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Australia: The Alternative Vote in a Compliant Political Culture
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The first step in obtaining the result of the election is to count the first preferences marked for each candidate. If a candidate has an absolute majority that is, fifty per cent plus one on the first preferences or at any later stage of the count, that candidate is elected. The next step is to exclude the candidate with the fewest votes and sort those ballot papers to the next preference marked by the voter. This process of exclusion is repeated to achieve the two party preferred figure until there are only two candidates left in the count, even though one of those candidates may have been declared elected at an earlier stage.

A method of preferential voting related to that described above was also used for Senate elections from to A system of proportional representation has been used since This system is only appropriate to multi-member constituencies, such as those for the Senate, where each State votes as one electorate. There is thus greater opportunity for the election of minority parties and independents than in the House.

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Australia has a complex electoral system which combines elements of proportional and constituency systems. The change took the form of a private member's bill initiated by Herbert Payne , a backbench Tasmanian Nationalists senator, who on 16 July introduced the bill in the Senate. NSW had the highest informality rate at 4. But in function , the Australian Parliament follows the Westminster system. If there's no clear winner — candidates need to receive more than 50 per cent of the vote — the candidate with the fewest votes will be excluded. Until electoral rolls were compiled by polling division and sub-division.

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House of Representatives

For the Australian Senate, each State The alternative for Senate elections from to The procedure for the scrutiny of votes in House of Representatives elections is referred to as 'preferential voting' (also known as the 'alternative vote' system). For Senate elections the voter has the option of marking the ballot paper.

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How to vote in the Australian Senate

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