The Billionaires Proposal (Book Four)

The Billionaire's Proposal: Taming The Bad Boy Billionaire, #2
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The Billionaire's Marriage Proposal Audiobook

Will she fall under his spell? Or will she remain professional and accept his proposal?

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For the last two years, my life had not been my own. Every minute, every phone call, every holiday and party had all been in the service of someone else.

Taming the Bad Boy Billionaire

I carried my passport constantly in my purse. My emergency contact was Louise-the-Bavarian-housekeeper. The very essence of me had been temporarily shanghaied by another. All personal growth and development put on hold so I could make someone else my focus. A person whose quirks and dreams I knew even better than my own. But something changed that night in Spain. An irrevocable and permanent shift. One with so many rippled implications, it would take a lifetime to sort them all out.

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All I knew at the time, was that for the first time in two years, the tables had suddenly turned. The two of us careened out into the night, one after the other. Dodging cars, tripping on cobblestones, blurring past a midnight portrait of Barcelona. As spellbinding as the city was, I was temporarily immune to its charms. My only thought was to escape. I had to get to the airport.

He was catching up. It was only a matter of seconds before he was right in front of me, and then what? What the hell was I supposed to do once the two of us were standing face to face? Thinking fast, I slipped through a tiny gap between two cars stuck in traffic—a gap too small for Nick to follow. A feeling of momentarily relief washed over me, until I glanced back to see him simply jump over the hood of the second car—sliding across it like some kind of secret agent, hardly even breaking his stride.

I picked up the pace again, but even as I rounded a corner and saw the bright lights of the airport flickering in the distance, I knew it was too late.

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He needs to make a drastic change to bring his family back together. I take a lot of pride knowing we offer more than other corporations. By-the-book crisis manager Maggie Walsh knows the rules. I really enjoyed this story Lovely easy read. George will get his grandkids and his family all together again. Want to Read saving…. I kind of skipped here and there.

A sudden paralysis came over me, and I stopped dead in my tracks—gazing numbly out toward the horizon. If anything, the impromptu dash seemed to have revitalized him. Tousling his hair and flushing his cheeks with fresh color. He was, however, looking uncharacteristically cautious. His muscles tensed and his eyes were alert. As if at any moment, I might sprint back out into traffic and the chase would be on. I stayed put, but I refused to look up into those eyes. Not even for a moment. They would only derail me, and this was one argument I could not afford to lose.

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To pretend to be his girlfriend in the eyes of the world for three more months until the merger. He would do whatever it took, say whatever he needed to, hold out for however long was required until he got his way. My breath came out shallow and quick, the taste of sugared tequila was hanging on my tongue. I could never do that.

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The words fired out sharp and precise. Not an ounce of hesitation or leniency. It was that damn Oxford debate team again. Your father asked you to do it. For the company. For the board—". You were the one who asked me. I did it, because the request came from you. In one swift movement, he tilted up my chin.

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Forced me to look into those impossible eyes after all. An involuntary shiver tingled down my spine, and I took a deliberate step back, creating a well-needed barrier of space between the two of us. It was much colder outside than it was in the club, and I folded my arms protectively across my chest, trying not to tremble.

Both must recon with their abusive pasts to give their love a chance of turning into a healthy relationship. An ambitious assistant and her billionaire boss try and thankfully fail to ignore the chemistry between them in this office romance.

The Billionaire's Proposal - Taming The Bad Boy Billionaire #2

A former soldier, current billionaire adds an unusual clause to his proposal to buy a failing company. A heart-melting, own voices romance between a trans male art student and an older genderqueer billionaire. Three billionaire bachelors make a bet about who can find a woman to love them for more than their money. Nathan thinks he may have won the bet and found the woman of his heart in his new assistant, Chloe.

Shaira, a Pakistani single mother living in Lahore, tries to put her abusive marriage behind her and provide for her son by agreeing to a marriage in name only to Hussain, a wealthy widower with a meddling, matchmaking mother and young daughter. CEO Lucas Marks is shocked when his beautiful waitress turns him down.

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She has dreams of becoming an interior designer. Spoiler alert: no. No list of billionaire romance books would be complete without the BDSM tale of the the young millionaire Christian Grey falling for literature student Ana Steele. The books have been mocked, derided, and demonized. But I and over a hundred million other readers enjoyed the sexy story, so back off haters!

Alayna Wither is a recent MBA grade determined to avoid any men who might trigger her obsessive love disorder. Attraction brings them together. But their shared tragic pasts will either tear them apart or bind them more closely together than either ever imagined. He needs to make a drastic change to bring his family back together. He gets together with his twin brother Joseph Anderson and the two men make plans to do some matchmaking for George's stubborn children.

George will get his grandkids and his family all together again. Trenton Anderson is furious with his father, when the man decides to move the corporation he runs from Chicago to Seattle.