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Infection Prevention and Control
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Inside the role of an infection control professional

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An Infection Control or Prevention Nurse helps prevent the spread of infectious agents, such as bacteria and viruses, in a healthcare environment. You’ll teach and reinforce infection control practices according to rules by the Centers for Disease Control. You’re ready to work as. Control of nursing practice means two things to me. On the unit, it means that I determine the order and sequence of my work, interventions, and functions.

No notes for slide. Role of Nursing in Infection Control Dr. Rao MD Dr.

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Rao MD 1 2. The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm Dr.

Rao MD 2 3. Rao MD 3 4. The risk of infection is always present. Rao MD 4 5. Rao MD 7 8. Rao MD 8 9. Scope of Infection Control Aiming at preventing spread of infection: Standard precautions: these measures must be applied during every patient care, during exposure to any potentially infected material or body fluids as blood and others. Components: A. Hand washing.

Barrier precautions. Sharp disposal.

Handling of contaminated material. Rao MD 9 Rao MD 10 Rao MD 11 Contact 2. Droplet 3. Airborne Rao MD 14 Rao MD 15 Rao MD 16 Rao MD 17 Doctors, nurses must comply to hand washing policy. Rao MD 18 When to Wash our Hands 1. After handling of contaminated equipment or laundry. Rao MD 19 When to Wash our Hands 5. Before the administration of medicines 6. After cleaning of spillage. After using the toilet. Before having meals. At the beginning and end of duty.

Gloves cannot substitute hand washing which must be done before putting on gloves and after their removal. Rao MD 20 Also, they provide a specialist input when it comes to prevention, monitoring, identification, and infection control.

Walk the Talk: Promoting Control of Nursing Practice and a Patient-Centered Culture

They also monitor hazardous procedures and practices, and participate in documentation related to quality standard and service specifications. Nurses ina specialized field, such as infection control,will have positive outlook because increased awareness and cultural interest in the prevention and control of infectious diseases. As for the salary, the amount of money an infection control nurse makes is quite high for the fact this is a specialized field of nursing. This is the average figure; expect to make a bit more or less depending on the geographical location, experience, and the degree the nurse holds.

Because this is a nursing specialty, a strong educational background is a must for nurses working as an Infection Control Specialist. This specialty is one of the high paying positions within the nursing field. Toggle navigation Add to Home screen. Neaby Nursing Programs Search nursing programs by distance from your location Search. Infection Control Nurse. Select a Degree Level --Degree Level Select a Category --Category Select a Subject --Subject Both courses qualify you to take the Nursing Licensure Examination.

To be eligible for the position as the Infection Control Nurse, it is necessary to pass the infection control certification exam, which is given by the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology. Your certification will need renewed every five years. Once you passed the certification examination you can become a certified infection control nurse. With patient safety as the primary goal of all nursing practices, here are the primary responsibilities and role of ICN: Identify infectious disease processes Epidemiologic and surveillance investigations Control and prevention of transmission of infectious agents Review or assessment of occupational and employee health Leadership communication and management Research and education An ICN assists when developing and implementing procedures and policies, creates tools relating to infection diseases, and collaborates in auditing.

Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurse.