room for one more , , copyright.

You said "4 adopted children", so this may be incorrect, but I have two thoughts. First, Cary Grant and Betsy Drake portrayed the true couple George Poppy and Anna Rose, a couple with three children who became foster parents to three more children. The movie was based on Ms. Rose's book of the same name. Murphy, Frances S.

Here's a possibility. The kids in this story are in foster care. The oldest girl is determined to do everything just right so that they might be adopted. The story is a little older than posted - - but still might be the one. Four babies are left on the door step of a famous television personality and he adopts them. I can't remember if any of them were brothers or sisters.

The children star in commercials and when they get older become involved in different aspects of show business. One girl gets interested in costume design, another girl acts in movies and one boy becomes interested in camera work. I read this in 7th grade in I'm not sure when it was published though. While Lucy is out swimming, bunnies crowd into the hotel room.

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Buy Pookie the Kangaroo Caught in the Cyclone: Read Kindle Store Reviews - wamadawipu.cf Pookie the Kangaroo Caught in the Cyclone eBook: Deborah Gray, Jennifer Stevens, Sheryl Garrick: wamadawipu.cf: Kindle Store.

If it weren't for the date being off, I'd think this was the one. Wilbur Bunny is all dressed up to greet and count the parade of family members arriving at his home, to celebrate the birthday of Baby Bunny. If there is any chance you could be off on the date, these might be worth a look. The Brambly Hedge books were published in England in the s and may possibly be what you're looking for. Each one is about a different season. F Fairy tale anthology, small round picture of little red riding hood in center of cover I owned ths book in the early 90's, and the stories I recall it having are Beauty and the Beast, Rumpelstiltskin, Toads and Diamonds possibly under another name, such as "The fairies" , The Twelve Dancing Princesses, possibly The Little Match Girl and The Frog Prince.

It had red binding, no slipcover? Thanks for any help! Golden Treasure Chest , , reprint. Try the Golden Treasure Chest. I have 3 copies of 2 different editions. The earlier edition had 4 large books in a case. My latest edition just had one big book. Your description matches both editions that I have, except for the number of books.

I believe that they might have condensed the books in later editions. Good luck! I believe this is what youre looking for. You can find photos of the covers if you google the titles. Elizabeth Orton Jones, Twig , s, approximate. I think that I found your book! I remembered the girls name in the story as "Twig" and I punched in "Twig" on the Internet.

Sure enough, the book came up and I was able to take a peek inside. Hope that this is what you were looking for. Bridwell, Norman, The Tiny Family. It might be The Tiny Family. If you Google it, you'll find images, just be aware theres a more recent edition that has very different illustrations from the original.

I found this on Google Books full view available-it looks like a lovely story, with illustrations! Elizabeth Orton Jones, Twig. Twig takes a tomato can and other discards in the backyard of her tenement and transforms them into a home for fairies. Uplifting story of a girl poor in worldly goods but rich in imagination.

I know exactly what story you're talking about. I read it when I was second or third grade, too. There is a lonely little girl in the story whose name is "Twig" because she is so skinny. She lives on the third floor of a 3 story apartment house which has only three apartments. She comes down the wooden back porch steps from the third floor, and she passes each floor and tells us a little about the people who live on the floors below.

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Then she goes out into her backyard and she finds a tin can. The can is cut open, but empty, and a tiny fairy walks out and talks to her. Im sorry I cant remember the name of the book, but perhaps these details will match with what you remember and they can get you closer to finding the book. Im curious about this story,too. I always liked it.

Freddy and Denny, Highlights magazine, Goofus and Gallant. It sounds like the Highlights magazine comic strip "Goofus and Gallant". Highlights did come out with some books, so maybe it was made into a book or maybe you remember reading them in the magazine? Rabens Sometimes he is Sam- who is mean to younger children, always thinks of himself first.

F Fairy Tales with Alphonse Mucha Art Looking for and oversized book, Folk Tales or Fairy Tales, many illustrators, or just art used, 70s 80s or 90s, before , many different stories in it, art lovely, some very Alphonse Mucha type art, a specific story about a fairy that gives a girl a choice to happy when she is old or young. F Fairy Tale collection Children's text from before I had a fairy tale collection that I loved as a child.

Unfortunantly it was missing the cover before I was given it. I assume it was some sort of hard bound because of the remains of the binding in the back. Some of the stories in it were Rapunzel, the fisherman's wife, the princess and the glass hill, the brave little tailor, jack the giant killer, puss and boots, rumplestiltzcan, and quite a few others.

There were many color illustrations drawn though out the book. I have scanned the web and yet to find it. It was my sister's an my favorite book growing up, I would like to share it with my kids and nephews. The Magic Realm of Fairy Tales , first, copyright. It was one of my favorite childhood books. It has every one of the stories that you mentioned and the dimensions, description of the book fits. It was first published by Whitman Publishing in and there were several reprints after that.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! It was an oversized hard cover book. I don't remember the rest of the stories, but I know those two. This had some large illustrations with dolls as the characters. I think this might be the one you are looking for. I don't have a copy too expensive! This is an oversized Deluxe Golden Book. A beautiful book, but expensive and difficult to find. This is one of my favorite books!

I'm sure it's what you're looking for. I submitted this solution before but don't see where it was posted. This is The Snow Queen and Other stories. My copy was a large, green book. Published in the 's, probably. Illustrations were beautifully detailed and full page. Also contained the Nutcracker, which takes up almost half the book. Other stories in the book are shorter and are translated from Russian fairy tales. I am looking at a copy of the book as I type mine, saved from childhood. Illustrations by Adrienne Segur. The cover shows a large doll gazing at toy soldiers, nutcracker fighting the rat king, etc.

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