Tiny Tales That Dare To Walk On The Wild Side!:and just a few more to take your breath away

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Dare thrives on living life on the wild side—surfing, mountain biking, sky diving. Between sports and spending his evenings at his West Hollywood bar, Dare never sees a dull moment. Get A Copy.

Kindle Edition , 70 pages. More Details Original Title. Austin Thompson , Dare Nichols. Los Angeles, California United States. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Dare You To , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 05, Exina rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , gay-romance , dual-pov , ocean-sea-beach , sport , emotional , great-epilogue , great-plot , erotica , friends-to-lovers. Austin and Dare are best friends for six years now, though they are very different. Austin is steady and predictable, Dare is intense and spontaneous. Austin works as a youth counselor at an LGBT center, and looking for a relationship.

Dare is the owner of a bar, and does only hook-ups. His pulse shot through the roof. They discover something new and exciting, not only in their relationship, but in themselves too. To test myself, to step out of my shell. Highly recommended! Originally posted on my blog. View all 12 comments. Originally reviewed as part of: I loved this story! He owns a bar, picks up guys for some sucking and licking, and surfs most mornings.

His best friend is his neighbor Austin, a quiet, reliable guy who is completely dedicated to the LGBQT youth center where he works. When Dare finds out Austin is going to meet up with a guy to exchange blow jobs, he loses his mind and offers to do the blowing himself. This Originally reviewed as part of: I loved this story! This is a very sexy, romantic story. These two were perfect for each other. View 2 comments. Loved this one! That's how a novella is done! Can't wait to read the next book in the series!

Jan 12, Karla rated it really liked it. Austin and Dare were great guys who have been friends for years. On a drunken night they share a kiss that changes everything between them. I liked that before moving on to lovers they had that friendship, you felt how much they care and respected each other. They were so different, Dare, loves bungi jumping, surfing, anything with that gave him that adrenaline rush. Austin, so quite, loves reading and working as a counselor at the LGBT youth center. So opposite but so perfect for eac 3.

So opposite but so perfect for each other. Once they realized their feelings it was sweet to see their love blossom. This was a sweet, and warm read with friends to lovers and a great start to Riley Hart new series "wild side". View all 19 comments. V Awesome review, babe! Karla Coco. V wrote: "Awesome review, babe! But if they're written by authors I know I love or know I enjoy reading books by then I will give them a go.

So that's what I did with this one and I am happy I did. It was a short sweet story of friends to lovers. Now on to the next book in this series. This was the perfect sweet and sexy morsel to satisfy my craving. Add in the fact that it also had an opposites attract angle If you're a fan of Riley Hart, this is a sweet novella not to be missed.

Mar 24, Dia rated it it was amazing Shelves: best , favorite-author , hot-hot-hot , m-m-favorite , shorties , , best-series , friends-to-lovers , loved-it , reread-needed. It's pretty short but I loved it so much from the start. I've already read the next two books in the series and adored them and this short prequel didn't disappoint. I love friends to lovers stories and this one was extremely sweet. We didn't get unnecessary angst and the hot scenes were over the top. Well, it's Riley Hart. View all 3 comments. Mar 02, Fabi rated it really liked it Shelves: published , tpam-group-read , kindle , mm-romance-gay-lit.

A lot of feeling This short story has a lot of feeling for so few words. Then, as all short stories do, it wrapped up too quickly for my tastes. But if you enjoy novellas, you shouldn't miss out on this one. It's a great one. The blurb says it all. What typically happens when one is faced seemingly with jealousy that comes out of nowhere??

Dare and Austin obviously have repressed their feelings for years, putting their friendship first. Thankfully they have a strong foundation to weather doubts and insecurities, each in d 3. This did not disappoint. I loved the friends to lovers story, it had a lot of emotion and steam.

And I found some surprises there and took comfort in them, much like Paul Simon took comfort in the whores of 7th Avenue.

A Walk on the Wild Side

First, I thought at times--not always--Algren's style reminde I'd not read Algren before. This is most apparent in the opening scenes in Texas, where Dove Linkhorn's story begins. And, as I say, I didn't think that quality consistent throughout the novel, which was, I thought, a bit too long. Algren wrote a novel about people scraping by in the hardscrabble underbelly of Perdido Street in New Orleans in the early years of the Great Depression. It's inhabited by hustlers, prostitutes, and gamblers. They eke out a living however they can on the street. Business on Perdido consists of bars, the counterfeit love of prostitutes, door-to-door scams, and bootlegging.

The industry of the street is a mom and pop condom factory, where Dove works for a time. Near the end Algren calls his characters outlaws and derelicts. They're lost, beaten down by the times and their own marginal lives. But he sees their elemental nature as spiritual, even angelic. Algren himself said, "The book asks why lost people sometimes develop into greater human beings than those who have never been lost in their whole lives. His answer was my last surprise. The ending made me remember the end of Wise Blood.

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She is crazy, mysterious and young. When the mailman brings the letters he tries to talk some sense to me. Poor Dair doesn't know quite what to do with all that forwardness at first. And, as I say, I didn't think that quality consistent throughout the novel, which was, I thought, a bit too long. These two complement each other perfectly. And all you ever wanted was to put off some of your own light. Read reviews that mention las vegas christine warren walk on the wild wild side others series alpha male red rock car accident stand alone second in command story line kitty sugarman previous books ellora cave wolf at the door paranormal romance really enjoyed demon you know several times takes place.

But where Hazel Motes saw only emptiness, Dove's vision of everlasting promise serves to remind us these characters are at least God's creatures. Here, though, God is Algren, and the final truth is that he had a deep love for his characters. Oct 10, Stephen rated it it was amazing. How in the world did this American classic come to fall through the cracks? And why? From my point of view it is a novel about the depression that is an amalgam of Grapes of Wrath and Confederacy of Dunces. It is Grapes of Wrath with a profound sense of black humor.

And it has sex. The Dirk Diggler of his era. Perhaps I wax too rhapsodic there, but I do not think so. For what it is worth and if you are interested in pursuing this further you can find a spirited and enthusiastic discussion of the book here. If you have to do a paper on it or something. Be forewarned about that discussion though.

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Jun 16, David Bonesteel rated it it was amazing. Nelson Algren's novel relates the adventures of Dove Linkhorn, an illiterate young man who leaves poverty and a failed love affair behind him to wander the countryside. He has many adventures along the way until he settles for a time in New Orleans, where he will experience happiness and great tragedy. Linkhorn is an appealing character, whose desire to better himself makes him easy to sympathize with.

The real star of this novel, however, is Algren's prose. Hemingway himself felt that Algren was Nelson Algren's novel relates the adventures of Dove Linkhorn, an illiterate young man who leaves poverty and a failed love affair behind him to wander the countryside. Hemingway himself felt that Algren was one of the best writers in America, although their styles couldn't be more different.

In contrast to Hemingway's stark, deceptively simple prose, Algren's is full of flourishes and wordplay. I have never encountered a writer that was more adept at breaking my heart and making me laugh out loud on the same page--sometimes in the same paragraph.

There are verbal fireworks going off in this book.

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His characters are extreme types living on the fringe of society, but Algren makes them come alive. Highly recommended. View 1 comment. May 04, Anne Simpson rated it liked it.

A Walk on the Wild Side

Though the writing is very impressive - descriptive, ironic, poetic, I couldn't get into the story because none of the characters is developed enough for me to care much about them. It felt long and repetitious. Many of the characters seemed like caricatures rather than real people. Dove Linkhorn, the main character, was some what sympathetic though not entirely, as he often contributed to his own situation. Aug 07, Brian Engelhardt rated it it was amazing.

Pimps, prostitutes, alcoholics, thieves, drug addicts, drifters, abortionists, scam artists, barflies. Algren wrote about the kinds people and places that he knew best and his work reads like dark poetry. An amazing command of the English language! Aug 03, Jerod Duris rated it it was amazing. I put this one off for a long time, knowing it was Algren's most popular, but then I kept encountering references to it involving Hunter Thompson.

It is clearly the most outstanding of the Algren books I've read. A brilliant feat of modernism, like a cross between Grapes of Wrath and Naked Lunch. Jan 27, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: audible. I can't remember the last time I read something so beautifully written. Algren had an ear for the poetry of regional al speech and the wisdom of the uneducated. I couldn't put it down. Feb 25, The Literary Chick rated it it was amazing Shelves: literature. If you like your characters damaged and your prose poetic, this is the book for you.

Little Red Riding Hood

No author does it better. Jan 01, Reid rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , 4-stars , down-and-out , review , literature-classics , I owe Algren a review. He's definitely skilled, and attuned to the bittersweet, to the chasm that occurs between feelings and behavior, especially when it comes to romance or dalliance, and perhaps especially with the down-and-out and poor. The sympathy comes across, but it feels not as if it's the narrator's sympathy, but only our own.

Algren rides a fine line, as if it's simply his element, the stuff he breathes, and he places us right there, in the dried dirt of Texas and anything-goes New Or I owe Algren a review. Algren rides a fine line, as if it's simply his element, the stuff he breathes, and he places us right there, in the dried dirt of Texas and anything-goes New Orleans during the great depression, amidst the bars and whorehouses and poverty stricken streets. Some passages and scenes are just perfectly expressed, and his penchant for rhyming words is a kick. When he considered how many he had picked he felt that, percentage-wise, he was getting a bad count.

In part the book is about the education or maturation of Dove, but it's a tough path and he's on his own, being essentially a runaway from his dead end life with his preacher widower father and his drunken brother. While the moon that could never wane looked on, on brandy, silver comb and wine Keeping time to the rolling man lashed fast between those black-meshed thighs, breathing her breath as she breathed his till she moaned his lips apart Her eyelids fluttered in the drains of her passion - it had not happened to her before like this.

Dare You To

Fitz had felt the flutter against his cheek. The pianola roll whispered on and on, it had not happened to him before so heart-shakingly as this. Drinkers and dancers, gaffers and gamblers, all had gone. See you in jail. See you all in jail! Apr 14, Sumner Wilson rated it it was amazing. What did I think? Thought it was great. Published in ' Crest books reprinted it in paperback in ' We follow the insane adventures--misadventures--of Dove Linkhorn, a red-neck illiterate from Aurora, Texas, by rail. Freight, that is, in boxcars he jumps on his way out of town. He splits from Aurora because of a fall from grace from the gal he falls in love with, Terasina, his employer.

This is a sad mistake. Terasina comes tearing downstairs and tosses old Dove out her joint on his head. This, of course, is why he splits. He meets up with a young seventeen years old gal, but she is more like two-thousand years old in experience. She is nabbed, but Dove escapes, and hits the rails again.

In New Orleans his eyes are knocked out by the marvels of this amazing city of all sins. Charles Avenue. Midnight," along with Tristan's personal note at the end that Hayley read aloud]. After a moment, an unhappy-looking Klaus walks in and seems surprised to see her]. Eventually, Klaus finds Lucien in a booth at Rousseau's, where he's partying hard with three girls: one is a "sexy" cat, one is a "sexy" nurse, and the other is dressed up as a skeleton bride.

They all hold up their shot glasses in cheers]. Klaus then takes notice of a silent, burly man standing nearby and gives him a look as Lucien gestures toward him]. Lucien picks up another shot for himself]. However, as they swallow their tequila, Klaus shoots Lucien a very quick and suspicious look]. However, Alexis is nowhere to be seen.

Lucien examines the objects on the table: a half-dozen lit candles, a full teacup on a saucer that is still warm, a magic circle made of salt surrounded by magical sigils, multiple crystals of various sizes, and a few small ceramic dishes of herbs. He begins to look concerned as Klaus grabs the remote control off of the bed and turns the television off]. Klaus stands nearby and watches him curiously]. She sits down at a makeshift bar on the street to order a drink and sighs as she answers it]. He's already dressed in his tuxedo, though his bow-tie is still hanging loose and untied around his neck].

There are humans in attendance as well, most of whom are being fed on by the various members of The Strix. Aya, dressed in a silver gown, sees Marcel entering the ballroom and puts on her mask as she heads over to greet him]. Caterers wearing white masks pass around flutes of champagne as the two pass by a table where two female vampires are feeding on a blonde human woman with a black masquerade mask, whom Marcel seems to recognize].

Their arrival seems to have generated a lot of attention, as many of the guests are staring at Elijah curiously, which unnerves Hayley]. The three watch as the sand begins to move around in concentric circles on the map until finally making a small circle around Alexis' location]. Feeling awkward, Marcel clenches his hand into a fist and pulls it away. Aya, sensing the tension, takes Marcel's hand in her own and leads him away]. Hayley, seeing the concerned look on his face, frowns]. Marcel looks over at Aya with a tense expression]. He frowns worriedly, not knowing what to expect.

While Hayley suddenly turns to Elijah and say quietly in his ear]. But Elijah hold back her arm in a comforting manner while keeping his eyes on Tristan, as if telling her to wait and see what happens next]. Elijah smiles with fake politeness at Tristan]. Once he does, he smiles and takes her by the arm. However, he then vamp-speeds them into a nearby hallway and pins her against the wall with his hand around her throat]. They begin to make out, and Marcel rubs his hands all over her body in hopes of finding his ring, but Aya soon realizes what he's trying to do and breaks away, smirking at him as she pins him back against the wall].

At the bar, Elijah is watching them with a scowl on his face]. Klaus howls drunkenly like a wolf as Lucien and the women all laugh happily, attracting the attention of everyone in the room to the point where everyone stops what they're doing and stare at the gate-crashers]. She sneaks up a nearby staircase while Klaus causes a distraction].

Freya passes the woman as she heads down the hall in search of Alexis. Freya eventually finds her in one of the guest bedrooms, where she is calmly sipping wine from a wine glass. On the table next to her is a silver platter piled with large, ripe strawberries]. However, Alexis' calm demeanor starts to disappear as tears fill her eyes]. As she continues to gasp for breath, Alexis smiles and stands in front of her]. While they kiss, Freya receives Alexis' visions of what is to come].

Then, it cuts to a flashback of Freya casting the spell on Klaus' blood which was still laced with Alexis' blood to get the first vision she gave to Klaus in the first episode of the season.

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The scene then flashes to a new part of the vision, where an unidentifiable person is shoveling dirtt over a large wooden box in a hole in the ground. Inside the box is a terrified Freya, who is being buried alive. She is hyperventilating in fear as she pounds on the lid of the box and screams for help]. Freya seems to have been weakened slightly by the force of the vision, and leans against the back of the couch to catch her breath, looking unhappy that Alexis overpowered her so quickly].