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It sometimes becomes a whole day affair looking for the perfect one to finish on. It never, ever satisfies. I began masturbating more than once a day. If I didn't feel like masturbating, but wanted to relieve stress or go to sleep, porn helped me get aroused. I found myself looking at porn prior to sex with my wife because she just couldn't do it for me anymore. Delayed ejaculation was a huge problem: I could no longer orgasm from oral sex and I sometimes had difficulty with orgasm in a vagina.

Deep in a primitive part of the brain, surfing tube sites registers as really valuable because of all the sexual novelty. The extra excitement strengthens brain circuits that urge you to use porn again. Your own sexual fantasies pale in comparison. According to one German research team8, users' problems correlated most closely with the number of screens opened variety and degree of arousal, not with time spent viewing online porn.

Another risk of today's online porn buffet is overconsumption. University of Massachusetts Medical School professor Sherry Pagoto PhD9 writes: Studies on appetite show that variety is strongly associated with overconsumption. You will eat more at a buffet than you will when meatloaf is the only thing on the table. In neither scenario will you leave hungry but in one you will leave regretful. In other words, [if you want to circumvent overconsumption and its problems] avoid the buffets of life. It's also worth noting that videos replace imagination in a way that still images don't.

Left strictly to our imaginations we humans once tended to assume the starring role in our sexual fantasies, not the passive role of mere voyeur as in video-watching. It felt artificial and foreign to me. It's like I've gotten so conditioned to sitting in front of a screen jerking it, that my mind considers that to be normal sex instead of real actual sex. During real sex viewers aren't in the position of a voyeur, let alone a voyeur of a particular body part or very specific fetish that many of them have been viewing for years before they connect with a partner.

An Elephant in the Room At the end of , my wife suggested I set up an online resource about this new phenomenon. By then, her forum on sexual relationships had been overrun by men seeking clues about their porn-related problems: loss of attraction to real partners, delayed ejaculation or complete inability to orgasm during sex, alarming new sexual tastes as they escalated through porn fetishes, even unaccustomed premature ejaculation.

She felt they needed a dedicated website where they could read each others' self-reports and keep up on the new research on internet addiction, sexual conditioning and neuroplasticity. Curious as to who was linking to the new resource I began tracking my visitors. I was astonished. Links to the new site popped up in threads all over the web, often in other languages. Men worldwide were looking for answers.

At present, YBOP gets as many as 20, unique visitors a day. Forums for people quitting porn are popping up and growing rapidly. The same phenomenon is occurring internationally. For example, in China, two forums combined currently have more than , members struggling to recover from internet porn's effects. Most guys could not believe porn was the culprit behind their symptoms until months after they quit: After years of porn, I was having trouble with erections. It had been getting worse and worse for a couple years. Needed more and more types of porn stimulation. I was really worried, but the anxiety just pushed me deeper into more extreme porn.

Now, the more I go without porn, masturbation, fantasy and orgasm, the more difficult it becomes to not get an erection. No ED problems or weak ejaculations like I had just a few months ago. I have healed. Even after quitting and seeing improvements, many were still sceptical. They returned to internet porn — only to see their problems gradually or swiftly recur. And even though anonymous online forums were buzzing, no one wanted to talk about it publicly: Young guys won't go to doctors talking about ED.

Porn-induced ED and porn addiction are our personal secret. We're too anxious, ashamed, confused and angry to create awareness of these issues. We hide in the shadows because we individually don't want to be seen to exist. Therefore we collectively aren't thought to exist. I've overcome all of them, and this was by far the most difficult. Urges, crazy thoughts, sleeplessness, feelings of hopelessness, despair, worthlessness, and many more negative things were all part of what I went through with this porn thing.

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It's a wicked awful thing that I will never have to deal with ever again in my life — ever. If you don't realise such symptoms are connected with quitting, but you do notice that returning to porn relieves them, then you are strongly motivated to keep using porn. I'll come back to the withdrawal-symptom hurdle in the recovery chapter. Most alarmingly of all, those with erectile dysfunction who quit porn often reported temporary, but absolute, loss of libido and abnormally lifeless genitals. Even men with no ED sometimes experienced temporary loss of libido and mild sexual dysfunctions soon after they quit: I have absolutely no sex drive.

No spontaneous erections. I would like to get to know her! It's a very strange and for me quite a scary experience. It's like you've been castrated. Escalating to more extreme porn, even with a partially flaccid penis, seemed a small price to pay to stem the total loss of libido. Porn use seemed like a cure. Many, however, were horrified to discover that they couldn't override the flatline by returning to porn. They had to wait until their libido returned naturally — which sometimes took months. Interestingly, male rats who copulate to sexual exhaustion also show evidence of a mini-flatline11 before their libido returns.

Is the porn-induced flatline biologically related?

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Researchers study rats because their primitive brain structures are surprisingly similar to ours. As developmental molecular biologist John J. When people say they feel like their cock is dead, they aren't exaggerating. It literally feels lifeless. It feels like a burden to have to carry it around. As tube sites became more popular and more widely accessed, a flood of younger guys in their early twenties and late teens arrived with the same sexual dysfunctions as the older visitors.

Rapidly, they comprised the majority of visitors to the websites where men were complaining of what they understood to be porn- induced sexual dysfunctions. The Other Porn Experiment In , guys their early twenties began to set up online forums dedicated entirely to experimenting with giving up internet porn in hopes of reversing porn-related problems. Often they found that it helped to cut out masturbation temporarily too. Indeed, many were unable to masturbate without porn, at least early in the process. Their goal was to give their brains a rest from chronic overstimulation via internet erotica.

I've been monitoring some of these forums since their inception because members frequently link to YBOP. Many have shared their results over a period of months. This vast experiment has been conducted without controls or double-blind protocols such trials would be impossible because researchers would have to ask some participants to stop masturbating to porn, which is the sort of thing people — whether they're researchers or subjects — notice.

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It is the only experiment I know of that removes the variable of porn use and compares histories with subsequent outcomes. They are people who want to experiment with giving up porn. Also, the vast majority are digital natives, so, as a group they say nothing of the general population. Moreover, although membership on these porn-challenge forums has mushroomed since the first one started in , they tell us nothing about overall percentages of people with porn-related problems in any age group.

Sceptics sometimes claim that people who experiment with quitting must be motivated by religious reasons. Yet all of the forums named above are secular. The largest of these new forums, and likely youngest in terms of average age, conducted a self-poll a couple of years ago. For one thing, the people quitting porn and seeing benefits are surprisingly diverse. For another thing, in this informal experiment the subjects generally remove the variable of internet porn use. With the exception of one 3-week, formal experiment, "A Love That Doesn't Last: Pornography consumption and weakened commitment to one's romantic partner",15 no academic studies have ever removed the variable of porn use.

Other porn studies are correlational. They can tell us interesting things about what conditions are associated with porn use, but they can't show us what shifts when users remove porn. The latter is one way scientists verify a causal connection. Existing studies do find that frequency of porn viewing correlates with depression, anxiety, stress and social mal functioning,16 as well as less sexual and relationship satisfaction and altered sexual tastes,17 poorer quality of life and health,18 and real- life intimacy problems.

In any case, people who have been using porn heavily since puberty rarely make the connection between their porn use and symptoms such as anxiety, depression or weak erections until after they stop using. No matter how miserable they are, porn seems like a way to feel good — a solution rather than a source of problems. Meanwhile, there's little point in a researcher asking such people if their porn use has caused their symptoms. Porn users have not been given any reason to consider that possibility.

Today's porn users are regularly diagnosed with — and prescribed medication for — social anxiety, low self-esteem, concentration problems, lack of motivation, depression, performance anxiety even when they also can't achieve an erection or climax on their own — unless they use porn , and so forth. Some quietly suffer with panic that their sexual orientations have mysteriously morphed, or that they must be closet perverts because they eventually can only get off to fetish porn, or that they will never be able to have sex, and thus intimacy, because of their sexual dysfunctions.

Not to be alarmist, but I read far too many recovery accounts that mention earlier suicidal thoughts. Disturbingly, recent research at Oxford University found that moderate or severe addiction to the internet was associated with increased risk for self-harm. It's still tough, but I know if I don't use it I'll be able to have sex with my beautiful girlfriend the next day.

I thought it was impossible to quit porn to the point of contemplating castration and suicide. Here's one thing I actually didn't know that helped me out: People who view 'transsexual' porn do it because of all the stimulation, and even the producers admit that they make this fetish for a straight audience. I was always happy and had a million friends. That all changed around age 11 when I downloaded KaZaA and progressed to nearly every type of porn imaginable dominatrix, animal, amputee, etc.

I started having severe depression and anxiety. The next 15 years of my life were completely miserable. I was incredibly anti-social. I didn't talk to anybody and sat alone at lunch. I hated everyone. I quit all the sports that I played even though I was top rank in all of them. My marks plummeted to barely passable. As much as I hate to think about it now, I had even started thinking about planning my own 'Columbine style' exit to this world. After people quit using porn, the benefits they report are often staggering. Indirectly, their experience suggests that some brains have been profoundly affected by today's superstimulating high-speed porn.

As we'll see, formal research is now starting to bear out their reports. Given the weight of first person testimony from these forums worldwide, the emphasis should be on further research that sheds light on the mechanics of what is actually happening. Research could also help sort the porn-afflicted from those with other disorders, such as those stemming from childhood trauma and attachment problems. It goes without saying that not everyone's problems can be traced back to internet porn use. It also goes without saying that an attraction to transgender people, an interest in being dominated, and any number of other things, can form part of a durable and happy sexual identity.

Common Symptoms Although most early trials in giving up internet porn were desperate ploys to reverse deteriorating sexual function, today many people make the experiment in order to gain a whole range of benefits. In this section you'll find a sprinkling of self-reports describing improvements after quitting porn, broken down into categories.

But many users see a wide range of diverse improvements. For example, this ex-user wrote: Improvements since quitting: - Social anxiety improved drastically — includes confidence, eye contact, comfort interacting, smoothness, etc. Another guy described himself during his porn use: - My friends were drifting away.

I gave up socialising to sit in my room and pleasure myself. I even caught a glimpse of me in a video and you could see a blank stare in my eyes. No one was home. Definition of space cadet. AT ALL. Always tired. Bags under my eyes, pale, acne, and dehydrated. I was a zombie. People naturally wonder how such disparate symptoms could be associated with internet porn use, and what physiological changes might be behind the improvements. They also wonder why some users see different results or no results. Solid research on internet porn's effects is just beginning, but in the next chapter I'll hypothesize based on the abundant relevant science already available on brain plasticity and internet use.

Meanwhile, let's take a closer look at people's accounts of what they're experiencing. Interfering with life, losing control Inability to control use and use that interferes with one's life are two cardinal signs of addiction. Priorities have shifted due to changes in the brain that we'll look at later. In effect, life's natural rewards, such as friendship, exercise and accomplishment, can no longer compete. Your brain now believes that IT — in this case internet porn use — is an important goal, and equates it with your survival: Most days I would wank so much that by the end of the day when I orgasmed nothing would even come out.

ED my first time sent me into a porn spiral. I would literally wake up, roll over and masturbate, masturbate all day, then at night masturbate and go to sleep. Safe to say my life was an absolute mess, all the bad effects of porn x I knew that the porn and masturbation was affecting me but I was in denial, masturbation is good for you right? Many females not all spend a lot of time not with porn, but with erotica. We fantasise a lot to get off, while men are very visual. With the internet, it's easy to find erotica everywhere, and there are entire forums dedicated to the type of erotica you want.

At my worst, I would have 7 or 8 different sites open and go through them for about 3 or 4 hours or more looking for the perfect sex story to get off on. Now I know I was wrong. I had an addiction. I barely went out and most certainly didn't have any female contacts. I had zero energy, and zero motivation.

I was lethargic for every hour of every day. I didn't eat right. I didn't exercise. I didn't study. I didn't care about personal hygiene. And I could not care. In the state that I was in, it was extremely difficult to stand for more than 3 minutes, let alone do something productive.

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Constellation Procrasterbation - Kindle edition by Robert Hewett. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Constellation: Episode One: (An Epic Scifi Romance Series) (English Constellation Procrasterbation (English Edition) [eBook Kindle] PDF.

In reality, this was worse than any drug I have consumed and the least healthy activity I was participating in. With the addiction gone, little things make me really happy. I find myself laughing often, smiling for no real reason, and just being in good spirits all around. Inability to orgasm during sex Years of porn use can cause a variety of symptoms, which when examined, lie on a spectrum. Often porn users report that delayed ejaculation DE or inability to orgasm anorgasmia was a precursor to full blown erectile dysfunction. Any of the following may precede or accompany delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction: - Earlier genres of porn are no longer exciting.

A few examples: I'm so happy right now! I'm a year old male and until last night I had never orgasmed in the presence of a female. I have had sex but never, ever been close to climaxing through any stimulation whatsoever. I started out like most of you, using internet porn from around the age of If only I'd known what I was doing to myself. I started to lose interest in real sex. The build up and release from porn became stronger than it was from sex.

Porn offers unlimited variety. I could choose what I want to see in the moment. My delayed ejaculation during sex became so bad that sometimes I couldn't orgasm at all. This killed my last desire to have sex.

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I thought regular doses of porn were also necessary. My erections are more frequent, firmer and longer lasting, and our lovemaking is relaxing and lasts as long as both of us want it to. We've been sexually active for months, but I had never orgasmed once during sex, until yesterday. It was the greatest feeling ever. It's a huge weight lifted off both my shoulders and my girlfriend's, as she was feeling rather self-conscious about the issue.

I'm talking hours of sex for me to be able to get off so usually I ended up just stopping and going home and fapping. Not only did I blow my load relatively quickly defeating DE , I did it without having to go as vigorously as I usually would to finish. I went slow all the way, like never before, and it was brilliant. I could even say that I tried to back right off towards the end as I didn't want to finish so soon! Not bad for someone with a bad case of DE for a number of years.

Eminent urologist Harry Fisch, MD is also seeing porn-related sexual dysfunctions in his practice. In The New Naked he writes: I can tell how much porn a man watches as soon as he starts talking candidly about any sexual dysfunction he has. A man who masturbates frequently can soon develop erection problems when he's with his partner. Add porn to the mix, and he can become unable to have sex. A penis that has grown accustomed to a particular kind of sensation leading to rapid ejaculation will not work the same way when it's aroused differently. Orgasm is delayed or doesn't happen at all.

In , a Canadian sexologists' study21 showed that problems in sexual functioning are curiously higher in adolescent males than in adult males which are already rising. Said researchers: Erectile dysfunction and low desire were the most common. High rates of limp penises and low sexual desire in teenage males should make everyone take notice as being extremely surprising. Imagine how unheard of these conditions would be in young bulls and stallions. A few men bounce back in a relatively short time: about weeks. Perhaps their difficulties are due to psychological conditioning, excessive levels of masturbation fuelled by internet porn , or a minor case of desensitisation an addiction-related change we'll discuss in the next chapter.

The vast majority of guys need months or longer to fully recover. Typically, they are younger guys who started early on internet porn. I suspect that this unfortunate trend is the natural outcome of highly malleable adolescent brains23 colliding with internet porn: When I lost my virginity it really did not feel that good. I was bored actually. I lost the erection after maybe ten minutes. She wanted more sex, but I was done. The next time I tried to have sex with a woman was a disaster. I had an erection at first, but I lost it before I ever penetrated.

Condom use was out of the question — not a hard enough erection. We also never orgasmed from vaginal intercourse. I was visiting doctors; buying books on penis exercises; trying to change habits by masturbating to POV porn instead of the extreme porn I was addicted to. BUT even with that, I wasn't turned on because the porn I was into was much more extreme than that rape, forced sex. Over time, I took more, and even then there were times when it would only partly work. Yet I could still get hard to porn. In contrast, most older guys began their solo-sex careers with a catalogue, a magazine, a video, grainy TV porn, or amazingly to today's young guys , their imagination.

They also generally had some sex, or at least courtship, with a real partner before they fell under the spell of high-speed porn. I have not looked at any porn or masturbated for nearly 4 weeks, and all I can say is the change is dramatic. This morning, I woke up with one of the most intense erections I have ever had. My wife noticed, and was nice enough to give me a wonderful BJ, all before 7 AM!

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Prior to this, I cannot remember ever waking up like this, except when I was a teen. Plus, the feeling was very intense, much better than any porn release I remember. I managed to have sex with my wife. Boy, was I wrong! Since my recovery, my erections are way bigger, fuller and longer and the head is flared. My wife comments each time. I also remain erect even after orgasm, and think I could keep it up for a loooong time.

My morning wood is also bigger and fuller. I really had ED and was too caught in my addiction to realize it. Keep in mind I am 50, though in pretty good shape for my age and clean living. I seem to feel more than I used to. Here's a guy in the middle, who started out on internet porn, but not high- speed: I masturbated a lot from 13 and used porn from Gradually, it took more to turn me on: bigger fantasies or harder porn, and I stopped getting hard without touching.

During sex I would struggle to get an erection or keep it, especially for intercourse. Over the past 7 years I haven't held down a relationship, and the main reason for me has been this problem. Now, the good news: When I realized the cause, I immediately gave up porn. Over the last 6 weeks I held off masturbating as much as I possibly could. My best record was 9 days! It all paid off. I still get pretty anxious from all the bad experiences over the years. But I just wanted to tell you all it can work, and it's well worth it!

What about women? There is desire but no arousal.

No throbbing, pulling, overwhelming, pleasurable sensation in the clitoris and the lower abdomen, only a kind of mental push towards climax. And I too have PE [premature ejaculation], except it might more accurately be described as PO [premature orgasm]: orgasming while excitation is low, with the quality of the orgasm quite mediocre and unannounced except for a kind of anxiety-like tension localized in the genitals.

Unaccustomed premature ejaculation Although rare when compared to ED or delayed ejaculation, heavy porn users do sometimes report this symptom. Premature ejaculation from porn use may seem counterintuitive. Two possible explanations come to mind. Perhaps a guy has trained his nervous system to ejaculate very quickly or while partially erect. For others porn may become a powerful trigger due to a strong association between porn and ejaculation. This automatic, high arousal response is similar to Pavlov's dog salivating at the sound of a bell: I am no longer experiencing the extreme PE that I had for many years prior to reboot.

It is really a miracle, because I had always just assumed it was some genetic defect. I did not connect the dots as possibly being porn-induced. Prior to my re-boot, my erect penis was very sensitive hyper-sensitive making ejaculation embarrassingly easy quick. My penis would get rock hard and stand at attention at 12 o'clock, the skin stretched tight like a snare drum. My penis was a fuelled rocket sitting on the launch pad. But today, 52 days into re-boot, my penis is no longer on the rocket launch pad. It stands at 10 o'clock. I have a softer, but bigger erection.

Don't get me wrong. It is still very hard and capable of vaginal penetration, just more plastic, less rigid, less sensitive, and not as explosive. Most important to my relationship with my wife, I am able to last longer. The reboot is working very well on my porn-induced PE! I've spoken to numerous men older than me and have asked them how they last long. I never had any sexual problem be it ED or PE. I wasn't addicted to porn, although I masturbated to it occasionally. After we broke up, I used porn regularly and started going to massage parlours with happy endings. After 6 months, I got back with the same girl, and I somewhat reduced the frequency of my other activities.

The sex was awful with my girlfriend or at least it was for her. I didn't have a problem with getting it up except maybe a couple of times , but I couldn't last for over a minute. The relationship endured a year, during which, I didn't, not even once, make her orgasm from penetration. The same girl I was giving multiple orgasms 6 months earlier.

For others, PE may be related to a history of forcing orgasms with weak erections: I would force myself to ejaculate in the morning before school, and several times after. I wasn't even horny or hard, merely compelled by some urge to keep forcing myself to cum. My mechanistic porn habits have taken away all sensuality from the act of orgasm, turning it into a short spurt and muscle memory twitch of a climax.


If you have porn- induced PE consider the new behaviours, feelings and sensations that came with its onset. If feels different and lame. Alarming porn fetish tastes Once upon a time, men could trust their penises to tell them everything they needed to know about their sexual tastes or orientation. That was before the internet. Brains are plastic. The truth is we are always training our brains — with or without our conscious participation.

It's clear from countless reports that it's not uncommon for porn users to move from genre to genre, often arriving at places they find personally disturbing and confusing. What might be behind this phenomenon? One possibility is boredom or habituation meeting the developing adolescent brain.

Teens are thrill seeking and easily bored. They love novelty. The stranger the better. Many a young man has described masturbating with one hand while clicking through videos with the other hand. Lesbian porn grows boring, so he tries out transgender porn. Novelty and anxiety ensue — and both increase sexual arousal.

Before he knows it he has climaxed and a new association begins imprinting his sexual circuits. Never before have developing adolescents been able to switch from genre to genre while masturbating. This casual practice may turn out to be a prime danger of today's porn: I wasn't interested in any weird stuff before I started to watch internet porn. Just real girls of my age. So, I don't watch bisexual videos and have no cravings for them. That's because I didn't gave them a chance.

But I gave a chance to every kind of porn I got into. If I had given granny porn a chance, I would like it now too. A second possible explanation is tolerance, which is an addiction process that drives a need for greater and greater stimulation. As we'll see in the next chapter, sexual novelty is a sure-fire way to bring your flagging member back to attention.

If a new porn star won't do it, try gang rape or gore. No, you wouldn't rape or dismember anyone, but you may now need extreme material and underlying anxiety to get you going. As you may recall from the introduction, psychiatrist Norman Doidge also observed this process in his patients. This phenomenon is so common, and evidence of recovery so reassuring, that I'll share a range of self-reports: As my porn use progressed throughout college, I slowly fell prey to more and more hardcore shit, like really weird shit, that is now no longer turning me on when I think about it.

This is one of the greatest feelings of all — to know that my fantasies are returning to those of a normal, earth-born and bred, human being. A lot of the things I look at I don't like. I just can't get off to the normal stuff anymore. Sexuality is tricky and I think we've only begun to look at the effects that internet porn has on human beings. All of us are test subjects and from what I've read over and over, people are noticing changes. When I stayed away from porn for 5 months all those fantasies and urges were gone. My natural sexual taste was vanilla again and still is.

Thing with porn is you need harder and harder material, more taboo, more exciting and 'wrong' to actually be able to get off. I always thought that my brain was just hard-wired to only be turned on by my femdom fetish [female-domination porn that humiliates men], similar to the way a gay guy can only be turned on by cock and cannot appreciate sex with a woman.

Little did I know that the fetish I thought was hard- wired, was simply the result of my porn-viewing habits. It was a hell of my own making. After 3 months of no porn, my latest sexual encounter has removed any doubt about the effectiveness of quitting. I didn't realize how much I was hurting myself until I lost my virginity at 20 and had problems achieving and maintaining an erection. It seriously hurt my self- confidence and made me fearful of sex. Similar results with other women. I kept increasing the frequency and length of porn sessions, and escalating to more disturbing fetishes.

After a year, I tried to have sex with an attractive girl. I couldn't perform. I spiralled down a hole of despair. I started watching sissy hypno porn, and occasionally anal masturbation. I thought I might have turned gay, but gay porn never did it for me. I found NoFap and quit. After a few relapses, I made my day mark. I have lost my cravings for all porn, especially extreme porn. At 87 days, I had my first date in ages. At 96 days, my first BJ [fellatio] since quitting.

No problems at all, which is amazing because I used to get bored during BJs and lose my erection. And at days, I had sex and performed better than ever, with a rock-hard erection the whole time. I feel like I've been given a second chance at life. On March 31, , it was announced LogoTV renewed the show for a ninth season. The theme song played during the runway segment every episode was "The Realness", and the song played during the closing credits was "Die Tomorrow", both songs fr.

The cast for this season features fourteen new queens and one returning queen who were announced via a live video on January 24, , hosted by season 10 winner Aquaria and Adam Rippon. Contestants Ages, names, and cities stated are at time of filming. The fourth season of RuPaul's Drag Race began airing on January 30, ,[2] with cast members announced November 13, The theme song playing during the runway every episode was "Glamazon" and the song played during the credits was "The Beginning", both from RuPaul's album Glamazon. Chad Michaels and L. The season was announced in August , and 9 of the 10 cast members were revealed during a VH1 television special titled "Exclusive Queen Ruveal," which aired on October 20, A new twist on how the top queens of the season were chosen was revealed in the seasons last episode.

The previously eliminated queens returned in the finale and voted for the top two out of the remaining top four finalists, from there on the two queens with the most votes advanced and the others were subsequently eliminated. The prizes for the winner of the. This is the first season in which each episode was 60 minutes long. Cast members were announced on June 17, In previous Drag Race seasons, the bottom two queens had to "Lip-sync for their Life" to avoid elimination. The winner of the second seas. Caldwell Tidicue born Christopher Caldwell, June 22, , also known as Bob the Drag Queen, is an American drag queen, comedian, musician, and reality television personality, known for winning the eighth season of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Since his first presentations, his character was focused o. Drag queens are performance artists, almost always male, who dress in women's clothing and often act with exaggerated femininity and in feminine gender roles with a primarily entertaining purpose. They often exaggerate make-up such as eyelashes for dramatic, comedic or satirical effect. Drag queens are closely associated with gay men and gay culture, but can be of any sexual orientation or gender identity.

They vary widely by class, culture, and dedication, from professionals who star in films to people who try drag very occasionally. The activity, which is called doing drag, has many motivations, from individual self-expression to mainstream performance. Drag queen activities among stage and street performers may include lip-syncing, live singing, dancing, participating in events such as gay pride parades, drag pageants, or at venues such as cabarets and nightclubs. Terminology, scope and etymology The origin of the te. Ongina is the stage name of Ryan Ong Palao. She revealed her status as HIV positive in the fourth episode where she won her second challenge.

Mayhem Miller is the stage name of Dequan Johnson,[1] an American drag performer and actor, best known for competing on the tenth season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Johnson's other drag colleagues are alum Detox and Delta Work. She auditioned for Drag Race every year beginning with season two. Agnes Moore,[1] known by her stage name Peppermint or Miss Peppermint, is an American actress, singer, television personality, drag queen, and activist.

She became the first trans woman to originate a principal role on Broadway. The East Village Mixtape. Timothy Wilcots[1] born February 12, ,[2][3] better known by the stage name Latrice Royale, is an American drag performer, recording artist, and reality television personality. He finished fourth place in the fourth season of RuPaul's Drag Race; in the final episode of the season, he was crowned Miss Congeniality.

While in his twenties, in the mids, he performed in his first drag. Delta Work is the stage name of Gabriel Villarreal,[2] an American drag performer and stylist, best known for competing on the third season of the reality competition television series RuPaul's Drag Race. Bowen Yang wrote "Delta barely made an attempt at all Points for the wink at Bob Mackie with her look, but otherwise Delta just waded around i.

Naomi Smalls is the stage name of American drag queen Davis Heppenstall. Shangela Laquifa Wadley, born Darius Jeremy Pierce and often mononymously addressed as Shangela,[1] is an American drag queen, reality television personality best known for competing on RuPaul's Drag Race. Shangela was the first contestant eliminated in season two, and returned as a surprise contestant in the series' third season, placing sixth. Shangela has also made several television appearances and regularly performs across the United States and Canada.

He was raised by an extended family, including a grandfather who worked as a ranch hand at pig and cattle farms. Early life DeVayne is from Shreveport, Louisiana. She stated in her youth she was "always a little performer. My uncle used to stage talent shows with all us cousins, and my mom saw something in me. She had me in gymnastics, and I was in a dance company in my twenties. Sharon Needles born November 28, , is the stage name of Aaron Coady, an American drag performer and recording artist.

A self-described "stupid genius, reviled sweetheart, and PBR princess", Needles rose to prominence on the fourth season of the Logo reality competition series RuPaul's Drag Race, where she quickly became a fan favorite and was subsequently crowned "America's Next Drag Superstar" in April Sutan Amrull born June 14, , also known as Raja and Raja Gemini, is an American drag performer and make-up artist. He is best known as the winner of Season 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race, and also for his work on the reality television show America's Next Top Model,[1] serving as the show's make-up artist for nine cycles fourth through twelve.

Early life Amrull was born in Baldwin Park, California. At the age of three his family moved to Indonesia where his father is from and stayed there for six years before returning to the U. He was part of a sector of drag that was inspired by the goth and. Alaska Thunderfuck primarily known mononymously as Alaska is the stage name of Justin Andrew Honard,[1] an American drag performer and recording artist best known as the runner-up on the fifth season of RuPaul's Drag Race[2][3] and the winner of the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars.

Dissatisfied with the auditioning process, she turned to drag and got a job at the West Hollywood club, Fubar. This is an episode listing for the comedy drama TV series Ugly Betty. Thorgy Thor is the stage name of Shane Galligan,[1] an American drag queen and musician most known for competing on the eighth season of RuPaul's Drag Race and for returning on the third season of All Stars.