The Amazing Power of Animals

Do Animals Have Supernatural powers?
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She is part of a rare breed of lightening shamans who have received a spontaneous awakening of shamanic knowledge. Lori first journeyed into the shamanic underworld in where she found the spiritual realm of Power Animals. Her teachers were Mayan Ancestors who took her through a two year initiation with the spirits of four Jaguar. Her later intimate connection with Lion, given to her by a Haitian shaman has been an extraordinary experience and has enhanced greatly her healing powers.

By merging and forming a sacred relationship with animal spirits she is able to support her clients with insight and change through her cutting edge shamanic counseling practice in Sedona, Arizona where she resides.

The spirit world is alive and well through the generosity and concern that power animals show towards us humans. From the voices of the animals lies the lessons of our connection to all things. Listening and learning we come to know ourselves. These animal spirits serve as our protectors, guides, companions and helpers on our spiritual journey. From ancient Egypt to the now emerging contemporary shamanism movement, the embodiment of animal spirits, the power of their symbolism and the profundity of their lessons can bring deeper truths and empowerment.

Shamans rely heavily on the guidance and wisdom of power animals and this book is an accumulation of researching the meaning given by shamans all over the world to power animals. The book is then enhanced by the personal experiences of two shamanic practitioners, Lori Morrison and Maya Starhawk who have a combined forty years of experience in working with animal spirits throughout their spiritual evolution. Through the actual channeling of information from each of the animals featured in this guide, the messages to humanity are practical and fresh and a surprising journey into oneself.

Through ancient wisdom and the magic of power animals, this guide will help you to identify, merge with and embrace your human connection to the spirits of almost two hundred animals. These connections can stay with you for a lifetime. This guide will also help you to understand the significance of the animals that appear throughout your life helping you to uncover the many aspects of the human journey and changing the way you see and experience the world.

20 Animals And Sea Creatures With Amazing Abilities

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Subscribe If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. Pigeon With eyes mounted laterally on their heads, pigeons can view degrees Can detect sounds as low as 0. Platypus Has electric sensors in its bill that can detect 0. Other receptors in the bill are for touch and temperature detection.

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The cochlea of the inner ear is coiled only a quarter of a turn. In man, the cochlea is coiled about 2. Rabbit Tongue contains 17, taste buds. Rat Has hearing range between 1, and 90, Hz.

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Seahorse Each eye can move independently. Scallop Has eyes around the edge of the shell. These eyes are probably used to detect shadows of predators such as the starfish. Scorpion Can detect air moving at only 0. Can have as many as 12 eyes.

Superpower: Heat Sensing

Technique of Animalia Manipulation. Sensitive to polarized light. As a result, she denies her humanity and behaves like a wolf. V and polarized light. All rights reserved.

Shark Has specialized electrosensing receptors with thresholds as low as 0. These receptors may be used to locate prey. The dogfish can detect a flounder that is buried under the sand and emitting 4 uAmp of current. Some sharks can detect fish extracts as concentrations lower than one part in 10 billion.

Marine mammals can remember their friends after 20 years apart, study says.

Some sharks sense light directly through the skull by the pineal body. The thresher shark has an eye up to 5 inches The last three facts are from D. Snakes Pit-vipers have a heat-sensitive organ between the eyes and the nostrils about 0. This organ has a membrane containing 7, nerve endings that respond to temperature changes as small as 0.

A rattlesnake can detect a mouse 40 cm away if the mouse is 10 degrees centigrade above the outside temperature. The tongue of snakes has no taste buds. Instead, the tongue is used to bring smells and tastes into the mouth. Smells and tastes are then detected in two pits, called "Jacobson's organs", on the roof of their mouths. Receptors in the pits then transmit smell and taste information to the brain. Snakes have no external ears. Therefore, they do not hear the music of a "snake charmer".

Instead, they are probably responding to the movements of the snake charmer and the flute. However, sound waves may travel through bones in their heads to the middle ear. Snakes have no moveable eyelids. Instead, they have a clear, scale-like membrane covering the eye. Sparrow Retina has , photoreceptors per sq. Spider Many spiders have eight eyes. Spider can detect electrical fields in the atmosphere.

Starfish Arms covered with light sensitive cells. Light that projects on an "eyespot" on each arm causes the arm to move.

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For more information, see: Insects Amazing Sense of Smell A few good books for information about the amazing senses of animals are: John Downer, Supersense. Perception in the Animal World , Holt and Co. Grades Howard C. Hughes, Sensory Exotica. Sandra Sinclair, How Animals See.

Can detect small movement through 5 cm of earth. Can detect warmth of an animal from about 16 cm away using its "nose-leaf". Can see light between wavelengths nm and nm. Has chemoreceptors taste receptors on its feet. Retina has 1 million photoreceptors per sq. Has hearing range between and 60, Hz. The eyes of the chameleon can move independently. Has hairs on claws and other parts of the body to detect water current and vibration. Can hear using their legs; sound waves vibrate a thin membrane on the cricket's front legs.

Like bats, dolphins use echolocation for movement and locating objects. Entire body covered with chemoreceptors taste receptors. Has hearing range between 1 and 20, Hz. Can see a 10 cm. Some can detect the L-serine a chemical found in the skin of mammals diluted to 1 part per billion. Has 3 or 4 pairs of whiskers, called barbels , to find food.

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